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By Kerval

To start with this interview is very interesting to know more about the fundamental principles of "Soul of Desert Oasis" as an integral part of O.T.O? & Could we say that "Soul of Desert Oasis" has an own organic life, which can be explore through certain mental rituals?
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
From the start, I would like to make it clear that I am speaking as a member of Ordo Templi Orientis, but not in any official or representative capacity. The thoughts and opinions that I express here are strictly my own.
Soul of the Desert Oasis is a chartered local body of Ordo Templi Orientis USA that is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) is an international fraternal organization based upon the Law of Thelema as revealed by the prophet Aleister Crowley, known to many affectionately as “The Great Beast.” Thelema is the Greek word for “Will.” The Law of Thelema is expressed as, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” and the corollary, “Love is the law, love under will.” This is not an exhortation to “do whatever you want.” At least not necessarily. It is the pronouncement that every human must define and fulfill their own personal truth and purpose. O.T.O. is a religious fraternity, though that’s not to say that all of its members are deists (though I am, - pardon the pun). We are “religious” in the sense that we are a body unified in our recognition of the Law of Thelema as well as of a personal relationship with the supernatural (however each of us may understand that). We are not so much a spiritual community as a magical community. We cause change to occur in conformity with the Will. O.T.O. provides for our fraternity. We form a community of Magicians, and we joyously celebrate each other’s company. We are also an initiating Order in the Thelemic expression of the traditional Mysteries. Many local bodies, including Soul of the Desert Oasis, also regularly celebrate the miracle of the Gnostic Catholic Mass. It is a characteristic ritual of our Order that beautifully and powerfully manifests the ancient sacrament of communion.

Due to the name "soul of desert oasis" could we talk about the "desert" as an unexplored aspect of the individual or collective divinity & the "oasis" as a fluid of enlightment wisdom which lead individuals to explore those paths, as a platform to increase our potential within the Magickal forces present at cosmos?
The phrase “soul of the desert” originally comes from one of the Holy Books of Thelema entitled Liber 65 - Cordis Cincti Serpente (“The Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent”). The book is an interpretation of the five classic alchemical elements, and line occurs in the context of the chapter dedicated to fire. Crowley later wrote an essay entitled “The Soul of the Desert.” He metaphorically described the yogic journey of purification and consecration as the “soul” is both purged and refined by its passage through “the desert.” Likewise, the Magician. Crowley rejected what he understood as the Buddhist emphasis on sorrow as path to Enlightenment. Life may be a bitch, but you can learn to fuck her.

The O.T.O in one of principal goals is to analyze, study, explore the nature of creative magickal force in men & explaining how to awake it & to use it & controlling the powers which can be gotten through this "sacred universal art"?
Crowley’s general method of magical development is a bit too detailed to go into in this limited context. But his “Book Four” remains by far the premiere instructional text on western ritual magick and the development of the magical Will.
Crowley established two distinct magical Orders in his lifetime, the O.T.O. and the A.’.A.’. They are entirely separate and independent of each other, although there are some who are members of both. They are two very different systems for developing the Magican, though they share the focus of the Law of Thelema. For instance, the O.T.O. initiatory system is based on chakric symbolism, while that of the A.’.A.’. is qabalistic. Both approaches are well proven. Whatever suits you. O.T.O. is not explicitly a “teaching” Order, per se. That is more in the style of the A.’.A.’., which system develops the magical Will of the Candidate in part through a long and intensive course of academic and yogic study. However, O.T.O. emphasizes the age old method of ritual drama to provide the opportunity to develop the magical Will through Gnosis. Gnosis
is not analytical knowledge. It is not facts, but an experience. What is beauty? How do you ride a bike or throw a fastball? We learn these things through practice and experience. We know them as certainly as we know that 2+2=4 or that Paris is in France, though we do not realize them objectively but rather experientially. What I call “beautiful” is not exactly what you might call “beautiful,” but we both know what we mean by the word. Initiation is like that. It is both an universal and sublimely individual experience. It teaches its truths which such certainty and clarity that, as a tradition, these truths have been valued and preserved for thousand of years. Often in the face of horrible oppression.
So, although O.T.O. does not have a mandatory “system” outside of its initiatory method, its membership includes many learned and practiced masters from near every tradition, school, and style of the magical arts. Most local bodies offer classes, conferences, and workshops, many open to the public. And our fraternal orientation offers many opportunities for us to share our ideas and experiences. Our common initiatory framework and experience, perhaps most important of all, defines, focuses, and improves our Work. It is not surprising that we celebrate each other and take great joy in our fraternity.

When we talk about the thelemic is a personal level, are we talking about a mental individual state which join us with our own divine projection exaltating our own conscience as a way of interaction between macrocosm & microcosm?
Self-referential dualism is a necessary evil….. Magick, in general, is about causing change. So it is about becoming or making something an other. Preferably the Self. But in Thelemic Magick, change occurs by definition in comformity with the Will. The magical Will, like a perfect and eternal asana, is an Unity. The change, therefore, is only apparent. So, yes, we have “individual mental states.” Yes, perhaps we even “join with our own Divine projection.” Maybe there is a microcosm to interact with a macrocosm. Our little egos seek to kiss the cosmic arse of our HGA. But neither of those is truth. Neither idea stands alone. They are effective tools when used wisely and magically. But they are also symptoms of delusion. Use them, then throw them away when you are done. Because they always have been, are, and always will be one thing, -the magical Will to become.

From my point of view the most admirable aspect in mostly of the splendors opus from sir Crowley is the way as this mind got illuminated through transcendental spiritual & mystical planes reflecting these ones with his experiences in different mental states through his life?
Crowley was a great man and a better Magician. The Book of the Law suggests, “Success is your proof.” Crowley succeeded. If it was not for his personal work and sacrifice, the western magical tradition would, at best, still be in hibernation. At worst it would be extinct. And he shunned followers. What a role model….again, pardon the pun.

Is known that aiwass dictated to Crowley "the book of the law" .so, for me aiwass is an unconscious projection of Crowley which was materialized in an astral shape as a symbol as Crowley called "The Guardian Angel"?
Crowley did not believe that Aiwass was a projection of his own psyche. I rather suspect that he thought quite the opposite, - that he was the projection of his Holy Guardian Angel. In fact, Crowley clearly distinguished between those writings that he consciously wrote, those that he unconsciously wrote, and those that he “received” and for which claimed no personal authorship. These select writings that originated from “outside” Crowley are called “The Holy Books of Thelema.” The Book of the Law is one of these. Crowley believed Aiwass was an autonomous entity that he described as vaguely Persian (indeed, there are conceptual parallels between the ideas expressed in Liber AL and Zoroastrianism). Moreover, Crowley first reacted quite negatively to the Book of the Law, and renounced it. Aiwass noticed:

“O prophet! Thou hast ill will to learn this writing. I see thee hate the hand and the pen, but I am stronger.” - Liber AL vel Legis; II, 10-11

He immediately misplaced the text for several years, and did not find it again until he was better able to appreciate its message. But Crowley did come to believe that Aiwass was his Holy Guardian Angel. But not just his own. He believed Aiwas was a sort of archetypal HGA for our entire species.
Anyone interested in a brief history of the events around the reception of the Book of the Law can visit

There are so many mysteries surrounding our "lady babalon". So, how do you see "our lady babalon" as the search of feminine plane in human psyche as it was developed thousand years in the ancient rites from Egypt & eleusis?
I have most often found God while in the mountains or between a woman’s legs. Ave Maria! Gloria!
Crowley thought that humankind’s society and spirituality had evolved over millennia through characteristic stages, from Maternal to Paternal to the dawning Age of Horus the Child. BABALON is less a holdover from the ancient maternal systems than a function of the Age of Horus. She is Mother and Whore. Without making any distinction, BABALON begets all and welcomes all back into her infinite embrace. She is the Unity surrounding the multiplicity, which originates from and returns to Her. She is Love in its purest and richest sense. Love under Will. She is symbolically feminine in that Love is all-receptive, all-engendering, and all-encompassing. She is the root of the Magician’s Will, upon whom he must learn to model his individual Will. As the body becomes receptive to the psyche, the psyche becomes receptive to the Will. And the Will is Universal.

The deep phrase at "Liver Legis": ""do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" ,could be a representation of a conscious will in union with subconscious will, having as final result the elevation if an "ego" evolved through individualization of essence?
In 1534, Rabelais described the “Abbey of Theleme” in the First Book of his socio-political satire “Gargantua and Pantagruel.” The residents of this wonderful retreat were so evolved that they relied upon a single law, - a single social contract -, to govern themselves, “Do what thou wilt.” When each of us acts only on the one great purpose of our existence, then each of us would also recognize and respect that motivation in each other. There is no need for other law, or perhaps more accurately: all law is a subset of that first premise. Therefore, “do wha
t thou wilt” is not a call to do whatever one wishes. It is not a moral relativism, but rather the highest of all moral absolutes. But Crowley, by way of Aiwas, extended Rabelais’ idea. He appended, “Love is the law, love under will.” (Note the parallel to Christ’s articulation of the Law of AGAPE, “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and mind….. Love thy neighbor as thyself.” In Greek qabalistic numerology, AGAPE = THELEMA = 93). So, in my personal experience, I have come to understand the nature of Will as a process. It is the soul’s statement of purpose and individuation, it’s raison de etre. But functionally the Will operates as love, it seeks to become Other than Itself. And beyond all Other, Will is One. So it goes outside itself to recreate itself again in a “higher” or more integrated form. Eventually, it recognizes itself as God.

Sexual magick is an important aspect when objectively we can analyze the union of two persons of the same sex & the develop of aspects as intuition, perception, evolved sex the sense which is gotten through magickal sexual energies in that plane?
The word “sex” is so loaded and distorted in our times (especially, perhaps, here in the United States) that it has no clear meaning. For magical purposes, I prefer the word “marriage.” In the western hermetic and thelemic magical traditions, most Magick is based on a marriage formula. And that’s simply because most Thelemic Magick is invocatory, an act through which the Magician wills to become something else. The simplest expression is the ancient act of communion, which is actually a marriage formula at two different levels. First the bread and wine, representing the body and blood of the God, are mixed. They are married and the god is evoked. But then the sacrament itself is consumed. The God and the people are married by the act of communion. God and Man become One through the most basic and physical expression of invocation.

The Universe is a great cosmic intercourse. To fuck God and be fucked by God. For the astute Magician, the soul is receptive to the Holy Guardian Angel which, in turn, is receptive to the God (and so on, ad infinitum or until otherwise willed). The Magician develops by learning to recognize, identify with, and then become, his HGA and his God. Or the Magician wills the God to become through himself, and a Magical Child is born. In either case, like the central pillar of the Tree of Life, connecting highest and lowest, God and Man are just points of expression along the single continuum of existence.

The Law of Thelema is not simply “do what thou wilt,” but also “love under will.”
Tantra, which generally includes what we mean by “sex magick,” is a proven tool for developing the yogic experience. But it’s tricky approach to master. More to the point, all Yoga is an experience of Unity. Yoga means Unity. Through discipline and focus, body, mind, soul, and Spirit gradually become One. Love is the law, love under will.
Is for you the Horus Aeon, a way to determinate the development of an individual when he has reached certain grade of magickal order or adept ship.. A kind of "rebirth" besides the standard religious concept built by actual modern society?
Ra Hoor Khuit, or Ra-Horakhty, is the special manifestation of the Solar Horus that is invoked and revered among Thelemites. An important aspect of Ra Hoor Khuit is Har-poor-krat (the Greek Harpocrates). In Egyptian, the name meant “Horus of the Horizon” and the god form was associated with the Sun touching the Horizon. The rising and setting Sun are complementary symbols of evolution and “becoming.” To be fixed or static is to be dead. And so Harpocrates was traditionally depicted as a child holding his thumb to his lips, and Thelemites refer to Ra-Hoor-Khuit as “the Crowned and Conquering Child.” He represents the manifestation of the True Will. And, like a child, fresh and full of life, the True Will develops as if that was its very nature. Will manifests as “other.” Will is growth and change and Becoming. And it is symbolized by a Child. A child Warrior-King.
My personal professional background is in children’s mental health. I am especially fascinated by the many recent breakthroughs in the field of early childhood development.
Development is a process more than it is any given goal or benchmark achieved along the way. Development allows for many “true” paths (no two children grow by exactly the same course) and even for a variety of end states. It offers an important alternative to more static models of psychology and politics. I think it one of the heralds of a new dawn. A new Morning Star.

A mental awareness connected with our own spiritual & deep experiences but always in union (our microcosm. Through macrocosm) with elements of our own individual nature?
The True Will is a Unity of purpose and being. Its manifestation defines both the center and the boundaries of the Universe for a Magician. There is nothing other than the Will that exists to become something other than what it is. One Magician, One Universe. Eternal and Ever-changing. Crowley captured this on his rendition of tarot card “The Universe,” where he depicts BABALON intertwined with the Great Serpent.
In a way could we say that gods are the enemies of every man, the true god is men, coz in men the whole mysteries are hidden, ready to be developed & explored?
I wholeheartedly agree that there is no god but man. But then, given that, to call the gods “the enemies of man” would suggest that we are somehow divided within our very selves. Any dichotomy between “god” and “man” is misleading. God and man are mutually defining. You can not have one without the other. Like dark and light, case and effect, or stimulus and response. Reality does not reside with either concept alone, but rather with the relationship or process between them. Check out Nikos Kazanzatkis’ essay “The Saviors of God,” especially his heretical revision of the Roman Catholic Creed. I think he spoke to this mystery very eloquently. Matthew Fox’s analysis of the theology of Meister Ekhart offers a similar reasoning.

Talking about men. his body is a temple, his mind of the gate & the experiences given by his nature & mental faculties the keys to infinite wisdom?
The western hermetic traditions, - astrological, alchemical, and magical -, have always emphasized the symbolic meaning of the five classical “elements.” Much of the initial western approach concerns achieving a balance among the elemental properties of the Magician himself. Likewise, the traditional hermetic powers of knowledge, will, courage, and silence are true “magical weapons” of the Master. So, yes, the Magician and the entire Universe he creates is one vast temple.
The sacred geometry reaches its highest expression in sacred architecture. Schwaller de Lubicz hypothesized that the Temple of Luxor was an attempt by the Pharaoh Amenhotep III to immortalize himself on Earth as the god Amen-Ra. He documented numerous characteristics of the design of the Egyptian temple, which could be interpreted as corresponding to a human profile. He believed that Luxor invoked the God in the giant form of the himself, to be eternally invigorated by the daily activities of the visiting worshippers. Building upon de Lubicz’s theories, there are many who believe that the Phoenician contemporaries of the Egyptians also designed their greatest Temples in the symbolic form of the human figure. And, of course, Hiram of Tyre was a Phoenician. He partnered with King Solomon to build the Great Temple at Jerusalem which was a model to invoke YHWH on earth. The great pillars were legs. The outer court the torso. The ascending starirs into the three levels of the sanctorum correspond to the heart, throat, and brain. And, if so interpreted, the towering “porch” located just above and behind the pomegranate caps of the pillars must be a giant erect phallus pointed toward the Sun! Check out

To conclude with this very interesting interview, reveal us a bit more about "soul of desert oasis" & the parameters as occultist organization & the main basis in each one of the members? Be your own god, & remembers the whole law is to explore yourself.! …. And, I would add, to explore each other!!!!!

New Mexico is a rural State located in the high desert country of the American Southwest. Soul of the Desert Oasis is a relatively small group compared to local O.T.O. bodies in larger cities. The interests and backgrounds of our members are quite varied. But we share in common that noble magical spirit of “Light, Life, Love, and Liberty.” Our fraternity is not only a mutual support, but a source of joy and a strength. What better incentive to discover and exercise one’s True Will than the fraternity of fellow Magicians? In the company of the Stars, the Light is inevitably bright.

Check us out online at Joy and strength to you. Peace.

Love is the law, love under will.

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