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Reviews(8) Z'EV cooperation releases.

“Magistral” Digipack 2007
(Southern Lord)
Without a doubt one of the most influential persons in the whole post-industrial history of contemporary music is Z’EV.his way to mutate sounds, creating own percussion instruments from stainless steel,titanium,pvc plastics, give us an idea of how amazing is the mind when awaken creativity. In the other side we have also an individual as Stephen O’Malley, a predominant producer and musician basing his skills on guitars. A generator of high quality projects between them the most representative SUNN O))). And this release is a collaboration one.a conjunction of manipulated sounds, sonic visions emerged through eerie stimulations generated by the submixes and atmospheres surrounded the whole tracks. “Magistral” consist of 5 hybrid expressions mutating all the time. With the dynamism and perspective which characterize both artists. An abstract voyage to the nucleus asymmetric of sounds and mental machines., structured by the percussive mixes of Z’EV and the immaterial but tangible elements handled by O’ perspective a very astonishing release, breaking its own limits due to transgression & dark abstract nature of “magistral”. This production comes in a Digipack with artwork veiled in abstract cubic forms which show us just a part of what two dynamic artists could create when working together.

“Spirit Transform Me” Cd 2008
Another enigmatic ritualistic production of the creative force known as Z’EV,this time under the collaboration of OREN AMBARCHI a composer, a multi instrumentalist which together develops this concept album, envision the mysticism of quabalah,magickal system. They reveal us 3 emanations “Alef”,Bet”and “Gimel”.more than just a quabalistic alphabet visons, this is a gate to the most in deep hidden nature of such three mental states. “Alef” is the first emanation through 16:06 of induced trance ,through distortioned guitar patterns, vibrations and percussive elements generated by metal beats, pulsating themselves to create an euphoric state of calm ,but at the same time intense in its own essence. “Bet” is emanated through steel, aluminium sound sources slowly mutating through dense atmospheres created by spasmodic guitar parts and vibrational effects, also the use of Viola and percussive fragments make of this track a ritualistic piece full of power and energy through 16:43. Complementing the final spiritual transformation is “Gimel” a 9:52 track opening with tubular bells, and a very dense atmosphere surrounded by the hypnotic, subliminal percussion. OREN and Z’EV take the sonic investigation of guitar and percussion to starling the heights. Quabalistic euphoria from two masters of trance ritual art.
Digipack 2007
Let’s continue exploring the mysterious enigmatic performances of Z’EV.This time though a release which includes two long compositions of 22:22 each one. The first one is by BJ NIELSEN, focusing in dark meditative trance sounds floating through the whole picture of the track. Dark minimal soundscapes, eerie ambient passages repeating themselves again and again into a concrete sound. The composition handled by BJ NIELSEN, is a prove that you can create good music through repetitive elements. After passing 13 minute, some drone pulsating elements appears to generate more intensity to the whole composition. Z’EV track is a massive representation of experimental nature of all its being .the music exalted through trance ritualistic spheres dancing through dark drone patterns, which molds the whole structure of the track with intensity from start to finish. The highlight of this release is the way as both artists develop its characteristic sounds and start to experiment with the structures they have created before. The result, a representation of dynamism, disturbing meditative conjunction in its most pure form.
CD 2006
(Die Stad)
This time the turn is for DAVID LINTON, a percussionist and multimedia artist. Opening is Z’EV with two compositions. The first one is called “Soliloqui # 1” and includes a drum based pattern with voices going through the whole track, which is so simple for my taste. The 2nd track “Not Nil” is just a lot better than the first one. Here both artists cooperate creating a dense minimalistic ambient long piece with almost 20 minutes. With the pas of minutes, the track becomes more intense and disturbing, with moments of transgression and abrasiveness’. The third track is an ambient composition by DAVID LINTON with meditative calm moments. The final track is a DAVID LINTON track re-mixed by Z’EV, with interesting work of drums and arrangements. This release is not as interesting as the other Z’EV cooperations,but tracks 2 and 4 are enough worth ones to get the whole Cd. This was released on the occasion of a live performance that took place on the 11 November 2006, at the Lagerhaus Bremen.


“Submerged” Digipack 2008
This is my
first encounter with this minimalistic drone act, coming from Usa.and this encounter bring us to transplutonic dimensions,coz we were submerged in ethereal atavisms surrounded by spectral fog and shapes. PHAENOM is formed by a Polish individual called Szymon Tankiewcz, now radicated in Usa. Through “Submerged” you can experience an intellestellar voyage to the core of dark nebular holes, melting themselves into radioactive emanations developed by drones and a minimalistic atmosphere which transport you to unknown alien dimensions. A very long 66 minutes track, veiled with a very incredible fragmentation of sounds gathered through dense, vaporous drone elements which express in concret way the Szymon’s visions regarding it own universe submerged in the most in deep void of consciousness. The music seems calm at moments, but suddenly you can feel the intensity and somber atmosphere in each sonic explosion erupting from “Submerged” album. This release is one of these ones you will never forget due to intensity and the way as are gathering together the whole elements as drone, effects to create a ghastly piece as the one you could hear at “Submerged”.so,it’s a bit difficult to be more explicit referring the whole conceptual album. just you must hear it to have a more exact idea of what PHAENON is. The whole track was recorded live in one take in May 2006 at Smithown, usa. A 6 Panel digipack with abstract, enigmatic images floating and twisting to show you a gat…a gate to the dimensional void hidden in the roots of PHAENOM.

“Idolatriae” Digipack 2008
This is a
7 tracks black and White six panel digipack with suggestive and original visual concept. The Italian shape of Francesco Gemelli, who is the externalized force and organic transmutator of EIDULON in this plane, has developed a concept album dealing with how idolatry has reached its peak during our age and how the cult has preserved only a fetishistic value. And musically talking I find “Idolatriae” album, impressive, penetrating and suggestive, with important elements into dark ambient experimental magnetism, developed by Mr Gemelli here. The first two tracks “Vestigial Del Presente” and “La Morale Come Corollario de La Vittoria” contains moments of subterranean madness, more the second one which is like a bizarre mechanical underworld emerging in the dark. Both tracks are mostly built with ambient passages and have such spectral resonance all the time. With “feticcio 7y-E6” and “Isolamento delle Folle”, you can hear a slow motion terror and a deeply introspective construction of sounds twisting all the time. But “Isolamento…”with a ritualistic drumming March which fits perfectly with the whole dark environment of the track. one of the best tracks in my opinion. last tracks are “Hartung”,”Oblio Delle Materie” and “shift Toward Objetivity”.each one of them with sonic incantations of vaporous ethereal sounds floating and converging together to create an enigmatic ritualistic release.EIDULON is the name used by the Greeks to define an image that consist only in a surface without death. A spectral emanation of a divinity. a very good release if we observe that this is the debut album.

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“Andask” Cd 2007
A mystic, p
sychedelic, ritualistic expression of sounds visualizing a structured concept focused in occultism as a primal force for the great development SHAVA SADHANA “Andask” has as album… Vingthorr, the master mind behind this project SHAVA SADHAN (Sanskrit term meaning “meditation on a dead body”), has traveled to Calcutta, india, so many times and from such travels, he become a devoted to Kali-Ma kult, which is reflected in SHAVA SADHANA, becoming a gate for such deity in this existential plane… the music is built with deeper dark atmospheres and this ritualistic touch which keeps your attention all the time. Containing a total of 8 tracks, each one of them having a strong structure and personality when you can hear the way as are built, varying from dark to electro ambient with a very in deep ritualistic atmosphere which are the principal element here. “Calling Aleister” is a composition with rhythmic patterns dressed in a very dark atmosphere. Another track is “invoke” which got my attention by the way of mixing elements from electronic beats, dark ambient sounds and vocals from time to time, to create a perfect combination of sounds. Also there is a remix version of this track with some very good different elements here and there. Creating a composition full of rhythmic elements worth to check. An important with this release is the way as vingthorr includes Icelandic, Nordic, Germanic elements and runic symbolism together to create sonic mantras as “Hel” and “Thorr” increasing our interest, due to dynamism and creative present in the whole tracks… the track “Aleister Calling” is one of the best due to atmosphere and the inclusion of A.crowley voices which are mixed with electro beats and rhythmic structures. With this release SHAVA SADHANA has compiled songs which were composed in the last few years. Note, this is the first release from German Licht Von Thule, so just wait for more high quality releases.

“Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice” DVD Digipack 2008
When we ta
lk about dynamism, creativity and musical splendor in all its forms we must have to talk about GOLGATHA. This German trio arrives with their 4th album. an amazing production including 13 tracks highly inspired by the writings of French philosopher Georges Bataille on transgression & sacrifice. An album with highlights in the whole context .after a short ambient prologue titled “Scares” comes “Man Of Fire(Black Sun)” which is a track based on Dead Can Dance’s fragment song ” Black Sun” ,but having an own identity and structure. “Sacred” is an opening wound to the very core of GOLGOTHA, developing in deep piano parts and flutes.
With “Garden Of Love” the beauty essence of this album emanates its light through acoustic guitars, tambourine, creating a pagan folk hymn of beauty, lust and pain. “Rite Of Spring” a ritualistic fragmentation of different elements as tribal drums, Asian gong and whispers coming from underworld, its like a primigenian dance with a very dark atmosphere, drifting our souls away. The ethereal trip continues with “Tunguska” a world of nothingness developed through oriental sounds and female vocals fragmentations giving such ritualistic sound. With “Hage=all”, GOLGATHA keep its transition between ambient but including some few industrial elements. “Lost Horizon” is an acoustic guitar track with wishpers, and arrangements. “Initiation” a dense ritual based track with a perfect work of percussion and vocals. due the way in which is developed both elements. “Passage” is a complement for the last track, but this time without the aggressive percussive sounds but still having such characteristic sound to have your mind focused for more. “Birth Rite”, is like a womb of sounds, giving life to dismal atmospheres through piano passages, voices recreating with dense calm moments. So, “Flesh Of The Orchid” is a folk-rhythmic song with spoken vocals from time to time. and closing is the epilogue called “Sacrisphere”. Really, this album filled my spectative in all senses due to high quality music, ideology and structure of the whole album. Also, we need to mention Mr. Karmanik (CMI), has done a very excellent work, because this album comes in a very beautiful DVD digipack with a long booklet including pictures and lyrics.
An experimental, ritualistic album developed in a very, very in depth way .just hope to hear more from GOLGATHA in time. “Longing for the throne of the gods in an act of divine self-sacrifice All is one…”

ROME (Ger)
“Masse Mensch Material” Digipack 2008
Wow, after th
e successful two past albums “near” and “Confessions D’ Un Voleur D’ Ames”, Jerome Reuter,arrives with a very moody and depressive album.including its characteristic style of post industrial folk, with the neo-classical elements which floats through the whole productions. Really this album impressed me so much due the way as it bring to your mind nostalgic moments, melancholic passages letting you to enter in a moody sensitive suicidal realm.
In general the whole album is amazing and we will spend hours talking about each one of the compositions included here. Acoustic guitars twisting slowly into a definite pattern of drums and accompanied by the perfect vocals of Mr Reuter are the methods ROME has developed to keep our senses rising to the top of our consciousness and suddenly falling down to the ground of our possibilities. “Masse Mensch Material” is an album which put you to think, to remember such stoned moments crawling slowly in front of you. A masterpiece of pain, depression and melancholy. Tracks as “Der Enscheinnungen Flucht” , “Die Nelke”,”Wir Gotter Der Stand” , and “Neue Erinnerung” are just a few examples of such sweet, bitter dark harmonies surrounding the whole album. An aspect we can note here a very influence of Mr Reuter by the work of DEATH IN JUNE, through some guitar passages, but the most important is that ROME has an own identity and a characteristic structure which has marked a high peak in the successful career of ROME, being one of the most acclaimed post industrial suicide –folk pop coming nowadays. This release comes in a 4 panel embossed digipack with 16 booklet pages including lyrics. So let yourself be buried in the shade of this masterpiece, in the beauty of desperation! Come out under the stars! ROME is the light

“Launch And Landing” Cd 2007
A New York based act with so many, many aspects worth to mention…the music must be labeled as unpredictable by the fact how the music changes from time to time but always keepings its own structure & sound. “Sirens” and “Only Love” are the first two tracks. The first one is more rhythmic and with interesting acoustic guitar parts. The other track is more a mid tempo drumming one with some synths giving to the track a depressive, melancholic atmosphere. Through “Awol”,”Take Me away” and “The Whim And The Will” things not vary o much. The dynamism are dreaming romanticism marks its appearance through harmonious rhythmic parts full of nostalgic moments. The vocalist has done a great work through the whole tracks due she knows how to mold the voice in a perfect communion with music in general. other tracks included are “Orbit”, “The Night And You”,”Godspeed”,”Speak To Me “just to name a few of the total of 12 tracks.
At moments the music reminds me to COCTEAU TWINS, in the music structure, but this impact me due seductive vocals, acoustic guitars, and the electronic and live drums which are oriented in the same way all the time, which is really interesting. “Launch And Landing” is just more than other album,coz this has much potential, being an exquisitely fantastic and moody album, a delicious romantic smell veiled in harmonic,seductive,sweet atmospheres. For more information just visit the LOST PATROL page.

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Mariae Nascenti (Ita)
“Raise Your Paw To The Sky And Break The Truce”

The dynamism offered by this Italian solo project in the shape of Angelo Visone Is without a doubt, the most important aspect when we heard this album. The music speaks for itself and shows different facets mutating through 10 enigmatic experimental compositions carring diverse sounds and attractive elements. For example track 3 “These Giddy Memories Ruins Me And My Sleep Or This Is A Letter I`ve Never Sent” ,containing electronic passages able to invade each cell in your brain, due to intense and abrasive beats and the way as vocals are coming up twisting with the electro elements and sounds from Harmonica,piano,synth which ads to the whole track a very experimental touch. With track called simply “Dagger” things goes in other direction, a melancholic composition built through electric piano and some arrangements through electric guitar,e-bow, synths and the suggestive work of vocals. Track 5 “Everything Is Fine But Me or the Kindness of Your Touch” is one of these tracks which reminds me to old Psychic TV, in the way Marc Manning (guess Vocal) did vocal adaptations to the track. also the classic piano gives to the track a kind of sad melancholic atmosphere which complements with the whole structure of the track. The sixth track “Holding Geika’s Halo In My Hands I Feel…”continues with its irrational, interesting exploration of sounds. This time mixing piano parts with drone elements. At h seventh track “Remember To Forget Or Ò Spanteco Didn’t Ò Core” comes with an obscure atmosphere surrounded by female recited lyrics and after some seconds the adaptation of drums parts appears to gives to the track a different perspective in comparison of how the track started. Each one of the 10 tracks has important elements which floats from dark ambient, to harsh industrial and several mixed sounds, samples and more which must be explored to understand the main idea of Angelo with his project Mariae Nascenti. A very imaginative and creative album breaking limits and standards. This album features several artists as: Larsen, Northgate, Blind Cavesa, Ludmila, just to name a few. The whole album was produced by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo and Angelo Visone. This album includes a video which show how creative and talented is this Italian artist. just wait a full interview with Mariae Nascenti, this year 2008. And remember this is experimental music transcending all senses.

“Les Mannequins”
Digipack 2008

This concept album from always interesting Polish artists BISCLAVERET developing one long track with almost 39 minutes of pure ambient soundscapes surrounding through well structured Works of Dragos on vocals. The whole track contains highlights moments in which you can feel the darkness around yourself, and your mind walking through the shadowy effects and sounds handled by Thorn. The whole track is based on “Tactile” about “Mannequins” written by modern Polish novelist Brunon Schulz and the sonic adaptation of his work is now reflected through BISCLAVERET. The concept in general is very in deep and interesting from start to finish and more when you go deeply into the atmosphere and drone ambient passages, surrounded by narrative spoken vocals which seem to create a visual paradigm through sounds. This release comes in a digipack and recommended to all of you looking for interesting music!!

“In Hortis…”
Mcdr 2007
Its not surprise to get a BISCLAVERET release and to find its music so, interesting and transgressive.wit “In Hortis……” you can hear 4 ritualistic emanations with the characteristic sound which has put BISCLAVERET on a high peak opening. It’s a short untitled track with dark piano passages and a ghastly atmosphere veiled with whispers and vocals from time to time…the second track is “Kim Jestem” ,lamentations arising from Drago’s throat are accompanied by dense piano parts an a captivating atmosphere full of sorrow and desperation. Then comes, “Fulfill The Prophecy” with some arrangements similar to their debut album “Psyche Nomine” in the way as piano, ambient soundscapes and vocals are mixed together creating a perfect synchronization, to be consider as the best track here. And closing is “Prasnienie” which is in it essence another excellent track with pompous synth parts and drum passages giving that absorbing sound which keeps listeners attention all the time. Again we must have to wait until next time to look what future brings us with this ritualistic Polish duo BISCLAVERET. Note, they are working in its own record label called ZOHARUM, so check their page now.

A Soundtrack For The Desertic Landscapes Vol! “A Mouthful Of Dust”
Earth, Sand, Vortex, Disorder, Rebirth, Clouds, Ocean, Isolation, Dryness, Distance…are fragmented into colossal disruptions of sounds programmed by the Italian artist Fabrizio Paolillo and Marco Ricci. Which this time focus all their creative spirits to develop an album with an unique structure, due to diverse and interesting conjunction of sounds and elements which descends slowly through each rhythmic wave generators, and effects transcending the limits of soundscapes from past releases, still you can hear some traces from “Immaterial 1 & “ “albums. But with new elements focusing on programming, live pickups, and mixings which create a release with diverse moments, going all the time from place to another one. Tracks as: “A Mournful Of Dust”, “The Flight Of The Last Firebirds”, “Tripping Beings”, “Copenhagen” are relevant titles worth to explore when getting this release.also this release includes a bonus track. “Clouds crumbling in an existent rain, all the colours are dusted mirages, thoughts caught in a vortex, left over, flaming births and dyed cities…” For more info just write to Death Paradise Recs

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Written by
"Imagine time as a spider's web -a spiral with intersecting rays,a magickal model or map,this simple design can be used for potent pathworkings and astral timetravel"... Is the opening of this book which is an artistic,magickal,poetic representation of time-emit. travelling though different spaces of time from greek chronos and hindu makahala to the ancient femenine mysteries of fate.this mystic history explores the far reaches of time. and its warp in the web of wyrd. each page is a convergence through magickalgrimories,sorcery,qabalah,tantra,typhonian magick...and more. also,the concepts and appreciations of occultists as A.Crowley,Soror Nema,and K.Grant are developed as complements in the whole concept of the book.Orryelle shows all siHer talented skills as artist with a lot of graphic emmanations such as pictures from "The Book Of Kaos Tarot",poetic exaltations and his encounter via astral with the Arachnean loas. an inspirational book full of symbolism recived via magickal experimentations. Also,here you will find a complete article about "The Global Anahata(heart) Chakra Working" which are cultural representations of the 12 tribes or source-races of humanity wovwn together by heart chakra piercings in a web of unity in diversity.This new revised and expanded edition includes an extended Arachnean grimorie and the always fascinating sculpture picures of KALI-ARACHNE.This books also includes a 2 hour DVD with "Loom Of Lilla"expressing in form and movement the reationship of the individual to the to the collective,exploring also the concepts of microsmos and fate versus free will. dancers together from th face and hands of Kali-Arachne.individual dancers expressing their free will,break away from te composite figure to perform their own dances,yet these also ultimately weave back into the pattern of the whole. The fractal or holographic nature of reality is expressed through the forms and movements of individual figures echoing the larger movements of a larger beings they are part of. The composite face is created by idividuals who compse it,this begin a visual and theatrical metaphor for the nature of deity.e believe in god/goddess whether we call them this or less personalized names such as:fate,energies,or "collective consciousness" by them,yet thy are a result of and created by our belief and energies. we may struggle with our fate,or dance with it and co-create our destiny,acknowledging our part within the collective reality both being influenced by it and with the language of our bodies and souls-influencing it. Also another related work by the always dynamic artistical explorations of METAMORPHIC RITUAL THEATRE Co.The book comes with a full color front & back covers and includes a three fold colouredartistical pictures by Taz.The Book contains 164 pages(including DVD) and cost $33Us(world)
.So,for more info just visit:
A full long interview with Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule will be included on a printed experimental magickal grimorie generated by me(Kerval) Fr.NUBTI 111 and will be out Summer Solstice 2008 E.V and in the book ANTIBOTHIS Vol II. MORE INFO...COMING SOON!!!



“Somewhere…inside A Void” 3” Cdr 2008

(No Angels Prod)
Dismal, ethereal are the key words to describe this album, which through the mind of Miguel Boriau who plays in WEIHAM was developed with the sole purpose to let your being keeps on floating on the void eternally. Sometimes music reminds me a bit to LUSTMORD, but this is a bit more calm, moody. A long 22 minutes track which is a perfect representation of void in which we live, our mind floating through sensations, feelings and thoughts. A minimalistic dark ambient album with not so much variating part, but with a lot of moments of a primigenian dark atmosphere which slowly is going deeper to your brain what you can feel listening the SIMULACRA’s album, full of such dense ambient sounds capes ,all the time moving deeper and deeper. its just a sense of vacuity, a sense of an imaginable void, awaiting for you. A very interesting release from this Belgian artist. the art work is done byVincent Andelmoth & Radunir,the mastermind behind NO ANGELS Prod, and how us a very astonishing art through abstract forms veiled in a dark, somber structure. This Cd comes in a two panel set, with a free picture inside. Just come on and feel the void somewhere through the dismal atmosphere generated by SIMULACRA.

“Live Archives” Cd 2007
BOCKSHOLM is known as been the primary project on Peter Andersson (Raison D’ Etre) and Lina Baby doll (Deutsch Nepal) existences. So, highly inspired by their natal industrial Swedish town spelled Boxholm… this release has s primordial characteristic that is a collection of live performances of the act through Europe & Usa. Now, let’s go deeper to the music defragmentation developed here. Live in Vilnus Lithuania 6th March 2004 includes 4 compositions through (28:20) in which you can feel the organic delirium and industrial ambient passages floating through the whole spectrum of the tracks, music is full of power due strong beat tunes giving an apocalyptic touch. At some moments voices starts to evoke its respective elements to enrich the whole show with an own strong character, having moments of a dramatic dark depth, the whole tracks have a representation of isolation and dead earth expressionism. So, then comes “Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv” (end part) live in San Francisco Usa. 24th October 2004 through (4:47) with its chaotic fusion of sounds full of drone and electro elements which arrive to complement a show full of moments of dynamic and bizarre structures. Just imagine both Peter & Lina at stage mesmerizing your mind through such spectrums. So, closing this live archives is a live show in Zurich Switzerland on the 6th of January 2006 (26:25) with two tracks “Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv “and “Pressbyran 78” both tracks floating on dark ambient atmosphere with some traces of power electronic and arrangements which fits perfectly for a show as the ones presented by, this is just a part of a review which will be better to have been the opportunity to watch alive. To explore the visual side and sensations of an act as BOCKSHOLM through stage. So, perhaps someday we will have the opportunity to see BOCKSHOLM here in South America. Or just to travel Europe to watch a show!!!

“Live archives 1 & 2“ Cd 2007
Do you imagine a RAISON D’ ETRE live show and opening with the first 4 tracks of “In Sadness, Silence And Solitude” album? Yes, it was a reality for all the French freaks at Nevers France on 1st June 1996 performing the work “Drop Of Crystal With A Thousand Eyes” through (32:36) “Reflecting In Shadows”, “In Absence Of Light”, “The Well Of Sadness” and “Deep Enshrouded”, developed with the spirit which characterized the RAISON ‘D ETRE albums. Neoclassical religious influences with such dark ambient atmosphere, unique in this genre. Sonic mantras hypnotizing the audience to a point f expanding consciousness through such beautiful dark compositions. Bell sounds announcing the last parade full of isolation and shadowy shapes. “Moulding And Destruction 1 “live in Leipzig, Germany on the 8th June 2005 (7:48) increase the moment of astonishing reality due metal echo sounds floating through a dense desolated atmosphere. And closing is “The Eternal Horizon” live in Neerpelt,Belgium on 4th august 2000 (11:02) continues with such deep voyage to forgotten ruins seducing the listener to explore the misery, desolation of their minds,,,still metal echoes sounds and a dark atmosphere surrounding the whole track.

Well, now let’s go to live archive 2.

Its time for Bulgarians to explore a world hidden in ashes of desolation. opening wit “The Transformal Landscape” and “The End Of Key” at live Sophia, Bulgaria 16th April 2006 (22:41) .church tolling bells opening again trough deep atmospheres full of sorrow and earthly darkness unravel slowly to ultimate present a more touching and real representation of the beauty and sadness that RAISON D’ ETRE has always revealed in. then,”Metamorphyses IV” live Zurich Switzerland on 6th January 2006.the 4th phase continues mutating itself through organic drone pattens full of abstract sounds and dismal atmospheres. “Moulding The Forlorned” live in Gent Belgium in 7th May 2006, a remote march to dungeons of forgotten realm once buried by the dust of time, carving metal sounds twisting around ethereal atmospheres all the time once again and again. Closing is live in London 28th April 2006 “The Transformal Landscape” and “The End Of The Key”. This release is more than just a collective selection of live performances. Is just a clear representation of how RAISON D’ ETRE has evolved through time. This release is a way to express to those of us whose haven’t the opportunity to presence his live shows to have a clear idea of how RAISON D’ ETRE sounds at stage!!!

v/a Double Cd 2008
More than just a double cd compilation, this album is an amazing gathering of artists around the world, paying tribute to the art of Icelandic sculptor Einar Jonsson (1874-1954). 28 dedicated artists sailing in the seas of dark ambient, industrial, neofolk expressionism, adapting all their talented, artistical concepts through diverse compositions, all of them with a very seductive, abrasive sonic atmosphere. This double album is divided into two parts: part I “Grief “And contains acts such as BELBORN,COLD FUSION,STORM OF CAPRICORN,LARRNAKH,WESTWINDWEIHAM,ZEBAOTH,CAWATANA,H.E.R.R/VON THRONSTAHL,AELDABORN,KAMMER SIEBEN,HOROLOGIUM,AGNIVOLOK,RUKKANOR. So, for example STORM OF CAPRICORN “come from far and wide” with a militant folk track with an impressive adaptation of sounds and lyrics taken from “volupspa” of the poetic Edda. LARRNAKH “island on island” with perfect development through the whole track full of acoustic guitars and well structured work of vocals. WEIHAM “utlagar” inspired by Einar Jonsson’s and musically very attractive piece of art with excellent work on vocals, and synths ZEBAOTH “drought now” surprises me with an excellent track with militant drumming part and chorus similar to Sophia .a great potential here. CATAWANA “have no option” a beauty, sad, melancholy remembering a past age. The atmosphere generated here is really great. Piano parts, and well done arrangements of vocals and synths. AGNIVOLOK “sculptur” a dense ambient composition, with a characteristic sound having the sensation to be submerged under a dense ocean, so suddenly with some acoustic parts from time to time. There are just some of the acts involved in this great album.Now, let’s go enter to the dungeons of darkness and explore the part II called:”Birth Of Psyche” including acts such as :ARTEFACTUM,HOARFROST,KADAVER/REFUSE TO DIE,ROSE ROVINE ET AMANTI,WACH,SIMULACRA,GANDOLFS GEDANKEN,SHINING VERIL,GREGORIO BARDINI,SITRA AHRA,ECHO WEST ,BISCLAVERET and OBJECT 4… opening is ARTEFACTUM “symbolism” a dense voyage to unknown realms, with twisted work of vocals and a deep, dark insane atmosphere here. Always innovating HOARFROST comes with a track called “insane” based on guitar parts and synths which complements perfectly creating a monumental mixture of melancholic passages. ROSE ROVINE ET AMANTI “violini e rose “sweet ,classical melodies very inspirational and moody, a perfect work of violin as only this great act could performs. GREGORIO BARDINI “cobra” pays homage to Mr. Jonsson with an excellent artisitcal track developed during a live performance at St Andrew church. With calm, beautiful, harmonic atmosphere, through piano, flute, parts which suddenly captures you in extremis. SITRA AHRA “the scorching breath” with an enigmatic ritualistic composition through tribal drumming beats and a well development of vocals in general. this was recorded during ritual performances of the act. A very dark intense track here. BISCLAVERET “engill ljssins”, again this polish duo surprises us with such an indeep, dark explosive composition. Piano parts which are whispers, evoking old passages in time, and also the astonishing vocal of Dragos, which complements perfectly with the atmosphere generated here. One of the best tracks in my opinion. A very interesting release here having a lot acts worth to check. So, just write Igor for more information.
SHAHANAS (Ita)”Over Garden Horizon” CD 2007
This Italian project got so much my attention due ideological matters by Victor Emmanuel so, left hand path tantra and occultism were getting more and more my interest. And his music wasn’t the exception. 7 expressive compositions with a high progress from time to time. Opening track is “Prakrti” a beginning with some dark ambient passages which slowly ended transformed into industrial-noise patterns. “Nidra” is a very short ambient exploration with a deeper atmosphere. then comes “Shell Over Garden Horizon” with a very sticking work on guitars and a dense ethereal atmosphere at the whole picture of the track. “Mary Inxtc” is just a classical sad song with moments of a nostalgic mood. “Existence” is a perfect expression through guitars mixed with some minimal atmosphere and spoken vocals which complements perfectly each other. One of the best tracks developed here. “Manthana” another track with interesting moments in how the track has been built. Dark atmospheres surrounding the whole track, with not so much variating parts but still with highlights moments. Finishing its “o” , which is an ambient, industrial track. The important point in this release is that SHAHANAS has a lot of potential .obviously he needs to improve some elements here and there, but really, the music fills the expectatives. A piece of esoteric industrial noise basing in experimental and spiritual rebellion as its principal patterns!!!