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The ORDO ANTICHRISTIANUS ILLUMINATI (O.A.I.) is an occult order of selfinitiation dedicated to the establishment of the dominion of the law of THELEMA and to the promulgation of the occult mysteries of sancta femina. Having has principal basis to inaugurate the temple of the antichrist, and to illumine and consecrate humanity with the revolutionary laws of liberty. Frater annuit coeptis, is the personification of O.A.I. to promulgate the concepts and general points regarding this magickal order.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The glorious pronouncement that “every individual must define his/her own will living according it, under the circumstances of their own personal truth and purpose” could be pointed as a principal basis of the law of liberty you are developing through the self-initiation program in O.A.I?
The O.·.A.·.I.·. Exalted Oath charges one to embrace the Law of Thelema, that is, the Law of Self-Legislation; it is the Majesty of Liberty. The failure of Old Aeon governments and religious institutions to promulgate Self-Sovereignty is veritable and evident in our present history. Religious institutions and governments of the Old World Order desperately remain bonded to a fetish of fear; failing to explore the Sacred Feminine, religious plurality, political diversity in the face of the corpses of democracy, sexual symbolism, gender identity, and the banes & bounties of drug usage. As barriers of communication are now obsolete, statesmen, legislators, and the media inject the most abysmal views & regulations on sexuality, information technology, freedom of expression in the arts & humanities, drug usage, education, crime, and nearly all other elements of Life. These asinine restrictions stem from the utter failures of the Old Aeon corpse, decaying in society with its foul pretence of spiritual materialism. These obsessive restrictions poison free expression of the individual by the injection of the crisis mentality of mass-consciousness into a world of unequal slavery.

Self-Sovereignty creates obsession and fear amongst Christian and even Thelemic institutions; it is the concealed fear of government and ordered religion pertaining to ultimate personal evolution and revolutionary liberty. As the shells of the Old Aeon Institutions are now obsolete in the New World Order, external projection of fear pertaining to ultimate personal liberty and Self-Enlightenment in adversity to the Myth of Christ, are placed upon human agents. Magickal life and initiation with regards to the system of the Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati commands an abandonment of security, conventionality, and safety. Initiation mauls the perception of truth and lies to where nothing is true and the personal Will is seen as a bewitching naked illusion in the face of destiny.

Does the strength of Thelema derives from its essential universality, its affinities with another traditions referring WILL+LOVE=LIVERTY. And in this context that it can best be understood? So, could we say Thelema is a universal will shinning in a personal orbit but emanating its rays upon each one of us as stars in the hearth of Thelema?
Thelema is a synthesis of the Semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and propels their esoteric schools into diverse culture and lives. Hence from Christianity we have Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Rosicruciana, and Masonry; from Islam we have Sufism and Ismailism; from Judaism we have Kabbalah. Thelema correlates all these systems, into at once an ecumenical and arcane method of Initiation. Initiates of the O.A.I. study their own systems be it Luciferian, Masonic, Islamic, etc. Such is the purpose in reducing the grade structure of the Order to the three Grades given in Liber AL vel Legis. Initiates of the dark arts possess affinities for dire modes of enlightenment and initiation; they are the few that understand the divine providence and sacred freedom of Will, the mysteries of destiny, and the Light of unconditional Love. Thelema is at once an evolution and reformation of previously tried and tested religious systems; it is a mirror into a New Order.

Is Thelema applied to self-initiation in O.A.I. as a key of transformation of consciousness both individually and racially, as real beauty of the kingdom of liberty (antichrist) however, lies in its universality, its applicability on all levels?The intimacy of Initiation applies to the individual without regards to race, religion, economics, sexuality, politics, culture and so forth. Self-Initiation is a gateway into religious and spiritual reformation. The Path of Initiation in the O.·.A.·.I.·. Veils itself in the tradition of Sabbatic Sorcery and the exploration of the unexperienced in the Sacred Feminine; initiates are religious adherents of Hermetic Gnosis and self-deification. The spirit of Antichrist is one of allegory and arcane symbolism; it is a Path of Shade. Divorced from the Law of Thelema, Satanic black magick isolates the Will by manipulation of the environment based on ego-fulfillment. The O.·.A.·.I.·. synthesizes diverse systems of Initiation and places responsibility for enlightenment in the hands of the Work of the Initiate without regard to magickal style or race. Similar systems fail to do so and take no consideration of the role of psychology in Initiation.

There is no religious canon or dogma in extracting infinite Mysteries of Magick & Mysticism, nor should ever there be. It is up to the zealous and educated Magician to reveal unto himself the innumerable Mysteries cloaked in this Mystick formula. Through the use of experimental psychology, intelligence and magickal skill, Initiates of the O.·.A.·.I.·. explore unexperienced levels of ritual and Initiation. The majesty of the self-initiation style in the O.·.A.·.I.·. triggers an intimacy of ecstasy that applies to every man and every Woman whom dares destiny and invokes the Knowledge and Conversation of their Infernal Fallen Angel. It is by this arcane formula of Initiation and Mystick History that Illuminates of Our Holy Magick shall make the silent few the elder brethren of a new
race of enlightened Epopts.

If we talk about freedom, Christianity is slavement, so could we say that their “true will” is to be slaves of their own false system of” spirituality” so, then why to criticize them when they are free to do what they wilt? Or perhaps the law is not for all? SLAVES SHALL SERVE!!!
Verily, the slaves shall serve and the Lamb led to its invoked bloody sacrifice. The true archetypes of Christian doctrine are spiritual and material sacrifice, slavery, and submission. Old Aeon institutions of monotheism, pointedly Christianity, evoke its enslaved and repressed dark side in the form of Satanism and the myth of the Devil. Christian dogma and agenda have aggressively justified its obsession with archetypes of evil and its institutionalized crisis-mentality in a metaphysical struggle against forms of evil. If it be the destiny of a slave-dog to live as thrall, to ne’er dare destiny, or Initiate into the arcane and royal mysteries of the Sphinx, then so mote it be. The sanctity of the True Will must be respected at all times. If a star is to serve in thralldom, let s/he serve beautifully in their bloody bondage.

The true archetypes of Christian doctrine are spiritual and material sacrifice, slavery, and submission; such is the bane of spiritual elevation and invokes only ghosts of religious science. Christianity as a religious institution is the architect and brother of spiritual materialism. The human condition has not yet fulfilled nor unveiled any limit. It is an ongoing evolution toward self-illumination into human seity and divinity, or what Initiates of old testify to as the Mystery. Monotheism and ordered religion fail to produce a workable explanation of Initiation and revolutionary Liberty in the defiant face of Thelema. The exemplar of enlightenment and revolutionary Liberty lay solely in perception and individuation, which transcends religion.

By the fact that true will manifest on many different levels, springing forth from the secret depths of being, the hidden seed. perhaps we could conceive of the individual as something like an onion, layer upon layer, peeling upon peeling and at the end is a core and at that core of the star is HADIT which is the throne of the true will?
To the Ancient Ægyptian Magi, the soul - their being - consisted of diverse lower elements. There was thought to exist the mortal, material aspect of the soul - the “form”, yet ancient funerary Priests give us eight immortal aspects of the soul that survived death, with the body making nine parts of a mortal in the world of men and women. A precise definition of ka, ba, ach (akh), `shm (sekhem), and so forth is ambiguous. Ancient Ægyptian elements of the soul comprised: the “Kha,” the material gross ‘form’ that decomposed after death preserved by funerary mummification; the “Ka,” the complement spirit that often inhabited idols of the dead possessing an independent Will; the “Ba,” an avian beast of the Aethyr that accompanied the soul in its travel in the Ægyptian underworlds; the “khaibt (khabs),” the shadow aspect of the soul that travelled close to the Ba and also possessed an independent Will; the “Khu,” the immortal radiant Light of the Soul that dwelt with the Egyptian deities in their abodes; the “Sahu,” the incorruptible spirit of a mortal that could dwell and exist separately in the divine abodes; the “ ’Shm (sekhem),” the incorporeal personification of the soul that dwelt with the Khu in the afterlife abodes; the “Ab/Ib,” the sentient ‘heart’ that is judged by Osiris in the Halls of Ma’at and is the source of good and evil in a mortal; the “Ren,” or true and secret Name of a mortal that could destroy a mortal if abused.
The nature of the Will is to Go, the barrenness of emotion and deceit of thought are incompatible. Discipline is the key to preparing the True Will for its Great Annihilation into the Endless Sea of Blood. Often a tool of the Knowledge and Conversation of the True Will is to disidentify the Self. In the web of the personal Will, the will of the Ruach, the seat of carnal inclinations, acts upon other psychological functions, misperceiving and segregating them. An inhibited Will engenders jealousies and schism between the personal Will and divine Will. Inhibition of the True Will, of ones destiny, is invoked when "power asks why", when the True Will is prosecuted and sentenced to the gross by reason. The True Will is the synthesis of the personal and divine Will, possessing qualities of Lust, intelligence, skill, and banishment of reason. One whom Dares destiny, fears no Man nor Devil, whose acts of Will are free of social & ethical obstruction, is an Architect of the True Will and its mastery. To Know the Will is essential, for in this knowledge belief and faith are banished by the certainty of religious science. The perception of becoming a vehicle for the True Will of the Daemon (acts of the Yechidah the quintessential fire of Godhead) is akin to the Taoistic state of wu-wei. Men and Women doing the True Will possess an indefeasible right to perform, to Dare and keep silent the Great Work.
A sublime aspect in Thelema’s heart, is that we live according our own nature and molding our own orbit according the absolute shine of our your point of view is possible that similar stars could coexist objectively knowing they have different orbits although the orbits have the same shine? (Two similar souls in the Thelemic senses)
There is a potential to this phenomena, there exist infinite diversities in infinite unities. Love is a word which bests describes such coexistence. Love is apotheosis of the Will. To truly Love someone and or exist in the universe of Agape, one must truly love his/her Silent Soul, uplift dignity in Love, respect and honor thyself. Lacking any one of these attributes leaves means for tainted coexistence in the Liberty of Life to grow, its seeds to flourish into a garden of thralldom. Such a Union you inquire of in this question bids Us to Love thyself for who you are, exalt every act as an expression of the soul, Love passionately and violently, and not what others want you to be and or how others want you to act. Liberate thyself, Love thyself, shine like the bright Light or star you are, and enjoy the Life of Liberty! Verily, after embracing the Gates of Initiation you will begin to see things differently and live your life on a much different level, with new eyes, new flesh, and new ears to listen to a Silent Secret Love. Love is the law, love under will. Take your fill and Will of Love with all passion, all desire, and with whom you Will, how you Will, whereupon the earth you Will, conquer whom you Will with the Sword of Love! The next man or woman you choose to give your soul and existence to might just be the very star you swim with in the sea of Agape.

You told me that O.A.I is dedicated to the establishment of the dominion of the law of thelema and the promulgation of the occult mysteries of the sancta femina, in which way the exploration of both principles contributes with the spiritual body of O.A.I knowing the threefold magickal system of self initiation?

The “Dominion of the Law of Thelema” constitutes an exterior and interior rebellion against established obsessive restrictions that poison free expression of the individual by the injection of the crisis mentality of mass-consciousness into a world of unequal slavery. The herd mentality chatteled in the institutions of dying Religions constitute a servile breed of lambs who refuse the Sanctity of Self-Sovereignty,
fear-ful of their economic and social refuge when their tyrants permit so. The Book of the Law declares Initiates of the New Aeon to be “against the people” (LAL II; 25) in the inner rebellion against the dead World Order of a patriarchical, monosexual age. The ‘people’ are masters of destiny, Initiates are opposed to in Antichristendom, are in the sense of Self-Initiation the weak-minded and muddling mob, which swarm the slums of our own spiritual constitution – they are the Phantom Voices of reason and the mentality of the willing thrall. They are the product of a failed democracy, whom oppose the noble Law of self-legislation with suicidal stupidity of herd consciousness. The exploration of the occult mysteries of the “sancta femina,” is central to my own destiny and magickal Work in the world. Fraternities of old are bonded to obsolete and deplorable patriarchy and phallic-worship, I call phallo-centrism. No Fraternal or Occult organization to-day explores and truly initiates the candidate into the archetypi of the active feminine; the dark feminine that is so suppressed in religion and sexuality. The O.·.A.·.I.·. is the foremost organization in the Arts & Sciences of the Occult that encourages and explores initiation into the Mysteries of the Yoni, of Woman.

This author attained the Knowledge and Conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel in the Arabian sands of Egypt while meditating by the ancient Sphinx; the name of That being LYLYTV (Lilitu) a destructive and dynamic entity which exhibits primordial mysteries and identity of Woman. The Probationer grade is akin to the Probationary grade of Aspirant/Postulant in common Fraternal organizations. The grade of probation is also called the Grade of the Aspirant in our August and Royal Order of Antichristian Illuminates; is it not a grade of Occult Work in the proper sense of the term, it is a time of trial and self-judgment for the seeker to discern whether or not it is her/his Will to be a religious scientist, and undertake eventually the Great Initiation of his/her Soul. The Man/Scarlet Woman of Earth grade is akin to the traditional elemental and Kabbalistic grades below Tifaret on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, in common Occult organizations.

In the O.·.A.·.I.·., Initiates of this grade undertake no less than five years of elemental ordeal and psychological testing through time tested methods such as Kabbalah, Tarot, and ritual magic; yet encouraged is an adoption of feminine initiatic mysteries. The Initiate of the Scarlet Woman/Man of Earth undertakes the task of extending the “Dominion of the Law of Thelema” in his/her environment and Life, while invoking the “sancta femina” in the exterior and interior in a world of Patriarchy. It is indisputable that the majority of occult orders at present abandon serious initiation into the Mysteries of Woman. The O.·.A.·.I.·. was inaugurated in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the sigil of sexuality and preeminent mystery of Death. A known and rumored secret of the O.·.A.·.I.·. is that a Woman will succeed the current Imperator Excelsis and OHO, Frater Annuit Coeptis 5=6, for the Imperator sees at present no Occult organization with an abundance of female Officers, nor any organization with a female Chief Officer, or Outer Head of the Order. Therefore, the O.·.A.·.I.·. shall break ground in the name of the Scarlet Woman in this aspect.

O.A.I (osiris-aphopis-isis) could be a kind of rite of evolution in time “O” (universe) through death “A”(freedom from tyranny and mental slavery of christianity) to the birth of “I”(illumination through personal self initiation?)

This arcane formula of Hermetic Art and Science is the twofold archetypal formula of the Old Aeon of Osiris, of the Redemption of Mankind, and the Aeon of Horus, the Initiation of WoMan. I is Isis, Nature, desolated by A, Apophis-Typhon the Destroyer, resurrected in Life by O, the Redeemer Osiris. The opposing operation of this formula pertains to the current of Set-Heru, the initiating force of Antichristianity where the Initiator Horus-Harpocrates (Hoor-Paar-Kraat) are integrated with the Opposer Set-Apophis (Apep). The inverse progression of I.A.O. is unveiled as O, Osiris, Redemption of Man in the Christian epoch, destroyed by the Serpent-Sun A, Apep (Apophis & Set) the Antichristian Current of Set-Heru, involuted in I, Isis (Egyptian, Isar) nature; the epicene essence of the Virgin initiated and purified. The characteristic of I.A.O. is identical with that of Lux (Latin for Light), the Light of the Cross, which is the Word of Asar (Osiris) as the extension of Light. Alternatively, the formula of O.·.A.·.I.·. is embodied in that of Nox (Latin for Night), the Night of Pan which is the Word of HOOR (Hoor-Apep), the light concealed. L.V.X., as the Light of Adonai (Lord) gives us Nu (NV) and Had (HD) the Kabbalistic sum of 65; it is the Light of the Cross, Logos of the Holy Guardian Angel in extension. Giving the Signs of L.V.X., the Initiate declares: yod nun resh yod – Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother. Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer. Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen. Isis, Apophis, Osiris, IAΩ. N.O.X. as the Night of Pan is the Kabbalistic equivalent of Nun-Ayin-Tzaddi, which provides the esoteric sum of 210; it is a Gate of Initiation to Crossing the Abyss, guarded upon both sides by Death.

Osiris (Asar) is defied and conquered by Apep (Set-Apophis), initiating birth in the Womb of Isis whereto all things Return. Set-Apep the Serpent dwells in the midst of the Gnostic O.·.A.·.I.·.-I.A.O. where in Osiris awaits Isis. The Dying Osiris slays himself upon the Altar of Apep where the Children of the Serpent drink up then nectar of the Endless Sea that is blood – rebirth in the Womb of Isis is Initiation guarded by Death. In the Aeon of Horus, this formula operates as O – the exalted “Devil” was viewed with horror by the Adepts of Osiris who dwelt in the desert sands whose blood was the waters of the Nile who ‘Set’ their eyes upon the Sun in the South. It is the All-Pervading Eye of Set, the Open Eye in the Triangle of the exalted Sun. A – is Apep, the Serpent who is Typhon-Apophis the Slayer of Osiris who is the Snake in the womb of Isis, Mighty Mother. The Serpent is the Kundalini energy, which lies at the base of the spine, awakened in the magickal process of Self-Initiation. I – is the epicene Hermetic seed, the Secret of Life pertaining to Atu IX, The Hermit in the Temple of Thoth; it is yod extended in vau, the Hermit begetting Him-Self as Hierophant (Atu V). This Magickal formula is that of Initiation across the vicissitudes of human spiritual history. WoMan is God, exalted in hir countenance whom has arrived upon their journey to redeem and initiate the world from the bondage of the Osirian Christian Age.

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