Monday, 28 July 2008


OLEKRANON (Usa) “Cohesion” Cd 2008
(INAM recs)
Another Project of Ryan Huser, the mastermind behind Bob Crane, and this time with OLEKRANON he develops an amalgam of different sounds as guitar tunes, effects and rhythmic beats which in perspective give us a clear definition of what “Cohesion” is. “Necropolis” is track with rhythmic patterns and electro beats explorations with sounds, which creates a very interesting atmosphere. Another track is “As Is” a beautiful track full of harmonic passages and drumming elements complementing perfectly with the structure of the track. “Enumbra” is built through guitar effects mutating all the time and developing and incredible instrumentation. “Halo Effect” is a brilliant composition with well done atmospheric arrangements and elements which are from a very interesting nature. One of the aspects I most enjoy here is the cool guitar elements surrounded by the well executed beats, creating an indie rock, atmosphere through the whole album. At moments music becomes so dense and so, introspective by the fact how music crawls through your mind. Through “Cohesion” OLEKRANON has shown a more mature sound in comparison previous release. This album comes in a white digipack with sticker. For more info just contact Inam recs:

LID EMBA & BOB CRANE (Usa) “We Sustitute Radiance” digipack 2008
A very interesting cooperation release by LID EMBA & BOB CRANE, the first one in the shape of Sean Moore from Atlanta, Georgia and working into psychedelic electro acoustic transformations and Ryan Huser who develops through Bob Crane,e-bow pulsations and echo drones. A machinery of sonic substances emerging from nothing and creating effusive moments, which are mutating all the time, giving us a very clear idea of what both minds wanted to develop here. Through 6 compositions, this experimental album starts with “Toxic Utopia” and “Bird Brain”, the first one more rhythmic and strong, and the second one, a exquisite mid-tempo track, containing some effects and elements which enrich the whole composition. Then, comes “Ryan’s Bender” and “Braille Phantom Braille”avangardish experimental cutting edge moments, with strong melodies and rhythmic patterns worth to check. Although “Braille Phantom Braille” is more dense and ambient in my opinion. Closing this release are “Stampeder” and “Flying Undead Overhead” with characteristic noise-drone elements always mutating into experimental forms of sounds and beats from time to time. This one comes in a digipack and the cover shows us psychedelic gathering of forms and elements. A very good and surprising production by both creative American artists.

SUJO (Usa) “Dora” Cdr 2008
(Inam recs)
More tan just a cdr; this release is an effusive transgression breaking the limits of senses and existential paradigms, developed through 4 compositions in 40 minutes. SUJO incarnates a low-fi noise machine opening with “Premonitions”, a conjunction of sounds generating atmospheres and noise elements which together compenetrates perfectly to reveal us a strong nature and identity. Some beats has been included as a part of the whole track. The 2nd one is “Observer” coming with some psychotic drone elements at the beginning, but increasing a mutation into dense-drone patterns .with the third track “Dora” things goes oriented into industrialized sound, but still with dense drone passages and shoegaze elements, which complements perfectly with some distorted guitar fragments… closing the album is “Alliance” transgression in its most pure form.a march of psychotic noise sounds and distortioned fragments twisting all the time, generating an structured tsunami, devouring itself due to strong disharmonic moments, dressed with industrial touches at moments. This is limited to 100 copies and comes with a very creative transparent design.

Friday, 11 July 2008


“Ma –Kala” Cdr 2008
(Self Produced)
An amazing surprise was to know that Brad Salo, the French spectrum behind the act called Sigill, has a Project with the ritualistic and magickal context as KIA KARMA. “Ma-Kala” consists of two tracks through 42 minutes recorded recorded on spring equinox 2008 in kala temple Paris. Both tracks are a deep voyage to underworlds to such inner dimensions of our subconscious in which “Ma-Kala” is the key to explore such dimensions. The music is a pure ritualistic exaltation of dark ambient soundscapes, built through samples and tambours which evokes obscure trance induced music with such abrasive and somber atmosphere which seems as bringing elemental forms from another planes of existence. This album is perfectly, at least for those of us walking the magickal paths. Another point to mention here is how music turns so dense and penetrating, and more when voices are included, in both forms,lena with female whispers and Mr. Salo with its dark summoning, creating an hybrid album in context, with the strong character and enigmatic perspective to keep your mind,soul,and body enlighten all the time. “Ma-Kala” comes in a suggestive red A5 cover with a picture inside, showing us another facet of Mr Salo.the visual art in all its splendour, kundalini crawling from within to complete the whole concept of “Ma-Kala” and beware this is limited to 222 hand numbered copies. Just suck the poisoning wine of Hadit falling as Kalas from the starry eyes of Nuit.

“Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” Digipack 2008
(Seduction Prod)
After the release of “Arcane Elitism” back in time,anno 2002,the shape of Arkanum X,continues developing its creative talent and originality through this mighty expressive album called “Enraptured serene Mesmerism”, where converges its most dark feelings with such beauty atmosphere going far away from o many acts, developing orchestral ambient music. 8 penetrating compositions dancing into seductive forms through sonic mantras evoked by the sensitive symphonic arrangements and dark wave neo-classical passages which at moments reminds me the early works of Swedish Arcana,but with its own musical identity and character revealed in each one of the tracks developed here. Tracks as: “Sirenia Allure”, creating a beauty relationship between sensations and emotive melancholic passages, and the impressive vocalizations of Arcanstra M, which reminds me to Ataraxia, are capturing you due the very well built development of the arrangements generated here. “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” & “Seduced In Reverie” are gats to explore obscure sensations and melancholy veiled in each one of us. We must say, this release is just amazing and bombastic, because it fills all the needs of good musical taste due the creative, sensitive and talented musical art expressed here. This album is a picture of universe’s beauty hidden in each of us, ready to be explored. Also musicians as Drag, Stephen Svanholm and Arcanstra M were invited to take part in this amazing dark and brilliant production. “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” comes in a black DVD –digipack. Just, get relaxed and be enraptured and mesmerized by the seductive art of Arkanum X & ARKANE.for more info just contact him at

Cdr 2008
(King Vampire Recs)
This is a fantastic display of deep reverberating industrial transgression and martial neo-folk expressionism developed by the Canadian Thelemite Nicholas Packwood, who performs as GHOST OF FLEA. And through this release which is dedicated to Robert Holdstock. Mr Flea experiment with sounds, opening with a prelude, developing ambient soundscapes revealing us an introduction for upcoming tracks. “Horse Shrine” is focused through industrial passages and repetitive sounds which goes moving all the time. In “Battle Angel” you can experience both, bombastic martial sounds adapting itself perfectly to the whole concept in general. “No Sacrifice, No Victory” is floating through the well arranged female words and a very dark atmosphere through martial touches. Also, you shall find rhythmic confrontations in the track “Lady Of The Lake” and abrasive, transgressor art though an amazing composition such as “Boudicca”. The most interesting point with BRITISH IRON AGE, are the arrangements and how the whole tracks are built, through such sutile but penetrating industrial passages, always mutating through ambient and martial elements. We will hope there will be more new material released by GHOST OF FLEA though BRITISH IRON AGE, or his other projections, always bringing new elements to the musical nature explored by his creations.