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The Italian artist and occultist Marco Grosso, agreed to answer our very interesting conversation relating topics about his musical project OUROBOROS,and his most recent book among other topics. His artistical musical projects are true expression of his alchemical process reflected just a part of what he could offer as a creative mind.
Greetings Mr. Grosso…metaphorically talking, the eternal return ,and the concept of infinite creativity as a circle devouring itself again and again(OUROBOROS) is an aspect worth to consider when forming OUROBOROS? An infinite creative force represented in each one of your releases?
Thanks for your attention: yes, the concept of circle that Ouroboros represents it’s also inherent in my music, where in some passages some sounds, loops or mantra are played and inserted in cyclical way, so that to propose him, even mixed to other sounds to conceptually recreate (at least this it is the intention) the Ouroboros.Every release represents an evolutionary step toward a great elevation, to subtilize him some energy to a superior plan, for then one day to close a cycle and to reopen another of it to a thinner levelAnd regarding it as the alchemic concept of macrocosm/microcosm union.

Is OUROBOROS as musical concept, expressing the balance and equilibrium of you as individual in the spiritual/ artisitical side?
No, Ouroboros represents in reality one of the two poles of the equilibrium; that mysterious, dark and anxious, the part "black" (intended not as evil but as zone of shade), while the equilibrium is given by the part "white", more solar and clear, that is express through Mind Infinity.

In connection with the last question..With your personal perspective with a lot of years in the occultism, do you observe your life as a process of dissolution of all your being, a process of transformation which will continue transcending eternally?
I consider not the vital cycle as linear, as the Jewish Christian tradition teachments, but rather a structure to spiral; the experiences of the life open and they close many cycles, that in the following spiral they propose in similar way but to a level of great awareness; I believe that we born and we die every day rising to a complex life more and more and with a great vision of the whole that we get those.
And in which way this transcendence has helped you to be a more oriented person in each level in your life (mental, spiritual, physical)?
Thin senses more developed and teachings of meditation, astral trip and projection allow me to understand, even though still in form redoubt, the invisible world that surrounds us; an awareness of this kind helps me to improve and to develop better the mind, the spirit, as well as to bring on the plain revenue such experiences.

When from comes the idea to experiment with sounds, and to include your own concept of OUROBOROS into a sonic magickal model?
Yes: I have inserted subliminal sounds and mantra that can induce the most sensitive listener to enter a state of active meditative trance; it is as to have recorded a meditation that can introduce the mind and the spirit to a trip into thin planes; naturally effects and levels of such trip are subjective to the spiritual evolution reached by the single one.

The musical development in “Solve Et Coagula” has a mystical medieval atmosphere built with dark passages and a mystical environment. so, in a way we could say, this is more a definite sound which you thought to have as principal basis when created OUROBOROS back in time?
In these pieces the seed of that that I wanted Ouroboros have thrown it was, even if I didn't know well as then would be developed.I would say that has been an alternative among an experiment and the precise ideas that I had in mind.

And how do you compare and analyze “solve Et coagula” against “Nigredo” from your own perspective as musician?
"Solve et coagula" has been my first footstep, the structure of the pieces was born and is developed in sour way although I already had an it conceives general of as the project would be developed."Nigredo" it is very more mature, thanks to the collaboration of Claudio Dondo of the Runes Order.Some of the pieces of Nigredo are indeed the best that has ever written, and I hope one day to do an official cd of it, even with some bonus track.My third E.P “Lunarya Fisica” is just a interlude between Nigredo and Lux Arcana sessions, and the tracks are experimental than Nigredo.

“Lux Arcana” comes out brilliantly, with a magickal feeling from start to finish…so, how was the inspirational, influential process for such great album?
For "Lux Arcana" the greatest source of inspiration has been the study of some cabalistic texts, the importance of the emanations from the first sephiroth to those underlying and the connection among the alchemical phases inserted in the tree of the life.

Is “lux Arcana”a kind of essence, something which each person must find deep within. An” Inner light “or “True will” in magickal terms when exploring deeply themselves?
I consider Lux Arcana as a door toward the internal knowledge, a connection among the individual and the divine plan, that will be performed of each to explore in the ways and in the times related to his/her personal evolution.

Do you will continue experiment with more medieval elements and instruments such as flute, violin, and organ for next albums? Or do you think as everything in universe will move into a different level when talking about musical development?
Yes, i will continue to use these tools, but I is already using other musical forms, as for instance the use of voices female lyric, in three new pieces I have as guest a professional soprano, and the result is excellent indeed.All evolves, nothing stays as first.

Your point about conformity, ignorance and passivity of actual society according what you can observe, feel?
The middle man is in a larval state and spiritual sleep, to almost all not interests, nobody asks to himself questions as "who are, from where we come, where we go?”The result is war, pollution and indifference, the worse evil of the human race.The man is still in a primitive phase, that I still see to continue for a long time.

Is known you released a book called “Black Moon Secrets “would you explain us a few about the general concept for this magickal grimorie? And why your attraction to Lilith as deity? And the response of people at conferences and the book in general?
The book tries to analyze Lilith as a forces unconscious internal that the rules of the conformity it breaks and it makes to emerge the zone of shade that lives inside of us.More than a divinity I consider her a powerful energy that if known and used it allows a development of superior conscience.The book has been sold well, and the people to
the lectures have asked a lot of questions and they have
wanted to deepen the theme, they are still luckily there people that want crosses the path of the spirituality.

Any other future plans for upcoming books?
Yes: I have already written and published in limited circulation a volume on hermetic meanings of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarots, and to brief a book will go out on the Minor Arcana with relative lectures and seminars of study.

Coming back to “lux Arcana” how would you represents this from a visual concept using your own imagination?
Lux Arcana is as a distant light and almost invisible in mean to an imminent storm, following it won't lose in the rain and in the dark that disorientates and it frightens.

How perfectionists are you when composing the whole structure in OUROBOROS in this case for the “lux Arcana” album?
I try to give a structure that understands an general atmosphere to the pieces, particular cyclical sonorous and variations to the theme, also repeating sounds and instrumental sentences with other stamps or tools.the insertion of mantra, subliminal sounds and litanies it is subject to a study more deepened that understands the possibility of self hypnosis or is of attainable trance in long structures in the time.

Let’s go talking us about your other projects MIND INFINITY, ALHAMBRA MANNEQUIN, APOTHEKE? And what’s the main concept behind of each project?
Here in synthesis the concept of the other musical projects:MIND INFINITY: new age music, the clear, solar and positive part of me, the love for the good and for the beneficent forms of the existence.APOTHEKE: EBM - Electro music; the most aggressive and volitive side, discharges for the part that can try hate and resentment, that it discharges him in this way to compose.MANNEQUIN: experimental drum and bass music: the craziest, transgressive and impulsive side of me express in the use of music without fixed schemes.ALHAMBRA: Dance music: been born as pure fun it stays and a dwarfish parenthesis that will very rarely repeat him will stay only.Recently I have given life to another project: DUST EATER, done only and exclusively of sounds and loop, very strange and hypnotic, done through the common noises of house, of the road and of the nature, mixed to rare keyboards and loop of sampled voices.

So, I am a bit curious to know how happened in your life the necessity to enter the paths of hermetic knowledge, and occultism? And in which way magick has transformed you in a more intuitive, introspective person?
After the 12 years of age I have begun to ask me the why of certain things, also in connection to strange phenomena that have happened to me and that then I didn't succeed in explaining me...I have begun to read, to study, up to I have met any people that have begun me to certain hidden hermetic disciples.From there I have transformed my way to see and to interpret the life and the conception of divine, always with the wish to never stop to research and experiment.

Before closing with this conversation, its interesting to know, if there is any possibility to express l the whole OUROBOROS atmosphere through stage? And which kind of imagery will you use to increase a visual effect in audience?
No, Ouroboros will always stay a project of study, it would be impossible to reproduce live the structure and the esoteric impact of the pieces.Besides would want us a stage equipped with a scenography that would be expensive and bulky, for which Ouroboros will be express only on Cd.

Really, I just hope you will be pleased with this interview. Best regards from the south!!!
Thanks to you and to who will read these hope is that through Ouroboros the listener succeeds in transcending the daily reality and beginnings to reflect on as there is in the life personal reality that overcomes the visible one.From the doubt the search of the truth will be born.

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