Sunday, 13 April 2008


By Edgar Kerval

The manifestation’s creative force is manifested by phallus, which in the whole (solar) religions the sun is the creative representation of god in the macrocosm, (universe) and the phallus in the microcosm (men).
The phallic consciousness, identified with the creative force represented by phallus, coz this transmit the force of life, the vital energy.

This identification with the phallic consciousness give us a vital point to intuition with the purpose that sexual inpulses seems to rise from the individual dark deeps. Sometimes it seems to have an own will. And this doesn’t confirm a simple identity between the sexual current and true will. Instead sex is the final veil, the final mask.

Isn’t an accident that Nuit & Hadit and its child or conjunction ra-hoor-khuit are clothed with sexual symbolism coz the creativity in the whole levels and whole planes are connected with sex. This phallic consciousness which is under the sexual current is more than just a deep primitive instinct, this is the basic force of live, the life’s instinct, and this Vital force is the one who burns in the heart of each star.

This sexual device or current such is commonly experimented is a sphinx individual who is its vehicle or expression. what pass through this sexual device is just an insipid reflection from a dynamic energy which underlines the manifestation and the force in which lila dances, the natural tendency into pansexuality and the vision of the whole things fornicating all time, is a psychological penetration into this nature. And obviously is one of the principal goals in magick, to do our own identity with this current and our will, coz this lies in the core of heart. So, this path to use the heart’s force of the manifestation in a direct way, in order to create a change in Lila (who is the path of ophidian current)

Magick is derived in etymological terms from the same roots as Maya the play of illusion of manifestation and this means the manipulation of Maya or illusion. From the whole illusions none of them is more powerful that those who shines with the dark attraction to sex.

The magician who uses the ophidian current must be available to depopulate the sexual current from lust. And the force could be channelized into others directions. To chanelize the fluid of such force into specific directions or forms. And from such state try to manipulate maya, to penetrate new dances and to create new patterns. The danger could be the fact that residues of lust, or the ophidian current could infect magician provoking he falls into obsession from sexual vampires he unconsciously created.

The sexual magick isn’t the only path to liberation or awakening, but we have an advantage to work with it through Maya, instead to refuge this as illusion.

The image of the “secret serpent” give us a sexual connection, obviously its coiled form indicates “kundalini”, the magickal central force in men, coiled the base of dorsal spine “coiled and ready to jump” because is dynamic and full of energy. Its coil is joy and this joy or ecstasy is the marked nature of manifestation maya & lila. “Remember the existence is pure joy”.. Figuratively, this force could be sent up, to a mystical ecstasiastic union with Nuit or down to magickal ecstasies from earth.

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