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"Imagine time as a spider's web -a spiral with intersecting rays,a magickal model or map,this simple design can be used for potent pathworkings and astral timetravel"... Is the opening of this book which is an artistic,magickal,poetic representation of time-emit. travelling though different spaces of time from greek chronos and hindu makahala to the ancient femenine mysteries of fate.this mystic history explores the far reaches of time. and its warp in the web of wyrd. each page is a convergence through magickalgrimories,sorcery,qabalah,tantra,typhonian magick...and more. also,the concepts and appreciations of occultists as A.Crowley,Soror Nema,and K.Grant are developed as complements in the whole concept of the book.Orryelle shows all siHer talented skills as artist with a lot of graphic emmanations such as pictures from "The Book Of Kaos Tarot",poetic exaltations and his encounter via astral with the Arachnean loas. an inspirational book full of symbolism recived via magickal experimentations. Also,here you will find a complete article about "The Global Anahata(heart) Chakra Working" which are cultural representations of the 12 tribes or source-races of humanity wovwn together by heart chakra piercings in a web of unity in diversity.This new revised and expanded edition includes an extended Arachnean grimorie and the always fascinating sculpture picures of KALI-ARACHNE.This books also includes a 2 hour DVD with "Loom Of Lilla"expressing in form and movement the reationship of the individual to the to the collective,exploring also the concepts of microsmos and fate versus free will. dancers together from th face and hands of Kali-Arachne.individual dancers expressing their free will,break away from te composite figure to perform their own dances,yet these also ultimately weave back into the pattern of the whole. The fractal or holographic nature of reality is expressed through the forms and movements of individual figures echoing the larger movements of a larger beings they are part of. The composite face is created by idividuals who compse it,this begin a visual and theatrical metaphor for the nature of deity.e believe in god/goddess whether we call them this or less personalized names such as:fate,energies,or "collective consciousness" by them,yet thy are a result of and created by our belief and energies. we may struggle with our fate,or dance with it and co-create our destiny,acknowledging our part within the collective reality both being influenced by it and with the language of our bodies and souls-influencing it. Also another related work by the always dynamic artistical explorations of METAMORPHIC RITUAL THEATRE Co.The book comes with a full color front & back covers and includes a three fold colouredartistical pictures by Taz.The Book contains 164 pages(including DVD) and cost $33Us(world)
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A full long interview with Orryelle Defenestrate Bascule will be included on a printed experimental magickal grimorie generated by me(Kerval) Fr.NUBTI 111 and will be out Summer Solstice 2008 E.V and in the book ANTIBOTHIS Vol II. MORE INFO...COMING SOON!!!


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