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Reviews(8) Z'EV cooperation releases.

“Magistral” Digipack 2007
(Southern Lord)
Without a doubt one of the most influential persons in the whole post-industrial history of contemporary music is Z’EV.his way to mutate sounds, creating own percussion instruments from stainless steel,titanium,pvc plastics, give us an idea of how amazing is the mind when awaken creativity. In the other side we have also an individual as Stephen O’Malley, a predominant producer and musician basing his skills on guitars. A generator of high quality projects between them the most representative SUNN O))). And this release is a collaboration one.a conjunction of manipulated sounds, sonic visions emerged through eerie stimulations generated by the submixes and atmospheres surrounded the whole tracks. “Magistral” consist of 5 hybrid expressions mutating all the time. With the dynamism and perspective which characterize both artists. An abstract voyage to the nucleus asymmetric of sounds and mental machines., structured by the percussive mixes of Z’EV and the immaterial but tangible elements handled by O’ perspective a very astonishing release, breaking its own limits due to transgression & dark abstract nature of “magistral”. This production comes in a Digipack with artwork veiled in abstract cubic forms which show us just a part of what two dynamic artists could create when working together.

“Spirit Transform Me” Cd 2008
Another enigmatic ritualistic production of the creative force known as Z’EV,this time under the collaboration of OREN AMBARCHI a composer, a multi instrumentalist which together develops this concept album, envision the mysticism of quabalah,magickal system. They reveal us 3 emanations “Alef”,Bet”and “Gimel”.more than just a quabalistic alphabet visons, this is a gate to the most in deep hidden nature of such three mental states. “Alef” is the first emanation through 16:06 of induced trance ,through distortioned guitar patterns, vibrations and percussive elements generated by metal beats, pulsating themselves to create an euphoric state of calm ,but at the same time intense in its own essence. “Bet” is emanated through steel, aluminium sound sources slowly mutating through dense atmospheres created by spasmodic guitar parts and vibrational effects, also the use of Viola and percussive fragments make of this track a ritualistic piece full of power and energy through 16:43. Complementing the final spiritual transformation is “Gimel” a 9:52 track opening with tubular bells, and a very dense atmosphere surrounded by the hypnotic, subliminal percussion. OREN and Z’EV take the sonic investigation of guitar and percussion to starling the heights. Quabalistic euphoria from two masters of trance ritual art.
Digipack 2007
Let’s continue exploring the mysterious enigmatic performances of Z’EV.This time though a release which includes two long compositions of 22:22 each one. The first one is by BJ NIELSEN, focusing in dark meditative trance sounds floating through the whole picture of the track. Dark minimal soundscapes, eerie ambient passages repeating themselves again and again into a concrete sound. The composition handled by BJ NIELSEN, is a prove that you can create good music through repetitive elements. After passing 13 minute, some drone pulsating elements appears to generate more intensity to the whole composition. Z’EV track is a massive representation of experimental nature of all its being .the music exalted through trance ritualistic spheres dancing through dark drone patterns, which molds the whole structure of the track with intensity from start to finish. The highlight of this release is the way as both artists develop its characteristic sounds and start to experiment with the structures they have created before. The result, a representation of dynamism, disturbing meditative conjunction in its most pure form.
CD 2006
(Die Stad)
This time the turn is for DAVID LINTON, a percussionist and multimedia artist. Opening is Z’EV with two compositions. The first one is called “Soliloqui # 1” and includes a drum based pattern with voices going through the whole track, which is so simple for my taste. The 2nd track “Not Nil” is just a lot better than the first one. Here both artists cooperate creating a dense minimalistic ambient long piece with almost 20 minutes. With the pas of minutes, the track becomes more intense and disturbing, with moments of transgression and abrasiveness’. The third track is an ambient composition by DAVID LINTON with meditative calm moments. The final track is a DAVID LINTON track re-mixed by Z’EV, with interesting work of drums and arrangements. This release is not as interesting as the other Z’EV cooperations,but tracks 2 and 4 are enough worth ones to get the whole Cd. This was released on the occasion of a live performance that took place on the 11 November 2006, at the Lagerhaus Bremen.

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