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ASHE! journal the most relevant and interesting occult journal nowadays, is explored for all of you in order to know more behind its creation and the spiritual force behind it. Mr. Davisson the editor, has this interesting conversation.
Thanx for accepting our invitation…Sven. is interesting to know more about the activities and personality behind the shape of Ashé journal?Does the pleasure to share diverse perspectives in the spiritual occult path was/is the principal basis for Ashé high development since 2002 until now anoo 2006?

Yes, since its inception, the driving impulse at the heart of the journal has been the sharing and exploring of different perspectives on spirituality and the spiritual path. From the first issue, we’ve worked at including a breadth of material ranging from first person account of very personalized spiritual practice to academic articles and teacherly discourses. Above all else, giving our contributors a space to speak for themselves in their own words or through their own medium has been of paramount importance. I hope we give a space where people feel free to articulate their own truth.

“Ashé as the ultimate source of everything”, could be representative of TAO, the essence of reality? Why?
That is precisely why I chose Ashé as the name for the journal. It is a concept that may be seen as a universal given many names… Qi, Tao, the Way, energy, prana, life-force… the breath of the Universe that makes up the prima-material of everything within it. To say that everything is fundamentally intersecting lines of energy is not too far from viewing Ashé as the source of everything.

Talking about reality…man adapt its own reality through senses which in many cases deceit us…does a perfect way for man to understand his own reality is to learn not to see, but observe?
I think the process is better described as listening… listening to the universe, hearing the energy waves that have the potential of moving us forward. Most people now see that we each filter experience through a filter of our opinions, history and conditionings. But our senses themselves do deceive us. This is really the root mistake one makes in taking the messages of our senses as reality. I tend to agree with Nagarjuna in the East and Sextus Empiricus in the West that our normal senses are not the best source of information about the universe. When I say listen, I’m not speaking of physically hearing in terms of the normal sense. Instead I am speaking of a more organic process, where one learns to move with the universe, heeding its call without argument or question.

In connection with the last question…how one could understand world if we continue contemplating this from the tower of our own personality? Does the greatness of a magickian consist in his capacity to see through the eyes from other man?
I think that the greatness of a magickian, or shaman, is to see through the reality of other men. To live within the world, most people forget that they filter experience through an interpretative mechanism. In many respects this process is necessary to facilitate their day-to-day living. What is all too often forgotten, however, is that this reality filter is relative. It’s always a healthy exercise to walk in another man’s reality for even a short time.

And from such point (observe) self-knowledge. Which ideological patterns did you see in the actual society to be “optimistic” for a kind of evolutive awakening, having Ashé journal as a perfect devise for enlightment. I mean how informative and deep your journal is?
From the beginning, it has been my interactions with people that have sparked my optimism. At the start, it was discussions with key individuals such as Baba Raul Canizares (of the Orisha Consciousness Movement) and the poet Trebor Healey that fueled the fire beneath Ashé’s cauldron.
William Burroughs left little room for hope in his mythology of the space age. He saw that we are essentially at the end of the human line and may have already passed the point of biologic no-return. In his final words, he did leave us a small glimmer of hope. This is the essence of Prem, Love, Agape. People directly connecting with people, one-on-one, may perhaps be humanity’s only hope in this world torn by warring ideologies and mass hysteria.

The necessity of a dualistic expression to determinate the universe’s nature:
Good & evil, love & hate, light & darkness. So, for me all of them are part of the same point. “All into one, one into all”! Your opinion about this and duality from your perspective?
I tend to agree with those who have seen duality as a trap. Sar Joséphin Péladan of the Salon de la Rose+Croix articulated the androgyne ideal in the 19th century; and Burroughs described duality as a divisive mechanism of control in the 20th. I’m not convinced as to whether the answer lies in universality or a beautiful diversity. Perhaps the paths are not dissimilar.

Is Ashé s purpose to create a nexus for spiritual possibility in which each person can explore, understand, and examine its own criteria n the magickal /occult path?
Ashe’s purpose was indeed to create a nexus, a point of intersecting lines—a public space for expanding the personal exploration of spirituality. I think that the journal has been successful in this regard, but I hope that the project is only at the very outskirts of realizing its potential.

Due Ashé is energy inhabiting all in universe, I ask you .how do you experiment this force in yourself to manifest into a concrete communicative magickal devise?
I really do nothing more than simply work with the flow of the energy of the universe as it unfolds about me. I strive to work with rather than against this natural flow, moving along the trajectory of my unfoldment.

Every “Star”(individual) is essentially self-independent, but he must be unsatisfied with himself until he hasn’t established a correct relationship between himself & the universe? And in your case how do you handle this relationship?
Crowley in his description of the magickal journal noted that every page would be marked with the word ‘failure.’ If one is not somewhat unsatisfied, there really isn’t much of an impulse for continuing with the work.

In occultism we talk about for crossing the abyss of knowledge we must explore inside ourselves…so, could I say “our life or inner world is a method to learn how to use our minds and not a system of knowledge?
I am actually quite ambivalent about the search within. Placing ourselves as the object of knowledge may not in actuality be all that productive. I remain quite unconvinced that the quest for interiority is the goal of the path.

Ashé-Prem expressed in a thelemic concept, could be expressed as Ashé = Will, Prem = Love both of them generating a perfect balance for inner spirituality?
This really is the key to maintaining an artful balance both within and without. Will (Ashé) is a means of understanding one’s place in the world. It provides the faculty. Love (Prem) is the complimentary key to functioning in the larger context of a world with others.

At the present moment we can feel, observe the nature of present eon in people’s consciousness, and people are more open minded referring homosexualism, racism, adopting more tolerance with others I say. Is this for you a state of dynamic change of transformation of magick, in the existence’s sacrament by the thelemic equation 0=2 & 2=0?
We are in a state of dynamic change. Consider that more change occurs now in a day than previously occurred across centuries. Our spirituality and philosophical development has not kept pace with our technological and scientific development. I think it’s important to remember that as 75% of humanity moves forward (and this may be very generous), an increasingly vocal and violent quarter is backed into an ideological corner. To live in dynamic times is also to live in dangerous times.

For us freedom are very important aspect, so, is for you “freedom" to learn to not repress the sub-consciousness and to learn how to do its will?
The freedom is really to learn to be without undue influence from either outside conditions and pressures or internal, sub-consciousness impulses and conditionings.

Coming to Ashé again, tell us which has been the article/interview published there which you have learned something important to your life?
I have found many pieces in the journal influential. It’s really hard to come up with a few, let alone a single article. The interactions with the writers and artists that have supported the project through their contributions have proved the greatest learning experiences. Poets such as Trebor Healey and Emanuel Xavier, whose work transcends the didactic and cuts directly to one’s spirit, come to mind. Recently, I really enjoyed talking with Jason Louv (Generation Hex) and found a great deal of optimism, to steal a word from above, in his articulation of a new, magical youth culture.

Which surprises will come for Ashé journal in upcoming editions worth to mention?
If I told, they wouldn’t be a surprise! I can say that we are working on including more visual artwork in each issue. Also expect a guest editor or two making an appearance in the not too distant future.
For my own part, I am finishing proofing a new collection of my own work, The Starry Dynamo, which will be out by the end of the year. The publication will mark the launching a new project corollary to the journal. I am in the process of establishing a small press to develop and publish longer projects. I see it as a way of expanding the Ashé nexus. More details will be forthcoming through our website as it comes to fruition. People can expect to see 2-3 titles released during 2007.
For more information regarding my own work visit:

Thanx so much for your time and…”initiation is madness, and madness is initiation!!

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