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BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY (Usa) “Amrita”: The Quintessence digi pack 2007
(Autumn Winds)
Set-Heru, the creative force behinds BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY, is one of such individuals whose materialize all its creative spirit into sonic mantras. This opportunity though his magickal creation “Amrita”: The Quintessence and it’s a bit complex to explore the whole concept behind such title because, I think it’s develop through his experience with such magickal elixirs, such kalas distillations, emanating through sexual unions. Amrita is the psycho sexual elixir generated by fire snake charged with the lunar currents. Through such lunar emanations Set-Heru surprises us with an album full of abrasive psycorporeous atmospheres and a dark enigmatic elements which seems to emerge from another reality, reflecting us constant vortex of energies.

BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY works with different experimentations, focusing in a dark ambient ritual atmosphere created through well structured musical patterns. Opening “Amrita” is “Ajasram Abhichara”,a 20 minutes exploration into ritualistic atavisms, the music seems to reveal in part enigmatic voyages to the most in deep regions of Transplutonian dimensions. Dense elements, minimal sound converging all the time. Next, we have “Devourment”,a consecration of tantric nature, developed through the use of rhythmic patterns and dark atmospheres mutating through eerie soundscapes,in “Alshtla” the enigmatic ritualistic voyage continues this time evoking more dense structures with a well handled use of samples and effects, it’s a transmission from nightside of Eden, vibrating from deep within. “Porta Vox Umbra” is the ascension of darkness dressed in tribal evocations, subliminal percussive sounds and echoes coming from a distant past in time, where the old gods ruled the earth. In my opinion this release is the best composition here, although all of them have such addictive sounds. “Daughter Of The Bleeding Sunset” continues where “Porta Vox Umbra” ends, an infinite continuum beyond sensorial realities.

Percussive elements emerging from the void ready to absorb you. Abstract soundscapes generating such sutile subliminal atmospheres, all the time. Closing the album is “Anti-Vital Interior Of The Womb Exploded Moon” a more elektro ambient composition with the inclusion of Japanese visionary and writer Kenji Siratori, adapting his voice to the whole track. Set-Heru reveals us just a part of the great potential generated by him though “Amrita”: The Quintessence. Cd comes in a white digipack with arquetipes, sigils, and magickal squares and visual structures complementing perfectly with the whole concept expressed here. At the moment Set-Heru is preparing the next emanation “Hieros Gamos” so, keep your eyes open for such release through Autumn Winds prods

“I stand without death; mine eyes plunging the recesses of abandonment orgasmic feast vibrates the silence of the colours undreamt veracity the ascension of eternity”

“Agkdama Asrti Parasamgate” Cdr 2008
(Self Released)
To review the releases of THE JOY OF NATURE is to go into an enigmatic voyage to the realms of beautiful atmospheres, in deep soundscapes creating, visualizing elements of nature. To explore an universe of possibilities where all laws becomes one, and one becomes all. The magnitude of THE JOY OF NATURE is impressive, because through each release, Luis Couto, the mastermind of this act, offer us a high variety of diverse instruments, sounds and electronic devices which breaks all possible limits when creating music.
This album is a kind of commemoration for the 10 years of existence; in which THE JOY OF NATURE express just a part of the whole potential hidden. The music is in a word, sublime, it takes your heart due emotional soundscapes created here. With more than 73 minutes of folk-ambient-drone music in which you can experience moments of pureness, melancholy, abandonement and mental retrospective… strange at moments, sad at others, but always moving your feelings into different structures in which you find yourself lost in a realm of your own nature.
This album combines new songs alongside with compilation tracks and reworked music by side projects. Some of the new songs were based or featured old recordings. The whole 21 tracks included here are brilliant, a congregation of diverse natures reflected through instruments such as Violin, Viola De Terra,Irish Harp,Harmonica,Kantele,Acoustic guitars,Duduk,Indian Flute, Alpine Zither,Accordion,Percussive sounds, Drones and Field Recordings, just to name some of them. Also the inclusion of chorus, vocals, spoken voices, whispers, each track is dressed with such captivating atmospheres surrounding the sensibility of air, the strong of water, the enigmatic light of fire and the creative force of earth. Each seed (Songs) germinating, mutating into new forms, giving birth to sonic organisms.
To ask about each track will take us pages and pages. So, we must say this one is one of the best releases coming lately to my hands. Hearing this album last night, I was thinking how is possible someone will create the whole music alone; under which creative sources the mind & spirit of an individual could develops music in the way as THE JOY OF NATURE does. And more when we look the innovative design, the special package which is a woven small one with a flower. Limited to 100 copies only, and also comes with a card with an excerpt from a book in a package, there are a hundred different excerpts choosen for this release. For more information just contact Mr. Couto,to enter this realm of nature, and to feel the splendor of creative musical opus through ritual folk expressionism with such experimental, minimal atmospheres converging all the time. Just wait for a full interview next months.

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