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Runes Order: Marching towards a new aeon, bringing desolation and soundscapes able to transform all organic life on earth…RUNES ORDER was created!!!
Which perspectives were so attractive for you to express yourself through a deep musical project as RUNES ORDER?
Runes Order is my door to escape from my personal obsession, a sort of a positive drug...This world is not my music reflect the sensations inside my "black" heart. Tears, resignation, easy way to keep in distance the idea of suicide...

Referring the name, which connections are so closed with RUNE’s ORDER simbology in your existence, and how do you relate this with your artistically musical expression?
Runes Order is a pagan simbology, I'm a believer of northern mythology, I believe in Nature and his law! I'm a white man bind with the mittleeuropean Gods...In this moment I hate everything’s all the criminal democratic politics...and the number one enemy: U.S.A.

Could you reveal us a few about each one of your releases until now, from the musical side to ideological concept in general?
: My personal touch in cosmic music, close to the first experience of German cosmic currier like Tangerine Dream or Klaus Shulze. THE LAND OF SILENCE: Again cosmic atmosphere but with more melodic parts, in some tracks the feeling is like the velvet atmospheres of Badalamenti's "Twin peaks"
ODISSEUM: More dark and ambient. My best release (for me) contains some of my favorite tracks (like "solitaire", "hate", "the fall") The sound is very analogic and very cold. WAITING FOREVER: A sort of Neo classical and martial music with a 80's touch. The "melodic" album of runes order...THE ART OF SCARE AND SORROW: Another album that i love much, he reflect my love for the horror soundtracks...In this album there's a lot of sickness guitars and the sound is very dark and horrorific!! In this moment my masterpiece...HOPELESS DAYS: A kind of mix between "odisseum" and "waiting forever" but more electronic and ritmic, start the collaboration with Trevor (Northgate/Camerata Mediolanense) and the tracks are more Industrial.

Is for you RUNE’s order an infinite source of creativity incrementing its power with each release? How important is creativity for you?
In this moment creativity and hate are the only things that i like.

Is known you are involved in other projects such as could you give us more information about each one of them, with its respective discography?
(Claudio Dondo/Paolo Beltrame) CD: "COPULA" 1994, "Quantum leaps" 1998. HELDEN RUNE (Claudio Dondo/Mercy) CD: "The wisdom through the fear" 2000TUNGUSKA (Claudio Dondo/Massimo De Maria) CD: "Tunguska" 2000 WANDERVOEGEL (Claudio Dondo/Carlo Ponte) TAPE: "Rigmaroles" 1997

Is important for you the visual expressionism when designing a cover concept in RUNE’s order & at live performances?
Good and fine cover is important but the music is the best image of us...

This was a short interview due to your lack of time. Thanx ¡ your last words here!!! Stay Tuned for the last album
"X: Final Solution!" out in 2007...KILL 'EM ALL!!

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