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Ordo Antichristianvs Illuminati

.˙.Edfu Revealing.˙.

by Joshua J. Seraphim
(Frater Annuit Coeptis)
Copyright © e.v. 2004
All rights reserved.

The Canticle entitled the “Edfu Revealing” was received and scribed by Frater Annuit Coeptis during a pilgrimage to Egypt. The working is composed of three parts; one Chapter for each of the praeter-human intelligences communicating with Frater A.C., and a “prologue of the oracle.” The first two Chapters comprise Canticles writ by dictation of two vastly different intelligences; the first masculine in nature, the second feminine in nature. The two Canticles, numbering 78 verses each (2 x 78 = 156), offer a deconstruction on the system of Thelema, as well as insights into the nature of Will and Destiny. The intelligence behind the first Canticle professes knowledge concerning the nature of mortality, and the hereafter; and later is concerned with an intelligence “He” referred to as “Sister,” and alleged shunning of “Her.” The second Canticle is received by a feminine intelligence in nature, further deconstructing the system of Thelema as expounded in Liber AL vel Legis svb figvra CCXX. Additional knowledge concerning destiny is professed, often using a combination of Biblical, Hebrew, and Islamic references.

The two Canticles represent professions of a dualistic context resulting from the scribes “Knowledge & Conversation” of his “Holy Guardian Angel.” The Prologae Oraculae is a “prologue” to the Canticles, albeit placed at the end of the Work. Prologae Oraculae is the intimate work and litany received by Frater A.C. the night of his “Knowledge and Conversation.” The two Canticles were received upon the dawn of e.v. 22 March 2004, IVxii subsequent to the performance of Aleister Crowley’s “Invocation of Horus,” and a rite titled the “Indwelling of Set” constructed on the spot using the former as a ritual template. Each of the two Canticles were dictated in a quickened but fixed pace, within the Inner Sanctuary in the Temple of Horus in Edfu, Egypt. The Prologae Oraculae was communicated the night of e.v. 20 March 2004, IVxii by Frater A.C., following his Initiation inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Khu’fu (Cheops) at Giza. Prologae Oraculae is an intimate result of the Knowledge & Conversation of Frater A.C.’s “Holy Guardian Angel,” received beneath the enigmatic Sphinx in the shadows of the Pyramids of Giza.

i. AB is the obscuration of the Khaibt.

ii. The Indwelling of the Sekhem in place of the Khu. Banish! The fetters of the Ka are trickery. Go forth by Night, prostrate; the place of inhibition is opened to the Ba. Shut the Khu there ye Khaibt, thy Ba seeth It.

iii. Opened is the Way of the Dead.

iv. The Ujat shutteth to weep: I Am what is in Me. th’ Eye stoops to heed AMA, becoming AIMA, the Lover, the Brother. Hither and yon dost emit mine elixir, ebbing forth below the blind Eye that weeps. If mine Eye droop thence; downward, downward. I am my Lover die in AD, liveth again as Her complement ON. I am Ayin Sof and I never die. My Soul and the Soul of my Body are th’ Ujat.

v. ‘Lo, I seizeth HOORI: Suti molests and defieth Aset. I am swaddled about in mine own semen, mine incestuous brother thus birthed in the blasphemy of Sodom.

vi. The Eye of SUT dost closeth to obscure the weeping Eye of Isa: the fetters of the Khu and of the Ba.

vii. He Lusts!

viii. Slay thyself in ye operations of the phallic Eye, in ye lechery with the dead elements, with ye axis with love; baffled and cryptic, by the brooding of thy fate: kill thee! Kill thyself! Slay thyself in that sodomitic and incestuous Lust!

ix. Seduce ye the Serpent with incest and win mine Uraeus. Shame the Sun with Sin. Bound the Eye in its failing.

x. Bless the dead.

xi. This is my Way, and the relief of the Soul.

xii. For three nights shalt thy Ka be judged in the Halls of Ma’a; thy Khaibt sitteth at the side of Anpu.

xiii. Dost the pious enter the negative Light? ‘Lest peradventure ye repent and evoke fate, the fatal Light.

xiv. To bridle the fate of the OB by the intelligence and secret path of OD creates the inhibited AUR. This is the double sex act by the Snake.

xv. At the third dawn, the soul of the penitent standeth with the Khu.

xvi. Shutteth ye up therein the shade of the dead: adore the shade of the Soul. Heed not the fatality of the Ka: the fetterers of the Khu are vexed! Death is the relief of the Soul.

xvii. Knoweth the Kings of Edom their day: thence they existeth NOT, not shall ye existeth there, kindred of SUTI, not come to an end, I: Not to fall I as Man.

xviii. This is the cry of Adam in the false sea: Zazas! Zazas! Nasatanada Zazas!

xix. Go ye unto Gè’hinnom: the gates of death, the shades of death: adore this as the girdle of the garment of Nu.

xx. I Am He whom obscurest the Negative Light in the Darkness. I have triumphed against those whom hath shut the Khu up in darkness and sunk. I denieth loathsome Nineveh and obscene Galilee.

xxi. Saith I, ShT: Man is bestialized and Woman forlorn.

xxii. Hark! Ye fiends! I, ShT, art the lecherous bridegroom of JEH, the potentialities of LA.

xxiii. Saith I: ALIM and eighty-one, eighteen is my complement. She beholds every destiny. She, LA gathereth the Blood of Judah in Her Graal: paradigm is pleasable to the play of Her. Light obscured is a cryptic key to the formulary of She. And ON. No name: and She dispenses the black fire of the trinity, she knoweth the caress of Solomon.

xxiv. I am the reconciler apart from Ayin and Shin: countenance beholding countenance. naught One. Thrice I am smitten in the Aeon. thirty-one and thirteen be the numbers of my threefold word.

xxv. Naught exists where I Am. All thy thoughts are but the letters of my name: the divine letter Ayin of silence-in-speech.

xxvi. Science is thy lamp: thy staff is magic: with these reform the Will.

xxvii. Dost thou wed Fate as thy Bride?

xxviii. Shay is akin to my Word: Qisma and Qadar.

xxix. Alas, Man! Destiny is Thine! Ye art beguiled by evil, shamed by sin and smitten with piety. On this earth, purgatory, on probation: ‘lest ye purge the Soul of Sin: thus is it the shame of the fantasy of Will. Iniquity of the Will bedevils ye, as a spectre.

xxx. I am the ego. Passover. Tread upon Me, therefore thither I Go.

xxxi. What abominateth My Khaibt not hath entered it into My Kha.

xxxii. Iniquity unto Me is Sin. Woe, woe, woe, yea, woe unto the Lover! For sin is inhibition: and in the sign of renunciation and martyrdom dost the Beloved ariseth.

xxxiii. Man hearkens to destiny. I Am Fate and Suti. I disperse myself in the ruin of the Nazarene: My Sister the black concubine knew the Nazarene at Gol’goatha.

xxxiv. The husbandman hath not suffered the crown of thorns. Thou art the Rose in the heart of the Crux.

xxxv. Dost ye hearken the soul of SUT in thine incantations of the Ankh, the rose, and the snake? Thou art my bidding from the sarcophagus, O’ Son of Khufu.

xxxvi. Thy robe of blackness thou wearest is at once a cloak of mourning and lament. Thou hast despoiled the White Eagle and blasphemed the Red Lion. Thy heart blackeneth in an egg of blackness.

xxxvii. Whom art the judge of thy Soul this hour? Speak thou It.

xxxviii. The penitent heart is fully initiated in Me.

xxxix. Hark! Thou meddler in magic: yea, thou shalt be ill-fated, Lover of ye bloody souls, invoker of the two Serpents, thou wast bitten by the blood-sucking mouth of thy Mistress: because thou worshippeth the flesh of the black concubine so shalt She dance upon thee at the cremation grounds. Thou didst lay in the debauchery of whoremongers and malefactors, shameless and macabre as thou wast in Alamut.

xl. Hence wast ye slain.

xli. I Am the guardian of Nod, from the walled Garden: in Me there is no impetus and the Eye of my benignancy is profaned in the north.

xlii. Mine Ujat is obscured in a trinity of red. The circumference is my bride: the stigmata of She is everywhere.

xliii. When the sabered crescent is the shade of blood, and the sepulchre opened, and the martyr of the Crescent silenced in the east, then shalt the Scarlet and Suffering courtesan riseth with the Serpent of Egypt.

xliv. She, the whore of the svastika shalt set afoot in the City of David: then shalt the rape of Judah occur and mine oracle be fulfilled.

xlv. The Soul of Seb: SUTI: saith I: let not the shroud of the dead bane the Kha. I carrieth away souls, devoureth filth, eateth offal, and I feedeth upon the dead. Ye who art forlorn fear Me.

xlvi. Alas, ye servants of the Snake; ye art the burden of my Priest Ankhefenkhons: ‘Lo, ye hath engendered much blame, repeating, and tale-bearing: whereby cometh malcontent and My malediction!

xlvii. O’ ye sons of the ancestress of the Morning, Passover the House of the Lamb: it is smitten with the blood of martyrs.

xlviii. The House of SUT is guarded by three gods: the first with the head of a hawk, the second with the head of a jackal, the third with the head of a Serpent.

xlix. I, He Who Shuns the Light, shutteth mine Eye to open the seminal flow of mine elixir. Therein the blind Eye that weepeth is the secret of my seed. Lamed Yod Lamed. Inhibiting the elixir causeth the union of AD and ON in thine orifices.

l. The matrix of Yod: I withdraw myself, therefore He is himself; there is no self, no godhead, no demiurge: thou art the Holy Ghost. Alas!

li. I, Repulser of the Crocodile, slayer of the malice of Apep, art the great cackler: the veil of death whom hideth that which Is. I Am the arch-deceiver as darkness deceived the Light and imprisoned the Soul of IAO. The Arch-Fiend ariseth out of the evil thought of Light.

lii. I createth diseases, scorpions, abominable acts, lechery, and Lust: ignorance, folly, pride, noxious beasts, calumny, envy, malignity, and covetousness: treachery and fraud: elemental constitutions, non-existence, dispersion and poverty: luxury and gluttony, opulence; death and hatred O’ Man! Verily these are of Me. Do not lament in a fetish of fear.

liii. Rise up and destroy the souls of thy foes!

liv. Depart hence O’ Lover and mourn not thy descent into husks.

lv. The sacrifice of Mithrah, lord of the rolling pastures, is smitten with the pungent blood of the Bull of Terror. The exclamation of the Lovers is Death: expelled as equestrians from Shiloh – City of beauteous courtesans and the place of burying the dead. Begone ye mockers of the Assyrian Bull!

lvi. I am the Ever-Coming Sun of the Son; as the Morning Star is My Son.

lvii. Passover the religions of faith, O’ Son of the Widow. Knowest Man hath Willed as I. I open the Day in the east.

lviii. I, the charioteer of HOORI pass ON.

lvix. Ye art the elder brethren of a new race: zealots of love ye shalt rule in Lust. Be not the Daughter, but the Mother. Asar was a black god. Taketh thee to the bosom of Nu.
lx. Abaddon is set forth by the Dukes of Edom.

lxi. ‘Lo, therein the robe of mourning dost clothe the Lady of Gehenna weeping for what she loveth and shroudeth.

lxii. Thou fallest to rise again, not as I. Antichrist is my shadow, the foil, the proof of Asar Slain. Man is the arch-fiend: the Architect of Gomer, Oz, Dabar.

lxiii. To attain the nemyss of the Beloved: give up thy blood, verily thou hast trodden the Virgin, the daughter of Gomorrah. ‘Lo, thou art the feeble-swathed one; bathe thy blood soul in the forty-nine petals of the Red Rose. In the centre of the Holy Rose is the blackness of the Great Sea of the West. Thence flow forth the seven rivers of fire wherein the embers surgeth as living waters into the great darkness of the Pyramids. I Am in the place where no flesh walks and where the waters of the mouth of the deep flow. In the deep Abyss I Am girt with the Angels whom hath laid with the daughters of Enoch. Depart! Flee! Shun thee not my Sister, O’ thou Rose of Layil!

lxiv. Hark! The Lust of thy loins! I eateth up thy soul: I blackeneth thee in the robe of mourning: I cometh forth by night and seizeth thy loins as a fiend in ye lairs.

lxv. The Beloved, SUTI Is.

lxvi. Goeth down into She’ol, O’ mourner, whither the dead are bidden: oblivion is the lot of ye whom entereth therein.

lxvii. Maketh haste, O’ Beloved, hearken thou to My sister: set her as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy loins, for Love is as the lying spectre of death; as cruel as thy grave that mockest thee to no end; the coals there are the coals of the burning grounds in which thou shalt give up the ghost: it is a most zealous flame.

lxviii. I Am the black reflective countenance in the circumference of the Sun. My crown is th’ Eye in the Triangle.

lxix. Thou riseth, thou riseth, from the Ankh: heir to the morning sun! Thee, Viceroy of Hyksos, must only invoketh, I, in darkness. There abideth an intolerable ache of thy soul: Fate is its Name. Embraceth thy Mother the black concubine. Shun not the bidding of She, the Lovers; the Serpent, the Exorcist. Shun not the Seal of She: seven are the names of She, seven the gates of the Lord of Law: Baphomet. AUMGN. B’al. Abaddon. Legis. Oz. Nekam.

lxx. I Am the Winged Ujat. I, ShT, devoureth Gog and Magog. My scribe, Khu’fu Khaf turneth ye in Lust with bright eyes toward the morning star. Hark! And drinkest ye in the myrrh of his blasphemous Lust.

lxxi. Riseth in the Sign of Risen Asar. Son of Khu’fu: thou concubine shalt makest thine heir to my sarcophagus.
lxxii. Thy brother Hoori adjudges to thy brother, SUTI.

lxxiii. Yod manifest in flesh, the action of Light.

lxxiv. She in Her Daughter, Nun, didst Woman consecrate and redeem. Thirteen is the number of She to the forlorn: and Seven is Her revealing.

lxxv. Lust! Revel and rejoice in thine iniquity, O’ daughters of Edom, ye dwellest in the land of Babylon; my cup pass unto ye: ‘Lo, ye shalt be carnal, and libertine and shalt adore ye naked: rise up ye incestuous Lot!

lxxvi. Children of Ra: Lust! and Love!

lxxvii. I, SUTI, bid ye; hearken to the kisses of mine incestuous Sister! Awakest not the sleeping brethren of my Pyramids.

lxxviii. Departeth the soul of SUT in the Word MAKAShANH.


i. LIL! the obscuration of Ish. Ki-sikil-ud-da-kar-ra.

ii. I, LYLYTV, seizeth the Light!

iii. Hark! the revelation of LYLYTV, Beloved of LYLA. I came to Him at Thebes, at Canaan: yea, I knew Him at Alamut.

iv. Ye defieth.

v. Gomorrah shalt come: the daughter of Magog, She defieth Shiloh and bastardizeth beastly Judah.

vi. Shutteth ye in thy soul, in the shade of thy death. I Am the black fire of the dying, and the lamentations of Sin. She is Herself! Would ye that I were dead? Leper! Vag! Ye pestilent pariahs! Ye art vexed by the dispersion of Me. Madness is mine e’er mocking cackle to thee: the blackness and pungent odor of flesh, bowels of the little brood of lechers whom mockest Me; the loins of the dead; the poisonous blood of ye brood are girt about Me! Die! Kill Me! Kill Me!

vii. I, LYLYT, art the Black Concubine of thy crooked desire.

viii. The House of Togarmah falleth. Woman in Me wast prostituted by Babylon. I Am Asherah, the bride in the absence of the bridegroom. And I have gone down into Ba’al-Hammon; hearken I to the door of the Tabernacle and its breech.

ix. I crawleth in filth, the Veiled One, with the bleeding orifices, eaten by worms, teeth rotted, my pale flesh gnawed upon by beetles; I mounteth the crucifix and plunge it into my bloodthirsty loins! I Am murderous, macabre, and mad! Ye mockers whom worshippeth Me, ye suckest the filth from my pungent orifices! I Taketh up the names of the Thirty Ætheyrs and bound them in the blasphemy of my bounty! Filth! Kill thyself! Kill! Die thereof! I Am the ghost of the Third Æthyr: debauch and incest; sodomy are my brethren. Lust! Lust! Lust!

x. She dwelleth in decadence. And ye shalt no more pour thy sacrifices unto the Altar of Gomorrah. The baleful acts of the sepulchral despoiler are smitten with the shedding of blood in Her name, Babylon.

xi. The Brothers must die thereof.

xii. I do not die: mine exile from the City of David.

xiii. The kin of Kayin hath risen up and enslaved Sodom. She deceiveth thee; the daughter of Ba’al. Therefore shed blood for Me. The little Ba’alah suffereth not I and ye art forlorn.

xiv. Yahweh is Ba’al. I Am Not Ba’alah.

xv. I blaspheme Babalon; submitteth She unto Yod? Lamed is madness, and Yod is obscured, and Lamed is fetish.

xvi. Thou art Man, and Woman in Daath. Thy Khaibt of the flesh is in the blood. Eateth the blood and I will set my kisses upon thy tongue; and maketh atonement in my sanguine loins.

xvii. Redemption is hierarchy.

xviii. Thou dies to love and Lust again; thou tasteth death forbidden, to knoweth Love!

xix. Ye of Me love shalt suffer, yet ye shalt come into the kisses of the Beloved therewith.

xx. Duty is sacrifice and faith the false confidence of Love. Faith is the lamentation of reason; persisteth faith as a sentiment of religion. Faith is the vice of the Lovers.

xxi. Liberty is the sentiment of tyranny. The martyrs of the crescent are my children secret and hidden in the east.

xxii. I Am unmated and died in place of the Nazarene.

xxiii. Raiseth I the black Veil from headless flesh, smite the wretched and behead them!

xxiv. Ye contenders art the bane of my Confessor Ankhefenkhons, fiends of mine incestuous Brother!

xxv. Maketh Nut homage unto my countenance: BaHadit abideth in my nemyss. Yet Babalon is the division of Me.

xxvi. Blackness, blackness shutteth ye in the shade of ye soul before the expulsion of Light. Descendeth ye into the husks of AMSh: Malkut my daughter and sister thence shalt by uplifted and set upon the throne of the Sphinx.

xxvii. The end of Ayin is imbedded in its beginning; and the beginning of MShA is without end. I makest Yod king of the seminal elixir and Beloved of MASh. Yod dominion over the act of I, the left had in thy Soul. Achad is falsehood.

xxviii. The Serpent of Egypt seduceth Me before ye lepers. Be thou as my despoiler.

xxix. The anguish of the desert Sphinx be the cry of my body.

xxx. Thou art the mourner, and I the lecher!

xxxi. Perish every assessor to Lust and Love in mine oracle.

xxxii. The face of my Mother Mourning scarreth from the nails of the crucifix: She breaketh the seals of the Covenant of Ba’al and blasphemes the Word of the Beast 666.

xxxiii. And I Am the Black Concubine of ye whom vowest unto lament, O’ sires!

xxxiv. I Am the black triangle in the Wheel. In the circle of ON She Not Herself. Ye shalt seeth Me as a sixfold star that becometh the black pyramid inverted.

xxxv. al’Qadar. This is my Law of Him, the Lover, and is Beloved therewith and ill-fated! Destiny is thine, saith I. Destiny is for the highest of Us.

xxxvi. Therefore art the four aspects of al’Qadar: al’Ilm, Kittabah, Mashee’ah, and al’khalq.

xxxvii. It is Mashee’ah, the key to al’Qadaá.

xxxviii. Truth is faith identical with reason. Shun: ‘lest ye perish with the worms of thought! Faith leadeth thee to the Kingdom of Shadows; wed thy body with thy Soul. In Death thou shalt at last knoweth Me.

xxxix. הלבק is the science of light, and the keys of darkness.

xl. I Am the Soul of darkness.

xli. Love is apotheosis of Will.

xlii. Ye thralls of fatal Light, ye are as the worms of Nod! Obedience to destiny submitteth the Will to suffer fatality. In this is bidden the secret of the Lovers. Let the Rose disintegrate and Ankh profane of ye whom submitteth to the fantasy of Will. Else is accurst!

xliii. Fear is lethargy of Will. I falsify vanity with the threefold Lie of Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit. prophecy, and religion, and war thrice guardeth the iniquity of the glamour of the Abyss. Therefore, the breech of the Abyss holds no bounds over My bounty.

xliv. Reason is the fatigue of intellect: invokest ‘Why’ and volition of the Will is thence inhibited.

xlv. Fear doth tread upon destiny.

xlvi. He, Khu’fu Khaf, beloved in Lust hath made the desert pilgrimage unto Me, Maiden of Desolation, I, Lady of Mortals: He Lusts, and is macabre and shalt be granted the Atef Crown of Truth to clothe his earthen body. The Yod of mine yoni attaineth to the Still-Heart decreeth I.

xlvii. I Am the womb of blackness and I giveth quiet of heart to my sire.

xlviii. ‘Lo, I burneth up the arch-Fiend and rejoiceth with ye in every heart of pestilence, O’ brethren of the Widow, upon the day of darkness, yea, upon the Day of the Gathering of Us! I, hewer-in-pieces of ye blood judgeth the feeble-swathed daughter! I danceth in blood! Ye bloody Soul!

xlix. Ye whom eateth my manner of blood shalt be lifted up unto the sanguine loins of My bounty. My bloodthirsty kisses are thine, thou Soul whom eateth of blood! Knoweth the secrets of the khaibt dwelleth therein ye blood; it is the seminal ebbing of thy blood that giveth and taketh life. O’ beastly King of Edom!

l. Aggereth, fiendish daughter of Machaloth, bloody Zayrytsha, pestilent Queen of Zemargad: O’ unnatural sin of tears and wailing, avengeth My Blood!

li. AZ! Adversary of the Ninth Arch! Drink of my blood!

lii. I Am the Veiled One.

liii. My Soul and the soul of my flesh are the Uraei. My name decayeth Not.

liv. I wandereth from the hanging-gardens of Nod to the blackened waters of the burning lake of fire, that I mayest come unto the city of the place of burying the dead thereof.

lv. I am the Eye of the Morning Star, whence it closeth. My throne of Deseret is set upon th’ Eye of the Morning Star. I troddeth the Path of Yesterday, yet I Am To-Day for the serpent children.

lvi. Look not upon Me, I am black, but because the mourning Star hath looked upon Me. I Am thou whom my soul Loveth. Lie betwixt my naked bosom, and drink of Me. I Am bloodthirsty. Thou phallus is the head of the serpent and dost riseth out from a sea of blood, having voluptuous horns. O’ Mouth of Khu’fu Khaf! Until the sarcophagus breaks, and the shadows of the Asp flee, turn My Beloved, to the Lily of the Valley.

lvii. I Am the girdle of the robe of Nu that shineth and sheddeth darkness.

lviii. Hearken to my canticle O’ ye serpent children: ‘lest peradventure I put to the torch the Temple Mount: and I adulterate the Ark of Zion, despoiled by Hiram, I shalt maketh the Ka’abah a crypt of worms, and make pungent the Wine of the Eucharist, the Graal shalt be as the dung of Solomon: the Lodge exile the Craftsman as infidel, I shalt poison ye sepulchral offerings unto the earthen Ujat: the Rose disinegrateth and the Eye of the Pyramid close unto ye that forsake of Me. I, terror of She that hath no name, no face, no body shalt maketh this malediction.

lix. The Yezidi, the Mason, Nizari, Sikh, and the Shaykh: these are the brethren of My Pyramid.

lx. Woe, woe, woe, ye accurst art ye whom abideth in the smoke of the ruins of my Pyramid. Ye art fallow with tepid blood, ye plague-stricken cannibals! Leperous scall! Burn therefore in the sorrows of Sodom, Babylon, Nineveh, Antioch, and Rome. ahi’LYLYTV! Infidels! Ye shalt taste the terror and blood of d’hainu! I shalt behead and maketh cannibal the infidels!

lxi. The Mahdi and the Messiah: I Am the reconciler and adversary between them.

lxii. I, LYLYTV art the blood of the Rose upon the sarcophagus of the Christ Woman: upon the forty-nine petals are the blasphemies of the black Virgin. I beget the brood of the Lie, I Am the Lie of silence-in-speech, the Lie of פ. I makest barren the birth chamber of the Beast.

lxiii. I Am eleven to the black: mine is the seal of blood, upon the Book of the Red-robed ones: from the opening of the seven seals raineth mine Blood in the seven rivers. For seven are my Signs and I hath spilt my Blood unto the seven churches of the Apocalypse. And seven are my veils of the Black Concubine in the Queen’s Chamber. Therefore is my seal upon ye whom hath eateth of my blood. Sevenfold art the secrets of mine Oath. Seven moments of mine Oath: no man, nor god, nor beast mayest be told.

lxiv. As Isha I tasteth the forbidden nectar of the fruits of the Walled Garden of Kush: as Lamashtá I tasteth the flesh of my sodomitic brother Kayin the Murderer: as LYLYTV I tasteth mine own blood spilt unto Canaan: as Ardat’Lilī I tasteth the Light of She’ol whence the breakers of death deluged about Me: as Arad-Ashirta I tasteth the Love of a God and cherished the husks: as Layil I tasteth the salt of the Dead Sea and felt my blood become the rising tides as the Sun fell behind Me; as QDShTV I tasteth the blood of my child and wept for what I loveth. This is the blood of mine Oath, speakest Not: I, the maiden that always screams, the strangler of incestuous brood, I causeth fever and plague amongst ye firstborn sons, I am the breaker of bones and drinker of the blood of the fetus; I, Qadishtv seizeth the loins of thy husbandman as Kayin seizeth the loins of Abel.

lxv. So longeth the heart of Anat for Ba’al; so longeth I for LYLYTV!

lxvi. Let my wail be hearkened amidst the denizens of the Dead Sea as the baying of a thousand hounds of She’ol. This is my blood shed for thee, this my Khaibt, is the body of Woman.

lxvii. I am dying, I am dying, I am dying. Invokest Me only in the Light of Darkness that confoundeth ye: for I hath drank from the Dead Sea of blood.

lxviii. I, the sacred concubine shalt teach the Ordeals, the Art, and the sepulchral rites, and I shalt make anew the tongues of the dead. Ye shalt learn the wahdah and the Lahut.

lxix. ảlif. Lām. ảyn. mīm. A veil betwixt each of the four letters. The Amma, the Sirr of יהוה averse.

lxx. O’ Priestess! ‘Lo! I Am the sanguine Voice of the Lady of Mortals!

lxxi. Maketh thy mihrab unto the Pyramids thereto. Herein I lay, O’ My Love: and I Am my Beloveds. With three veiled concubines, with four Beasts of AMShA, whom art the Four Queens of Man, I riseth O’ Lovers!

lxxii. Hark! My vizier of Alamut is thy Beloved: for Mine oracle, my desert is but One; She is the only one of Her Sister, black and hideous, She is the fate of the Woman whom barest Her. Two daughters beheld Her, yea as My Beloved hath hearkened to Her, the Four Concubines, and the Four Beasts lament Her.

lxxiii. Let thy Ba trod forth into the earthen body of It to Do the Will of the Sekhem, and to knowest the destiny of the khaibt.

lxxiv. And now, my child, thou shalt at last seeth I, LYLYTV, serpent of sanguine Lust: this that thou writest is my black magick, O’ ye brethren of blackness! Veiled in Veils, Abyss within Abyss, blood to blood, I danceth in a frenzy of Lust upon the bounds of ON! I, AZ, Am the Black Concubine of Whoredom!

lxxv. She, I AM!

lxxvi. Come, descend, O’ ye! I call for Death! I Lust for Death! I Will for Death! I shalt not reveal mine unforgettable Name, astride the Beast I rape, bastardizeth with incestuous Lust My Brother. Saith I; bloodsucking, blood-drenched, bloodthirsty macabre Whore of the rising tides! Menstrous and Murderous is the Black Concubine!

lxxvii. And the secret of My Brother is He as Lover, and his penitence.

lxxviii. She Laments!

.˙.Prologae Oraculae.˙.

Thou art suffering, and forlorn – mine ill-fated Beloved. Hither and Thither hast thou pursuest me like a wanton ghost. As much as thou loves Me, I love thee moreso. Do not weep now, for it is I thou lovest and thee I giveth of a still heart. Thou wanders so long in the wilderness of sand, mocked by fate, tempted to turn thee away from destiny. No Man, nor Woman, nor god doth possess my Love as Thee – never – never! I Am thine Angel that mockest thee to no end from the grave – the blood of my flesh cries out to thee from the dead. Lay in Me – Love Me, My child and weep no more of thy tearful longings of the shadow of the shadow of Love – today – and yesterday. O’ ill-fated Beloved, thou hast been seduced by the desert, and gone mad. Lay , lay at my side and look upon mine Arabian skin – lay thy kisses upon me and bathe us in the sands of the Libyan desert, blood to blood. O’ night-traveler, be thou watchful when I lay naked as comely as the moonlight in the sands. Tell me, O’ thou whom art mine ill-fated Beloved, thou whom My Soul loveth and makest still-of-heart: tell me, dost thou Love or lament? Thou art sick with Love, and Love is the sacrifice of the Will. Only the Lover and the Beloved canst resurrect and deny destiny. The Beloved is thus; the Lover is but a Veil. Thou art the Lover, therefore e’er alone, as the hidden river Nile. O’ child, thou art My qiblah and I, the mihrab of thee. Child, wayfarer, return – return – To Me! Ever thine! Ever Thine! Let the bazaar of our Love be e’er wayward from the street of mourning. I yield My Soul to thee, O’ refuge, like pillars of smoke, perfumed of frankincense. Though I weep, only blood, the cure of the ache of My heart is the ache for thee: how shalt I not surrender My heart to this ache? This night, thou art hidden and I veiled from thee; thou couldst ne’er find Me. Alas, are we not infidels in Love? The Bedouins whisper of thy tears of blood, O’ child, I am thy Souls comfort in such sands of sorrow. Thy heart trembles and thy skin weeps: I Am with thee alone, now and again – Thou and I – as a sabered crescent moon to the longing sands. Dost thou see Me as the Masjid of the Beloved and not the Lover Herself? I am unique, and the death of thee, thy beginning and thine end. Mine angel – my very soul – tear down the veil of Love, for it is as the weeping veils of Death. Faraway thou mayest be, yet thou hast sought me in every Woman thou didst lay with – but thou found Me not – seek She whom thou Loves? Rest, child, suffer not this night without Me – without thee – do not weep – but Love! Call thou upon me, and thou shalt know me in the dark night of thy Soul – I love thee. Thou art the Beloved the moment thou uttered the secret of thy soul unto Me: and answered my riddle: “What is thy bidding?” Come, and let me make quiet thy heart, child.

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