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desiderii marginis Interview

Lina Baby Doll the creative spirit and force behind this known Swedish act reveal us the latest visions of his own degenerated world called DEUTSCH NEPAL…

How was the history behind DEUTSCH NEPAL as a creative musical project coming from your inner world? And what do you wanted to express which such name?
Deutsch Nepal is a title of track from a band called Amon Dl II that i listened to a lot at the time when I started to do music on my own. What I wanted to express with my music at that time I don’t remember exactly but it’s understood if you listen to that track and the lyrics.It’s kind of prophecy over a just borned child who might become something more, something else and something wonderful. Maybe that was what I hoped for with this new project.

How as been to work alone in a project as DEUTSCH NEPAL? And which were the principal influences for the great development in DN?
All these years with Deutsch Nepal has been a lot of pleasant happenings but also very boring. The influence have been changing through the time and has been more or less what I have been doing at the moment...books or articles I read other peoples ideas over music or the opposition of their ideas. Re-engineering i guess...meaning - not to learn from history or other peoples experiences but to get your own wounds from playing with fire.

How is the process when composing music for DEUTSCH NEPAL? And do you need a special mental state or mood to create a good composition?
I just do and then hope for the best....normally I do the music under influence of a lot of strong alcohol ...but that is my normal state..Hehehe..Whisky is good! Tequila works but Nothing is like Swedish Jubileums Akvavit ....after drinking for some days your normal straight mind collapse and open up for more interesting subconscious processes.

In my limited perception (I just hear some tracks from your albums) DEUTSCH NEPAL has changed since "deflagration of hell" into nowadays. So how do you see this change from your perspective as musician?
A friend of mine ...Jacob from Proiekt Hat said he thought I moved the focus from my music to myself as a person....I don’t understand but it might be the truth. Maybe Deutsch Nepal took me over and now rules my life, my doings and my music... sometimes it’s very hard to keep the close distance to separate yourself from your musical personality.

Does this change is an evolutive step into DEUTSCH NEPAL existence?
I’m not sure I understand this question right...but as everything you do circulate round your music... (and some boooze) it might be some strange transformance you could call evolutive.

What's coming for future, perhaps a sound more oriented into techno/trance music but still with dark psydelic and gloomy industrial ambient soundscapes?
Haha I have no aim to become another techno project....there are enough of that already....I will continue to re-engineer like a stubbern bull smashing my head against the wall...blood flowing from my forehead.

How has been the cooperation with record labels as Old Europa Cafe, Cold Meat industries, Staalplaat among others? Which advantages / disadvantages do you see to work with different labels?
I only have good experiences working with different labels. I have no real contracts binding me to a special label so I always had the possibility to do whatever I wanted or thought Could be a good idea at the moment. Cold Meat Industry have always felt as my main label. And the new CD Erotikon will be released on Cold Meat Industry and it feel a bit like coming home.

Besides music which others artistic expressions got your interest, attention?
I’m not a very cultural person.... I only do this to get drunk on other people’s money ...hehe ....seriously I did some artwork but I guess that is it. I like to watch movies but that is only for comfort and pleasure.

Are ignorance & mental slavement factors which stops the normal development in mankind's evolution?
No I think it would help a lot....we're all ignorant slaves and prostitutes...still the world moves on...pretty fast!How is your relationship with humans and life in general regarding your nihilistic visions?I´m not a very social person.

Tell us a few about your projects as: BOXHOLM & JANITOR?
Boxholm is me and Peter from "Raison D´ Etre" doing esoteric hates campaigns against the town where we grew up. Janitors - is me and Benny from “Hazard” getting drunk together and then record some of the sounds we make on tape.

To work with other persons in such projects BOXHOLM & JANITOR gives to you new perspectives and ideas when composing music for DEUTSCH NEPAL?
To co-operate with others is bad in that way that you have to compromise with others still it’s more fun and if you are two people putting a lot of energy into the compositions some good might come out of it...if that happen to be your aim.

How is a DEUTSCH NEPAL live performances? And what kind of visual effects are used in order to obtain a proper atmosphere?
I guess it’s me with a lot of beer on stage...misbehaving...hehehe ...I use back-drops on video screen and some animations I made...if Iïmin the mood there are some nude dancing and porn movies also. It’s kind of improvised with in the framework the stage and the equipment.

Before to close tell us more about your upcoming release and plans with your projects?
I always think it’s the last album I made when finishing a new release. So this time I ended up with two albums "Erotikon" is all new material and shortly after there will be another release with some unreleased material and re-releases of old vinyl stuff there is no title yet. I will do much less live performances as I went to University and that take a lot of my time at the moment some people might be happy because of that as I played a lot the last years.

Thanx for support and a last message to South American spirits!!!!

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