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A NIGTHMARISH DIMENSION EVOCATING ECHOES OF A DESOLATED SOUL, AND ENTERING TO A CREATIVE VORTEX OF IMPRESSIVE SOUNDSCAPISH DEPTHS WHERE THE JOHAN LEVIN´S, MUSICAL SKILLS ARE DEVELOPED TO IT´S MAXIMUM LEVEL THROUGH THIS ARTISTIC CONCEPT NAMELY DESIDERII MARGINIS, BRING US NEW PARAMETERS AND CONCEPTS BEYOND THE CURRENT DARK AMBIENT EXPRESSION.DESIDERII MARGINIS was created in 1993, right. but when mr Levin discovered the experimentation of audial structures of musical art as a path for your spiritual liberation and your own personal development?Well, I sold my moped and bought my first synthesizer in the summer of 1986, so I guess you could say it was around that time. In the begining I didn’t exactly consider it a way to achieve spiritual liberation as you put it, and yet you could say it has become just that. But I’ve been working hard to get to this point.

The ”deadbeat” album is built into dense dark melodies and floating atmospheres,which hardware samplers and effects were used in such releases? and comfronting this against the other two albums "strife" and " songs over ruins" how was the deep inspirational source and experimentation of sounds & effects for such amazing results?
Frankly I don’t consider debates on hardware very interesting. The ’amazing result’ as you so kindly put it, has nothing to do with the kind of equipment I use. I try to learn to handle as much musical equipment or ’tools of the trade’ as possible. What I decide to use at a certain point varies from time to time. Technology isn’t interesting at all.
Well,and how is the variating equipments from live performances to studio recordings? by the fact that visual effects causes an hypnotic trance in auduence.what kind of effects are incorporated to the show in order to create a more proper mental state in audience? have you thought about a psychodramatic representation of the whole concept behind DESIDERII MARGINIS at each show?I have never experienced that my audience goes into any hypnotic trance whatsoever.
I try, when the possibility arises, to incorporate some visuals in the form of a VHS backdrop, but that’s only because I’m very boring to watch on stage. What kind of imagery I use depends entirely on what’s available for that show.

The archeology and architecture are important facets in your life. So, how complement in your own life a new ancient discovery and the planning or molding of events according your own possibilities?Perhaps reading the past can make you a bit more humble, regarding your own significance as an individual and a human being.
The artwork for "strife" album was designed by the swedish artist Viktor Kvant, showing us in the cover a desolated landscape and colours giving an idea of deadly radiating devouring everything around. How was the process for working with viktor with "strife" knowing what you pretends with the concept in general?I wanted to work with Viktor because I realised early on that he could interpret, and incorporate it into his art, what I tried to mediate with my music.I had a kind of musical concept, and he created the visual concept to accompany it - out of his own head. I trusted him to come up with something good, without me interfering too much. I haven’t regreted it.
The music as every form of art, is an act of magic, to create changes according our own is manifested this will in your evolution as individual in the world of realities and illusions developed by the worst enemy of men ,its own mind?Isn’t your will a product of your mind? Anyway - music only seems like magic to those who does not make music themselves. Every musician is in fact simply an illusionist playing with mirrors…
Are for you the self knowledge and self mastery which are risen when oneself is going far beyond physical, mental ,moral limits very important factors for a proper self realization according to your own necesities in determinated circumstances? or always there will be a more complex limits to must be surpassed? I don’t have any desire to rise above the things that makes me, me. Get it? My physics, my mentality and my moral standards is pretty much what I’m made of. If I should feel that all of these things are not good enough, then where am I? Instead of going beyond I strive to go into these ’things’. Self knowledge is not, and can never be, detached from a body and a mind. If you look for self knowledge outside of yourself it’s surely because you’re afraid of what you’ll find within the depths of your own soul.

I heard you have another project called GALTAGALDR, expressing through medieval musicalisationship. which knowledge are obtained through this project knowing you play alot different instruments here as: dulcimer,flute...? and how was the process to learn how to play and to incorate it into what you pretends with GALTAGALDR?What I can’t do musically within the enclosures of Desiderii Marginis, I can usually express through Galtagaldr. In Galtagaldr we are a group of friends, playing together, traveling together and meeting the audience together. So it’s a very different world from Desiderii.
How differents are the emotions and moods relating GALTAGALDR and DESIDERII MARGINIS knowing the different styles and structures behind them? and reveal us more about GALTAGALDR to those of us who have never heard of it before?In most aspects the themes and emotions of the medieval music are the same as any other. I guess what concerned people in the 1200’s concerns people today. Human nature is no diffrent… The means and instruments may change over the years, but apart from that the music we make is the same old story over and over. You just have to find your own entrance into it…
Your new album" that which is tragic and timeles" is ready ok. so,what is the main concept for such title and argument us the general basis of each compositions from the album...?The name is a quote by the american/russian painter Mark Rothko who said that art should deal with ’that which is tragic and timeless’. Since I can pretty much subscribe to that - it kind of stuck in my mind for a while. Art is a very human undertaking, and we have always used art to get comfort and gain understanding. So I thought why not…
Was interesting to hear from you Johan. my sincere gratitude!!!!

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