Sunday, 13 April 2008


MAYAN Dreamspell Kabala
Arranged by Ron AdamsSunwolf

93'sI discovered I could create a Mayan Tree of Life a few Moons ago.I wanted to be able to put up a real Kabala Tree and post these Mayan associations there, but for now I will give them to you and let you draw your own, if you wish. It was fun for me to do it, and informative, I can compare the traditional with the Mayan Dreamspell.I want to make the distinction that the Dreamspell, tho patterned after the Mayan Tzolkin, is not the Mayan traditional calendar. The Dreamspell was created by Dr. Jose Arguellas and he says it is a Galactic Calendar.To learn more about the Dreamspell visit the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace MovementPlanetary Art Network: there are 13 tones and 20 glyphs, this adds up to 33. Just coincidentally there are 11 Spheres and 22 paths. Fits neatly. Both add up to 33.These are the 13 tones:Magnetic tone which relates to 1. means to Unify.Lunar tone which relates to 2, means to Polarize.Electric tone which relates to 3, means to Activate.Self-existing tone which relates to 4, means to Define.Overtone tone which relates to 5, means to Empower.Rhythmic tone which relates to 6, means to Organize.Resonant tone which relates to 7, means to Channel.Galactic tone which relates to 8, means to Harmonize.Solar tone which relates to 9, means to Pulse.Planetary tone which relates to 10, means to Perfect.Spectral tone which relates to 11, means to Dissolve.Crystal tone which relates to 12, means to Dedicate.Cosmic tone which relates to 13, means to Endure.These are the 20 Dreamspell glyphs:
Ahau is Yellow Sun; which means Universal Fire, to Enlighten.Imix is Red Dragon; meaning Power of Birth, to Nurture.Ik is White Wind; Spirit, to Communicate.Akbal is Blue Night; meaning Abundance, to Dream.Kan is Yellow Seed; Flowering, to Target.Chicchan is Red Serpent; Life force, to Survive.Cimi is White World-bridger; meaning Death, to Equalize.Manik is Blue Hand; Accomplishment, to Know.Lamat is Yellow Star; Elegance, to beautify. (notice very similar to the French word La Maat, which means Star, these are Mayan words)Muluc is Red Moon; Universal Water, to Purify.Oc is White Dog; Heart, to Love.Chuen is Blue Monkey; Magick, to Play.Eb is Yellow Human; Free Will, to Influence.Ben is Red Skywalker; Space, to Explore.IX is White Wizard; Timelessness, to enchant.Men is Blue Eagle; Vision, to Create.Cib is Yellow Warrior; Intelligence, to Question.Caban is Red Earth; Navigation, to Evolve.Etznab is White Mirror; Endlessness, to Reflect.Cauac is Blue Storm; Self-generation, to Catalyze.In Dreamspell there are 28 day Moons, and 13 Moons in one Solar year. 20 x 13 = 260.There is the 260 day Tzolkin, that are all the Dreamspell tones and glyph combinations. The Tzolkin is rooted in the Mayan Quiche count.This is the 13:28 ratio that is relevant to Lunar calendar cultures the world over, even if not exactly the same, such as the Druids, Ethiopians, Japanese, Islamic, Mayan, and many other cultures.Sphere 1: Ahua (Sun: meaning Universal Fire: to Enlighten) [Kether: traditionally meaning The Crown]Sphere 2: Imix (Dragon: Power of Birth: to Nurture) [Chokmah: Wisdom]Sphere 3: Ik (Wind: Spirit: To Communicate) [Binah: Understanding]Sphere 4: Akbal (Night: Abundance: To Dream) [Chesed: Mercy]Sphere 5: Kan (Seed: Flowering: To Target) [Geburah: Strength]Sphere 5: Kan (Seed: Flowering: To Target) [Geburah: Strength]Sphere 6: Chicchan (Serpent: Life force: to Survive) [Tiphareth: Beauty]Sphere 7: Cimi (World-bridger: Death: to Equalize) [Netzach: Victory]Sphere 8: Manik (Hand: Accomplishment: to Know) [Hod: Splendour]Sphere 9: Lamat (Star: Elegance: to Beautify) [Yesod: The Foundation]Sphere 10: Muluc (Moon: Universal Water: to Purify) [Malkuth: The Kingdom]Path 11: Oc (Dog: Heart: to Love) [Aleph: Ox, Air, the Fool]Path 12: Chuen (Monkey: Magick: to Play) [Beth: House, Mercury, the Magus]Path 13: Eb (Human: Free Will: to Influence) [Gimel: Camel, Luna, High Priestess]Path 14: Ben (Skywalker: Space: to Explore) [Daleth: Door, Venus, Empress]Path 15: Ix (Wizard: Timelessness: to Enchant) [He: Window, Aquarius, the Star]Path 16: Men (Eagle: Vision: to Create) [Vau: Nail, Taurus, Hierophant]Path 17: Cib (Warrior: Intelligence: to Question) [Zain: Sword, Gemini, Lovers]Path 18: Caban (Earth: Navigation: to Evolve) [Cheth: Fence, Cancer, Chariot]Path 19: Etznab (Mirror: Endlessness: to Reflect) [Teth: Serpent, Leo, Lust]Path 20: Cauac (Storm: Self-generation: to Catalyze) [Yod: Hand, Virgo, Hermit]Path 21: Tone 1 (Magnetic: Unity) [Kaph: Palm, Jupiter, Fortune]Path 22: Tone 2 (Lunar: Polarize) [Lamed: Ox-goad, Libra, Adjustment]Path 23: Tone 3 (Electric: Activate) [Mem: Water, Hanged Man]Path 24: Tone 4 (Self-existing: Define) [Nun: Fish, Scorpio, Death]Path 25: Tone 5 (Overtone: Empower) [Samekh: Prop, Saggitarius, Art]Path 26: Tone 6 (Rhythmic: Organize) [Ayin: Eye, Capricorn, the Devil]Path 27: Tone 7 (Resonant: Channel) [Pe: Mouth, Mars, Tower]Path 28: Tone 8 (Galactic: Harmonize) [Tzaddi: Fish-hook, Aries, Emperor]Path 29: Tone 9 (Solar: Pulse) [Qoph: Back of Head, Pisces, Moon]Path 30: Tone 10 (Planetary: Perfect) [Resh: Head, Sol, the Sun]Path 31: Tone 11 (Spectral: Dissolve) [Shin: Tooth, Fire of spirit, The Aeon]Path 32: Tone 12 (Crystal: Dedicate) [Tau: Cross, Earth or Saturn, the Universe]Sphere 11: Tone 13 (Cosmic: Endure) [Daath: Uranus, Babe of the Abyss] This is the comparrison of the two models. There is much to learn, discover and discuss. We do discuss both over at Mayan Thelemites.

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