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“sterna seu de nive sexangula (a new year’s gift of the hexagonal show)”
digipack 2008
(Fractured Spaces)
The first release from this new promising British record label Fractured Space Records, marks a high peak in which what future will bring us with this upcoming releases. KEPLERS ODD, a Swedish noise/drone that started in 2001 with the general idea to create tarblack drones with hash noise textures, creating disturbing paranoid music. This trio consisting of Daniel Jansson who is known by his other project DEADWOOD, Magnus Moilala and Kristina Parsson comes with an album focusing different alternated elements from ambience far beyond the normal run of over-driven guitar noise fest and a deeply dark occult mood…
First two tracks are guitar-tune based ones wrapped into icy cold auroras with highest peaks from time to time. And the most important elements here is how the music is veiled you slowly to the point of keeping floating in such tangible dark sensations manifested here.

With tracks 3 and 4 psychotic industrial patterns show us another face in the reality known as KEPLERS OOD, being more disturbing and sinister like to run blind through a cold musty dark corridor with no escape. The guitars effects and noise, industrial elements prevailing through the whole minutes but with more emphasis on 4th track.
In tracks 5 and 6, things not differs so much in comparison last tracks. almost the same basical structure but driving into drone, noise industrial sound layers and through each layer you shall experience the ugly existence revealed to you though disharmonic platforms in which KEPLERS ODD is the device who activates its enigmatic music by the fact how drone ambient structures are handled together, noise, industrial, elements. last track is a guitar based track with specific elements which generates a dark depressive evil nature, some vociferations can be experienced to complement the over-driven guitar noise elements. last track reminds me to early Swedish act Abruptum. At the end of the track some acoustic guitars announcing its upcoming return. This comes in a digipack with a nice visual side.

“Acedia” Cd 2007
A.E.P is the dark driven force f Meldhkwis, who also is the main spirit behinds DAPNOM. A.E.P is a sinister revelation, a symbol coming from subconscious, a chaotic paradigm represented through 6 compositions which contains interesting elements from dark ambient to industrial passages from time to time. The opening track is “Legendaire” and this is a drone based structure with corrosive ethereal atmospheres. So, the next one is “Mysterieusement Murmure” ,liquid sounds emerging from another plane of existence, with eerie elements twisting in the whole structure of this track. The third one is called “Avec Une Langueur Naissante” a surreal dark whirpool of tunes, samples with abrasive industrial passages crawling all the time. Through the 4th track “Pur Limpide” mixes sinister atmospheres together some industrial patterns, always keeping such dark emphasis in the way as the whole track is created here. “Sombre Mysterieux” is an ethereal voyage to inner regions of self, so obscure in nature, with a ritualistic touch, palpable which reflects just a part of the dark essence of A.E.P.
The last track is “Perfide”also, a dark ambient composition but this time arranged with some religious chants, transforming into satanic litanies with the pass of minutes, due the dark elements incorporated to the track.bells, and some guitar parts are factors which will keep your attention all the time. At moments this album has a marked influence from LUSTMORD, due how dense the music is and ethereal atmospheres crawling between them all the time, a very interesting release to mention here.

”TheLast Sight” Cd 2008
My only experience with this Italian project, and we find here is an experimental project with so diverse sounds, elements and musical structures which are handled from start to finish. “The Last Sight” contains a total of 8 compositions with different elements having as principal patterns the harmonic, melodic passages floating above and thought the thick noise. On the other hand is the eerie dark ambient, drone elements which enrich the whole album.
At moments music turns so captivating due the way as the different elements are put together to create more than just music, but a piece of beautiful melodies through synths,drums,and effects. Tracks as “Dear sadness” with its melancholic synth arrangements. Or “Life Revolution” with cinematic futuristic atmospheres becoming so captivating. And what about “Lunar Air” built into ambient, industrial passages with some percussive elements here and there. “Spiral” through acoustic elements and a sutile but lethal atmosphere surrounding the whole spectrum of the track. The fact is that Mario Scappaticci,the master mind behinds DRESSED IN BLACK, develops here just a part of its potential, and we must sure to wait for an upcoming release soon. An act with a palpable potential due the way as he has structured each part of this album. creating an emotive piece of musical explorations, always having such harmonic elements which seems to penetrates your senses so slowly. For more info contact Mario.

(Bul) “Skyzopolis” Ep 2008
(Dumb Terminal)
The explosive electro machine known as MANASYT,send us an incredible release. “Skyzopolis” is a psychotic electronic experimentation, developed through 4 compositions. The side a includes “To The Nethers” which is going into old school Ebm, with an interesting minimalism elements. “Larkhill detention center” is a more down tempo composition with sticking beats and electronic effects arranged perfectly. For this track. On side b, you shall find “Asthma Murders” having strong structures into electro Idm and industrial influences, but handled in a rhythmic way through the whole track. The other track is “Soul dubbing” and comes with a unique sound and structure of rhythmic electro patterns and sticking beats and sounds which captures your senses all the time. Electro, dance floor music with interesting elements through the whole track is what offer us Dumb Terminal, what more auspicious debut release. Not so much information arrived to; I finished here telling you this release is limited to 200 copies only. And for more information just visit MANASYT page. A great electro act coming from Bulgaria.

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