Sunday, 13 April 2008


NUBTI(Homosexual) - FORMULAE
By Edgar Kerval
This magickal formula is developed through the act of sodomy XI being one individual the Egyptian god SETH and the other the god HORUS. Such union has a primordial objective the transmission of masculine energy, coz SETH is the penetrating phallus which transmit its energy from Malkuth (eye ,anus) into yesod, the place in which is the HORUS eye (still sleeping eye). The insemination strengthen the individual energies who is sodomized (in the same way as HORUS got the phallu’s SETH and destroy his genitals) this insemination has as principal objective the rise from practioners into tiphareth, the place in which is the serpent from atu XIII as the sun which must be transformed and reinforced in its sexual energy. The sodomized individual must relegate his own generative forces, to be transformed from other, to be wake up by the partner’s phallus.
The ascension and the energy transmission is vertical, because the inseminator phallus is the symbol of numeration 26 (IHVH),the vertical energy ascending and descending by the middle pillar, the number of middle pillar is 26.
So, when the ascension begins in malkuth (anus) follows in yesod (coz, the penetred partner got the partner’s influx to posteriorily to increase his own forces) and emerge regenerated and conquered with all his force).

The individual which got the semen assumes the sethian form of his partner. He ascends by middle pillar by virtue of the eye of SETH which is ayin, that wake up its own eye and makes it shine in
tiphareth, so the energies has been renovated.
The” passive” individual has gotten the SETH form and his partner the “active” individual has been devoid of his own force (HORUS destroying the SETH genitals and assuming his own force) which was gotten from his partner when ascending the kundalini in the awakening of his renovated masculine energies.
The point is to assume a “passive” container form, but not procreative. This is the increase, transmition and procreation of a same force, and not the complement of different forces.
The transformation and renovation from masculine energy through the middle pillar and kundalini as strengthening and renovation of the same energy.

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