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when creativity is explored without limits...when limits are broken by creativity...when everything collapses,a new dimension is opened...and from such void emanates NIKO SKORPIO...
Read this informative interview with one of the most creative artists inside the experimental movement.
Greetings Niko. so, welcome to PAN-O-RA-MA and reveal us, which inner realities were explored by you as musician, to express yourself though concrete force called NIKO SKORPIO?
Hello Edgar. To put it simple, I am Niko Skorpio, and I explore any inner and outer realities that I find myself in, as diverse as they get. I explore and channel the unknown or "beyond". The results I claim "mine" because the multividual in work, in this case myselves, acts as a kind of prism. Hence, the way the results may appear to others on this side of "reality" may be somewhat coloured by my personality, that is the sum total of my previous experiences as well as my more or less limited talent in attempting to describe that which cannot be described.

Does “Hermetik Fusion Musik” is a term used by yourself to describe the experimental movements in the fields of musical, visual personal level of subconscious revealed through NIKO SKORPIO?
I coined the term Hermetic Fusion Musick to describe my body of work, for the lack of any previously existing suitable terms. I think that sums up my aesthetic tendencies and possible influences yet doesn't restrict the creative flow.

Or there is more an in deep association with your magickal studies and developments as individual in this existential plane?
I suppose you mean my personal evolution or development, yes, there definitely exists an association to it.
What’s the principal concept such as musical as ideological behinds “Half Born in Half Light”? Perhaps the exhaustive search in yourself of your own god, essence or inner realities in the magickal path still to discover?
The album sums up some of the experiences, ambitions and states of mind that occupied me during its period of creation. It started quite spontaneously. I was writing and recording under the pressure & influence of some inner urge, with no pre-conceived plans for what to do with the music that appears, not to speak of releasing an album. But as the work continued, the process went further, and new tracks started taking form, I began to have an idea what it will turn out like.

Your new album, has such strong enigmatic atmosphere and dynamic experimentations, which force us to ask you which were the principal points you analize,visualize and thought to develop in this album for the great success it has until now?
Well, instead of much critical analysis or elaboration I chose to go a purely intuitive route and let the unconscious forces surface. In that light I could say the album pretty much composed itself, all parts found their right places without too much post-processing in the studio. That was exactly what the nature of the album called for.
In connection with the last question. Do you think with “Half Born In Half Light” you have reached a maximum peak in NIKO SKORPIO’s development as musician or there is a lot more to explore? And how important is creativity for you?
Creativity is essential, a major purpose in my life in general. I creativity is taken out of me, I feel I'm useless. I think "Half Born in Half Light" is one step on the path, or one plane of the ever-mutating polygon that is my body of work. I'm satisfied with what it became, but there are yet many ways to develop, and many many areas to explore.

“Leper Angel” as magickal concept is an aethyr manifestation of primal forces of corrosion and decay…right. so,are such manifestation atavisms evoked by yourself through deliberate use of gnosis and magickal experimentations?
Experimentation is the key word here. "Leper Angel" was originally a nameless track that was composed quite spontaneously. It was born out of mixer feedback but obviously sounds nothing like that. The title attempts to describe the kind of apparition or sensation that I had while listening to the track in a receptive state of mind.
What did you means with corrosion and decay? So, such express in part your mentality into another dimensions in which decay is a part of evolution and corrosion as the own ego’s disintegration?
I think corrosion and decay represent the flip side of the coin of creation (destruction), and the passive edge to that. A necessary, even if in some instances unwanted, part of the great ever-rotating wheels.
Is known you has connections with another musical realities such HAERETICI 7074, OVRO, KAOS IN ECCENTRIS. so, could you reveal us the main difference between then?
Ovro is a musician and artist in her own right, I have merely contributed a few things for her albums the way she requested. So I'm around if my help is needed but otherwise I have no direct creative influence on her work.
Haeretici 7o74 is the band that I co-formed with Ovro. In this project our creative input is equal and synergetic. Haeretici 7o74 was formed mainly for live performances in a semi-improvisational setting. We will probably release some studio works in the future, once we manage to invest enough time and effort to the project.
Kaaos in Eccentris was formed back in 2003 or so, for improvisation with a fluctuating line-up. In the period of 2003-2005 we had numerous private live sessions with line-ups varying from 3 to 6 people or so. The range of instruments include various electronics and computers, guitars and bass guitars, theremin etc. Stylewise the project has had no limits whatsoever, the results have varied from organic ambience to free jazz and from noise freak-outs to abstract psychedelia.
Unfortunately we haven't had any KIE sessions in the last couple of years, because we've all been too busy with other projects. At the moment I cannot say if this project has a future, maybe after 10 years of silence something will happen again...

Or due the dynamism & creativity, and eclectic nature of yourself to experiment with different projects are a way to expansion to another realities?
The greatest thing about all these projects is collaboration with other artists; other people bring in their sound world and creative point of view, and in the best cases a kind of "new entity" manifests. Similar to the idea of the Third Mind as described by Brion Gysin & William S. Burroughs. This third mind was very strong in Rajapïnta, a band involving me and Ibrahim Terzic.
Rajapïnta did some fantastic stuff in 2002-2005, most of which remains kind of hidden and unheard, and very undeservedly so in my opinion. It seems that the "third mind" we had created decided to vanish at some point, after which we haven't been able to continue the work. It makes me a bit sad since there was tremendous potential to it, but what can be done? I don't know... maybe after ten years again something new will happen. Who knows. In the meantime, dozens of tracks can be downloaded for free at the Rajapïnta website Besides that there have been some projects (Reptiljan, A..H...) that have involved me only, but they have been very different by definition from my "usual" body of work, therefore these other names have been employed.
The lyrics at “Shugal” from “Escape From Heaven” album, makes me to think, about a period of your life in which you were crossing your own desert of vacuity, through your personal process of initiation and its connections with such lyric?
It seems you hit the nail on the head here. It is a personally significant song that indeed relates to certain incidents and a period of time, but I don't want to talk more about it. People may make their mind by listening to it and thinking about the lyrics and so on.
The visual side of your albums at OVRO and NIKO SKORPIO reveal us a part of your creative side in digital explorations. so, tell us how did you find such evocative reflections in the visual side (photography, paints, and art in general)?Again as far as Ovro goes, I have merely acted as a "camera man", helping her out to fulfill her visions. Anyway, visual arts have been very important for me for as long as I can remember, actually I used to draw and paint long before making any music. These days I work as a graphic designer, so I work in illustration, photography, digital treatments and design all the time.

What’s evolution for you from such a personal magickal perspective? And does self-knowledge is a principal weapon for magickal evolutive awakening?
Evolution is something essential in walking one's path and fulfilling one's purpose in this sphere of existence. I mean personal evolution as a conscious being. Without evolution there is only stasis which amounts to nothing. I think self-knowledge is a principal element in magickal work, it's the driver and the destination in some ways.

And from such awakening, we are able to explore more in deep to reach our true will, our own nature hidden in the egg of our mind?
Well, yes, I don't think sleeping people would be able to thoroughly (if at all) explore their inner selves, not to speak of finding one's true will. But it is a burden to stay "awake", the mundane world is a great sedative that easily lulls one back into slumberland. One has to constantly pinch or kick oneself to wake up again. Magick is one of the ways to do it, of course, keeping in mind it also should mutate and evolve in order to avoid it becoming just another "habit".

Does SOME PLACE ELSE records, is a massive conjunction of projects, ideas, focused to promulgate the creativity of different levels of art (visual & musical)?
Some Place Else is a channel to realize our visions without limits or outside intervention. Besides the music, the visual side is very important for us as well, and we will be focusing a great deal of effort and energy into the interaction of sound and imagery. Time and money set some limits to what we can do, especially as most of the works we produce are not commercially appealing, but it hasn't prevented us from doing our work the way we want to do it. I would have nothing against having more money or better distribution, but in any case the art will not be compromised. Currently Some Place Else focuses exclusively in releasing works by a small number of artists (that includes me, Ovro and some of our close friends' projects), but we're looking forward to accomplish some interesting collaborations in the future.
Before closing with this conversation, we want to know more about your upcoming material to be released and your connections with another great as as OVRO?
I have an album called "Psilocybe Necrophila" lined up for release. It was completed sometime in December 2007 after lots of work and some drawbacks. I hope to be able to release it this Autumn, we'll see...Apart from that there are several new things in beginning stages, but I had better not speak of them yet, it'd be too early.Ovro is busy working on a new album, that would be her fifth one. Judging by the early demos that's going to be one fantastic piece of art, hopefully to be released on Some Place Else in 2009. Ovro will also release a 7" on Drone Records shortly, it's been a long time coming.
Due your so many occupations, we choose to ask you just a few questions? So, thanx again…and wait for a METAORGANISM interview next weeks. Thanks again and close this as you want. IOPAN!!
Thank you for your efforts. Blessings of Pan and all flora, fauna & fungi!

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