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“Escape From Heaven” Cd 2006
(Some Place Else)
Experimenting with music, sounds and different magickal structures, NIKO SCORPIO emerges from cold crypts of northern Finland, with an album which took him so long periods of time due to hard work and dedication to create abstract sounds and transgressive atmospheres. The whole album was composed between 2000-2005.
The opening track is “Dawn The Gathering Of Vultures” built by dense atmospheres encrypted under a massive use of somber and dark sounds, bringing new realities to this world through ethereal expressions. Coming next is “Fall From Fame” through repetitive vociferations penetrating the whole structure of the track, which is an industrial machine full of power and twisted sounds.

“Escape From Heaven” is not the exeption; here Niko has included aggressive guitar chords which remind me the American metal band slayer, but this time incorporating effects and vocals which fit perfectly through the composition in general. The dynamism and creative potential developed by Niko Scorpio is unlimited, and this is reflected through “Downfall Of The Absolute” and its enigmatic drone industrial elementals twisting all the time to create dark complex structures, revealing just a part of the potential developed here. Fifth composition representing by the symbol of infinite, the intermediality between musical and visual side of “Escape From Heaven” mirroring own personal visions focusing Babalon as primal connector between us and the feminine current latent in each one of us.

“No Longer Exist” is a representation of eclectic nature of Niko Scorpio, this time adapting vocals in an insane way, as poetic expressions and as background some minimalism elements, effects. So, a short track, but effective in its own essence. “Shugal” one the best tracks here. Its music is penetrating and abrasive, as walking in black, humid corridors searching for something which is invisible, but you must visualize entering yourself. Lyrically it’s very interesting, a magickal trip to the desert of our mind, entering to such regions still to discover. As Niko says”…the night side of Eden” with its qliphotic energies surrounding the whole picture of the track. An opus to god Seth, waiting you in the desert of your own perceptions. A dense track with percussive elements and vocals, piano is complementing perfectly the album.

The 8th track is “dudael”this composition is divided into 3 parts. 1-“opus Desolation”, 2-“A Chasm In The Desert”, 3-The Psychogeometry Of Dispersion. And we find enough arguments and lyrical elements to consider this as another highlights from this album. Music mutating all the time and converging itself through ritualistic sounds, and percussive elements, with an eastern atmosphere inspired to the kali-ma kult.another facet explored here. Worth to mention.chorus, atmospheres all gathered into a solid structure. closing this release is “Towards Distant 93” an ambient composition with drone elements and heavy atmospheres, so transgressive, strong and dense, with so dark parallel sounds well handled, generating an eerie music and lethal expressive compositions’ comes in a 8 pages booklet including images and lyrics of mostly tracks.really, I am so very surprising by the creativity and eclectic nature revealed by Niko.

“I: Baphomet” Cdr 2008
(Some Place Else)
Here is another project from the eclectic creative mental organism known as Niko Scorpio, but this time he arrives with a surreal structure known as METAORGANISM.a living organism manifested unconsciously through different experiments in the fields of digital music working with sinewaves, oscillators and feedback.METAORGANISM is like an entity mutating through digital sonic paradigms and revealing its most in depth nature, through drone, ambient atmospheres. “I:Baphomet” includes 5 compositions and a hidden track for a total of six, wrapping into repetitive sinister structures, always moving in all directions. Music seems to collapse all the time giving birth to new organisms through reververations, and oscillators giving sensations of trance state.
“I:Baphomet” is the first in what is being planned as a series of METAORGANISMS audio documents and through each series of experiments is where you can give form to unanimated shapes and abstract forms from your subconscious. Its better to experience METAORGANISM in total darkness just in a comfortable position, preferable with a strong purple light in front of your eyes, and you can experience some shapes emerging from the lights, so such experiment works fine to me. Just be able to enter this digital world, mesmerizing through dark dis-harmonic defragmentation of sounds which are always under improvisations, with any predetermined plane. An element METAORGANISM, A core BAPHOMET, and two words REAL and UNREAL, to chanalize the transmission generated by this project. Where the manifestation occurs through sounds and your mind to materialize METAORGANISM…the transmission has just begun.

“Half Born In Half Light” Cd 2008
(Some Place Else)
The enigmatic voyage to intelstellar qliphotic zenith of NIKO SCORPIO continues with its triumphant march towards the inner light of darkness. And with “Half Born In Half Light”, he has reached a highest peak in his career as alchemic musician,fusioning and adapting different psychedelic ambient soundscapes and darkly majestic bass drone elements. The album includes 7 visionary evocations bringing to explore the diverse magickal reality into audial shapes crawling as shadows behind you, as gathering through ethereal labyrinths of dense sounds manipulated in a in depth proper way and effects complementing it. Lyrically, the concept exploits from diverse perceptions handling atavisms, aethyrs, primal structures and cosmic elements emerging from within the sonic mantras developed here. Without a doubt one of the best albums this year.

Tracks as “Worm In The Foundation” with dense guitar bass passages surrounded by effects, ostrich bass and sounds converging into strong structures with dynamism and character in the way as its used. Or the long track “through The Ribcage” and its vaporous atmospheres twisting all the time” ,emerging again and again… “No Longer Exists “the burning light in itself carving the presence of its own shinning through hypnotic drone sounds and effusive elements. Or coming back to the first track “monogram” veiled in cosmic atavisms coming from the other side.
The music through the whole album is so, amazing enigmatic and ritualistic which obviously increase the interest to those of us involved on magickal currents and explorations.also,we must mention two more aspects which penetrates our senses in all dimensions.first,the magickal vocal incantations built into diverse forms and techniques showing us more the dynamism and creativity developed and a second aspect, the amazing visual side,coz the cd comes with a 12 panel leaflet with the art,photos,liner notes and more. Each picture, each linear structure, each abstract form reveal us a hidden paradigm for a determinate track, which must be explored by yourself to understand what is beyond the light…remember this is hermetic fusion musik. A non-conventional musical piece with magickal abstractions dissolving and burning once again. For more info just contact him.

OVRO (Fin)
“Mosaik The Serpent/Vipera Aurea” Cd 2007
(Some Place Else)
Some Place Else recs, blind us again with its most vaporous stench, and yes…its corrosive and transgressor art developed here by OVRO. This is our first experience under such Finnish female artist. And this experience is a long 16 musical expressions which must be explored via many channels of consiusness, because it’s an inner reality divided into two concrete forms. “Mosaik The Serpent” and “Vipera Aurea” into a concrete universe OVRO.

The first part “Mosaik The serpent” is developed through 6 compositions in which you can lunch psychic tranformations, painful noises and disturbing vocals from time to time. The music here goes from experimental ambient to electro industrial. Different states of mind veiled through minimal, surreal sounds and scratches, noises, cracks, and other elements surrounding the whole tracks. The visual side reflects the serpent shape emanating from OVRO´s figure naked under several seductive postures, in a marvelous 12 pages leaflet.
The second part “Vipera Aurea” includes another 6 tracks, from high context such as musical, visual, and lyrical. Tracks such as “Vorpal Angel” apocalyptic dark drone with twisted vocals and sounds generating madness and ecstasies. Or “Serpent calls” with always impressive vocals of Massimo from Black Sun Productions. The music at “Vipers Aurea” is more chaotic and aggressive than first part. So, the solve “mosaic The Serpent” and coagula “Vipera Aurea”so, the creation and dissolution and everything seems to reduce to nothing due the extreme music developed here. Mixing the intensity of sounds with moments of minimalistic calm, also this includes a 12 pages booklet with always impressive photographs taken by Niko Scorpio, a soul behind the void in which inhabits OVRO. A great release here worth to check now.

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