Friday, 19 December 2008


“Sang Graal” Digi pack 2008
(Cold Meat Industry)
2008 seems to be a year with great surprises and amazing releases…coz, well Mr. Karmanik and co, arrives with one of the best releases this year. The german neo-folk act: GOLGATHA:, together the French martial industrial act DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED. This cooperative release has an important point to mention, is that both of them work together in the whole tracks developing an interesting musical piece with so many elements which surely will impact you due the high musical context. “Sang Graal” ‘s concept is enigmatic as the whole album, revealing us a paganistic concept of Sang graal.the eternal search of Graal which is inside man’s heart?, or the cup of Babalon in which resides the man’s sperm through sexual intercourse? More than that the Sang graal is a personal concept levels of knowledge. And this album is just a key to know the enigmatic mysteries behind it. The whole tracks has such amazing atmospheres generated by a high quantity of instruments, on the opening track “Fertility Rights”, a sutile beautiful prelude, in the search of Graal…ambient passages with an in deep atmosphere. Without a doubt one of the best tracks here “The Messiah” martial drumming elements mixed with pompous atmospheres and excellent work of vocals. The whole track is inspired in a poem by Leonard Cohen. “Magdalen”, a sensitive composition which crawls perfectly by the viola parts of Anna Maria K., giving such melancholic touch to the track. Also, the Sorakey voices, complements a proper way in the structure of the track. The search continues…and this time” A Seeker Divine” through drumming emotive passages full of a dominating, enigmatic atmospheres, viola soundscapes,vocals are the predominant elements here. “Perceval” with acoustic guitar tunes and choral voices adapting perfectly each together to create a beautiful ritualistic piece. “Crusade”, a neo-folk composition with such sticking moments from start to finish. An epic piece, well structured due the whole musical arrangements generated here.” What The Thunder Said” is a revelation of divine source, revealed through percussive elements and vocals, which together creates a strong musical adaptation, making of this track a very interesting mystical piece. Through “The Death Of Dagoberto II” an ambient composition dressed into drone patterns and soundscapes creating a dark conjuration of elements adapting perfectly to the whole concept in general. “Heretic Prayer” is another excellent track here, an obscure march to explore the hidden elements behinds “Sang Graal” through such ritualistic chants evoking lost medieval remembrances of a distant past…”The Caves Of Montsegur” again, long viola passages emerges floating through ambient atmospheres and amazing vocal chorus, and strong percussive sounds, creating a perfect cinematic composition. Other tracks are “The Cross Of Lorraine”,” Ruins In The Wasteland” and “Spheres”. More than just a release, this is an enigmatic trip to the most in deep desires of man, always searching for a mysterious spiritually device to fill their own mental voids. This Cd is packaged in a nice designed digipack with beautiful pictures by Birthe Klementowski.

REALISM (Ire) “Reality”Cdr 2005
(Insightful Productions)
Emanations, conjunctions of abstract forms and inner realities gave birth to Realism, an experimental/psychedelic act which has impressed us a lot, due the high quality of musical development and magickal explorations through each one of the tracks included in this release. “Reality is a dimension of possibilities floating in front of you ready to be explored in an in deep way. Each track has such impressive musicalisationship .it seems REALISM has worked so hard and with the whole spirit for such excellent tracks. This Cd doesn’t include titles, so in my opinion each title depends on the mood or mental state generated by music when hearing. For example track 4 is just excellent, a perfect expression of acoustic guitar parts and percussive sounds, dressed by dense harmonies and chorus surrounding the whole composition. Track 5, is an ambient track with water soundscapes. Track 6,is one of the best tracks here. With melancholic passages created through acoustic guitar parts and perfect work of vocals &guitars. Also the mid-tempo drum parts are well performed, giving to the track a strong structure but still such melancholic feeling from time to time. From track 7-16, are converged a definite short sound patterns representing an idea of what “reality” must be. From an angle you can, feel something calm and from another angle you can experience another mental state, to understand the concept behinds “Realism” you must explore the magickal currents and paradigms handled by this. So ,no so much information just to say REALISM is sonic,visually,tactually,chemically,emotionally,spiritual…a ritualistic expression transcending the whole senses in a reality in which you are the principal core to the void.
Te Cd comes in a handmade black envelope with some symbolic elements inside and other surprises. So for more information just visit the page.

KNOS (swe)”knos”cdr 2005
From Sweden, arrives this project handled by Fredrik Djorfeld, and what suppressive stuff here. The music deals into so intense power electronic & industrial patterns which at moments reminds me to another Swedish act such as BRIGHTER DEATH NOW. The music at moments turns so extremely aggressive due abrasive and psychotic nature of KNOS.but we must sure to find here a dynamic machine with so much variating moments from time to time. For example on track “Bakom Sprangda Dorrar”,percussive elements and voices seems to mould perfectly the structure of the track, developed with interesting soundscapes.or “Natanz” a noise industrial deconstructive track with interesting elements worth to explore. The track is dense and corrosive from start to finish. “Utplananden” we hear harsh noise industrial soudscapes, with such intense elements surrounding the whole composition. So, these were some of the tracks you will find here in a total of 8 tracks, all of them with such harsh, intense elements will keep your senses crawling into another sonic dimension, due the nature in how music is developed here. KNOS is a very promising power electronic act worth to check in future, so keep your eyes open for more of the work of Mr Djorfeldt in upcoming months…so, just feel the cold apocalypse through such rew, hybrid sonic structures.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008



“Meseonas” Digipack 2008


Through “Meseonas” Shelmerdine,the master mind and creative force behinds DARK AWAKE, has crossed an important path in its existence, and solidificated this act from a promising to a concrete established force with so many interesting elements, both musically and ideological. Erotism,fantasy,romanticism,occultism,runic criptograms,are the main elements you shall find through “Meseonas”,all of them dressed with such orchestral avant-gardish atmospheres through the whole 12 compositions developed here. “Alpha & Omega” is the opening track, a perfect track with majestic, in deep keyboards and percussive elements which gives you an idea of what you must experience through the other 11 tracks. “Requiem” is another track, with excellent atmospheres created through piano parts and complemented by female voices and orchestral soundscapes. Through “Angelicus Elegia” a tragic sensation of abandonment, generated by acoustic guitars and sticking atmospheres. “Tetractys” is a martial composition with excellent work of keyboards. Through “Battle Of Disease” and “Nigrum Serpentis” a medieval mysticism and dark romanticism structures are veiled through ritualistic sounds, showing us another facet in the dynamism and creativity in which DARK AWAKE rises. “Evangelium Of Times”, a pompous majestic expression of senses in a sublime way, revealing the mysterious and enigmatic nature of DARK AWAKE. In each composition you shall find just more than music, but a deep exploration of dark music, played with heart, sublime at moments, enigmatic at others, but with the necessary personality to keep your senses awake all the time. “The Music of DARK AWAKE Is Not Just A Piece Of Art…It’s a Ritual of Life as a Sacrifice of Will towards the Totality of Infinite Impossibility.”


“Core” Cdr 2008

(Plague Recordings)

MANIFESTO emerges from Uppsala Sweden as a solo project manifesting the different visions, thoughts and ideologies of was born after a series of experiments in the fields of music, which ended in 1999, when MANIFESTO finally saw the light. Through “Core” the last album, MANIFESTO reveals us an enigmatic, abstract reality focused on minimalistic soundscapes dressed with some industrial ambient elements.” Core” is veiled in 5 chapters with impressive atmospheres created by Trumpets developed by Alex Van Heerden, which were recorded in Tulbagh, South Africa in 2007 and complements perfectly with the sound manipulations, effects and dark atmospheres created by M.Zetterberg.the whole tracks are cavernous, mysterious and with such apocalyptic feeling when the industrial elements suddenly appears in the the whole spectrum of a determinate track. The highest point in “Core” is how each track transcends in its own nature, being at moments so dense and ethereal with ritualistic elements as on track 4,or just apocalyptic with ambient soundscapes as the rest of them. This cdr comes packed in a A5 cover with a free X ray card!!

XSOZ (Gre)

“Basic Topology” Cdr 2008

(Fich Art)

Formed in 2007 by John Raptis, one of the driving forces behinds Spectral Liquid records, unleash part of his creative potential through XSOZ. With his debut album we find a very dynamic album with diversity of sounds and interesting structures through the whole 12 compositions included here. “Basic Topology” is built with cold mechanical ambient soundscapes, dressed with effusive rhythmic industrial adaptations and post-industrial elements, creating a very interesting musical piece worth to explore. The opening track is “One Night Like This”, with such suppressive elements as percussive beats and atmospheres through the track. With “Beseech”, everything goes oriented more into dark elektro with rhythmic sounds. “El Mago Del Xsoz”, another dark elektro composition floating through industrial passages. Another track worth to mention here is “Please Wait”, with such sticking rhythmic patterns and interesting atmospheres from start to finish .through “West Exile” a militant atmosphere together amazing elektro sounds and vocals will caught you. “Operation 2” is an excellent composition surrounded by drumming patterns and a perfect work of vocals. “Topos” is a slow dense track full of hypnotic moments. All in all through “Basic Topology” XSOZ, has developed a very interesting release, which shows us just a part of the whole potential hidden here. We must wait for the next second album, which surely will impact you due the nature of how the music is created, at least in this excellent debut album.

Friday, 5 December 2008


“Neocortex Plug-In” Cd 2007


Edgar Franco aka (Oidicius) a decontrustionist,musician,multimedia artist and visionary developed a World based on his own paradigms and realities, a dimension in which flesh & silicon, biotechnology, nanorobots emerge to interact through soundscapes,creating a post human tantra,where multi mental orgasms collapses all the time, and from such unions, germinates this project which floats into ambient industrial elements. Through “Neocortex Plug In” POSTHUMAN TANTRA, the trashumanism and DNA manipulations seems to give you a secret entrance to a dimension full of musical vortex, developed through 12 compositions. Tracks as: “The Omega Neocortex” and instrumental guitar one with interesting elements here and there. With “Visions from the Abyssal Neurogenetic Circuit” a synth track with some effects floating through the whole structure bases in the possibility of trance reached through contemplational virtual reality. “Glorification Of Our Nanotechpain” is a dense track with ethereal passages and vociferations which gives a strong character to the whole composition. The concept deals with the menace caused by nanorobots. Note the presence of Kenji Siratori with spoken Japanese words, and the inclusion of some more artists in this track.

With “Biotech Antenna to Receive Morphic Resonances from the Mu Continent” is another radioactive exploration of sounds mutating into different elements. The trip continues with “The Biocybershamans’ Cosmic vortex Cult” an obscure piece with insectile soundscapes and perfect percussive elements and voices coming from another place of existence. So…the whole compositions are dreaming spaces, where all the converged realities creates ritualistic pieces of techno shamanistic nature, with industrial, electro ambient elements which express just a part of the whole creative expressionism of Mr. Franco. Besides this, the last track “Game-O-Tech 2.0” is a multimedia track with suggestive drawing images and obscure industrial soundscapes driving into a visual reality highly connected with the POSTHUMAN TANTRA universe full of spectral mutations and DNA manipulations. Cd comes with a 12 pages booklet full of the visual creations of Mr. Franco’s must for all of you floating into the creative vortex in which POSTHUMAN TANTRA reach a highest peak due hard work and dedication.


“Gothik Kama Sutra” Cd 2008


More than just a release, this is a exploration of senses, a vacuity of unimaginable nature, in which converges deep tantric practices and ritualistic transformations under Sonic mantras. With this release both POST HUMAN TANTRA (E.Franco) & ALPHA III (Amyr Cantusio Jr) developed an album with so many interesting and creative expressionism through 11 compositions generated here. ALPHA III ,comes with tracks 1, 4, 7 in which the psycorporeous nature of his nature is developed through different sound devices as synths and sequencers, creating such cosmic frequencies which open to you new doors of perception. Sutile harmonies emerging through cosmic currents with calm atmospheres inspired by the old 70’s ambient acts. By the other side Mr. Franco comes with tracks 3,6 & 9 with the dynamism and originality from all his releases. this time oriented into space progressive ambient with a high quality in its structure, and sonic experimentations, and some guitar sounds from time to time. Also, some industrial passages and voices can be heard on track 6 “The Gaia Umbilical Cell’s Infinite Regeneration”. The rest of the tracks 2,5,10 & 11, are developed between both artist expressing impressive elements for a perfect addictive conjunction. For example track “The Infinite Ethereal Memes Of The Universe” is really excellent, with such oriental atmospheres and interesting percussive elements which seem to transport you to the ancient kults of Kali-Ma, in India. One of the best tracks, in my opinion POSTHUMAN TANTRA is the best act coming from South America, the visionary spirit of Mr Franco and the dynamism in each one of his releases bring us important elements in how musical expressionism is developed when working with dedication. An excellent release worth to check, if you are looking for something creative, well structured and dynamic.


“Pissing Nanorobots” Cdr 2004

This is the first released from Mr. Franco, and what amazing debut. The music is an experimental noise industrial machine which generates different mutations (14 Compositions) and each one of them with the necessary technological awakening which transport you to another dimension in which nanorobots resides. A futuristic exploration of sounds and drone patterns. mechanical deconstructions generating a vortex of technologic memes implanting in your brain, as a way of reprogramation of your mind in which each sequence or structured sound has a definite pattern to follow, in which also converges the visionary and suggestive expressionism always handled by POSTHUMAN TANTRA. To penetrate in “Pissing Nanorobots” is to experience an intense and visionary universe in which dense noise soundscapes and beats seems to mutate into new forms, creating an abysmal futuristic dimension. DNA experiments, technoshamanism, anal embryons, genetic deconstructions…are elements which you experience when entering in the trance produced by POSTHUMAN TANTRA’s sonic mantras. So, wait for a full informative interview with Edgar Franco & POSTHUMAN TANTRA next months!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

(Reviews 29) N.STRAHL.N

“Anschwellender Bocksgesang” Digipack 2008

(Apocalyptic Radio)
N.STRAHL.N is an ambient noise experimentation, developed by Mario Loehr,who through a diverse defragmentation of sounds and field recordings creating an universe in which each movement has a definite musical pattern. With “Auschwellender Bocksgesang”,this universe is explored under 10 concepts(Compositions) each one of them converging into a mental katharsis,due the way as all them are developed ,for example at moments you can experience,reververating guitar sounds converging themselves into another structures such as steel sounds, for example. Or noise soundscapes floating through ambient scenarios with minimalistic effects and arrangements dressed into cold forms. Also, industrial elements rising from the deep within and suggestive inhuman vocals. A very interesting release with so many elements worth to experience. You will find some tracks so dense and catching, some other tracks twisted and repetitive, but always with the personal touch of Mr. Loehr.I find close influences of experimental acts such as Hati and ZE’V respectively. This Cd comes in a black digipack limited to just 100 copies only.

“A Thernarkose” Cdr “3 2007
(Self Released)
Again Mr. Loehr, surprise us with this release. this time he arrives with an experimental album which is structured through the perfect use of different sounds which seems to emerges from void, giving birth to another reality a complex reality which only can be understood, penetrating to the in deep transmissions generated by N.STRAHL.N through 22 minutes in which you can experience a high variety of frequencies, radio transmissions, noises and spoken German voices, which are handled in a proper way to create a complex but perfect album. The use of manipulated field recordings and shortwaves are the principal elements which you can hear through “Athernarkose”. Distorted sounds and blocks of noises adapting perfectly to the whole context of the album in general. The potential behinds M.Loehr & N.STRAHL.N
seems to be endless, due the magnetism and character each one of his releases has.

“Aufrech Im Truben Schlamm Der Zeit” Cdr 2008

An impressive voyage
to the core of nothingness…and the voyage starts with B-MACHINE an ambient project with suggestive sinister elements and soundscapes which penetrates your senses due the abducting atmospheres generated here. A long 12:25 minutes track, in which besides the in deep atmosphere you shall find some noises which are perfectly mixed, creating a very intense piece of music. Through N.STRAHL.N,things goes oriented more into noise rhythmic patterns, dressed with manipulated field recordings and synthesizers which gives you some in deep idea of what N.STRAHL.N is developing through each release, this time working perfectly in the use of sounds and manipulated spaces which contains so dense drone atmospheres and sounds, as always from a psychotic perspective. Such pieces are handled from experimental manipulations and unlimited creativity which M.Loher has developed in a very in deep way, due the penetrating sensations when hearing the music revealed here. This cd comes in a special package with 3 photo-information ones inside. Just contact or visit N.STRAHL.N site in order to know more about this interesting German act.

Sunday, 30 November 2008


“Dungeon” Ep 2007

(Kaos Ex Machina)
Rafal, is a creative musician, lyric writer and isolated soul who search through his musical project to reveal us a part of his creative side, but also to focus his visions, thoughts through each release. This time he sent us “Dungeon” Ep, and this got so much our interest due dynamism and effusive musicalisation handled here. The opening track is “The Smell Of Humanity” with so catching percussive sounds, giving such industrial touch to the whole track. Next is “Amorphous Entities” ,an amalgam of ambient atmospheres which are focused to penetrate slowly listeners mind. “Intrusion Of Thoughts” again, the percussive elements are the predominant sounds here, but this time with some ethereal atmospheres surrounding the composition. “Awaiting The Arrival” is the 4th one, and is really a very in deep composition, based on drone-ambient exposition with some suggestive percussive elements. The best track here, in my opinion. With “Suspended In The Vaccum” a militant scenario has been created through percussive elements. And a perfect work of synths. Closing its “ Towards The Light”, this time drone sounds returns again with such dark ambient atmospheres and vociferations adapted, in a proper way to the whole structure of the track. With “Dungeon” Ep a brilliant collection of sounds and elements which surely will impact you by the way as each one of them has been put together here. “Dungeon”speaks of man’s isolation. It delves into darkness, hopeless, and the impossibility of escape from pain (both emotional and physical).

“Ground Zero” Digipack 2008
This is the debut album from this Polish solo project. And what amazing debut, “ Ground Zero” is a landscape developing from an unknown cataclysm, presenting ruins and debris of stell,dust flying in the air, rust slivers, tumbling down construction, where steel structures, bend and fold like a pack of cards…under such description HOARFROST, seems to have a culminating point in its personal development when creating music. Through 6 pieces of ambient /industrial expressionism, HOARFOST emanates all its most powerful sonic convergences, creating an album full of intense moments, and dark structures collapsing all time together to create a monumental release. “Requiem” is the prelude to the rest of the tracks. A perfect soundtrack to desolation due how music is developed here. Dense harmonies and a spirit of abandonment is revealed here. “Without A Breath” a cryptic, atmosphere is created through diverse soundscapes and a cutting edge atmosphere, without a doubt a dark impressive musical piece. Through “Dead Machines”, the voyage continues, but this time under more dense-drone structures and arrangements. “Ground Zero” is an album with so in deep structures converging all the time, so one of such aspects considered as highlight on this album. “From Here To Ruins”, is a constant flux of metal sounds, effects, analogue elements which creates an apocalyptic piece of desolation and despair. “Scene Of Fire” and “Red Alert” are the last tracks, both of them with impressive sonic artifacts developed in a proper way, due its massive structure and atmospheres handled here. Also, this release comes with a bonus video from the track “From Here To Ruins” in which through the visual side HOARFROST reveal us his visions using ruins, desolation and concrete structures which determinates the whole concept behinds “Ground Zero”. For more info contact Rafal or buy it directly through Zoharum.

“Raspad” digipack 2008
(Tesco Organization)
“Raspad” is a Russian word to describe disintegration-zerfall, and under such concept POST-SCRIPTVM arrives with a very interesting purpose, an old school industrial machine, converging into different musical paradigms. at moments so chaotic such as on the track “Exacerbation” in which sounds crawls from another musical abyss to collapse in this existential plane. Or just so dense tracks as “Delension” with monumental dense layers covered with a sense of desolation and abandonment. At some tracks suddenly you will experience the use of percussive elements which increases more the dense soundscapes, and atmospheres surrounding the album. Some noise-defragmentations and electronic frequencies, metal thuds, are elements which you can hear in tracks such as “Ruins Of Men” just to name one of them.

Reverberating chaos crawling from within, drone patterns and some vocal are enough elements to consider “Raspad” as one of the best releases coming from USA, this year. In essence the music has so many interesting elements worth to explore, more and more when entering the realm of POST-SCRIVTUM.the album was mastered by Jerome Nougaillou (Propercol) doing a perfect job here, due the final production of “Raspad”. All in all an excellent release I recommend if you are looking for something original, hard and dynamic.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


“Serenity Of The Endless Graves” Cd 1998

(Dark Vinyl/Memento Mori)

This is an old release which was sent to us by Ixithra, and the truth is that this is a very in deep dark ambient exploration. This first release is created through somber atmospheres and dismal passages adopting diverse forms and soundscapes with the pass of the tracks. 7 in total ,for album which is characterized by special atmospheres surrounding each synthesizer passages, and going deep to the graveyards into regions which inhabits the vast elemental spiritual forces waiting to enter this plane. “Serenity Of The Endless Graves” is pure desolated hymns which bring you sorrow and abandonment. Important aspects are the well use of bells, whispers, and voices coming from the other side of Eden. An interesting dark ambient piece with such abducting elements which keep your sences opened due the mysterious, enigmatic, and palpable sensations developed here.

“Epitaph Of Shattered Dream” Cd 199

(Dark Vinyl/Memento Mori)
Just a year after the first album, Ixithra worked so much to bring us an album such as “Epitaph Of Shattered Dream”, here the music is more structured, I mean each composition has a final purpose to penetrate your senses, in a sutile but lethal way. Ritualistic dark ambient approach windswept soundscapes, inhuman vocals/sampling obscured in the throne of horrors. Some tracks such as for example the 3rd one, contains orchestral atmospheres, very well executed and processed, giving to the album a touch of matureness and character. At some moments this reminds me a bit to Raison D’ Etre due the chorus and atmospheres, but still having identity handled by the well utilization of synths here. Dense vociferations, are elements which surely you will find so interesting when exploring th3 9 compositions in this opus of dark expressionism.

“Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients. Cd 2003
(Dark Vynil/Memento Mori)
The third album comes with almost the same concept as the last one, but this time adapting more diverse atmospheres and elements which gives a more dense and dismal atmosphere to the whole 12 compositions generated here. Dark deep ambient drones and subliminal echoes,voices.piano passages marks “Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients” as an album with so many interesting elements which are put together creating a true masterpiece. The natural essence of PROFANE GRACE in last album was the ambient atmospheres which are also present here, but this time Ixithra, includes a perfect work on vocals in some of the tracks as incantations, floating through dense passages and ethereal scenarios perfect to explore again, due the mysterious and subliminal realms evoked by PROFANE GRACE.

“Misery Persevered” Cd 2004


This is the other project from Ixithra, the main force behinds Profane Grace, and “Misery Persevered” is a deconstructive spectrum focusing into drone elements with so suggestive ambient structures. The highlights here is how addictive the music is,penetrating and subliminal at the point that at moments the senses turns a sole congregation of hallucinating sensations capable to transport you to the most in deep regions of subconscious. The whole 7 tracks are dense with reverberations and harsh structures collapsing all the time and giving birth to new addictive forms which increase its tension with the pass of minutes. Ixithra has gathered enough elements in RAVEN’s BANE which surely will impact you since the first listening because the whole album is strong in its own nature,corrosive,lethal ambient drone machines is what you must experience when entering the dark chamber realm created by RAVEN’s BANE.

“Sorrow Breeds” Cd 2007

(Baphomet/Red Stream)
A more recent album revealing the whole potential hidden here. In the whole musical concept this album is well structured having such drone ambient elements as the main sources in which the music is based. “Sorrow Breeds” is intense and suggestive. at moments music captures a dismal essence combined with such post-apocalyptic passages which seems to destroy everything to its steeps. Layers upon layers you will find which is hidden through “Sorrow Breeds”, an unlimited reality with spectral sounds always mutating into all directions. Reverberating sounds, repetitive elements and sonic experimentations are put together, to create an explosive release from a dark perspective. at moments to repetitive, you must say, but the inner core of “Sorrow Breeds” emerges a multifacetic expressionism, which only must be developed by Ixithra. Such abrasive textures are wrapped into a high quantity of drone elements which are necessary to explore in a totality to understand the in deep concept behinds this album. an interesting album to those of us into drone
-ambient experimentations with such darkish psycorporeous edge.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


La Vide D’ Elodie” Cdr 2008
Humwawa & Lindeah Delah,is a Belgian duo, an alchemical physical and spiritual marriage which through their interest in art,music,architecture,choose to express themselves through this project called THE FEEBLE CHURCH and with this debut album, they have released in part, elements of their creative and potential expressionism. They released 14 compositions with such emotiona, classical, and folk atmospheres which surprise us a lot, because this is their first release. For example tracks such as “Burdeous Beauty”, a piano composition with some melancholic atmospheres, percussive elements surrounding the whole tracks. “Sombre” and “Eastern Mockery” infiltrating some orientalish atmospheres and very exciting percussive sounds which reminds me to Swedish Arcana, but with its own musical personality. “Purification Ritual” is another track with such highlight moments, this has been created through different percussive sounds.also, bird sounds and different instruments must be experienced here increase the natural development of THE FEEBLE CHURCH. And so, through the whole 14 tracks you will be exploring the beauty of medieval folk through this instrumental operetta. 14 hymns to self-respect, values and ideas based in their own visions, developing in this existential plane. Without a doubt an excellent release by this Belgian duo,which want to hear more soon.

“X: Final Solution” Cd 2008
(Creative fields
The path has br
oken and RUNES ORDER emerges with 10th and final album. Mr.Dondo and co, seems to explore another horizons and decided to finish RUNES ORDER with “X: Final Solution”, which at our ears has in essence the same musical structures as on the previous album “The Hopeless Day”. through 15 compositions floating into electro dark industrial with impressive, majestuous and monumental sounds,”X: Final Solution” emerges as a shinning star in the horizon in which RUNES ORDER has been situated through many years.

The first two compositions “…Could Be The Last Year” & “Radiations Of Peace” are a blend of suggestive cinematic keyboards, electro beats and arrangements which suits perfectly the whole structure of the album. Sinister vocal expressions and some analogue sounds creating such amazing atmospheres. “Ambient #1(Snuff Room 66),”Ambient #2(Hiroshima)”,”Ambient # 3(Hell) are compositions with such closed connections revealing twisted and bizarre soundscapes able to transport to the whole uterus of RUNES ORDER. Each one of such 3 parts having such cosmic, and electro rhythmic elements which enrich the whole structure of the track. And more when vocal elements are added too. “Final Solution I & II” are other two compositions with such sticking industrialish nature and beats surrounding the whole essence of the track, but second part having some spoken vocals done by Marco Grosso (Ouroboros).also, the rhythmic electro sounds are brilliant. Also, is worth to note some more artists were included here with some tracks. Cecco, Daniele Bovo, Serena Massone, Aleph Zero. Another excellent track here is “This Is Serenity” with incredible atmospheres and electro rhythmic patterns worth to experience here. “The Last Breath” is the last emanation…the final solution for a living organism which kept hidden under the shadows of its own visions, waiting to float again, in the cosmic sea in which RUNES ORDER resides.

NG (Ita)
“Benedicion” Cd 2007

(Creative Fields)
3Vor, who also plays in Camereta Mediolanense & Runes Order, started in 1992 a project called NORTHGATE, together Ylo and II Blue.a personal plateu to explore the diverse visions through the determinism of musical explorations always, with the support of different musicians, depending the album and musical ideas he wants to develop. This time NG comes with “Benedicion”an album with a vast amalgam of diverse sounds and atmospheres which enraptures your soul, due the sensibility and way as are developed all of them. This album includes 10 compositions. Tracks such as “Ice W” with such surprising piano parts and spoken chants from an in deep beauty or “Pearlman” a narcotic voyage through dense sounds and emotive atmospheres. “Across The Indian Ocean, Mothers Walk On Daughters” with enigmatic nature, but always such percussive elements surrounding the whole structure of the track. One of these aspects I think relevant to mention is how melancholic, sad and emotive “Bendicion” is. each track is a clear representation of a definite mood or special feeling from a musical perpective,variating at moments, but also the whole 10 tracks broke your heart, touch your soul due sublimity in how this album is built. Just hear “What A Brilliant Mind, With The Woodworm Of Indecision” and you will surely experience an in deep sensation of solitude, sorrow and pain…”To leave out places,fishfarms,wines and crafts…the image of a birch,lostin biofeedback big bounch of stones, damnations and degrees footmarks of an unknown beast, who scares the both of us.” For more info just contact directly this great Italian Record Label.

V/A Cd 2008

(Creative Fields)
Remembrances of a lost past, of a fallen angel whose artistic expressionism through Coil marks him as an icon inside the scene, and now in memory to him, to Jhonn Balance, Creative Fields Recs,released this tribute album. 13 artist (mostly Italian) presenting their personal interpretations of the wor(L)ds of Jhonn Balance. Opening the album are the angel’s sperm, BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS with an unreleased version of the track “List Of Wishes”, which is in my opinion one of the best.slow, depressive, and with perfect work of vocals through the whole track. Coming next is SNUFF 066, the Italian project from RUNES ORDER’s act, with a track from “Horse Rotorvator” an elektro track with interesting elements due its own palpable energy. The experimental Italian act CORPOPARASSITA comes with “Heatworms”, an hymn to desolation, an ethereal in deep exploration through such enigmatic, melancholic passages, a perfect track for suicide I think. MMARIAE NASCENTI, comes with “Where Are You?”, from “Music To Play In The Dark Vol 2 “album, with an ineffable presence and dark nature which only Mr. Nascenti can develops here. This track is an essential plateau to know the hidden nature of Jhonn Balance. POSTMORDER(N)XS comes “Amethyst Deceivers” keeping his the spirit alive with a track well handled and structured with some arrangements worth to explore, specially the percussive sounds. ENDTRANSMISSION “A Cold Cell” continues the melancholic march to the bizarre representation of psychic character, with interesting elements and perfect work of vocals. DBMG/RAF “A.Y.O.R.” with such industrial sounds mutating all the time into a sole concrete force, giving birth to Jhonn Balance spirit. CROPCIRCLE arrives with “Blood From The Air” another track from “Horse Rotorvator”, just perfect, brilliant and emotional. CECCO’s vocal comes from another dismal paradise, due the way as is adapted to the music. SELAXON LUTBERG “Broccoli”, DEVIATED SISTER TV “Cathedral In Flames”,WERTHAM “Boy In suitcase” and IN BROKEN SHIELDS “The Sea Priestess”, are another artists included here. Really a very excellent release by this great Italian record label Creative Fields.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


“Midnight Matinee” Digipack 2008
(Self- Produced)
This excellent ro
ck-pop act from Usa comes with its 7th album, and this is just brilliant as the last, this time with the inclusion of Mollie Israel on Vocals, who replaces to last vocalist Danielle K. who left the band for personal reasons. “Midnight Matinee” contains in its own essence the sonic musical nature developed by THE LOST PATROL on the album “Launch And Landing”. With its seductive expressionism in mostly of the tracks, but specially on “Blue Lullabies”,”Colours turn grey”,floating into dense sad melodies and sutile,beautiful guitar arrangements, makes this album just perfect. Also it contains rhythmic elements and a gothic rockish essence in tracks as “Serenade” or the melancholic ballad called “Distance”.so, with a total of 10 compositions, all of them musically and lyrically well structured. with such incredible bass parts and guitar atmospheres creating such cinematic, dream pop with the necessary emotive and moody harmonies to put you in a melancholic state where converges the different feelings, and thoughts which floats according each composition.

In a word, I would say this album is perfect. And we are more than pleasure to review “Midnight Matinee”. This album comes in a six panel colorful digipack.we just hope to have the opportunity to review the 8th album somewhere in time, by this excellent American trio.

“Griddle: City Made Of Teeth” Cdr 2008
(Black Note Music)
To those of you who have never hear about KYRON. This is the project of J.C. Mendizabal, native from Salvador, but living in Usa, from time ago, after some albums, he returns with this amazing release but this time KYRON, chose to express itself remixing material from the progressive rock band GRIDDLE. Through “City Made Of Flesh” KYRON took a single song and from such piece he developed 17 distinct tracks, all of them having such sticking electronics tunes, and beats which seems to transport us to another reality. The music here is well constructed, having such constant electro acoustic elements mixed, with such haunting ambient atmosphreres, creating a diverse piece of experimental music as only KYRON could develops. The whole tracks are amazing due the way as the whole sounds are put together. An urban matrix opening to you, to explore the mysteries of “City Made Of Teeth”, a sonic dimension waiting for your through the always dynamic and expansive nature of KYRON!!

“Onoskelis” Cd 2008
Ioannes Aurelius Serpen
tor, an artist, musician & writer sent us his 2nd album, which got our attention due the highlight moments through the whole compositions developed here. “Onoskelis” is a neo-classical, ambient album with an interesting concept dealing with a female Satyr. To be introduced as the green fairy. An album of darkland dense music drowned in the whirpools of Absinthe. And musically got much our interest when hearing the opening track “Nomine Nostri” a piano track with such captivating melodic parts, revealing us what comes later with the rest of 9 compositions developed in this second album.

A track as “Hallucinations” with synthesizer’s sounds and great piano executions pressing the eerie atmospheres and soundscapes complementing perfectly the whole structure of the track.
“Beyond Good & Evil “is another composition, but this time more into industrialish sounds with such interesting at
mospheres and piano parts which characterize I.A. SERPENTOR.
“Asphodel” is one of the best tracks here, with such catching atmo
spheres, female spoken voices and piano sounds, perfect for a movie soundtrack. “The Green Fairy” includes so interesting drumming beats, very sticking and surrounds the whole atmosphere here. Each track here is developed through such cinematic & sountrackish moments, with these incredible expositions of mysterious elements having through synths & piano predominant patterns here. Without a doubt an excellent 2nd album by the always creative mind of Ioannes Aurelius Serpentor.

"The Art Of Drowning"Ep 2007
(DeadKnife )
Nikola Mantenda is the expressive force behinds TRIPNO(I)SIS, coming with a dynamic album, surrounded by different elements and sonic experimentations, varying from industrial/ambient /experimental. This act comes from Pancevo-servia, and shows us all its capacity when creating music. At moments the music sounds so catchy, calm, with so sticking moments due its seductive nature or more rhythmic structures as on “Euthanasia” in some tracks you can hear some guitar parts which give to them a stronger atmosphere in its own sound. But without a doubt the best composition here are these ones with such interesting mid-tempo drumming parts and ambient/industrial sounds crawling from the most in deep nature of TRIPNO(I)SIS.
The use of voices and acoustic instruments are worth to mention, due to the proper atmosphere.
Perhaps you could note, Mr Matenda needs to improve some elements here and there in next releases, but the fact is that this act has a potential which surely will be explored more with the pass of time. This release contains interesting moments which I recommend to, for more information just vis
it TRIPNO(I)SIS page in order to get a more exact idea of what were talking about.

“As Magi” Cdr 2008
an experimental psychedelic force coming from Madison, Wisconsin Usa. And with “As Magi”, the transcendence of its musical development seems to increase more and more through the six compositions released here. A point which characterize this album is without a doubt the vocals, which has such twisted but surprising vocals, going from melodic to dark vocal expressions molding perfectly with the harmonic sounds. Having influences such as Current 93, Coil, KINIT HER is a trio which has a characterized sound, with such interesting elements from start to finish. At moments music includes such ambient passages which seems to bring you dense dark corridors, submerging into sutile abstract sounds, a clear example is “Shrouding Mystic” track. The interesting guitar sounds are also elements worth to experience here, due the way as they are building slowly a definite atmosphere so creating such captivating soundscapes with an incredible, sticking atmospheres. “Atavistic Demiurges”,” Blood Swords”,” Telekinetic Calendar”,” Sealed In Jade”,” The Pillars Seed” are the rest of the compositions included here. a good point to mention, is that “As Magi” contains such elements which surely will captivate you due the way as they all built. An emotive trip to such dark realms only discovered when you entered through KINIT HER.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

KRELL (Article & Reviews)

KRELL is the researcher musicologist for the lost musics. He start studing a metallic leage asteroid that Nasa discoveres in 1956 beyond the kuiper belt, not far from the Oort cloud. Their composition had aided the accumulation of a large quantity of electromagnetism. Analysing this energy there had found informations and traces of music of an ancient civilization. This sound (that excedes the human audible frequencies) was normalized to our audible scale by Krell (A la Recherche du Krell Perdu, cd released in 2003). In his second work, Krell analysed the traces of ancient Egyptian electronic instruments from some raffiguration in Dendera and then he re-built some of these to try to re-compose the ancient electronic music of Egyptian (Electronic Music of Dendera, cd released in 2005). Krell lives in Italy in a nice underground home, hes obsessed by hystory and continuity.

In her third work, Krell collected real sounds of the oceans abyss (such whales cries, daulphins, and other species of animals) and composed songs with the voice of Lorena B, for an undersea voyage (Voci, armonie e suoni dagli abissi, 2007). So he completed the Trilogy of Times. The Future (1st cd, french title means: In search of the Lost Krell, mutuated from the Marcel Proust romance); the Past (2nd cd, dedicated to the ancient egyptian); the Present (3rd cd, italian title means: "Voices, harmonies and sounds from the abysses).

The 3rd cd of the Trilogy is contemporary the 1st of the new Quadrilogy of the Elements (The water).
Next issue will be de
dicated to the air (with a german title), then the cd dedicated to the fire (russian title) and to the earth (spanish title).
At the moment
Krell is the organizer of a collective project: the Sonora Commedia, a triple cd when 33 italian bands make the soundtrack of 3 cantos of Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia (for a total of 100 songs). The cd will be issue in january 2009.
Krell was born in Livorno (Leghorn) in 1970, Tuscany, lives in Milano (Milan). He's History Graduated, and teach History, Italian Literature, Arts and Philosophy in a private secondary school.
He's also a science-fiction writer. As Lukha Kremo Baroncinij he has pubblished 3 romances (in italian): "Il Grande Tritacarne" (The Great Mincer), "Storie di Scintilla" (Stories of Scintilla) and "Gli occhi dell'anti-Di
o" (The Eyes of Anti-God).

“Suoni,Armonie E Voci Dagli Abissi” Cdr 2007
(Kippple Officina
Kremo Baroncinij w
as adducted by artificial hybrid intelligences and through altering DNA; they give Barth to an organism called KRELL, in which every transformation is a musical anagrama, reflecting enigmatic facets. Through “Suoni,Armonie E Voci Dagli Abissi” KRELL is submerged into the deep void, generating explorations of acuatic nature, evoking diverse structures, connected with the abysses of the oceans. this is the third work, and a very interesting to hear such 12 tracks, all of them with eclectic sounds,glitches,noises,voices converging themselves into atmospheres with such involving elements which seems to penetrate you to the black void hidden in the oceans. For example “Dubacqueo”, the 6th track, is a dense trip to such regions, through eerie atmospheres and sutile female chorus… or “Disco In Sealand” built through rhythmic electro beats, glitches and such sticking atmospheres. “In search Of Air” is a track with such underwater sounds, and effects surrounding the whole structure of the composition. Each one of the 12 tracks developed here, contains such elements which surely will get your attention due dynamism and originality handled here. This album includes the voices of Lorena Burgio in some of the tracks, which gives an interesting touch to the whole release. Really, KRELL surprise us with such creative pieces, always breaking limits and penetrating atmospheres, submerging you to the most in deep abyss of your minds (oceans).

LIVIDO (Ita) “Milano Non E Romantica “Cdr 2008
(Kiplle Officina Libraria)
This is the hybr
id Project of KRELL, this time with the support and collaboration of Omerk.this Italian duo sent us their 2nd album, which causes an Amazing impact in us due how music is going through each one of the 14 tracks developed here. Divided into two parts, the first one includes 7 compositions which the first one is a one minute of silence, tracks 2,3,4 are main built into spoken Italian language vocals, talking about the relevant aspects of Milano city. The 5th track “santafe” begins with some noisy elements and suddenly the emergence of folklore Italian music through the whole track. The next one is manipulated vocal samples with such electro background elements. And the last one, from this first part is just urban chants in a rhythmic constant way.
Through the second part, other 7 tracks which the first one comes with drumming patterns and Italian spoken vocals. The second track “Ricetta (Crifatta)” is more rhythmic electronic one with interesting sounds and a very well done use of vo
cals. The next one “Ill Farmacista” is almost with the same structure of past tracks, built into spoken vocals and some minimalism sounds. Here you can hear also metropolitan aspects of life in Milan, adapted for a kind of tribute to this city. this release is an experimental cocktail offering you emotions like: crying,laughing,sexual exiting,lucidity,desires,happiness,sprightliness,indolence,contrariety,fear. For more information just contact Krell directly.

A La Recherche Du Krell Perdu” Cdr 2003
The codified
transmission continues, and this time emerging from Vega system, a planet extinguished 200.000 years ago, but structured through diverse electromagnetic sources which ends with this neuro-program frequencies which are decodified and examinated by KRELL through 14 audible, sonic experiments moving from minimal electronic, noise patterns and diverse sound sources which seems to reveal the hidden wisdom by such stellar cosmic race known as Krells. Different phases of information through sounds, all of them created with the sole purpose to give us a kind of unconscious message. KRELL, without a doubt surprise us with this album full of science fiction and sounds emerging all the time, and mutating into just more than sequence of sounds with a high dose of creativity and identity. Each one of the audible scales of sounds which you find here must be explored with high volume and a mind opened to receive each one of cipher messages hidden here.

KRELL ( Ita)
“Electronic Music Of Dendera” Cdr 2005
(Kiplle Officina Libraria)
Very strange st
one reliefs were found in the Hathor temple, part of the Dendera temple complex in Egypt. Researches explained them as images of cathode ray tubes or electric lamps showing built in serpentines. The name ancient Egyptians used to call such serpentine was “ Seref”, which literally means “to light”. Two boxes standing beside the tubes were explained as electric batteries feeding them with energy through what engineer Alfred D. Bielek identified as a cooper cable. Every tube is placed on a “djed” column, which acts as a high voltage isolator. Men and women absorbed in meditation sitting around the devices to create a receptive aura made some researches think about a different explanation. KRELL, musicologist and engineer, after long and meticulous studies, now describes the tubes as electronic musical instruments, not so far from the well, known Theremin. He carefully rebuilt the instruments depicted on the stone reliefs and plays them according to some musical inscriptions and hieroglyphics discovered in the same temple.
And from such concept KRELL developed an enigmatic album based into so amazing electronic elements creating sticking atmospheres, mixed with eerie sounds capes to create a really excellent album. Tracks such as “Amon-Ra”, with such eerie atmospheres and sutile beats molding the whole spectrum of the track. “Kleopatra Birthdeath” with mysterious spoken vocals and sounds to create an interesting piece here. Another track “Amenothep IV/Akhenaton”. Is an in deep voyage to ancient Egypt generated through such goshtly atmospheres surrounding the ritualistic passages created here. “Heavencontact = Pyramid” is a rhythmic track with interesting electronic elements and sounds worth to check. “Bast Realm” is a different track, based in calm atmospheres and repetitive vocals, which fits perfectly the whole structure of the track. These are just some of the tracks developed,could be interesting for you to get it in order to explore the rest of the tracks, for a total of 13 tracks in almost 50 minutes of enigmatic/electro experimental art!!