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NUIT Interview

NUIT Interview

A main factor for the not understanding of many people the deep complexity of NUIT is due to unknown nature of universe coz they cannot conceive a thing which is and at the same time isn't...the existence of no-existence, far beyond duality but integrated as duality in each one of its manifestations?
The idea of nothing, "no thing", has troubled science and religión for many centuries. The concept of it appears sporadically, if at all. The Greeks feared the idea so much that they had to invent an invisible "aether" that fills space. It was only through Indian philosophy that finally a zero appears in mathematics, bringing order (a positional notation) to the confusion of earlier systems.
To us, "zero" is an abstraction. We don't, perhaps we can't, Comprehend that-which-is-not. We fear it -- a strange thing, to fear that which created us! -- but it is the heart of all things. It interpenetrates all of space; it _creates_ space. Without that no-thing, atoms themselves could not exist. That no-thing is the gap between the electron shells, the quantum of energy that truly is indivisible. Without that, the universe really would be without form, and dark.
This is the mystery, that Nothing creates and defines all things.

So, why the necessity of duality as two opposites which are irreconcilable? then we have "...let there be no difference made among you and between any one thing and any other thing, for thereby cometh hurt" AL I:22 does all differences are conceptual impositions of a continuity of expressions of a determinated point? Why the necessity of duality?
“None, breathed the light, faint & faery, of the stars, and two. "For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union. "This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all." [AL I:28-30]
What does that mean? Understand that there are only two things, the Thought and its Reflection. Thought -- Ain, Negativity in Qabalism -- is the Will to bestow. Reflection -- Ain Soph, the Limitless – is the Will to receive. One cannot exist without the other. Nothing can be bestowed if nothing exists to receive. There are, then, either None or Two; "One" is impossible, at least in this world.
But there are opposites and there are opposites, the trivial and the great. The physicist Niels Bohr said, "The opposite of a trivial truth is a lie. The opposite of a great truth may well be another great truth."
If two things seem irreconcilable, it is only because those are trivial things, arbitrary distinctions. If we see as "opposites" active or passive, male or female, positive or negative, we create division where no division needs to be.
Above the Abyss, opposites do not divide but attract, unite, annihalate so as to return to the Nothing from whence they came.
When we say that we see a thing, we only mean that our consciousness is modified by its existence according to a particular arrangement of an optical instrument, which exist in our eyes and not in the object Perceived?
Seeing, in fact all perception, is the manifestation of Nuit. Ultimately there are no objects, no separation, no space; there is only the Essence of the divine spark that created the universe. That Thing has no beginning, no end, and no division between its parts; it is One. We, however, cannot perceive that. We are caught in the Dance of Shiva, so we "see" division between one thing and another where none really is.
Considered thus, Nuit is Maya, the illusion that there is a created universe. She is the Dance of Shiva, and when she stops, so does the universe -- the illusion vanishes in that instant, and all become One.
(This is the same One that I just said is impossible in this world. We may, if we choose think of that One as None, for they are the same: the annihilation that happens in the union after division.)
Understand too that the perceptions of our senses are not our only perceptions. We have also the perception of our souls, that part of us that is not bound by the flesh. That part can sense the Infinite, at least in some small part, and can communicate knowledge of it to the part of us that thinks. The divisions we feel with our physical senses are not _necessary_ divisions. We can learn to go beyond them to some deeper understanding of how all things are one Thing.
From a magickal perspective, to become a "star" and to shine in its most splendour we must find our own goal in existence, I mean to become oneself dissolving his/her fragmentary nature, temporal identity in a greater identity and nature which is behind and beyond all duality?
One does not "become" a star, one already _is_ a star from the moment Of one's beginning. The Light burns as brightly in you as it does in any manifestation of the Infinite. The difficulty lies in learning to see that Light in the face of so many obstacles, nay-sayers, those who World try to subvert you to their dominion.
Goals are not necessary. Worse, goals are an illusion. Being is the goal; the journey is its end. If I focus on where I "ought" to be, I lose Now, and instead impose on myself the lust of result.
Is NUIT an own individual universe without limits which must be explored for each individual to his/her own being, his/her secret center,heart and tongue (hadit) a manifestation of NUIT existence?
No one knows. Nuit is the binding, the containing force that permits the universe to manifest. We _say_ that binding is separate from the bestowing force, but is it? Once again: "For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union." [AL I:29] The possibility exists that Ain and Ain Soph -- that is, Hadit and Nuit -- are one and not two; nay, are none. We cannot know. They exist not just beyond the Abyss, but beyond Kether where no consciousness may look. But in order for our universe to exist, they must _become_ two. In the place where they are One, we are Not.
Is for you OEAHMA an expansive and interactive flourish of our wills in relationship with the multiuniverse of NUIT with all beings contained there,so to walk OEAHMA's path is to walk the laws of nature of own freedom and self expresion with no rules more than our own ones?
No, for me it is purely personal. My one task is to be myself, to the fullest extent I can. My _will_ is for myself alone. It is my _want_ that involves others, and that want interferes with the will: I want affection, appreciation, comfort. I want things bestowed from outside that I can only truly gain from within, and in that way my wants keep me from realizing my Will.

We are "warriors" of OEAHMA in the sense of, to start a war going far beyond the physical confrontation ,the battle against innerself which is the high way to self control, self, freedom, self illumination, self liberation from such environments whose stop our development and evolution? and how do you fight your own battle in a materialistic, moral and repressed todays world?
There are many worlds inside that question! All these things – self control, freedom, illumination -- are likely quite different from what you may think. If I were truly illuminated, as the Zen masters say, then I would be free to taking another man's food if it were necessary. "Freedom" is not a state that naturally cooperates well with others.
Even the freethinkers of the 18th Century, John Stuart Mills et al., stopped at imagining a small but necessary government, what we would now call Libertarianism. True spiritual freedom would have been abhorrent to them with their theory of "natural rights". Study and meditate upon Liber OZ to see further what I mean.
So, how does one fight the battle in this world? By ignoring the world. To the extent possible, simply do your Will without considering how it may run against how others think you "should" behave.
Obviously this is not completely possible. You might ignore the world, but nothing forces the world to ignore you. The balance, then, is to learn to manipulate those two opposing forces: to ignore that which can be ignored, accommodate that which cannot, and push the boundaries ever farther in the direction you want them to go. The distance one can go in being able to live by one's own rules is the measure of one's success as a magician.
The whole creative expressions are forms of magick...NUIT Manifested as an audial sigil to your conscious influence in several forms Your development as individual...why through a musical expression? perhaps your nature invites you to proclaim your union to her through asensorial scale reflected by musical art performed by NUIT's manifestation?
Ah, now. Nuit the band is a different sort of thing altogether. It is not to celebrate or adore Nuit. Rather, it is an attempt to help others achieve enlightenment, or at least not to hate themselves so much. It seeks through music to replace pain with pride.
In a perfect world, we each would define ourselves according to what we are, not what others tell us we are. But the world is not perfect, and we all are bound to some extent by what others say about us. Do they say we are foolish, ugly, unlovable? That we are wrong to think what we think, feel what we feel, act as we act? Those voices are the word of Sin, which is Restriction, and they surround us all the time. It Begins when we are tiny babies, and it never stops, because always there is someone who seeks to control us by making us feel guilty or ashamed of who and what we are.
Nuit the band explores philosophical themes and tries to express them In physical terms: I am confused because I don't know who I am; or, I pray but God never hears me; or, I can overcome these obstacles. We hope that through these songs people will understand that they are not alone, that someone else hurts as they hurt and yearns as they yearn, and that they don't have to be miserable.
The first step on the road to enlightenment is to see the chains placed on you by others, so that you can begin to throw them off. We try to help people see their chains, and then to see them for the illusions that they are.
Do you think to work in WILL TO POWER is the determination to anihilate the hostile elements and to develop everything which help us to obtain a mental equilibrium to shine free through the starry firmament of NUIT? which are your magickal technics to transform such equilibrium in receptive consciousness to implant the NUIT's visions to your creative art?
Two questions for the price of one ... yes, determining to annihilate hostile elements is necessary if one is to work one's Will. If you wish to call it the "will to power", please do; but let us be clear that this power is not and cannot be power over others -- it is over ourselves.
If we then find, as we probably will, that we _have_ power over others, it is because we have a thing that they do not: power over ourselves.
Others will see us as leaders, powerful, because we have conquered our most dangerous enemy, ourselves.
Now, as to my techniques. I have two, one that I use on myself and one that I use on others. For myself, meditation upon a question: I seek to understand the world by understanding its motivations. When I want to accomplish something, I tell the universe what I will do, then let it take me there.
For others, I show a truth and wait for them to see it. This is the Zen story of the goose in the bottle: place a gosling in a bottle, and keep it there. Feed it through the neck of the bottle until it is too large to get out through the neck. The question then is, how do you get the goose out of the bottle without breaking the bottle? The answer: you don't. When the goose wants to get out of the bottle, it will do it.

An excellent method is to learn to see with the mental's eye? To see under the surface of apparent reality?
Seeing in that way, what does one see but the inside of one's own mind? If you lift reality's skirts, you find it has Nothing underneath. But, let us distinguish between "seeing" and "knowing".
I can see a lot of things that aren't true. My seeing is colored by prejudices, mine and everyone who has ever tried to teach me. When I "see", I do it through that lens.
"Knowing", true Gnosis, goes beyond seeing with any eye whatever. When I let God -- the Angel, my higher self, whatever you want to call it -- tell me what is, I at last approach understanding. Not just knowledge, mind you, because "knowledge", like "seeing", consists of a lot of things that aren't true, or are true only in the most limited sense, or are true in some sense I can't follow. Knowledge without Understanding is not a very useful thing -- indeed, do we not see them balancing each other in the top Triad of the Tree? So, yes, seeing under the surface makes a useful tool, but it gives only hints, not answers.
Explore the night, embrace the night, become the night, under the company of stars the immmensity of will is transformed in an infinite pool, an eternal ecstasy to drunk our existence and each manifestation of will...more related to your musical expressive art... manifestation of NUIT isn't at an end.
I'll see you out among the stars.

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