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"A Ten Second Launch Technique A Simple No-nonsense Sigil Launching Technique"
By Fr. Pebble

Apology:Upon discussion with those who labor, problems regarding the psychic sensor, in relation to the remembering of ensigilised intents has arisen. That is, theory calls for the forgetting of the intent of a sigil when a working is performed. This proves very difficult to do especially when so many sigils look so very cool. This technique provides an opportunity to commit a sigil to the subconscious by calling it from the subconscious and never fully revealing it to the conscious mind. Very short bursts of altered consciousness are called for and so is useful for the busy mage trying to get those day to day things done, such as driving, in the queue at the post office and in the office when the boss is looking. And so with humility Candidate Frater Pebble submits this Ten Second Technique.
The Ten Second Technique.This is demonstrated in two parts. The first part being some training in Instant Gnosis, the second being the activation of the will to the service of the work.
Part 1.
You will need:
Nothing physical at all. All of this is done within the mind.
Prior Preparation: Exercises in Instant GnosisFor this technique to work it is necessary to first acquaint yourself with a form of “Instant Gnosis”. Let us assume at this point that you are alive and inhabiting a human body. Your body, which is connected mechanically to your brain, operates on a series of pulses. Monthly, daily, every hour, minute and second your brain monitors body progress and sends out electrical impulses to various systems in an intricate bio-feedback loop of hideously complex design that feeds a medical television documentary industry to the tune of several million dollars annually.Several of these pulses are very noticeable and for ease of use the ones we’ll be concentrating on are; breathing, heartbeat, blinking and scanning.
Firstly you’ll notice that these pulses are in the form of waves. The in and out of the breath, the beat and run of your heart, the build, snap and release of your blinking and focus and fade of your concentration. Normally we notice the high point of the wave or ‘beat’ although what we’ll be working on specifically is the low point or ‘ebb’.
Yogis and Fakirs spend a great deal of time and energy controlling the pulse of their heartbeat. We don’t need anything like the control that these people have but we will be borrowing a trick from them to momentarily stop our heart.Now do have a think about this, it’s the easiest thing in the world to die and it’s something that we generally want to avoid. So don’t go doing this too much. Don’t do this if you have heart problems. This is something that is an exercise on the way to something else! It is not an end in it self and you get no extra points for stopping your heart perfectly and dying. It is Candidate Frater Pebble’s contention that you are so much more interesting when you are alive so don’t fuck around with this and don’t PUSH IT! Quickly and in passing is the key here. That being said…
Get comfortable. Take your pulse, think about your heartbeat. Think about the spaces in between each beat. Get calm. Breathe out and hold on to one of the spaces in between the beats and extend it. As your natural panic and fear rises, and you are aware of the increasing pain in your chest breathe in. You will notice that your heart is beating very fast now and you will naturally like to take in big healthy breaths. It is right on this big breath in that you will experience a mini-Gnostic state, it doesn’t last long at all but that’s al-right. You don’t need it to.
Now for breathing. Get comfortable. Think about your breathing. Notice how it swells and recedes. Take a big breath. Hold the big breath. It’ll burst out of you at the right time. Now hold the air out of you for a little while - not till you pass out, breathe in again, out and launch. You will feel your body/life pulse come through you. It is a sensorial knock to your core body. You will know when it is around and you will also experience a little light-headedness and body transformation. Very similar really to that described above. It only lasts a little while but that again is fine we’re only looking for a little short burst of gnosis.
Blinking you say - This man must be mad! We normally don’t notice the rhythm of our blinking at all, until we get something in our eye and it hurts like Christianity. Get comfortable and don’t blink for a while. Soon a sensation of building tension in your eye muscles turns up. Because you’re only lightly holding your eyes open eventually the muscles build up an impulse and you’ll blink. Notice this impulse a few times and get into it. After a while you’ll be able to actually initiate these impulses yourself.
In truth that’s all these exercises are really about. You being able to quickly alter your anatomy and impulses so that you are able to do very quick mind/body alteration and launch a projected will into the multiverse. So far the blinking gnosis is the one least likely to attract attention in public very useful if you don’t want to be singled out for any undue attention.
Finally we’ll talk about the instant gnosis of scanning. Your consciousness fades in and out of attention as you go through your day-to-day life. Even when you are driving a motor vehicle you don’t concentrate all the time. Try driving or even walking somewhere of a medium term distance, say across town, in medium - density or high - density traffic. At the end of the process sit down and remember the exact journey and it’s every detail. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve forgotten. And it’s not because you have forgotten it’s because you didn’t bother to see or notice what was there. Concentration takes a great deal of energy to perform. Primary/Elementary schoolteachers are given money to teach nothing but attention/concentration to children for nigh on 6 years (I’m not getting into the education debate, move on).
Get comfortable. DO NOT MEDITATE!!! Let your attention wander onto something. Imagine what that thing would look like if you could see it from underneath what it is sitting on. E.G. what is written on the underside of my hello cthulu coffee mug? Now the tricky part. Take the part of you that is looking at the new perspective, (the underside of the coffee mug) and look at the part of you that is looking directly at the object (coffee mug). Then notice how long it takes you to get bored and take your attention off one or the other of the two tasks that you have.The very next thing that happens (If you’re motivated) is you’ll try to regain the attention that you relinquished. In and of itself this is yet another bio-pulse that you can alter. (Another less mind numbing way to do this is to look at those infuriating 3D shapes in a swirl of colours pictures and try to carry on a conversation with a friend at the same time, as soon as one or the other breaks down you’ll know instantly.)
A little while monitoring your very own attention span will get you ready for using it in a bio-pulse instant gnosis kind of fashion. Let us assume that moments of lucidity are the beat or pulse, that the moments of hazy dreaming are the ebbs. So concentrate, ebb - extend the ebb - concentrate bringing yourself back to full attention and launch. (Note: a neat little side effect of this exercise is that you get to really sharpen up your attention span for other things like work and meditation. Trust me you’ll be amazed at how much time you spend off with the faeries!)
Part 2You will need:Again, nothing physical, all of this is done within the confines of your imagination. You may however like to construct the persistence of vision devices described herein to get a really good idea of what they are like.Prior Preparation: Visualizing your tools for launching.
In days gone now as folk were experimenting with moving visual images that would eventually become cinema, television, animation people invented persistence of vision devices of a most ingenious kind.
Two of these still are enjoyed by the young this day. Firstly the flipbook. The flipbook works by drawing a little diagram in the margin of a pad of paper or the outer edges of a textbook. The image is drawn on successive pages with incremental changes in exactly the same position. As the pad or book is flicked or fanned and each page comes into view, through the phenomenon of persistence of vision the image appears to animate or move. The classic version of this is a stick figure man running and then vaulting a fence only to run again and jump a fence again in a tragic struggle against oppression of the working class and an ironic call back to Sysiphus’ efforts in Greek mythology. I’m really only describing this to be thorough, a great many people will have done this or seen this themselves.
Secondly is the spinning picture disk. A disk about the size of a jam jar lid or a CD has two small holes punched near one side of it and another two holes punched in the opposite side of the circle. A loop of string is threaded through one side and tied. Another loop is threaded through the other side and tied. The whole lot looks a bit like a wristwatch with string where the flat band would be. A picture is drawn on one side of the disk; typically a classic is a birdcage. A picture is drawn on the other side, typically a classic is a bird. Then holding both loops in either hand the disk is wound up in one direction so that there is a great deal of twists in the string that one is holding. When you draw the stings apart the disk spins rapidly. The pictures appear to be in the same place and so they merge. In the classic version I’ve described the bird appears in the cage when the disk is spinning but when the disk stops you are left with either an empty cage or a freed bird.
I encourage you to make a couple of these things to reinforce in your minds eye what they look like and what they will do, but, if nothing else it’s just a lot of fun.
The Next Step: Immentizing the subliminal image.Now if you have seen these things work you will know that each individual image is only visible for a very short space of time. What we want to do is visualize one image on one page of the pad or alternatively draw and erase an image on the spinning disk in one revolution. So that the image literally flashes up for less that a tenth of a second. This is the crucial element. This is how it all works. The concept is that something that is not fully in your control flashes an image up to your minds eye very quickly so that you see it but that it is too fast for you to properly take in. It has to be subliminal or it really won’t work.
So as is normal, get comfortable. Practice whirring the picture disk or flipbook in your minds eye. We have the luxury of them being infinite so that they won’t run out while you are imagining them. They are blank. There is nothing there except for one page or revolution. On that page or revolution there is an image. Allow your subconscious mind to draw that image. DO NOT DRAW IT IN YOUR MIND. Let your subconscious do the work. Now see the whole sequence in your head. Deliberately let go of the temptation to discover what the image that your subconscious drew was. It is too fast to see properly anyway and your active mind will only draw an image that it thinks you want to see.
Very soon we will be drawing sigils with our subconscious. We get it past the psychic sensor by never actually knowing what the sigil was.
You don’t want to know what the sigil actually looks like, if you were doing this in a normal chaotic way you would have to forget what it was before the working took effect. So just let the blank image device whir past your mind’s eye and pop up one subliminal image, your subconscious will get the sigil perfect every time. This way you don’t have to spend hours dragging it out of there only having to forget it and consign it back there when you’re done screaming and yelling skyclad and drunk in a city park.
Putting it all Together: A Working using the Ten Second Launch Technique.
Method:1. Banish very quickly and use the time to center your mind.2. Very carefully formulate a single function Statement of Intent.3. Hold the SOI in the forefront of your mind.4. Begin to visualize the Picture disk or Flipbook whirring away rapidly - blank.5. Manipulate a bio pulse to get yourself into an instant gnosis.6. As the bio pulse reaches gnosis allow the subconscious to flash the sigil.7. Get yourself back to mundane reality as quickly as you can.8. Banish with laughter or something quiet.
Testing and Results:
May I recommend testing this technique on predicable outcome systems. Cut a deck of cards and try and force a ‘red card/black card’ out come for example. It works also with a coin toss, but this is tricky as the whole thing has to be done while the coin is in the air… but this is great practice for the speed needed to perform the technique while driving. I have extensively used this technique to speed up the rotation of traffic light sequencing. “I want the lights to rotate around so that the little green walking man comes on” breathe, beat, zap, pow.I can report a 90% success rate with traffic lights. 75% success with playing cards and a 70% success rate with the spinning coin. I haven’t the statistical mental muscle at this time to correct for chance.
I have deliberately chosen simple and trivial test subjects because of their eminent ability to be repeatable at little expense and effort.However I have also tested this technique on human subjects in trying to convince these people to do something or be convinced of something. In all cases (Six out of Six) the subjects were convinced or compelled to act according to my will.In three cases I used the technique to improve my own charisma.In three cases I used the technique to manipulate the subjects will.It could very well be argued that in all six cases the only thing that was done was to improve my own confidence and trick myself with jiggory-pokery and achieve a measure of responsibility transference thus freeing my self to act more assertively. But you know? Fuck it, I say take it where you can get it!Rationale:
The Candidate submits that the previous hangs on the work of others and that it is a synthesis of previously held work and technique of the IOT as published in and around the Internet and on the works of Peter Carroll and to a certain extent the work of Spare and Jung et al.
The theory is that if the work can be done entirely within the subconscious then the psychic sensor has no chance to mitigate the effects of the work and frees the mage from fighting a “second front” battle while trying to effect the will on the world.
If we can use the well-known elements of subliminal messaging and common elements of visual entertainment (the dominant form at this time ca 2000) to comfort the busy mage, then extension through the subconscious is possible.
The Ten Second Launch (TSL) technique asks the mage to perform widely varying visual and body awareness tasks very quickly and under pressure. As the complexity of the mental tasks mounts the natural tendency is to push more of the routine tasks under into the subconscious. It is for example assumed that the mage will be using TSL while walking, driving, shopping, picking up the kids from school, or in a conflict situation with a trigger-happy police representative. To then add the absurdities of intense short bursts of gnosis while concentrating on visualizing 19th Century parlor picture devices tends to put more and more of the process on “Auto”.
By using a self made subliminal sigil to power up the Statement of Intent (SOI) the work itself is lost to itself and launched without the direct involvement of the mage’s conscious processes - already crowded and fairly busy.As the mage becomes more comfortable with the tasks they will actually be served better as they are pushed further still into the automatic with even less conscious attention being paid them. This will only enhance the subliminal nature of the sigil and further protect it from the psychic sensor.
Many good folk find it very difficult to “trust” themselves and their processes. It is the hope that the TSL will allow the mage to not have to worry about the act of ensigilising the SOI and get away from the idea that everything has to be “right”.The concept of “rightness” has buggered a good many workings and rituals and brings in the element of Non-Fun to an otherwise healthy hedonistic gathering or individual. The resultant dissipation of morale plays havoc with the work and effects the strength of the psychic sensor almost before the ritual or working has had a chance to draw it’s first breath.
Freed from the responsibility of “rightness” the mage is allowed to set the subconscious to work without restriction in turn allowing the subconscious to deftly handle the complexities of chaos. From which all things come. The conscious mind, in turn, is allowed to focus on summoning and shaping will independent of subconscious sabotage.
Possible Problems when Using the Ten Second Launch Technique:
You can’t take it back. If fired off in a moment of temper the TSL doesn’t really offer a safety period in which to reflect upon the SOI. It really is set and forget so it relies upon the ethics of the operator as to what is done with it.
Short bursts of gnosis are difficult to build, maintain, and control. The techniques for doing so that I’ve outlined here do work but they require practice. A good many folk would plug everything in the first couple of times notice no results and then walk away from a technique that is evidently full of shit (for them). Worse still would be the over achievers who get so good at the body pulse techniques that they kill themselves by stopping and not pausing their heart or any number of bio damaging bio pulse behaviors. Lastly those who do achieve very powerful Gnostic states may not be back to the mundane in time to prevent serious accident or injury to themselves and others. This technique advocates its use while driving, you’re not supposed to fully black out while you’re behind the wheel, it’s considered poor form.
It’s only for use with little things. Because of the short bursts of gnosis a really earth shattering, tub-thumping, ritual or work would probably best be served by the bulk of the already described techniques of the IOT and the eight-pointed star. But every now and then everything lines up with sickening accuracy and very very powerful effects come form this tiny acorn. It can easily turn into smashing walnuts with sledgehammers. Initially this unpredictability is a problem. The very next time it is used henceforth on a big thing the power might not be enough. As tedious a situation as previously described. In time however these issues can be sorted out to the mage’s satisfaction.
And so for the greater glory of Chaos, Thanateros and all that is nothing and nothing that is all, I Candidate Frater Pebble submit this technique to all who would work. So mote it be. Do as thou wilt.

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