Saturday, 12 April 2008

Intersections & conjunctions crystallized around my perception of the flowing manifestations of void/universe of non-existence-beyond existence, generating a current that converge and transform all my masks into a concrete empty black vortex of bioelectric energy denominated PAN-O-RA-MA. a multidimensional mirror or stone blank wall, depending on who you are and from the angle you observe, feel and understand it. PAN-O-RA-MA is a dynamic current always creating something new and going at maximum level of velocity between the creation and dissolution. This manifestation is always going from a state of movement and never static. its stability is always produced by a balance of dynamic forces of energy, all in a state of current flow. PAN-O-RA-MA its an anagram representing extractions/emanations from god's Pan, Ra. Maat and its dynamic forces through balance, light, death, desire, love, des-equilibrium, focus, decay, insanity, disintegration, darkness, disorder, ecstasy…promulging every form of audial/visual art and magickal expression to let your spirit dance through naught. art is life, its number (art=210 qbl)=night of pan, the crossing of the abyss. Here is a hint for all of us, art transcending dualities and consciousness, so the art of magick. This is the PAN-O-RA-MA we know submerged in the liquid life of our insanity which is as a serpent devouring itself constantly and neverending, absorbing the substance of our own universe via lots of channels and revealing it to you. And I hope this sigilistic transmission called PAN-O-RA-MA will inspire/encourage you enough to disturb your Magickal dimension in “dis-“order to create something new and dynamic. A dedication to all those whose collaboration has been extended through the crystallization of this magickal grimoire but specially to the one with greendark eyes for shown to me the unicorn's path last five months, and embraces me with the transcendental reality from its vast universe full of strange icons and living totems. to him this with full dedication. AUM HA! Everything in this publication was developed by scribe EDGAR KERVAL FR. AIN 71 from ORDER OF DISSOLUTION (EX - T.I.L.O.H.) Magickal order. And reveal only a fragment of the total mystery.

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