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CAUL Interview

CAUL Interview
Which were the main impulses for the musical creation known as CAUL? And your deep connection with this force (CAUL) from a musical & personal perspective?
Caul is a way to express my relationship with God. It started soon after I started to become more interested in spirituality in a more real sense than I had before. Caul also becomes a kind of mirror for me to observe this situation, a way of distancing myself to a small degree.

Could you state your definition of CAUL’s name and how it has been developing since ´93 until now anno 2006?
The name doesn't necessarily have a great deal of significance. I had working on what was to become the first Caul release but I still didn't have a name. I just pulled Caul out of a book on spirits and ghosts. A Caul is a thin layer of amniotic material over the face of a newborn. It used to be considered good luck and those born with one were considered to have psychic powers. It's not a word that's in very common usage any more, unless you're older or perhaps grow up on a farm, so I though it might sound a bit mysterious to most people.

Is CAUL a musical expression of your faith and your relation with god (from a magickal platform)? And how spirituality has given to your enough bases for what you are in a personal level?
It's not from magical sense at all. I am a Christian though I have trouble with that these days with so many Christians around giving it a bad name! I've had difficulty in accepting organized Christianity, which probably stems from the fact that I was drawn towards it because of personal experiences and not through the Bible. On a personal level, it's a experience that combines a number of different aspects, since the basis of it is having a relationship with the creator or force behind the universe.

Would be interesting to know more about each one of your releases and the main concept behind each one of them?
"Epiphany/fortunate," "whole" and "the golden section" - these were the first Caul releases and I was in completely uncharted territory. I was trying to figure out what this new experience was and who I was communicating with. These releases were a very enjoyable to make, I had a great time making these recordings.
"Crucible"- this was essentially a culmination of the experiences I had making the first 3 recordings. I knew what was happening, that I was now on the path to becoming a Christian. It was also a distillation as well; it has examples of the different techniques I had developed earlier. It was titled "Crucible" partly as a joke. I had signed a record contract with Tone Casualties and received a fee to initiate the project. My friend Phil Easter was selling his old sampler, and Ensoniq Eps, so I used the fee to purchase his sampler. I then had to dive into recording, with a schedule to turn in the finished work, utilizing a piece of equipment that I was not familiar with. The pressure was on.
"The Sound of Faith"- this recording was meant to express the many different experiences I was having on the path of Christianity. The pieces vary quite a bit, from gentle and beautiful, to harsh and terrifying. At least, that was the intent!

"Reliquary"- was influenced heavily (as should be obvious given the song titles) by readings in Christian mysticism. It has much more of a "musical" flavor than my earlier releases. It has more of a "world music" to it as well, which I think helped express the different moods in what I was reading.

"Light From Many Lamps"- in some respects, a continuation of "Reliquary." More in the direction of late at night, in the monastery- so to speak. A recording more centered around personal reflection and prayer.

"Hidden"- this is the first part of a trilogy, loosely based on the idea of a "dark night of the soul." A journey downward and through, resulting in illumination. "Hidden" centers around the idea of God being hidden, of being everywhere but not seen.

"Muein"- this is the second part of the trilogy, "Muein" is Greek and means "to close one's eyes or mouth." It's the beginning of the journey into the dark night by going inward.

"Swan" this was a special limited edition CD of tracks originally on compilations and a few unreleased tracks. It was nice to hear them on in one place, since they spanned quite a number of years.

"A Golden Epiphany"- this is a 3 CD set of the original 3 Caul releases, remixed and remastered.
Do you will continue experiment with the sound Caul has been developing or you will focus into a different expression level?
I kind of go where the music takes me. I feel I've covered a lot of ground so far, there's quite a bit of variety in what I've done despite the fact that I'm working in a sort of narrow genre. I just let the music be an expression and try not to analyze it. It's more enjoyable that way.

Talking about your personal life…what comes to your mind as the worst and best moments in your life? And how it has helped you to develop your artistical skills?
That's a tough question. I've had many good moments. Though I've had difficulties with depression and alcoholism, I still feel lucky to have the life I've had so far. Getting married, which was 4 years ago, was a great moment. I sometimes don't look at the peaks though- sometimes a great moment can last for months at a time, when, for example, it's a period of personal growth or wealth of artistic ideas. Developing my artistic skills seems to be a matter of just continuing to work. That seems to be the only sure way I grow and develop.

What will come in a near future regarding Caul’s new releases and live performances?
I have a few new Caul projects in the works, though it seems to be taking much too long to finish any of them. I'm currently finishing up rough tracks to send to John Gore, of kirchenkampf and Oratory of Divine Love for a collaborative CD. I still am working on the rest of the tracks for Invisible Light and the 3rd and last CD of the trilogy I began with Hidden and Meuin. I spent most of the last year working on a movie soundtrack. I'm also working on a Caul video- though I don't know what I'll do with it when I'm finished! It's enjoyable to work on.

Your point of view about conformity, ignorance & passivity of actual society according what you can observe feel?
Most people stay ignorant and/or conform simply because of fear. Fear rules much of everything anymore. However greed takes a close second. Unfortunately, Love seems to be farther down the list. People like to conform though, whether they're a fundamentalist uptight Christian or a liberal boho Buddhist artist. They are both buying into a set of rules that makes them feel safe but gives them the illusion of freedom.

Give us some information about your own Record label EPIPHANY Recordings?
It's basically a vanity label to release my work. It started just so I could put my own work out. After I found labels willing to release my music, I shut it down. I revived it a few years ago to release small run limited edition CD's. I felt there were people out there who still liked to purchase a real object instead of just an mp3, so I though I could make the packaging interesting. So far, people seem to enjoy them.

Was this label created with the sole purpose to release CAUL’s material or any other acts will come in a near future?
I imagine I may release other people's work in the future. I've already released Porteur de l'image and Fadladder, both of which I felt were great recordings.

Using your imagination, how would you represent CAUL from a visual concept ?
I'm not sure, but that's where the video I mentioned earlier comes in. I've been trying to make something that visually expresses the audio experience of Caul. Not an easy task, but I'm not giving up yet.

How perfectionist are you when composing, writing music for CAUL?
I'm pretty loose about it. I do the best I can but I try to make sure I realize when I'm being too picky. I've always relied on accidents during the process. They can be a great contribution.

Is CAUL a deep exploration of your inner psyche, reflected as a spiritual devise in this existential plane?
If I understand your question correctly, I would say yes.

Thanx for your time and good luck with all your activities…close this in the way you want! 93
Thank you for the interview and thank you to all who have supported my project. I'm glad you've enjoyed my work!

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