Thursday, 28 August 2008


“Rokton+Formata” 3´Split Cd 2008
An interesting and creative release by Zhelezobeton recs.including 3 compositions which were records through two analogue rhythmic synthetizers. Rokton /Formata which are instruments built in Soviet Union. KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK brings us Rokton through a very intense and repetitive sonic defragmentations and rhythmic patterns which have some drone traces, from time to time. At moments music seems to be such limited between the base line sounds and the structure in general, but still has a very in deep parts. as was told before, this is a collaboration release, and the other artist is HLADNA,playing the Formata analogue synth,which has a very experimental sound, due almost the whole rhythmic patterns and minimalistic beats have a different structure. Also the deep penetrating bass drone elements are important points to be mentioned here. 3 compositions through almost 24 minutes coming in a packed small envelope and with a painting of Formata drum machine as cover. And limited to 250 copies.
Both Russian musicians have done an interesting job here. Focusing all their knowledge through the well execution of such analogue rhythmic synthetizers as Rokton /Formata.for more info just visit:

“Was Its Overdose Kunst” 3´cdr 2008
I was really surprising just because I just hope more a noise industrial act coming from Japan, and wow, a beautiful experience developed through very thin, fine harmonies and musicalisationship which surely will fill your expectatives from start to finish. this Japanese duo have a trajectory from almost 7 years, in which they have been developing its own identity as one of the most interesting experimental Japanese acts coming today.
They called their music as “Schizopoetry” as a way to explore the most in deep regions of human brain. Opening is “Partisan” with such melancholic, utile acoustic guitar tunes, adapting perfectly to the high quality vocalization developed here. The 2nd is “Ono Sendai” is still based through guitar, but this time vocals appear sporadically as whispers in darkness.also, some minimal effects can be found here. Coming next is “Kurz-y-nuy” is just a distorted based harmonies with some vocals which in my opinion gives such strong character to the track, because it reveal through a poetry expressionism the sensations and reflections of both creative artists working in the experimental paths of music, with effects, acoustic and vocals all of them floating together to generate a very twisted track. Closing its “Requia For Ethnic Cleansing” a very melodic composition with excellent arrangements and perfect female vocals which fits perfectly with the whole structure of the track. This release was composed and recorded by Takeshi F and Ryuta ,and offer us a clear idea that Japan could generates not only noise-industrial projects but, experimental acts with the beauty and seductive feeling of OVERDOSE KUNST.this comes in a small package with colorful cover, a nice option for all of you.

“Invasion” Cdr2007
An enigmatic and mysterious act coming from Russia. With some old compositions released through 1997-1999,and with a very sticking album oriented into old school EBM with some post-industrial traces, which together creates an astonishing piece of almost 26 minutes. The first track is “Invasion” with parts really very intense and melodies ready to devour you, are arguments worth to mention due the exquisite rhythmic patterns developed here. “Swastika Man” is also a very interesting piece of high rhythmic elements through the whole minutes. The third is one of my favorites, “illuminati” with catchy melodies and a cinematic atmosphere very interesting. Another factor very surprising it’s the old Aleister Crowley invocations remixed and arranged exclusively for this track. And more coming…yes, the 4th track is the best one “Cleansing The Planet” is almost perfect, with strong beat patterns and such electro parts surrounding the whole spectrum of the track. “Nazi Ufo Attacks Paris Nightclub” has a more industrialish soundscape and some electro elements from time to time. To complement the album is “Old Cunt” another great composition due powerful dense EBM melodies and such Sci-Fi movie elements. So, we are really anxious to know who are those guys involved in NAZI BASTARDS FROM ALDEBARAN, because they have done a very excellent album and we want to hear more. This act reminds me to Italian EBM act known as Limbo. This release comes limited to 250 copies.

“V/A” Cd 2007
(Muzka Voln)
Here is the first release of MUZKA VOLN,which is a sub division label of Russian Zhelezobeton and what more auspicious debut album, that to release a compilation Cd ,including 12 of the most representative Russian projects dealing with ambient/drone/minimalistic ambient organisma,creating ghastly, spectral sounds. And it will take us some pages to make references about each one of the acts present in this release. KSHATRIY-with its dense surreal world. EXIT IN GREY-experiment with ethereal sounds as whispers from the other side. HUM-isolationism and frequencies mutating all the time. CISFINITUM-and its astral cosmic voyages in dense loops. ANTHESTERIA-through perpetual acoustic structures coming from a beautiful, melancholic experience. BARDOSENETICCUBE-and its drone based altered state of consciousness. Are just a part of the important artists developed here. The rest of them are: CLOSING ETERNITY, NECROPOLIS, LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGAN, INSTANT MOVIE COMBINATIONS, POLARIS and REMOTE BAND. To complete a total of 12 Russian artists developing all their talented and creative spirits for this release. A six panel digipack with grey, white,black colours giving us an idea of what desolation is all about. A perfect representation of ambient/drone acts from the always interesting Russian movement. Remember this release is limited to 500 copies

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


V/A Cd 2008
(Spatter Recs)
More than just a compilation CD.Spatter recs .surprise us with this fetishistic piece of sounds, orgasms and more… in this opportunity have been gathered 11 of the most representative artits inside the Noise movement, though 11 compositions in which all of them reflects in a way, the man Hunt for men in public toilets, public Parks. Psychotic music, Black boots, Cumming ecstasies, sperm, leather. Latex and more, are elements focused when generated this album, and the name “Songs from the Dark Room” reveal just a part of what it’s behind fetishism, pleasures and pain. Some of the artists included here are SKIN CRIME with “it started out as a game” an ambient exploration of drone elements and industrial soundscapes, reverberating passages. TOBY DAMMIT “Paul Bate son 1”Psicótico Noise, catastrophic madness and some vocals which fits perfectly with the structure in general. N “a boy with brown scarf” a power Electronic track with so obsessive patterns. WERTHAM “undisciplined worthless cub” in my opinion the best track here. The vocals are just perfect and seductive. About the music we must say is effusive, Strong and with pulsating rawness. SICKNESS “video booth mouthpiece” with raw, repetitive transformations and noise adaptation mutating all the time…and so, other artists are BLACK LEATHER JESUS, TAINT, M.O, CONTROL, P.O.S.K, and RICHARD RAMIREZ /HELEN RYTKA are included here. This release Could be a tribute compilation to all those maniacs lovers of leather, chains and sperm. A very interesting concept and more about the extreme quality music developed here.

“First You Destroy Their Faith” Cd 2008
(Spatter Re
Richard Ramirez, started this act as a project in 1989 and with the pass of time, the idea became a reality. Such disturbed, effusive act: known as BLACK LEATHER JESUS emerged from Texas and since the beginning the main focus was to experiment with a sound which gives a devastating and psychotic touch. Through “First You Destroy Their Faith” you shall find two long compositions, both of them connected into harsh and structured noise, industrial patterns. The first track “The Nutriment Is the Milk of the Father” is more than just a noise machine, but a chaotic exploration of diverse sound sources and elements, which together creates this schizophrenic madness.
Through “What Advantage Hass Their Religion Brought Them “things are going more dense and indeep due the different elements as drone sounds and voices from Mr Ramirez. Some scratches,pedals,feedback,maracas are used through the whole track, to generate a dynamic defragmentation of sounds, revealing us just a part of what BLACK LEATHER JESUS could develops. In a way, this is a psychotic noise industrial album, with enough elements to keep you altered all the time. A very interesting release by the Italian SPATTER Recs. So for more info contact SPATTER

“Genologic Technocide” Cdr 2008
What a surprise to have in our hands this release by MAURICIO BIANCHI /M.D.T,and more to know such extreme and bizarre side of Mr BIANCHI. Through the 11 terroristic electronic manipulations, you could experience a dramatic neurological malformation, due the extreme-noise elements developed through the whole album. Erosive waves and loops, transforming all the time into a catastrophic reality with its palpable & strong structure and identity. At moments some industrial passages makes its presence to increase the agonic transgression. In some words we could say, this is a very strong album in its own nature, built with concrete sounds and very well manipulated sound devises which together creates an exasperating chaotic atmosphere. A living chaos worth to experience if you are looking for noise industrial machinery full of tension and dynamism. This release is limited to 500 copies. One more time the creative spirit of Mr Bianchi, has been explored, but this time with his more hidden bizarre, and extreme nature, and obviously Davide from M.D.T has added his personal touch to complement this release. For more just contact SPATTER recs.