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(Reviews 13) SCAPEGOAT,Z'EV

Promo Cdr 2008
(Sutekh Productions)
It’s very interesting to hear dark tribal ritualistic ambient acts as SCAPEGOAT. So, this American based trio, have developed an unique sound, with arrangements which reminds me to Zero Kama, in the way as percussive elements are handled here. Resonant waves through industrial elements are processed to continue with a very in depth development of this release. At moments SCAPEGOAT seems to transport you to dense regions of your mind, due dark atmospheres surrounding the whole tracks. The most important point here is how the sound is mutating all the time, and through each layer of such creations shall find dynamic structures converging again and again to create a piece of ritualistic ambient sounds. Another aspect worth to mention here is how at moments the repetitive sonic elements generates dark, trance inducing drones,wich together some programmed effects, voices and loops gives you an exact idea of what SCAPEGOAT pretends when experiment with sounds. A very promising trio, which have important points to check out in future, because the potential is here. This promo contains 8 tracks, and some titles are “Cosmos Inside The Cranium”, “Under Red Skies(The Pyramids Of Marz Part II)”,”Dark Room” ,”The Lights Of Deep Space (Short Trip).So, for more information just contact Sutekh Productions.

SCAPEGOAT (Usa) “Visitation Of The Kundalini” Cdr 2007
(Radical Matters)
With this alb
um SCAPEGOAT takes a ritualistic dark ambient approach. Dense tribal soundscapes, inhuman vocal sampling obscured in the whole structure of some tracks. Opening this release is “Ashes Of Bones”, a very interesting dark piece of tribal archaic sounds, and a ritualistic atmosphere remembering Zero Kama, Lashtal.then comes “Baphomet” with its reverberating atmospheres, whispers and repetitive sounds, penetrating to your brain. The third track is “Becoming On Of Them (Edit)”, an astonishing ambient track with effects sounding like water drops falling down, very seductive and dark. With “Curse Upon Humanity” its just ore like a trip to unknown dimensions through disturbing moments of harsh noise. “Lorelei” has such reverberating tonal sounds and harsh atmosphere. With “Nacrotic Flesh” and “Nekropile” things goes more oriented into dense cosmic tribal percussions and ambient sounds, creating a specific altered state of mind. The same goes for “Transmissions From Beyond The Seraphin” and its cosmic dark ambient soundscapes floating through the whole track. Another track is “Skulls Waiting”, giving us moment of industrial passages and ambient effects from time to time. And closing is “Vengeance” ,complementing this trip. “Visitation Of Kundalini” is just a perfect ritual exposition of sounds through ancestral esoteric techniques to rise the black serpent hidden in each one of us. To generate through sounds, the rising of energy necessary to self transformation Z’EV (Usa)
“Outwaard” Cd 2007

(Korn Plastics)
The musical career and development as one of the most impressive and creative artist seems to be infinite. This time he arrives with “Outwaard”, which is a cooperation release between Frans De Waard with who (ZÈV) year ago released “Forwaard” album. All the whole musical sounds were made at a peeting zoo in Kleve Germany, and give us just a brief idea of how creative is Z’EV when exploring with sounds and acoustics. This release includes 3 tracks. The first one here is a minimal ambient exposition of sounds and atmospheres creating soundscapes of calm, but in deep nature in the way as this track is arranged. The second one is still with such minimal ambient sound, But with some distorted voices, effects, which gives you an idea of why this was recorded at a zoo. And overall atmosphere that will offer you an exact idea of the concept behind this album. Finally it’s the third one, which is a deep voyage through ambient sounds and manipulated electroacoustic elements generated in a proper way to explore each second in the track. At moments the tracks reveal us a dark environment, full of vibrant elements and an enigmatic nature.
HATI (Pol) Vs Z’EV (Usa)
"#1"Cd 2006
(Ars Benevola Mater)
Another collaborations release, this time the turn is for the Polish act HATI.and offers us 8 psychic defragmentations through 50 minutes. This release is one of the best ones coming that year, in my opinion. Due the dynamism and the development, manipulation of different sounds and instruments giving a mystical, magickal touch and at the same time a hostile, dark atmosphere. Instrument such as woden pipes, wooden trumpet(Liganka),animal horns, Tibetan croatals,thailanese/Chinese gongs, metal discs,aluminium bars, among others …are elements which properly mixed crates this alchemic mutation, which both HATI and Z’EV,developed here, to express a reality hidden behind each gong song, each aluminium bar beat, each horn sound. Another important point to note s the ancestral sensations carved through the whole 8 unique experience which must be experienced by yourself if you are into ritualistic dynamic music. This cd comes in a beautiful colour cover, including two pictures of the artists experimenting with sounds. A very especial release. So, for more information just contact Ars Benevola Mater. Just keep an eye open for more Z’EV releases, because the dynamic reality of this master of percussion, acoustics is mutating all the time.

Z’EV (Usa)
“Metaphonics” Cd 2005
(Eter Pro
Metaphonics is the word used by Z’EV to describe the kind of sounds which has as principal factor to alter the consciousness or invoke trance state. And from such parameters Z’EV, released “Metaphonics”.a long 35 minutes track, exploring different sonic elements to alter your mind and to penetrate the most in deep regions of your being. This experimental release functions perfectly when in total darkness, using some sort of scarf etc,to cover your eyes. If you can get a room completely light proofed that is the best, because then you can listen with your open eyes. Deep ambient soundscapes floating through dense drones and manipulated sonic currents, creating an utter calm. This release is perfect to meditation, rituals,or just to open your mind to most hidden layers of your consciousness. It’s a perfect album to make any space more alive and conductive. Red cover with a black mandala. Powerful sacred music experimentation from Z’EV.

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DAVID RUSSELL (Usa) “Self-portrait/Dexation” Cassette 2005
(A Sound design)
Each time, we explore more and more the experimental world’s of creative artist. this time the turn is for DAVID RUSSELL. And what we can hear in this release is floating in its own reality based in exploration of self through diverse sounds, voices, and percussions. On side a: you can hear “Self-portrait Part I,II,and III” and each one of them explores through few minutes a decodified structure of metal sounds,noises,all of them conjuncted to create an immersive detonation of psychotic nature. On side B: we have “Dexation” a solo track full of noises, sounds which at moments are a bit repetitive. The whole track includes some percussive elements and voices which enrich the track, in the whole sense. Psychotic harsh noise from a high caliber. The cassette comes with an abstract cover picture.

JERK (Usa) “A Frenetic Menace” C d 2007
(Tower Control)
To be concrete, it’s a bit difficult to categorize the musical development expressed here, but what is sure is that this is a frenetic menance.including a total of 10 tracks through 33 minutes. JERK & co have developed a dirty sound album with raw moments through processed guitar sounds, which are so corrosive and bizarre. Mostly of the tracks has such raw guitar sounds, but with the percussive elements added here, you can experience a pure atonal chaos. Some electronic passages from time to time and old post punk elements as on the tracks “Nox Sexual Dreams” & “Dollar” which gives to this album, a very interesting one. At least at some tracks, for example “Circless” which has some strange vocals and percussive element going from mid-tempo, to slow ones? “Skeletal Crest” a more noise one, but with calm drumming elements, sounds and vocals, which gives a dark atmosphere to the track. In my opinion the best one. It’s better to let you judge by yourself “A Frenetic Menance” by JERK, but just a normal stuff, but a very experimental Japanoise rock, having percussive elements as the predominant points here. Having the cooperation of Justin Coulter, Adrian Bertolone, and Michael Dobrinic.

(A Soundesign)
The nature of evolution and more through musical expression is a point worth to check when hearing, here we have one, with worth elements to check. Opening is RELENTLESS CORPSE “Putrefaction”, with a noise machine track build through modulations and metal sounds creating a nightmarish atmosphere. Then comes JERK with two tracks “Narc assault” and “Black” focusing both of them though noise passages with harsh moments and rhythmic patterns here and there. With SKIN GRAFT “Untitled” rhythmic noise through processed guitars and percussion. FREE TIME “Sitting Ducks” it’s like to be floating in dense sea of nothing, pure dense calm harmonies, which contrast which the rest of the tracks. HOWLAND/RUSSELL “One Thousand One”, BOWERS/RUSSELL “Untitled” we march into a perfect perfect mixture of noise through drone focused elements and percussive sounds complementing in a proper way. TUSCO TEEROR “Live At Parish Hall 8.18.07” marks a peak in sonic terror modulation and reverberating effects to create a chaos within. Expressed through this live performance. Closing is TERRORIST OTHER “Lane Mccotter” with a rock composition, through very well done bass parts, drums and vocals. So, no more words from my side, just check by yourself

Saturday, 14 June 2008


CULT OF YOUTH (Usa) “7 Ep” 2008
At our hands arrived the first release of Axiomata Prod. And what a very impressive debut. Cult Of Youth, develops here, just an important pat of all their potential in the fields of folk, post industrial music through 3 compositions, having each one of them, the necessary charisma to manifest in yourself a kind of nostalgic feelings due great musicalisationship played with heart. Side A: includes a track called: Train To Kill” with a very aggressive vocals, and almost a perfect acoustic guitar development and an atmosphere really well handled. while side B:include two tracks “Nature” which is in my opinion the best track, built through beautiful rhythmic acoustic guitar parts,bass,tambourine and solo vocal parts, generating a very seductive piece of neo-folk expressionism.”Eye To Eye” handles the same vocal parts having moments of poetic splendor and accompanied by the great work of vocals. At moments Cult Of Youth reminds me to Death In June, but still having its own musical identity. This Ep is limited to 325 copies in pure white vinyl. And red cover.

“First Century Awakening” Cd 2006
(Nuit Et Brouillard)
LD50, is a Belgian trio, which have released a tape and a cdr in past. And now arriving with an especial album, opening with “First Century Awakening”, an emotional atmospheric piece with some dark percussive sounds and vocals. “Dose V.S.291” is a surreal dark whirlpool of tunes and samples through dense vaporous atmospheres. “Pureness” is more a dark electro track which reminds me to old experimental ambient acts from 80’s,cosmic and rhythmic with percussive sounds and beats.with “Solitude” LD 50 returns to the most in deep void through samples and repetitive sounds through the whole track. Then comes “Dose IV.V.586” and Dose IV.V.264” dense hallucinating defragmentation of sounds, with a very in deep spatial atmosphere. The 2nd one contains repetitive vocal moments. Then arrives “Anti-Dose IX.5.518” and “Dose XII.29.294” with hypnotic ambient sounds through dismal projections embracing you all the time, due the perfectionist sphere developed by this Belgian trio. This cd comes in an original A5 size silk screened fold out cover. And a brilliant abstract cover, painted by Leyla Ersen. A very recommended release, for fans of First Law,Inade or even Nocturnal Emissions.

“Tormentor/ I Need You” / Ep 2003
(Nuit Et Brouillard)
With its first vinyl release, this French act known as PROPERGOL, and from our perspective, a very interesting release, opening is “Tormentor”, a suggestive machine of repetitive sounds, generating aggressive pulsations all the time. And veiled with a mysterious structure, due how the noise elements are incorporated to effects and sounds in, the chaotic paradigm continues with the 2nd track “I Need You” which is like a proclamation of obsessive nature. And psychotic vocals. Both tracks have those deeper complex, harsh elements. PROPERGOL has developed here a very interesting release due intensity and aggressively of both tracks. This Ep comes in deluxe packing on a glossy fold out cover + Postcard. Misanthropic-self destructive mental journey.

“Tonfragmentte II” Cd 2004
(Zone De Confusion)
With its first release, Zone De Confusion which is a sub-division of French Nuit Et Brouillard.bring us a very interesting piece of psychic terror music generated by this German duo. The album consists of 11 tracks, all of them with worth patterns in the fields of musical experimentation, due to high integrity of sounds and elements, floating in dynamism. the music constantly breaths an immense power electronic sound, but always with intense old school industrial elements and ambient passages from time to aspect to mark here is that they had self-made instruments. Opening is “Fog” a very stiking track, full of a dark electro atmosphere which reminds me to the Belgian duo HYBRYDS.then comes,”…Gegen Die Eigenen Untergebenen” and “Logic Control” more industrial ones, with drone elements and the always powerful electro sounds enriching the whole structure of both tracks. With “useless Informations” and “Nightwar” we find a more power electronic track with a very good development of vocals and sticking beats and sounds..The first one. The other tack is more an ambient track with some industrial elements and effects at the core of the track. “Fight”,”Perversion”,”Metropolis”,”Last Farewell”,”…Empfangen Sue Auf Kurzwelle”,and “An Appeal” are the rest of the tracks and including the same dynamism and originality which this German duo have developed here. The most important point of this release is the way as each composition has such Organic Movement as a living bacteria, devouring itself and creating new and more abrasive elements through the whole album. The release comes in digipack with selected varnished parts. 11 tracks for a total of 63:19.a release worth to check due the different elements found here.

“Niigata” Cd 2007
(Zone De Confusion)
A chaotic exploration of different sounds creating a piece of bizarre industrial passages which reminds me a bit to Brighter Death Now,in the magnificent use of reverberations and atmospheres. This legendary French group has included 9 tracks for this release which were recorded on tape in 1985. Important points here is how the music is going penetrating your brain slowly to a point of collapse all your senses. The use of metal sounds in mostly of the tracks, some strong blasting beats and echoed screamings, generates a sensation of intensity and rawness. Each track has been built with the old industrial elements which give that touch of hashness, always dwelling into agonic moments due hard electronic sounds surrounding the structure of each composition. If you can explore deeply the MINAMATA’s world, you shall find more than just chaotic compositions, but a progressive detonation of sounds mutating all the time, searching to penetrate your mind.

Monday, 9 June 2008


“Ei Vermi Ameranno Lamia Carne” Cd 2008
Well, it’s the first time I’ve just heard about this Italian act, and the first idea who crossed to my mind, when listening this album was the obsessive transformation of sounds and bizarre elements dressing each one of the seven tracks included here. Firstly we have “Invito” a rhythmic electro track with obsessive beats and a deep exploration of sounds .then, comes “Taglio” an spasmodic, monotonous madness. “Anatomia Del Caso L’ Arte Morte” rough modulations and progressive madness incrementing its force with the pass of minutes. The 4th track “segnore Dove Cadure” is built into a more rhythmic electronic passages with some mechanical futuristic elements from time to time. “Epitalomio” is in my opinion the best track here, with deep dense atmospheres and some mechanical elements engraving the whole structure of the track.then, comes title album. a more bizarre, deconstructive sonic madness, with repetitive sounds, and closing is “umaNO” sequences of electro sounds floating, emerging once again and again to complete this corrosive cycle.withut a doubt a very interesting release by CONDANNA,you can experiment death/orgasm/flesh/worms/infinite chaos through each one of the structures expressed here.

THE LOVED ONE (Uk) “Further Observations…” Preproduction sample 2008
Perhaps you have heard somewhere the name THE LOVED ONE, coz it’s a very old deep underground electronic band which began in 1976 with Dryden, this pre-production release is a way to show us their upcoming material which will be out soon. The music is going more into electronic/experimental with highlights moments through the whole compositions included on this release. Tracks a:”The Depressionist” is really incredible, very melancholic and with such old school minimal elektro elements and vocals floating into strange forms as they are molding together. “…Further Observations” with some rhythmic electro patterns and effusive elements. “The Burning Tadpole” is a voyage to the very core of THE LOVED ONE’s essence, with a track floating in the fields of electronic music ranging from synth pop to experimental. “Paradox Zn” with its robotic vocals and a tiny electro elements, which makes of this release a varyating force of different sounds arranged perfectly to create a perfect atmosphere through the whole album. So its my first experience with THE LOVED ONE and I must sure, a very unforgettable experience due its sticking music.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

HYBRYDS Reviews & Article

”Dreambient” Dvd 2008
a Belgian ritualistic act which with the pass of time, has became one of the most interesting, expressive form of art. The fact of transcend musical limits and now through visual mutations into ritualistic experimentations and digital, the work at “Dreambient” is a reflection, a voyage to most primitive form of paganistic worship. God’s rising from sub-consious, creating an impressive visual musical piece. Part I: Ophelia/Ulunda: visualizing dense water exploration showing a beauty female shape submerged in her own sensations and desperation. After some minutes, the mesmerized water parts are transformed into a erotic dance where Ophelia meets with her own sensations. Musically it complements perfectly with the visual side. A deep ambient piece with spoken vocals. Part II: Night: Nox, the night of matriarchal enchantments continues its triumphant path. This time Hecate, dancing through foogy, fire effects. Very interesting tribal drumming sounds, opening with beauty female oral expressions.emotive, sublime, seductive music. Part III: Satyr: Abrasive nature images and a very well constructed atmosphere through the whole passage. Because the camera lens focus relevant aspects according each visual expression. And with a great vast exploration of sounds mutating all the time. Part IV: Babel: a lustful representation of a paganistic past dwelling into different vortex of perspectives with incredible music examination and cymbals, sounds arranged through the whole composition. Part V: Snow:sigils,rocks,symbols,movements,dances,elemental forces,whispers,totems,a very interesting piece built into colours and elements mentioned before, which are handled creating a strong visual piece and with a musical perspective,very,very interesting going in the right direction together the slow dancing female bodies. Part VI: Woman: birth,death,eros,thanatos,in my opinion the best part in the Dvd ,due suggestive,transgressive art revealed here. Babalon erupting its vaginal visions through blood, agony, pain, and pleasure. A very impressive work by Sandy Viktor Nys,aka Magthea,who through his artistic visions enchant us under enigmatic erotic archetypes full of dynamic conceptual expressionism, only revealed by a brilliant mind as the one of Mr. Nys.the whole music was done by Sandy Viktor Nys,and Sven Germeroth,and vocals by Madeline Arndt. At the Dvd’s end you shall find a lot of pictures relating the whole video, and also this Dvd comes, with two small papers including an expressive visual art too. These are not video clips, this is erotic video wallpaper born out of an unconscious stream of religion and erotic archetypes.

“Live Ritual & cyber Punk & Tv Interviews” (Before 2000)DVD
An old ma
terial collected specially for this release. The first part is a Nurnberg Annual report ,23-11-1993 “The Ritual should Be Kept Alive Part I”. a very suggestive piece of ambient soundscapes floating in a very ritualistic ,indeed way. Vocal mixing with deep and tribal sounds. On stage you can observe Ah-Cama Sotz, Djen Ajakan S and Vidna extremely hypnotic and abrasive performance through 24 minutes. The second part is “Stubnitzboat,Stockholm,Sweden in 1998,showing us excerpts from tracks as “inside My Mind”,”Fly”,”NoiseTrance” and “Launch Virus” filmed at Cyberpunk Virtual Impact project: Nursery Injection festival. Rhythmic, violentreverberations, hypnotic sound, beats, effects, creating a mental catharsis inducing illumination. The third part is a Tv documentary “DE Melkbrigade”from Belgium TV in 1996(Excerpts),”De Nachtrijder” Holland satellite Tv in 1995,”Antraciet” Virtual Tv Show From film students in 1997 (Excerpts) all of them including interviews and live excerpts, and some fetishistic imagery and more. The 4th part interview and conversations by Stubnitz crew in 1998. Here Magthea & Yasnaia talk about fascistic influences in the scene, new musical influences, cyberpunk, rituals and more. To finish a long slideshow with the most representative images of HYBRYDS during its long extensive existence.
As complement was include to me ,a extra Dvd,with the whole artistical expressionism of Mr Nys,including a Tv Interview with Viktor Nys,talking about the early influences in his work, the way to focus modern & ancient fetishism in the actual society and images from his museum’s expositions. An excerpt from “Dreambient” Dvd, but this time including some different effects and suggestive totems, dances.”La Premiere” a video animation relating “Dreambient” video and an artistic slideshow with mostly of the visual art included during the taking of images for this great release.

HYBRYDS (Bel) “Atavistic Fetisj” Cd 1994
The atavisti
c fetisj is a ritualistic way of expression transcending all aspects of primitive ethnical exploration. Generating an unique style of music evoking such ancient visual imagery from the most deep of our subconscious environment. Through 5 compositions “spiritus Insertus Atomis”,”Fear Is from Devine Origine”,”Atavistic Fetisj” and “Totem Of revelation” you shall experience industrial elements which are going transforming in different sounds, very ritualistic and at the same time very strong in the way as the structure of music is built, to penetrate the “atavistic fetisj” is to explore the most inner regions of your mind still to discover. An esoteric programation through sounds and suggestive visual forms. The Cd comes in a very amazing 5 fold package with 4 cards revealing different images from ancient to modern fetishistic emanations for a perfect complement with the whole album. One more time Sandy Vktor Nys aka Magthea, surprises us with all its creative experimental reality!!

Since the mid 80 -ties working in the ritual - mythical -industrial and magical music scene. This band is known for its mind expanding sound. Primitive ethnical and contemporary industrial influences are blended to create an unique style that has influenced many who were looking for spiritual dimensions. In the beginning of the 80 -ties, Magthea, the male side of the HYBRYDS was involved in THE KLINIK, in the mid 80 - ties he worked on his own personnel music style. Based on ancient influences and modern technology, the first tape demo: ”Mythical music from the 21 St. century “ (1986 - 3RIOART) did not get any reaction in the music scene. “Octahedron “ (3RIOART) a limited 7 inch followed but again no one was interested. At the start of the 90 -ties Yasnaïa joined the HYBRYDS concept adding her clear vocals and acoustic instruments.Working together with Djen Ajakan S and Vidna Obmana resulted in the first of many CD releases: ”The ritual should be kept alive part 1 “(3RIOART-1991). An ethnic styled trance piece.Suddenly the music scene discovered the original, eclectic and powerful HYBRYDS sound. Many CD releases followed, each release covering an aspect of the path Magthea and Yasnaïa were walking.“The ritual should be kept alive part 2 ”, contained collaborations with other musicians and remixes of the first demo tape. In “Music for rituals "(ARTWARE) the pure magical sound of HYBRYDS became reality, a struggle between female and male energies gave birth to one of the most original releases in the magical music scene. “ Soundtrack for the Aquaria of the Antwerp Zoo” mysterious deep ambient music created with Ah Cama Sotz for the 150 Th. anniversary of the Zoo (1993). ” The ritual of the rave”(DAFT) was their answer on the commercial rave scene, the soundtrack of the rave of their tribe and “The atavistic Fetisj ” (3RIOART) an industrial mini CD were the next steps in their evolution. Each release different from style,yet it is HYBRYDS. “Dreamscapes from a dark side”(DAFT), their most dark and deep ambient masterpiece,was the reflection of 5 years studio work. A CD so strong and intense,covering the descending to the black caves of your mind, a trip in your personnel subconsciousness where all your fears are born. Although many think “ Cortex Stimulation ”(DAFT) and Mistrust Authority (vinyl on SOMETHING WEIRD) is a break with their musical past, Hybryds themselves label this project as cyberpunk, all the elements which makes HYBRYDS so unique, are still there. Industrial rhythms and hypnotic electronic sound that crawls into the brain and brings the listener in alternated states, this time not with ethnical techniques but with LO-TEK technology. “ Tectonic Overload ”(ANTZEN) (1997) a limited art release goes on and over the edge of industrial music, dead-techno influenced rhythmtracks and hypnotic industrial noise brings HYBRYDS closer to the dance floor of the madman. Each release being accompanied by spare live performances, these cyberpunk releases gave birth to their new live project: MISTRUST AUTHORITY- PROMOTE DECENTRALIZATION, dedicated to all LO-TEKS (and William Gibson), in their fight against political and religious suppression. A project dealing with the media, virtual reality and the future of the human race.This time they took the meaning of industrial a step forward. This project balances on the edge of tolerance. Extreme, structured sound,frequencies that goes straight to the brain. Back uped with a lo- tek cybervideo and blended with the mystical and emotional vocals from Yasnaïa, the noise evokes trance. Trance evokes spiritual dimensions. “Virtual Impact” (DAFT 2000) the provisional latest HYBRYDS release contains an excellent selection of this powerful live sound and a live recorded videoclip (made by the Stubnitz crew).As contrast in the HYBRYDS apocalyptic live gigs, Yasnaïa brought her solo project live as a dark, ethnical and more ambient show. A video based on her dreamscapes and slide projecting creates the athmosphere for floating and soft danceable rhythms and her esoteric vocals brings you in a sensual dream state of mind.All these reflections you can find in the first CD ROM release of HYBRYDS; (vuz) An immense collection of artwork, video, digital poetry and information of 16 years of HYBRYDS existance, available for Macintosh OS9 and Windows 98- NT .When Yasnaia left the HYBRYDS project in 2000, Magthea went on with studioprojects, solo live and with new a new femalevocalist in the studio, video, digital photoart and audio-visual livegigs. To break with the past, these releases are sublabeled : NA-DHA. This resulted in 2006 -2008 with new livegigs, a video and musicproject : Dreambient.