Saturday, 12 April 2008


”As They Fly into Darkness, Only Black Feathers Remain to Wipe Away Our Tears” 7 ep 04(DRONE Recs).

Operating from Santa Fe, New Mexico OPIUM SOMNIUM's one man project injected us through melancholic drones. Two compositions relating the emotional voyage of this artist inspired in birds & divine creatures, death & eternity. the accoplation of both tracks deals with simole tunal ambient sound creating a deep void in which you must explore due captivating of both tracks. There is a world that reveals itself slowly behind the scenes through these details and is where the strength of this release is.

HUM (Russia) -
”Ether Ride” 7 ep 04

(DRONE Recs.)
This is my first experience with this Russian act. and this experience was like floating in a deep black vortex, due the intensity and prolonged pulsations generated by the HUM's machinery at first track “ether ride”. With the second track “crucible” going into repetitive drones which are incrementing with the experimental use of industrial elements, and describing the whole concept of this 7ep from tantric traditions, creating a strange but effective mixture.

”Ich Bin So Wild Nach Deinem Rotten Erdbeermund” 7 ep 04
(DRONE Recs.)
A penetrating brain disturbing noise project. The first track generated is “die frau des directors” with dominating low analogue noise drones, developed through sharp sounds and female voices. The 2nd one “krepiert” almost in the same low analogue drones but without so sharp disturbing drones but still having this noiseful sound. the whole concept was inspired in a text dealing with lustful visions by the actor Klaus Kinski.

“Chroesonic Preludes to a Dark Cycle” 7 ep 04

(DRONE Recs.)
This is the first 7 ep from this one man project coming from Nantes. The first track “Zoyd Kraat” is impressive & penetrating dark ambience, wrapping itself around the deep sounds and introspective construction creating the perfect soundtrack to apocalypse. The 2nd track “Eesdaia” is built into passages of piano. Evoking moments of pure isolation and also including a deep atmosphere from start to finish.

vs. (curve/curse) 7 ep 04

(DRONE Recs.)
From Moscow comes this post-industrial act. The opening track “curve” drifts like a poison in the bloodstream, dense, and ominous. In a bed of dark electronic drones, rumbles & noise. The 2nd one “curse” initiates its transmission with mechanical sounds and some post-apocalyptical reverberations moulding the structure of the sound with some repetitive beats generating a trance inducing. a very excellent release worth to check.

HERBST 9 (Ger)
“Enenylyn” 7 ep 04

(DRONE Recs.)
HERBST 9 is one of my favourite acts, actually its shamanic ritual music emerges in this 7 ep including “mlektkin” and “Tynemlen”. A boundless atmosphere stretches deep into your mind passing through subterranean tunnels opening a nexus with ancient civilizations. Distant voices and the bizarre topography of dusky visions builts perfectly in the musical context of both tracks developed amorphic sounds deep reverberations through 16 minutes. This one is strongly recommended.

“Same River Twice” 7 ep 04

(DRONE Recs.)
With this release the Canadian musician & poet AIDAN BAKER bring us a clear demonstration of his sensitive dominions in the musical field, creating two excellent tracks developed through lighting guitar sounds and isolate notes colliding into a kind of ethnic ambience excellent to listen into moments in which you cannot perceive anything in the horizon. Let just the drone harmonic spells feed your spirit and release it into a world of pure liquid sensations. Strange words but its what I feel listening AIDAN BAKER. He has another project called Arc.

“The Uncleanching of Fists” CD 05
(PROCOM Music)
This time the sub label from Equilibrium music sent us a great piece of creativity and captivating illuminism. yes, this act works in the mixture of elements combining metal music with eastern musical adaptations. at the final time, they release a multi-layered soundscape, deeply influenced in the tantric Buddhism based on the Bardo Thodol (the Tibetan “book of the dead” and such piece took around 4 years before to be finished.both first tracks “torn from within” and “to roam endless plains” are very fast in drums with a very high technical guitar parts and at moments including some spoken vocals. and then, “perception” an ambient track, representing some drops-drones falling and arranged with oriental instrumentation. “Path from the mindwalker” begins with voices and a fast guitar & drum beats full of aggressivity, this track reminds me to the thelemic polish act BEHEMOTH. Another great track to check is “movement for practising the way” emotional sparks through sitar tunes increase my interest due eastern ethnic influences, which aren't so common in this kind of music. “Golden libation” is another ambient track using tribal drums and voices, and the use of sitar to evoke the subterranean spirits of underworld. This album includes 13 tracks.

“Odos Eis Ouranom - La via Verso II Cielo”

A masterpiece of neoclassical music behind the hidden veils of ATARAXIA & AUTUNNA ET SA ROSE in this beautiful & ghostly presentation featuring new unreleased songs and arrangements. ATARAXIA: at the beginning of 2005 in an ancient place where the stones speaks, they weaves tangible visions with golden threads and precious gems to offer them to listeners. they performed an acoustic session featuring songs of their most beautiful expositions in an exclusive version for piano, classic guitar, bells and vocals. And they called to this performance “strange light” being inpired by the prophetic mask of Angelo Zanella, copper simulacra treasvoing the karma of several living and dead persons and some elemental spirits. Angelo, took symbolically part to the rite of music lighting the candles hidden inside each sculptured face and music came! tracks as “Lost Atlantis”, “ii fantasma dell opera”, ”La malediction o ondine”, “Orlando” among others in a total of 12 songs.AUTUNNA ET SA ROSE: last few years they were thinking to take the supernatural inspiration, strength and wisdom to realm this unique state of consciousness suitable to conceive the idea of such a deep performance. the enlightment came and it turns to reality when in may 31st 1993 at the 5 Michele's church in Rogivo Italy in this place they got an entirely different inspiration enabling to form special plans about the arrangement of the scene, the acoustic strategies for the final work titled “logos” including tracks as “la morte Di Virginia”,”Egypt”, “gentiane percluse”,”temps fume”, among a total of 11 beautiful and fine songs through cello, piano, and the beautiful nature of Sonia Visentin vocals. An essential release for older fans of these two legendary Italian formations, which will also serve as a perfect introduction to newer fans

”Works Of Fire” MCD 04

(Fossil In Dungeon)
Funerary Call emerges form its last breaths with a mcd which got so much my attention due excellent creative process revealed here. This mcd begins “in the light-light” a sonoric atmosphere built into dense and somber passages, creating an ambience propitious to get into deep consciousness voyage. The 2nd track “the black root” has almost the same drones but includes some effects through all the track to give a proper structure to it. Next comes “works of fire” the best song for me. Pure archaic drum beats tunes evoking an age of shamanic transcendental spirituality. Some voices can be heard in a very ritualistic way. A very hallucinating track for me. And it closes with “upon the truth” which floats into the introspective ambience environments, bringing you moment of desolation and twisted lucidity. So, Funerary Call has been put into ashes, and SISTRENATUS has risen to continue the voyage beyond the limits of human mind.

”Le Serpent Rouge” CD 05

(Displeased Records)
Mr. Bjargö returns with this album “Le Serpent Rouge” through 9 musical compositions, with very structured and creative expressionism, it’s open with “in search of the divine” a deep programmed track full of dense atmosphere and choirs. The whole compositions are built into the use of instruments such as: dulcimer, ceremonial cymbals, shakers which give to ARCANA a different touch in comparison last releases I heard.The seductive point here is the choirs from Cecilia Bjargö and Ann-Mari Thim and the excellent Egyptian fingelcymbals sounds which capture your senses transporting you to ancient Egypt & Mesopotamia to bath yourself with sun shine and to embrace with desert sand.“Seductive flame” and “serpent’s dance” marks its highest peak due sonoric structure and concept. Both tracks are joined together it seems one long track the cover design shown us a stone female angel with a serpent, and was drawn by the polish artist Agnieszka Szuba. Really an album to check out.

“Elinrós” CD 05

The whole album is just like floating in a serene weaves penetrating our senses in a sutil way, a kind of mysterious connection between your own spirituality and the hidden forces of nature, which always are there, but we haven’t the capacity to feel, understand it. Spirit, Wood, Water, Tranquility transformed into sounds capes with an incredible atmosphere. With this album “Elinros” Mr. Anderson reveal us a more sensitive, calm side but with the characteristic creativity of all his projects.The album is inspired and dedicated to the incredible warm and wonderful Elinròs Henrilsdottir. Including 5 tonal environments representing concepts as Spirit, Wood, Water, Tranquility (the first 4 songs).the fifth one is “the source of underwater bleakness”. Be submerged in the deep seas of nature to reach a perfect balance to feel understand this sonoric album’s experience.
DVD 05

Peter Andersson & Lars Borsma has developed a suggestive, existential short film called NATURA FLUXUS. Containing 15 minutes into a trip to desolate visions revealing the abandonment and desolation of places which in a past were inhabits by humans. This short film has its principal visual sequences discovering the ruins and desolated fragments from old factories. Also this production includes a picture gallery and: 1-NATURE MORTE: a 4:35 minutes film with images revealing us focus of residual energy, emptiness and desolation.2-DRIFTING WALL: a 1:35 minutes film painting our souls with suggestive deformed images of a wall which perfectly could be the visions of your own world.3-MANDALA: a 3:15 minutes film of dense imagery representing mandalas via desert sand, very intelligent and original conception, a high high impact for sensitive people.4-HEJ RALPH: 3:15 minutes of long voyage to the realms of consciousness. It shows us animation through moving red & yellow bizarre twisted forms which activates your unconscious in a suggestive way. High recommended DVD through YANTRA ATMOSPHERES.

“The Unsaid Words” CD 06

(EIBON Records)
Italian’s CANAAN has returned with an incredible album full of feeling & sensitive compositions. An opus to deeper desolation of human soul. This album is a mirror which can transform your visions, into concrete patterns. Because its music goes beyond the soul, it’s an imaginary sensation devouring constantly your thoughts, feelings words in a world were the unsaid words inhabits. Including 16 tracks varying from dark wave ambient tunes to doomy experimental sad melodies. Highly inspired by despair, pain and solitude. Tracks as “Il rimpianto” and “senza una riposte” are sung in Italian language which gets a touch of melancholy in my opinion. The whole album is well structured with a high peak in creativity and sound production. Tracks as: “never again”,”in a never fading illusion” are just perfect although the whole album is brilliant!!!It has given to me reasons to be in solitude in company of my spirit for all eternity. Well, after hearing this…NOTHING LEFT (TO SHARE).

“Auszug & Abgesang” 12" Special Vinyl 06

(PUNCH Records)
Hmmmm! A twisted bizarre project from a creative artist called J.Weber, who has been involved in other projects as MUSHROOM’s PATIENT and NOVY SVET. This time two long compositions. The first one is an intense drone sequences including percussions and effects in some parts which gives to the musical structure variating elements to keep your attention.The 2nd track is pure kaos, noise analogue frequensed possessed under a drone machine which seems to penetrate and destroy your brain, but at moments it sails into dense ambient calm parts. Mr. Weber has done an excellent work of construction and development on both tracks. This is definitely a worth to ask for. Just remember its limited to 333 copies. So hurry now!!! (38mins)

“Anna” CD 05

(PUNCH Records)
With the 3rd album from this post apocalyptic act, they show us one more time all its creative and inspirational potential, coming with a concept album narrating us the story of “Anna” a wooden yacht built in the 7o’s by Reiner & Petra.13 tracks to express a deep trip to the unknown regions of soul… deep ambient tracks as “Tide I to V” with oceans sounds. Weaving your mind through the whole album whilst tracks as “Maggen” ,”Vague a’l’ame”,”Anna”, are developed in a majestuous way, handling languages as French & German and incorporating at the same time acoustic guitar parts, and in some cases, percussion. Other tracks as “Dreolin” & “Till sjoss” included accordion passages giving an innovative touch to this complete album.Just let the oceanic currents from WERMUT bring you and horizon in which the only you can observe it’s the presence of your soul submerged in a world full of magick. (60 mins).

“La Boca Del Infierno” CD 06

(PUNCH Records)
A paradise to melancholy is what is released by this Catalan Project. A very experimental album floating into ballads with a very high expressionism in lyrics and musicalisationship. The whole album’s concept is a trip to human suffering. Love as a eternal death, a calling to an inner battle in a dense sea of desperation. Tracks as “Tan Lejos”,”La Sangre”,”En Circulos” are perfectly structured and embracing. The cover art? The gate to its torments and hells. Using Arabian percussion, guitars, and a great vocalization O PARADIS, will catch you in its ineffable hell’s mouth…be prepared to enter… (38 mins)

“Destello de Estrellas en la Frente” CD 06

(PUNCH Records)
Without a doubt one of the best releases at PUNCH records, I think. The nexus of both artists is transformed in an enigmatic opus through dark melancholy harmonies and electronic pschedelia. The album contains a higher doze of poetic passages and experimental musicalisationship which goes directly to your soul…you can feel yourself as a part of this album due highlight moments in which you are the music itself an instrument played by gods from your own surreal world…”Adonis & Bulldozer” a track for suicide, not as physical death, but a mental rebirth in this world without hope, without nothing…”Dios Sin Ojos” a bleeding vision of desolation & pain… “Mar Dorado”, swimining in the desert of your soul catched by anguish and desperation…vocals fits perfectly in the whole tracks and musik is amazing again… an excellent Mediterranean melancholy .14 tracks through (51 mins)
NUIT (Usa)
“Mother Night” CD 00

(ELF HILL Music)
Thelemic music has no limits…and a clear example is how Elton’s and co has experienced their skills as musicians releasing a fresh album full of melodies and female vocals arrangements here & there. Really the album has some high peaks in tracks as” the summoning”,” unto whom I send I send this kiss”,”whisper”,”reflected in a bowl of sky”,” November song” mixing electronic elements and a well generated musicalisationship.the music could be described as “pop-rock” with a high dose of instruments as saxophone, electric sitar,guitars,giving the whole album a very interesting touch. Female vocals also fit perfectly into the conceptual art behind NUIT…

“Essential Recordings 1984-2001” CD 06

(PUNCH Records)
What strange, impressive, bizarre album is what PUNCH Records has released here. I have never hear about DUSTMUFFIN & THE ALUMINIUM CANS, at first hear the whole album sounds a bit strange for me, but when hearing more times I got the feeling behind this American act. This album is a bunch of recording recovered from cassettes and wax cylinders which were originally thought to be destroyed in a convent fire. “beat me” with its piano melodies and great vocals,”Mr greedy chef”, releasing its bizarre synths and perfect psychotic vocals,” just and old” technology applied to your mind with a great work of percussion “accordion songs” a twisted strange melodic accordion track so sweet & again so strange. “The crumbs are the cure” is the cure for your solitariness, excellent composition…and so with the pass of each track you will find 1000 reasons to love or to hate this album, a killer release, strange and bizarre as these regions in our mind, which aren’t discovered yet. 19 tracks which 5 of them include video clips. Time 46:54

1997 EV (Ger)
“Dead. Ends. Sinful” CD 06

(PUNCH Records)
Excellent, would be a perfect word to describe the enigmatic apocalyptic expression through the concept behind 1997 E.V, the cover show us a city surrounded by a dense yellow red radiation cloud, which seems to devours everything. With the music a mixture of dark ambient atmospherers, full of hallucinating moments due to acoustic guitars and spoken vocals. The album opus with “wet sun 7” a hallucinating piece of sounds samplers with a driving dark atmosphere. “Lucifile eins” is a trip to a surreal dark whirlpool of tones generating a despair & desolation due melancholic acoustic guitars parts and floating vocals, and samplers. “G-rays violet” its an opus to Kaos,a march to parallel universe with no human life apocalyptic drumming parts, guitars announcing a new generation of destructive environment. “Eerie” a deep dark voyage through psycorporeous elements which seems to incarnate themselves into each guitar chord, each percussion beat. A high content of atmosphere through the whole track. The rest two tracks “a dark side miracle” & “alder side’s epsilons part I” are pieces you must hear for yourself to get an exact idea of how impressive and superb production this album has. I just hope to have an interview in a near future with 1997 E.V (era vulgaris).

"Dissolution” CD 05 (Collaboration CD with Christian Renou)

(Fario Recs)
Alas, the new TROUM album, my promo copy contains none of the song titles, but I can tell you there are 7 tracks here. With “Dissolution” Troum has plunged deeper creating music that works like a direct transformation of unconscious matter.The main point from this album is how both of them (Glitsch) and (Barakah) has created a very diverse album influenced by post-industrial,minimal,drone music and included different instruments as guitar,balalaika,flute,melodica,gong,bass and a diversity of sound effects to build a kind of multi-layered and high atmospheric “dreaming Muzak” as they label themselves. The whole tracks contains a high dose of capturing soundscapes which seems to float in your subconscious and then to materialize in one or another form in a dissolution of matter into a sonic space full of voidness and invisible presences. This release give me enough reasons to interview TROUM. So, just wait to enter to the dreaming world of TROUM,next months. Also note, that TROUM doesn’t work with Synths,samplers or computer-soundscapes.the whole music is generated from hands. “These are dreams, dreamed by dreamers, who are awake”.

“Fragment 36” EP 06

(Drone Recs)
Mirko Uhling from Ex Ovo recs,has expressed himself through this Ep with a very original and interesting concept. The first track Part A: is built into reververating drones which seems to coming from another dimension creating an eerie atmosphere and a surrealistic weird world under which you must submerge in order to understand the concept of the second track called : Part O: which explores minimalistic drones. Ambience centered around dynamic water sounds and bell’s soundscapes. “Fragment 36” relates to a quote from Heraclites “that everything deliquesces at any moment can never be the same as the moment before” very dark stuff worth to check out!!!

“Northern Lights Ambience” EP 06

(Drone Recs)
This is a two songs Ep in a dark blue vinyl, black covers and each cover comes with a handmade laser-cut c.t.e metal logo/key sticked on it. Sonically, this release includes: Northern Ambience I & II. And are equally impressive, penetrating low ambience, wraps itself around slow motion ambient mechanism and a cosmic sounds construction. Both tracks are well constructed with purity that can only comes from deep within. To the grievous foundation, eerie difts sweep across. Reververating drones buried in the meat of the tracks. Remember this Ep is limited to 300 copies only. then…?

RYN (Uk)
“Whistle And I’ll Come To You” EP 06
(Drone Recs)
This British project appears into the horizon shinning as a dark star in the void of universe, with a two tracks Ep generated by organic & mechanical sounds floating into ambient passages evoking a dark isolation. Both songs are built with a definite structure and a magickal soundship which gives this British duo a very promising future coz the potential is there. Also they are working in other projects as : MARZURAAN (drone rock) & ROMANCE (harsh noise).

“Mare Internum” EP 06
(Drone Recs)
In my opinion this is one of the best latest releases coming from the German Drone recs. The Ukrainian’s IN MEDITARUM work under an unique & deep concept. show us the first track “Regina Solitaria,” full of deep drones mixing some reverberations effects, sounds similar to bells and a palpable magickal environment surrounding the whole musical soundscape. Then comes,” Regina Silentia” a track going almost in the same dense, perpetual Drones and totally impressive, because it involves you in a deep void through vibrations focusing in your brain, a kind of drone-gnosis state, really the best point here. This act handles an esoteric facet applied to its music, creating a very interesting work. The cover show us a combined symbol more of Yantra (meditation) Rosa (women),& Om(the absolute).

“Dying Reveal” EP 06

(Drone Recs)
A drone noise solo man project opening with “dying Reveal” track, bizarre sounds, like a cosmic battle,sounds,effects,drones.a revelation of a dying universe in a perfect (dis) harmonic way. The inclusion of few child voices is strange, but perfect in the whole musical concept. The Undefined” is more a dense structured song with strong effects generated by machine vocalization, after some minutes the voices disappeared and the music turns more dense, and dense, which seems to exploit into an orgasmic noise.

“Brusnika” EP 06
(Drone Recs)
Hypnotic-ethno ambient industrial songs through subliminal strange effects as murmurs voices and animal noises coiling and generating a dark atmosphere. At moments in the second track you can hear some female chorus,drones,mixing in a very original way, repetitive spoken words are arguments necessary to consider this act in your collection. This really is a fine piece of work that explores some unique territory for the ethno ambient industrial, realm it resides in.

“Walpurgisnacht” CD 2003

(Tantric Terror)
Ancient images dressed in a dark ritualistic sounds are developed in this 5 tracks album, with an opening track “walpurgisnacht”(witche’s Sabbath) built with tribal drumming sounds surrounded by melodies evoking the god’s pan presence. The 2nd track “burning shadows” is a dark composition with industrial passages and qliphotic vociferations which gives the track a very dark and insane sound. Then comes “nightshade” a live track beginning with piano parts and female spoken vocals, dense ambient elements which floats through the whole track. “creatures of the aether” a live composition, described as an inner deep hell explored in a psychotic way, due to extremely dark drones focusing its sounds in a waterly submerged harmony, with no limits to let enter you to your unconscious realms. Closing its “blood spirit”. A track with a dark atmospheric sound but this time including spoken phrases which gives the track the perfect balance. NITROUS FLESH is in my opinion a worth act to check coming from U.S.A. cd comes in a clear DVD case. With sticker included and limited to 200 copies.

“Shadow Fracture” CD 2003

(Tantric Terror)
Jame’s Geit the master mind behind Tantric Terror comes with its project called NITROUS FLESH and with this album, he experimented his insane visions, creating disturbing/industrial analog drone compositions very impressive and torturous at the same time, because of the well constructed and with a bizarre possessed nature through each one of the 8 tracks. Songs as: “Nganga”,”Rellic”,”Altard” have this blackness disturbing elements able to exploit your brain. While tracks as “The Writhing Darkness”,”Wormwould”,”Cremation Ground” are dense ambient tracks with some drone elements which fits perfectly in the whole structure of the compositions. Really; I’m anxious to hear some more material from NITROUS FLESH coz a high potential is hidden behind this ritualistic occult machine. The main inspiration comes from Morgenstern & Synapscape.

“Madadayo” CD 2004

(EE .Tapes)
This is a very special release due to the high quality of musicalisationship and the Fact This was recorded between 1979 and 2002. Dark ambient isn’t the right word to describe this album, because this goes far beyond such genre, the music has a palpable feeling surrounded by elements generated by bells sounds, floating through drone moments which enters you in a kind of mystical trance. The 8 pieces included on this release has a dark majestic environment with the addition of different instruments and percussions giving you the opportunity to explore more the sounds and to compenetrate with the whole concept behind “madadayo”.also Hessel Veldman the mind of Y CREATE, has included some electronic, and a very diverse and original production with 8 interesting tracks with a total time of (77 mins) and coming with a 7” records sleeve. This production is limited to 325 copies. for more information contact Erik from EE Tapes.

“Songs for the Victims (From A decaying country) CD 2006

HUMAN FLESH debut album comes brilliantly a total piece of dynamic music & creativity. All the exclusive material presented in this release was recorded during 1985-1995.and packed in a black 7” sleeve. This release contains 15 tracks + a bonus track, which surely will surprise you so much. The most important is how the diverse spirit behind Alain Neffe has transcended limits. Coz he included a lot of creative musician as : Naohiro Yamasaki,Danica Marzidousek,Daniel Malempre,Hessel Veldman,Cor Gout,Nadire Bal,Magali Cupak…just to name a few, whose performed a lot instruments as toy xylophone, Indian flute,electricguitar,synthetizer and several vocalizations going oriented to canalize the whole structure of the tracks.Musically the album is very dynamic, having emotive sounds, which increase its pulsations with the pass of time. My words are empty to describe how this album has surprised me a lot. Just order your copy now to E.E.Tapes in order to do a better definition behind this great release. This is art,100% creative & emotive.

Volume III CD 2005

Excellent, diverse compilation featuring a total of 12 unknown artists. This is the third part of this compilation trilogy. The opening artist is SHIFTS “Vertonen 19” with a calm ambient track. M.NORTHAM “moth tongue” a noise composition recorded at Sur Le Caveau, Epesses Switzerland. OREN AMBARCHI “Bank Account Blues” show us a very in depth ambient track full of melodic & melancholic moments. AZYMBOL “Dementia” the title track speaks for itself, a bizarre drone ambient song with some reverberating vocals. And a cosmic twisted sound feeling. SETH NEHIL “Knot knit” with ambient elements floating around the whole song and some drone passages for a perfect compenetration. ERIK LANZILIOTTA “furtive Skulking” with a minimal drone, noise ambient compositions variating from time to time through 5:40 mins,very experimental and with a creative touch. FEAR FALLS BURNING “his own in grim” an excellent performance of ambient, drone nature with some acoustic elements. AF URSIN “kydsak” an impressive song altering ambient clean analog sounds and drones, in a perfect way. YANNICK DAUBI “sanguine” another ambient drone track. FELIX CUBIN “achter de schermen” psychotic noise drone elements joined to create a bizarre composition. ACID SOMA “fully working” hard disturbing noise track. And closing this release we have CONTAGIOUS ORGASM “let’s go actively this week” a noise machinery including electronic elements. very original act from Japan. Note, this is the final part of the trilogy and all the E.E. Tapes releases this CD comes in a 7” sleeve cover with information & contact from all artists. Just remember that the walls are whispering.

“The Plague” Split 12” 2004

(Enfant Terrible)
With this first release Enfant Terrible Recs has put a high point, due this great production.CFX: A German electronic art, which has recorded 4 tracks for this release. “Esined” a symphonic electronic sounds capes built by, a fascinating drumming beats. Then, comes “clinic”, again with drumming beats as principal instrument but with electro effects through the whole tracks, which seems to take you to another dimension. The 3rd track is “glad to see” is a very aggressive dark electronic one. it’s the best track here in my opinion; although the whole tracks has a high peaks. The last track is “star trek” a dense composition with great personality, because it has been built in a different way. It’s surreal, and has the feeling able to hypnotize you. Due electro effects and again the excellent way it was built.XNDL (Ger): If CFX surprised me so much. XNDL has another level, nightmarish music developed in a very creative and abstract way. “The plague” generates a concept of electronic elements and ambient sounds put together in a very amazing way. “Monstrous” an elektro machinery running through mid-tempo parts touch. Very subliminal synths and sounds. Also, originality of this act. Other tracks are “terrorizer”,”bad” which are developed almost in the same way as the track, with the last track, with the futuristic elektro touch necessary to keep your attention. Closing this great release is “mother” which is a remix by RADIKALE ANALOG FRAKTION.

“Cover Girl” 10” 2005

(Enfant Terrible)
We are most than proud to present you the return of the kult THE ACTOR, this minimal elektro wave act from 80’s has risen from its ahes with this release. side A includes two versions from the classic track “cover girl”, the first one is the 1982 version, having the characteristic sound expression which put THE ACTOR in the top as one of the bests acts coming from Holland. The other track is a new version from 2005. Side B: shows two cover versions from French artists PORN.DARSTELLER “cover girl” including some abstract vocals giving this cover a very attractive touch. IT & MY COMPUTER close this ep with the track “pretty girl” played in a very classic way in my opinion. This ep is limited to 500, be hurry to buy this masterpiece of minimal elektro wave.

“Twistin’ On the Tombstones” Double Lp 2006

(Enfant Terrible)
Really, I had never the opportunity to hear this act before, and my unlimited musical taste was full of this delicious musical banquet. ENDE SHNEAFLIET has captured a part of my soul and gives me enough bases to look more the old 80’s elektro scene from Holland. This Double LP contains 22 tracks which were recorded during 1981-1983 and taken from various cassettes the band released back time.The music in the whole tracks are splendid with a mixture of progressive rock, minimal electronics and minimal wave sounds, including melancholic tunes. It will take some pages describing each one of the 22 tracks included here. I just mention in my opinion are the best ones from this release. “hang man”,”communication”,”octaman”,”aeroplane”,”scientific werewolf”,” north celestial pole”,”forces”,”session zeitgeist”,”alien”,2the day deflefmache won”,” Heisenberg”. As all Enfant Terrible releases this one is limited to 500 copies and remember ENDE SHNEAFLIET is a essential part of the story of electronic minimal Dutch scene.

Lp 2006

(Enfant Terrible)
This compilation has been created with the sole purpose to show how new electronic acts still can develop modern music with 80’s new wave elektro music. The result an impressive production with 12 artists exploring the electro frontiers…let’s go to talk about some acts developed here.PORN.DARSTELLER: “L Ingenue” opens the album with minimal wave track, including electronic elements and a very well done percussion parts.JEUNESSE FANTOME: “Ksiezyc” one of the best tracks included here due rhythmic electro sounds and vocals.WERMUT: with “Media In Vita In Morte Sumus” show us a clear example of good music played in a modern way but with retro electronic elements.The melancholic electro song “Oktober” from AFTER THE SNOW is a variating vortex of the dynamism in this release.ECHO WEST: “Luck To Come” what a great track, with perfect percussive beats and vocals, fitting together in the atmosphere of the whole sound.synths are developed in a majestuous way.IT & MY COMPUTER: with a track featuring ROLLINKA “La deance des ames”. As all its tracks, with and incredible and excellent sound. This time focusing in sweet, elektro sounds capes.LA COMTESSE MORTE: “No No Never” a perfect dark dense wave elektro, song with a great works of futuristic vocals. A kult song here.This LP is limited to 500 copies. Surely with the pass of the years I’m sure this will be a kind of kult release due high quality of acts released here. Here, you will find only true and independent artists who supported this release as a way to raise the old school elektro scene.

“That Which Is Tragic And Timeless” Digipack 2005

(Cold Meat Industry)
A world has been opened, gathering shapeless around a tragic & timeless spectrum, where it gives birth to sonic shapes and dense harmonies. With this new album, one more time Mr. Levin shows us how creative and original is when creating music. For example tracks as: “World’s Apart”,” Still Life”,” The Love You Will Find In Hell” are dense ambient compositions focusing percussion elements creating a majestuous opus to solitude, together the acoustic guitar parts, its feels as walking in a desert, as sailing in a waterless sea, with no hope to come back. These elektro-acoustic parts are moulding a concrete force for each determinate track you will experience to its maximum level.Tracks as “Freedom’s Captive”,” Where I End And You Begin” its more into meditative ambient sounds capturing your soul and sending you to a parallel universe where tragic & timeless are the same aspects from unconsciousness. “Secrets Of The World”,” It’s A cold Trail”,” Stolen Silence” has the enigmatic character and structure to prove one more time than DESIDERII MARGINIS is without a doubt one of the best acts from this genre worldwide. Just enter the realm of solitude, and explore the hidden emotions surrounding this magnificent opus. For more information, just read the interview.

“Incore In Sane Apophis” CD

Psychedelic in extremis is a good Word to describe this release, full of bizarre compromise and dark serenity, generating a complement of each other for this release. “Incore In Sane Apophis”.6 tracks, included on this album with a perfect construction in the sonoric development. Dark ambient sounds mixed with noise analog machines and electronic arrangements producing an organic magickal sigil, to keep your cells burning all time. Strange for mostly people! But great! One more time Benekkea surprise by the high quality of its release. Let experience the bizarre SPINTER/STALIN’s universes.

“Winterscapes” CD

With a very original & abstract concept SOUNDZCAPA has released an album which reveal us its visions about winter but through an audible perspectiva,very artistical ,Developed by the improvisation in guitar parts and drones which are put together to generate these 8 pieces, each one of them representing the dark,hidden,and frozen parameters in winter.shadows,visions,and abstract World which can be seen in all its splendor through “winterscapes” using multieffects,processors,pedals for a complex work, but very good. Pure rhythm noise drone machine to freeze your soul…as entering to another World, a winter world!

TZii (Bel)
“Le Oratorie Du Silience” CD 2005

What we have here is a great album released by Tzii, at first time it got my attention due the development of all the tracks floating into diverse fields into industrial drone pulsations, with some raw, analog sounds capes. Tracks as “Marche Funzaire” with a fúnebre apocalyptic march, compenetrating perfectly with the purpose desired. “The Anal Redemption”, a kind of dark ambient composition with some spoken voices here and there. Really this is a good piece of work that explores some unique territory for the dark industrial drone realm it resides in.

“Gravita Sonore” CD 2004
“Gravita Sonore” is a very unique work elaborated under the different currents of acoustic sounds handled with electronic and ambient landscapes which penetrates in the dark dungeons of a concrete universe, letting you falls into a psychedelic tribal voyage provoking a vacuity of senses through 12 experimental & melancholic passages. The way as bass, percusión and programming are put together in a very provocative platform, will surely keep your senses active from the beginning to the end. As almost all Benekkea releases this will fill your spectatives.

“Shades of Another World” CD 2005
TWILIGHT INFERNO is the manifestation of a solitary soul mailing the Swedish territory. With this 11th album Mr Nilsson continues his voyage into the experimental ambient rock’s world exploring more and more his own creative capacities and erupting a very diverse and original album. “Shades of another World” variates from dark ambient compositions built up with some arrangements of oriental sounds as on “Moonchild” or “caleidoscope” which is an ambient song but with a high focus on acoustic guitars. “Prophecy” with this dark deep atmosphere and subliminal tribal beats, guitars. “Echoes of a shadow”, a more experimental rock song with some good “elements” in the whole perception of the track. This release includes two bonus tracks. I want to have the opportunity to review more of Nilssen’s work with TWILIGHT INFERNO.

“Sacred Shamanic Sex” CD 2005

(Black Note Music)
With a psy-corporeous dance, both spirit & flesh melt in a cosmic Light, a deep compenetration to transcends…and KYRON’s “Sacred Shamanic Sex”, is a gate to enter this state where sexual magickal energies devours themselves and everything comes the own universe. One of the best releases in the magickal camp, the sensitive, organic fragmentation of each one of the seven compositions through experimental sounds search to put yourself into altered status of consciousness with the purpose to find your inner being. 7 series of tantric invocations in which Coyote, a Central American shaman cooperates with KYRON, to raise a cosmic serpent of fire which connects us with ancient magickal sexual currents within ourselves.This album includes some electronic passages perfectly marked with a high dose of tribal ancient music, perfect to magickal experimentation. Magickal atmospheres generated by KYRON will cause awareness on your life. Perfect for anal gnosis, which I experienced with total success. A kult release for dedicated, experimental individual whose search more than just music.

“Children of the Secret” CD 2002

(Black Note Music)
As the whole Black Note Music Releases, this is more than just music…a techno shamanic ambient journey, to unknown realms beyond all possible perception. And from this perception emerged TRIP TECH, with an atavistic mental journey through four vibrations plus an intro. Opening the CD is calm and meditative intro preparing yourself for the trip to futuristic technology. Then comes “Through A Door” an electronic track with calm beats rolling through electro sounds and vocals creating a proper atmosphere and variating from time to time when passing the minutes through electronic elements in almost 14:00 minutes. The third one is “Disturbing Apparitions” now, the trip is full of cosmic atmospheres, drops of water with electronic soundscapes to expand your consciousness through 14:00 minutes. “Here’s what I Know” the endless trip continues to discover the secrets of existence with paranormal elements focusing as the other traces with electronic experimentation riched with rhythms & beats, in 32 minutes. Closing the trip is “Code” a short ambient electro trip to decodify your brain alter such long experimental technological voyage. Here J.C.Mendizabal aka KYRON got the cooperation of musicians such as Creed Duchat & Rick Perko.

“Toi Et Le Son” CD 2005

(Ex Ovo Recs)
Opening a chasm full of darkness, the album “Toi Et Le Son” (the fire within) is a clear example of how music could turns with dedication. This release includes two long compositions falling in dense dark ambient experimentation created by Tobias Fisher who also cooperates with other musical projects as SUN EATERS and AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF…both tracks “toi et le son” and “larme d’heike” elevates this release about your standard dark ambient,acts,as the sounds mutate and stretch up through the layers. Attention to specifics can really make the difference between an average dark ambient record and an outstanding one, and here FEU FOLLET, has taken time to craft something quite special. The cover shows us a kind of natural chasm where your mind will floats after hearing “Toi Et Le Son” album.

“Im Schlachthaus Bluhem die Blumen” Pro cdr 2004

(Ex Ovo Recs)
The first thing that came to my mind when my initial listen was an abstract travel, to an undimentional experience from another level of consiousness, the paradigm crosses its own frontiers and find an oasis of sounds veiled with dark pulsations transforming all these sounds, in something more…acoustic melodies, drone patterns, dense ambient elements put together, creating that enigmatic and abstract concept which is the main point when hearing this. And more knowing the album was inspired by the novel “The Torture Garden” by Octave Mirbzav. All the 3 tracks “yanonamy”,”im schlachthaus blumen die blumen” and “pantha rei” are pieces pulsing into a dark swells and tension, giving a dramatic depth. The overall feel of this release is one of barren isolated and dead earth. The pieces have a lot of motion to them that keeps the tracks from stagnating. Really a great release!!!

“Mezethakia Mukabalati” CD 2004

(Ex Ovo Recs)
Again, my mind is affected by the structural concept & artistical patterns developed by Mirko Uhlig ‘s AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF,through this album he continues with his experimental fusion of sounds, crawling out of his creative mind. This time two tracks “Geshwarzte Milch “ 4:02,enchanted us with acoustic guitar melodies as preparing the path for the long “mezethakia Mukabalati” which floats through 46:38 focusing in experimental noises, elements which at moments turns so chaotic but at moments it turns so calm,due to piano passages and ambient parts. The covers show us a kind of face done with insects which give u an idea of the creative concept behind this one. Just remember to hear “mezethakia Mukabalati” with windows wide open to feel some presences to a visual side, behind this act. I experienced some shapes in form of faces in the walls of my room created by the water running parts in my window during a fury torment. High recommended release for all those into experimental music full of creativity.

“VIMMI” CDR 2005

(Ex Ovo Recs)
The brilliant mind behind AALFANG MIT PFERDEKOPF,THE VEVE SEASHORE and SUN EATERS arrived with his new project called MIRKO UHLIG…transcendental melancholy expressed through 37 minutes divided into five fragments which complements each other. Sublime compositions with the experimental touch which only a dedicated artist, in this case Mr. Uhlig could perform visionary sounds which transport you to your own inner sensations which awake in you a creative aspect hidden in yourself. The sutil soundbirds, the melancholic piano & guitar parts are necessary elements to describe in a way, the artistical level developed here, coz, each one of you must explore this album by yourself and to find, something more hidden in the dulcet and melancholic atmospheres painted in enigmatic forms through each one of the five fragments.

“Fibonacci” CD 2004

(Black Note Music)
An enigmatic journey to the mathematical structure known as “Fibonacci”, exploring an electronic sequence of vibrations represented through 14 altered sonic ambience compositions, built in an infinite edge of knowledge and perfection. Electronic rhythmic passages and melodies whose transcends any rational space. The music speaks for itself, being amazing ,mysterious and logical from a mathematical structure,coz each number is the sum of the previous two in the series as the numbers grow larger, the proportion between one number and the next approaches PHI. Magically this album has a lot patterns worth to discover and to experience and hypnotic trip into a mathematical dimension generated by Mr. Mendizabal and its creative mind.
“Las Nubes Que Mueren” Double CD 2006

(Punch Records)
One more time O PARADIS has gotten a part of my Heart, one more time my soul has torn into pieces and my mind floats in a void of melancholy…with this double album O PARADIS reveals how the whole music surrounds a deep feeling with a melancholic atmosphere which trespass the frontiers from human spirit. 32 hymns of solitude and abandonment. CD1,belongs to the second period of the band with 16 tracks as:” Tierra gastada II”,”tus pasos en el paraiso”,”por primera vez”,and two tracks in English “happiness” and “the bubbles of the fishes”. The second CD contains remasterized ancient tracks as: “el Segundo naufrago”,”medio angel”,”badem-baden”,”escarbando”,luz en la selva” with a total of 16 tracks too. The whole tracks have a palpable nostalgic and painful smell from the first track to the last one. Also you can hear the collaboration from musicians as the talented J.Weber and Sebastien Leduc among others. Keep on sailing in the empty sea of nothingness, searching the O PARADIS’world.


(Black Note Music)
An esoteric experimentation to one of the older rituals emerged in this 20th century using deep magickal symbolism, numerology and musical vibrations twisted in a perfect hallucinating conjunction. This audial ritual bring a new facet to those still practicing this daily and looking to experiment with new arrangements. Perhaps this must be a basis for another level of modern magick,a kind of astral rituals without the paraphernalia of other ones. Musically the music could be described as ambient in the totally of the solo track, with spoken words performed by Coyote, a very experienced shaman. The mixture is amazing, because the whole tracks puts you in a state of calm and enlightment, perfect to opening or close a day! A magickal vortex ready to be experienced by yourself!
CDR 2000

(Black Note Music)
I has this clear!! All the Black Note Release has a deep magickal effect in your mind. And with JOURNEY TO THETA, is to enter a deep state of meditation, where you can float through dreams, visions which you can experiment a kind of lucid dreaming, focusing your consciousness to a void produced by binaural technology and vibrational spatial sounds equipped to produce this strange meditational journey to theta. Remember to use headphones, get relaxed, close your eyes and open your mind to take a long JOURNEY TO THETA.

“Doorways” CDR 2006
(Black Note Music)
The KYRON’s music operates at a prelinguistic level, inducing trance, through experimental ambient electronic sounds, going to these undiscovered brain parts with the purpose to do your brain more sensible to the questions generated by our experience in this plane. Mr. Mendizabal has built a series of rhythms, analog vibrations and sounds capable t open this door, the inner world for self study and knowledge. 15 tracks through 65 minutes are necessary for this journey of abstract harmonies & apocalyptic visions. Establishing a perfect nexus between the activities awakened in your brain and your consciousness. One more time a surprising release by Black Note Music.

“Subterfuge” Digipack 2005

(Mellow Traumatic Rec.)
This romantic dreaming opus keeps a direct melancholic feeling from the first track “you showed me” to the last one “a latch to open” musically the whole six tracks has the necessary feeling to put you in a very nostalgic mood. Goth Pop with electronic elements and a very well produced concept. This beautiful digipack comes with a DVD disc as bonus from the track “Carnaval Justice (the gloves are off) part II”. And HANNA FURY show us a visual facet which complents perfectly with the whole concept. Anxious to hear the new album which Hill be out son. For more information write to Hanna & Mellow Traumatic Recs.

“Finished soundtracks For Unshort Films” CD 2004

Soundtrackish music built in a very attractive and appreciated way. ¿why? Because of a persuasive acoustic instrumentation living a new facet when mixing electronic elements and the cinematic soundscapes which is very well executed through the whole tracks. An aspect we can enjoy when listening it deeply is the classical orchestrations mixed with that electronic vibrations which are going far beyond other projects from the same kind have released before. The originality and creative spirit of both musicians (mainz & Pleil) are palpable through each one of the compositions included on this release. Pure “contemporary Industrial Chamber Musik”,Developed into a deep and original perspective.
“Das Braven Der feverwolken” CD + Alraun CD 2006

(Punch Recs)
After some years of total silence, finally ELLI RIEHL,the Austrian act has risen from its own ashes to release and splendid album full of Magick,mythology,incantations under the veils of dark ambience sounds, experimenting a voyage to the realms of runes and northern mythology. The whole musical concept is full of an emotional feeling expressed in a sublime touch of fantasy and magick. Piano parts,synths,drums and a special work of vocals transports you back in time, when fire & sword ruled the earth.The first 300 copies of this album comes with a bonus CD called “Alraun” which is built into a concept really interesting basing the whole music in a psychedelic experimentation with sacred plants (Mushrooms) and has final result a great production with no instruments included here, just voices,chorus,native sounds and elemental spirits chanting its visions on astral plane. A perfect,be hurry, just first 300 has this 2nd album as bonus.

“Deadline Now” CD 2006

“Deadline Now” is an album which I always liked someone would performs, and Phil Von has becomes my dreams a reality, a discordant reality floating in a parell world where all becomes one and one becomes all, “Deadline Now” is a tragic urban exploration about slavement of actual society and a mental virus devouring them slowly. The music is pure magick,electro-vibrations and subversive pulsations generated by machines with human brains, a pleasure to be explored in its maximum level of understanding. The concept behind this album is more than brillant,the time stops and non-existence, floats in your eyes deconstructing everything you think is real. There is no reality, beyond “Deadline Now” because this is the reality, a subjective trip to your own parallel world. The cover booklet concept is a creative reflection of how “time” consumes minds or how minds are consumed by time, a call for mental freedom to think…beyond time…

“Give Me Your Ambiguity Or Give Me Something Else” CD 2006

The senses of good taste unleashed through this 3 split CD, with the strong sensations which only knows how to develop and this time with Mikroben Krieg/Sciencia/Shh..the story continues…MIKROBEN KRIEG: with 5 tracks of dark EBM/symmetric electro dance, with an excellent work of mixed sounds and vocals.MK has gained high comments on electro underground field due its powerful & creative sounds,” sensuality” one of the best compositions here. Also check “Axis Mundi”with an excellent work of tribal drums.SHHH…:Its music force us to move in all directions due the exquisite and fine electro sounds, passages codified in perfect equilibrium, functioning in a vortex of pure EBM. “déjà vu” track is a masterpiece, which show us all SHHH potential mixing sounds.SCIENCIA:The sequences of beats, and mix of effects in the whole tracks is the major concept to stand out,abrasive,corrosive,a step forward mostly EBM acts…Definitely this 3 split CD reaffirms why is the electro label generating one of the best material worldwide.

“Kosmo Incognitia” CDR 2006

The master of Japanese noise-drone art Kazuyuki Kishino known as KK NULL, show us his most recent creation. And with “Kosmo Incognitia” he solidified his talent and creativity. Through 19:48 minutes of pure dis-harmonic noise electronic passages which were recorded between 2004 and 2005 and also including some live recordings from various locations in Tokyo. A well structured sonoric soundscapes varying from wave electro acoustic ambience to raw noise drone isolationism, exploring unknown facets and a bizarre world only generated by a creative & imaginative mind as the one of Mr. Kishino. An experience which need to be explored for those into strange, creative and harsh extreme music! For more information ask Thisco,coz the whole releases have that especial touch worth to experience.

“Blot Og Mono Middagshvil” CD 2006

this creative guitarist and sound generator, bring us a production with very interesting traces inside the experimental drone fields. Sutile but deep noise digital performances mixing minimal drone effects and sounds which otorges force and power to each one16 parts included on this CD ep. The whole compositions has a solid structure and a magnetism in the way how he is experimenting here and there with different sounds. It plays out with fluid perfection and utter craft, beyond all possibilities. This is a step going in al directions, always experience new facets on sounds. Check it out now.

Compilation CD(Thisco / Zerometersquare)

(Cooproduction Release)
An abrasive compilation CD capturing concepts built into RIYAZ which is a table drum machine made in India. The album includes several experimental electronic devices but always under the Riyaz particular patterns. 13 tracks performed by slow beats, utile sounds, programmed and generated under rhythmic patterns according each one of the artists experimenting with Riyaz,contrasting electronic elements and a futuristic platform at moments.13 European artists decided to experiment the 16 complex rhythmic patterns and 3 sounds of low technology and the result is beyond any perceptions. Its magick by machines experienced by cerebral machines in human form. Artists as:Supermatik,Wild Shores, Mimetic & Data Senses,Def,Black Sifichi…among others. A high conceptual exploration of world’s machines under the cerebral human experimentation.

“Shape Your Shade” CD 2006

(Thisco/Cinetiks,Celestial Dragon)
(cooproduction Release)
a complete this(co)nnection or better connection with experimental elements from several currents from electro, industrial to psy trance and techno, with classical instruments and a surprising vocalization. The music is full of ethnic sensations created Hole Spies, Von Magnet & co which through this MCD,establish a cinematic ambient experience into abstract forms evoked at each one of the 4 compositions, specially the 2nd one “the Passenger” and “A Cosmic Operation” which floats into ethno ambient presence. The general musical construction is very abrasive & has that magickal touch to have your brain receptive for this great form of art.

“Fracture” LP 2006

(Enfant Terrible)
With a very, very interesting debut album, this Dutch musician has marked a high point due the musical expressionism with “fracture” he has mixed sutile keyboard sounds, dense drumming beats and a cutting vocalization. Its difficult to categorize AFTER THE SNOW under a musical genre, but you can smell some doom music traces with 80’s influences on it and some electro, new wave elements. Music may be highly influenced by Death In June (vocals and some musical elements) but having its own touch, which in my opinion fractures your mind into a dense void where the harmonies and soundscapes draw new facets in the fields of good music. 6 tracks “Caling”,”Betrayed “,”Table”,” Enough (open),”Slave”,” Rich In Though” which must be experienced when listening this great LP limited to 350 copies released by AFTER THE SNOW under Enfant Terrible Rec.

ICK (Hol)
“La Parade Des Sans Illusions” 7 EP 2006

(Petit Enfant)
Enfant Terrible offer us a new series of singles under the name Petit Enfant, and this is opened with ICK,”La Parade Des Sans Illusions” Ep with 4 tracks sailing in the seas of minimal electro music with some industrial elements in the whole tracks. Also, you can hear some punk drum beats and experimental sounds at moments. A very multidimensional Ep which surely you will be anxious to get after reading this review. The art work is by the young Dutch artist Edwin Stoutjesdik,who is known as Dj in hex parties in Amsterdam. Pure EBM with an original touch, which you cannot never find somewhere else.

Split CDR 2007

(Static Signals Recs/Sarmakande)
SAMARKANDE: There is something with this Montreal’s based act which you will experiment as creative, perhaps is the dynamism through improvisations of dense sounds, with a relative electronic fragments. The result is a dark structure generated by classic analogue synthetizers,together with modern digital instruments, with the performances of bizarre, abrasive vocalizations, giving a futuristic touch when complementing the whole musical structure together. This duo Erik Fillion & Sylvain Lamirande,have done a great work here though 14 minutes.OBLIVION ENSEMBLE: With O.E. things turns a bit more dark and chaotic to express it in terms of how music explodes in your mind, with some excellent percussive elements built though Gongs,Cymbals,Bells,giving an eerie, destructive sounds cape to the whole track’s structure. also the drone, and loops atmosphere are adaptations with a high presence of futuristic industrial elements seems to put a clear idea of how OBLIVION ENSEMBLE is when performing live. This edition is limited to 100 copies of pure dark, fragmented irrationalism in its most perfect way! It sounds at moments similar to TRIBES OF NEUROT due to post-modernistic atmospheres, but having their own identity. 13 minutes.

"Seraphin Hallucino” Digipack CD 2006

(Malignant Recs)
“Seraphin Hallucino” is a dark organic entity living in the abstract reality of a collective consiousness,at moments suggestive, frenetic and chaotic. a release degenerating in deep sinister & mysterious atmospheres in a coherent but dynamic way, always developing new vortexes of energetic sounds through experimental,post-apocaliptic elements. The magick of this album is the high improvisation and twisted manipulation of sounds capes ending in a destructive force, a tsunami in its most rawest form inhabits the realms of consiousness,ready to burn beyond any rational perception. The album’s artwork is great, abstract forms from a post-apocaliptical view, a concrete and well structured album with 23 long compositions, which has a kind of mysterious connection between them, which you must discover by yourself. a good experience to explore, in a cold dark room. to hallucinate, to have a mental delirium in which psychedelia possess you and finally finds something more than a latent reality in your simple life through 47 minutes.

MLP 2007(Enfant Terrible)

After some months of have been enjoyed my life with the great performance of SOLITARIEN EFFEKTEN on “electronic Renaissance” Lp,they returns with a very moody and harmonic atmosphere, the electronic 80’s feeling palpable through the whole structure in each one of the tracks, a minimal wave electro neo German music which surely will turns you back time, creating a nostalgic and melancholic remembrance, the music has that touch to keep you moving all time. Again Enfant Terrible seems to have a good selection of acts when talking about 80’s minimal electro wave music. 6 tracks are enough to buy this limited to 500 copies 10” mini Lp on cool white,let’s wait what’s coming on Enfant Terrible, through this year!!!

V/V 2006

(Infekted Sound)
A perfect name for a raw aggressive dance floor compilation.15 acid dance performances with a high dose of aggressivity and strong feeling, perfect to continue polluting this world and to complete the decay of human race. To talk about each one of 15 tracks is to spend hours due to high quality of the acts compilated in this CD. The most relevant artists are: CRYSALIDE vs. FYD “Sorry” raw, acid psychedelic trance composition with a harsh vocal and aggressivity.a sensorial experience complementing perfectly with all the electronic arrangements.FLINT GLASS “Alhazred” a power electronic track with a special atmosphere and effects being at moments calm and sometimes a moody.SHISUKA:”Connected”one of the best tracks with a terroristic and suggestive effects which sticks directly to your brain. its more than just an electro-dance structure, it’s a passage to somewhere else, a connection with another living organism. very well built and handled from start to finish. A great track!EVA3: “N-DE” a generic repetitive transformation of sounds with minimal touch which offers a different perspective of what you expect from this Russian project.ESA: “We Know The World Is Wrong” with a very aggressive sound reflecting that progressive fragments ESA comes with a worth composition to check out, due the different effects and electronic parts included here.DYSPRAXIA: “Controlling Their Desires” the frenetic exploration of desires in a raw form, acid dance full of dynamic uncontrollable moments which nobody could escape, just feel, move and die!.RUDRA VENA & INDUSTRIEPALAST “Clay”(Brummkreisel mix) this is more a calm, moody track built with some sweet passages in comparison with the rest of the tracks compiled here, but with an excellent compact sound. Other artists are SONIC AREA,QUEYNTE,EVOLA,TRIAX,ISZOLOSCOPE,AUTOCLAV 1,LITH and TWINKLE. do you need more? If so, get infected and contact them now:

"Please Keep Moving Forward” CD 2006

(Infekted Sound)
I might say,” please keep on moving in all directions” because this electronic project has enough arguments, to establish a connection between dance-electro sounds and your way to be receptive into its magnetic beats. The highlights from this release is how the music is turning more and more aggressive with the passing of minutes.reververations,female vociferations, blasting drums and moments of a clarity in the way of mixing the whole tracks, transforms the CORELINE’s album,in something more in the harsh-electro dance genre, this album has an especial goal. this is dedicated to the symmetry and perfection found only in nature. also this album includes the excellent track “Organized” mixed by DYSPRAXIA and “Dance Electric” mixed by EVA3,giving a palpable energy impulse by both artists.

“Luna Sapiens” CD 2006

What we have here is a very interesting album having its most deep concept in an artistical folk expression with a very emotive and emotional structure since the first track “Arpeggio” which is an acoustic guitar melodies with tunes and harmonies floating through the whole composition, a beautiful enchantment to the last track “In Tempus” with a especial and characteristic feeling, evoking moments which capture your senses and transport you to another dimension. Passing for great tracks as “Memorial” with its drums and guitar melodies in all its splendor,”Dancas Com A Chuva…Poesia”, a Magnus opus with a dark atmosphere an abysmal esctasy. “Bailia” expressed to brilliant female speaken Portuguese vocals to give this album a very original touch. “Balado Do Guerra Fria” sadness and abandonment in its most pure form through acoustic guitars harmonies, which remind me to Norwegian ulver’s album “Kveldsangger” due its beauty, incredible atmosphere in which the track is built. “Signatus” a shamanic dance orchestration. Are inclusion of syths, classical guitars, percussion, bass as elements to feel the utter melancholic, and feeling behind IN TEMPUS. This release is dedicated to presentation of iberic wolf!!!!

CD 2007(Thisco)

This is a collaborative release between these three projects that breaks into 15 movements. Tracks: 1,3,8,19,12 by DEVIOUR, unleashing a powerful electronic sound but experimenting a lot with sounds, beats since the first track. Best track is 10 called “the Cockroagh Exdorgation” with a fucking great sound and rhythmic devises which you can feel a sensation of depuration and agitation. the whole tracks has variating moments which goes according to a definite electronic concept. TATSUMAKI…this electronic machine with tracks 2,5,6,11,15,generating dance floor compositions from a high caliber such as “Stage Suicide” which in my opinion has a lot to offer, suggestive vocals inducing suicide and cutting edge abrasive sounds floating through the whole track. The third is CITY OF INDUSTRY with tracks 4, 7,9,13,14,the best act from the three, pure harsh rhythmic electro deconstructionism based in well processed, mixed and arranged sound, containing a high dose of interesting concepts when hearing.percussion,beats,a decodified transmutation such as “ For The State And Industry” or “ Commuters” or the mighty “Slow Gut” with the inclusion of piano, and rhythmic paraphernalia. EBM, as it must be ,full of power and arguments to keep your mind, body in a dynamic movement all the time!!

“Rima” CD 2006

When this album arrived to my hands, inmediately there was a strange connection within my self. perhaps the cover painting (abstract forms with color patterns which visualize something beyond present reality, an asymmetric vision representing an artistical side explored by SAMUEL JERONIMO,with “Rima” album(which means Rhyme in English).and got so much my attention when I read on booklet that “rima” is an artistical expression creating a conflict between modernism(past-present) and post-modernist (present-future) inspire don Nietzsche’s myth on the eternal return and Heidegger’s rekindling of the notion of one’s being…when puto n the Cd,I feel the same,4 verses which possess the same defragmentation on the audial side which impact me as on the visual ones. “Verse I”: Is built with droning sounds capes oscillated sounds to create a perfect structure having a connection with the concept (present-future),I think)…Verse II: Sweet organ sounds, melodic tunes (past –present). Verse III: Drone ambient passages full l of an abstract atmosphere (present-future). Verse IV: another organ track full of melodic and sonoric incantations (past-present)…so, clear the concept developed by this artist in the fields of experimental music. I recommend this release to all those who search something more than just, ask Fernando from This-co for more info.

L’EGO (Por)
"Os Ladroes Do Tempo” CD 2005

They are the “thief’s of time”, they have stolen a perspective in time, including its own reality through audial/visual performance. Again a Thisco‘s artist surprises me with a very impressive production, In the fields of experimental art. L’EGO (The audial art) and TEATRO DU MAR (The visual side) created a dynamic coalition which ended in a theatric show during 2004 in an international festival in Portugal, and with this, a final product processed with a high dose of musical exploration. Synths parts, electronic patterns, acoustic instruments and ethnic vocals, ambient tribal music, jazz elements, nature sounds as: water. a dramatic voyage full of drones and sounds which vary from each track. The organic and well processed structure of the whole 14 tracks makes me to think in a promising future for both working together. So,I don’t know how will be they working separately but together they are a black hole in the cosmos,devouring,capturing,spreading its energy to every direction. a kaotic current of art expressed in a proper artistic way. The layers in each one of the tracks joined in a high, strong block 100% interesting and evolving together with the pass of time. This is a nice collection of ritual drone experimental electro ambient!!

SHHH… (Por)
CD 2005

This 12 songs CD that begins with a rhythmic electronic composition adorned with some female vociferations…from there the music dips into a fever dream sort of electro, experimental orientation, always having minimal electronic patterns very attractive and surrounded by some drones, and great interesting beats from time to time. But also you can find different perspectives, such as for example “P Different Doctor” that is more into a dense ambient composition full of a darker atmosphere and addictive vocal performances. Or “six Percent” a sutil excellent track with very interesting handle of sounds from harmonic slices and rhythmic structures to contagious beats. “A Perfect One” each track has a respective interesting touch full of dynamism and experimentation which is just a small part of what SHHH…could develop. After to hear this album I’m % sure the latent potential this Portuguese project has. Track as “Thiefs”,”Mathematics” and “On A Nervous Fringe” were released by THISCO in a three way Split Cd together with MIKROBEN KRIEG and SCIENCIA.

UNIT 21 (Rus)
“November” CD 2007

(Peace Technologies)
The music of the ever enigmatic UNIT 21 in the shape of Russian organism Stanislav Vdouin, transmit the necessary musical patterns to gives you the entrance to a cold, dismal ambient release. With an introspective trip to unknown winterly landscapes through 7 compositions, which are created with the interesting and well executed uses of drone sounds, reververations which floats in each one of the tracks, which sometimes would sounds a bit monotonous to you, but be sure these repetitive drone oriented patterns creates a spectral ambience piece, spacious and cold with a sinister structure. Music seems to collapse itself due to symmetric and static sounds and reborn again and again in each minute, second as a block of ice crawling into a cold foggy forest. A very good techno experimental release. “Just find & light out the candle, and look in the window…feel free to get some sleep if it’s warm enough inside”.

“Deviation” CD 2007

“Deviation” contains 13 tracks clocking in at just over 60 minutes. Deep space-dark ambient current stretch out across the void’s universe matrix,transportating a definite outer sounds capes drones dressed in deep minimalistic and abstract reality. This is isolation evoking a nebular cosmic trip dedicated to search of transition between ambient drone structures and exploration of experimental invoking trance sounds. While the tone and general feel of the piece doesn’t really change much at all over the duration, the “passive” nature of the compositions is so extremely well generated that you don’t get bored with the lack of evolution in “deviation”. This is probably too minimal for some of you, but it functions well as background music to explore the unknown regions of consciousness or just to feel the cosmic void floating deep within you.

OID (Rus)
“Systems Of Mercy” Special Pack CD 2006

Without a doubt this Russian artist, has released its first album under a high quality experimental performance. This album includes a plant pictures with its respective scientific information about each one, so it’s obvious to relate each track with one specific plant. Track I: a deep ambient sounds cape of dark resonance, with high peaks from time to time. Track II: starts with bell soundish floating in a sea of surreal sampling, rhythmic burst and dark ambience. Here the album explores different elements, for example in track 3: piano parts and effects collapse perfectly for a rhythmic pulses and samples. Track IV: unusual female & male distortionated vocals with very inspirational, sad and melancholic tunes. Track V: keeps the same feeling as the last one, but this time more sweet melodies, synths and piano elements, at the end the track becomes a bit more ambient. Track VI: surprises me with some percussive beats and harmonies from start to finish. And closing with the VII track: which returns in a similar vein as on the first one. Into dark ambient arena, with effects which captures the essence of its evolutive experimental sounds.

“Saturn Wind” CD-R 2006

(Deserted Factory)
Title’s album speaks for itself, being Saturn the sphere of kaos & disruption its winds embrace you with audial frequencies and deep over stimulated sonic experimentation. This release including 7 noise machine defragmentations generating harsh noise with some industrial traces, which are a constant flux of noise sound scapes creating an impressive listen capable if drawing you further and further into its madness. Each track has its respective identity and character in the processed sound. but tracks 4 and 7 have a mysterious dark feeling created by the well executed vocal reververations,and industrial noise patterns although the whole 7 tracks contains that mechanical environment which surely will transport you to feel the kaos and void only found through Saturnian dark winds!!

“Lord Of Light” CD-R 2007

(Deserted Factory)
Igor Potsukailo the mastermind & soundworld creator of BARDOSENETiCCUBE keeps on spreading its powerfull, dis-harmonic performances to mankind. This time with “Lord Of Light” with 5 unconventional strange dark noise ambient, with some very dynamic,the main point here is that each track have a very different structures but built with the same creativity and energized enthusiasm which only Mr. Potsukailo,knows how to handle when generating this kind of music. Drone patterns, ambient souns, industrial passages are the main elements you shall find through, “Lord of Light”. The inclusion of whispering voices are points which force me to be hypnotized by this great release through DESERTED FACTORY is what you shall find here.

“Screams For the Mute” CD-R 2005

(Deserted Factory)
This is a Cdr with Xerox art containing 7 songs of power electronic. the disc opens with a piece called “Silent few” which reminds me to early Brighter death Now, due to extremity in the whole structure of how music is built. Distortions & oscillators. Next up is “trepanation2 heavy,distortions,drones and the industrial touch make FIRE IN THE HEAD, a special project when talking about extreme compositions, “When This No Longer Suffices” features some irritating well done heavy noise compositions with some layering and a nice sense of atmosphere. “Scream For The Mute” a noise power industrial machine generating drones and bizarre sounds for a perfect representation of the title album, then comes “Watch And burns” or better I must say “hear & die” because of dark noise elements, rhythmic clanks and reverberations and a nice frequency expanse used. “Playing God” operates in a hostile drone ambient sequence of sounds with a great ambient touch. “Floodgate” continues spreading a noise alternated sounds with the vibrating electronic and industrial touches for a perfect experimentation of sounds. Closing is “Through Jaded Eyes” a communion of noise power industrial elements crawling slowing and mutating its own structures to create an organic manifestation of kaos and rawness. The album’s concept is inspired by psychosis and dark side of man’s conflicted dual nature, note that Michael Page is also involved in another projects such as: SKY BURIAL, KANNON FUSE and IRUKANAJI.

“Appunti Di Dolore Metropolitani” CD-R 2006

(Deserted Factory)
From Italy comes this quite tasty disc of noise industrial ambient. Strongly drone based music that sounds like a it may be a mixture of industrial and ambient atmosphere, there’s also liberal use of mostly a-dark minimal futuristic sound, cold drone distant vocal bits, which creates an at time very heavy ritualistic noise feel, but also you can hear some different elements such as tracks as “Note Fra Macchine Meretrici” with a beautiful rhythmically melodic defragmentation which enrich so much this album or perhaps “La Condanne Dei Sopravvisuti..” with a distorted piano parts. This solo project has a huge quantity of elements worth to check when looking for something special full of creativity and identity. Strongly recommended!! Just get your copy now, and no more words are needed to feel the apocalypse hidden in DARKRADIOINDUZTRIE.

“Revelations” CD 2006

(Deserted Factory)
An album released by this experimental ambient solo project coming from Germany “Hand In Hand To the…”is the opening track. Floating harmonies, veiled into an ambient atmosphere full of emotions and introspection. Next up is “Longing for Loneliness Shall Be Your…”plant a proper dark sounds with excellent work of percussions and bell sounds, transforming the whole structure in a massive piece of electro with some tracks of electro music. The third one “They Are These In The…”, pulsations through synths radiating an immeasurable context in the ambient experimental way as Mr. Huhtamaki knows how it functions. “For And Longing Will…” a melancholic hymn to solitude, despair, and remembrance lost in time but reborn again through melodies which seems to devour your heart, mind and body. “to Think You Are…” a classical track full of piano parts, samples and perspectives with a high ambition and power. “You Are Not What…2 an epical classical voyage to the realms of of solitude, sadness and desolation. Then comes, “beautiful Genius” name speaks for itself. Acoustic guitar chords played in a very inspired and emotive way to explore deep within yourself the enlightment through musical expression. “Garden Of Hemlocks” piano, synths in a symmetric musical exploration with a very high melancholic environment through the beginning to the end. “Flux 1337” a track with an oriental musical experimentation and sounds capes transcending the normal standards of musical development. “Avatar” an ethnic composition through well structured piano base and violin passages which complements perfectly with the whole track. This versatile album continues with “Of Becoming white” a magickal ancient trip to the ancestral sound of Middle East with perfect ethnic drumming sounds, samples piano parts which again, reinforce the structure of the track. And the last one “Disintegration Of Mithras” sun will never rises again, a desolated hymn to darkness. Pure ambient sounds capes surrounded by ethereal effects and a proper dismal atmosphere. A very interesting experimental dark ambient album by CHAOS RESEARCH. A revelation transcending all possible reality and beyond nothing chaos dwells within.

“Spirochete Fever” CD 2006

(Deserted Factory)
My curiosity grows when I got this Cd and saw the graphical concept, a psychedelic abstract colorful bizarre rabbit with shark’s teeth and behind them a kind of cross, an eye, a heart, for a clear representation of how RECANT’s music is. Yes, it’s a dynamic abstract force going through 23 compositions with a high dose of disturbing guitar based sounds, but in the traject,including rhythmic noise elements, ambient drone sounds, amplifying and processing a surrealistic atmosphere with a genuine and original perspective. The production has a psychotic edge feeling which gives to “Spirochete Fever” the name Bacterial Induced Abstract Noise,coz music seems to infect your mind and shows you another reality through sounds and visual effects. Vocals, saxophone and other devises which enrich the musicalisationship in a very high proper way. Immersive sounds capes floating there, waiting to infect you for a perfect salvation though this bacteria called RECANT.

“Effortless” CD 2003

Without a doubt one of the best dark ambient compositions developed by this Italian solo project, the music has an elevated almost dark trance feel, built with repetitive pulsations and vaporous ethereal passages “Effortless” is like a wave molding your inner self to the point of fixiate. 5 experimental ambient sonoric tunes always generating a high conception in the way of deep fragment floating one and another way, letting you to enter in a realm of total darkness. This may not be for everyone but the expensive and craft behind this album is amazing. Last track “doctrine Of Annihilation” is twisted bizarre and provocative!!!!

“Solve Et Coagula” CD 2005

The esoteric music of Marko Grosso has extended limited, bringing an unknown magickal based in old esoteric alchemic concept with subliminal effects and sounds, opening are “Tabula Meraldina” An excellent dark and relaxing composition with a perfect vocalization parts and percussion tunes here and there. “Solve Et Coagula” an esoteric opus to the soul,full of an ancient melancholy,a dark kingdom is opened waiting for you, due to sublimity of musicalisationship. the personal concept behind the title. “Solve Et Coagula” the formula is beyond of nothing waiting to be discovered by yourself by yourself “Artifex” with more electro based track but with ambient traces. Finally is “Ouroborus” going into that medieval touch, with disturbing dark moments and more…a lot more…!!

“Lux Arcana” CD 2007

(Sabbathid Rec)
The Italian musician, composer & occultist Marco Grosso,presen this his magnificent opus “Lux Arcana”,under a deep arcane middle age influence due to the whole sounds capes developed here. Opening with “Lux Arcana” : an impressive, ritualistic piece evoking mysticism and subliminal passages in a very dense perspective with some suggestive spoken Latin litanies. Then, comes “V.I.T.R.I.O.L.”: an alchemic journey into dark ambient passages with a high dominion of an occult atmosphere in the way as as the track is built musically talking.sutil,with a palpable darkness surrounding it which evokes medieval echoes from a distant past reflected in a perfect way to perceive sounds, samples and musical visions from Grosses’ mind. “Artifex II”: the structure from this track seems to be variating with some sounds in the way as are handled some parts, with an “electronic” touch but still incorporating the characteristic occult environment which makes this release so attractive. “Azoth”: with perfect vociferations, flutes, emanating from the medieval inspirational source are how this composition is built. “Cauda Pavonix”: a dense track full of piano parts, and well structured atmosphere, bells and a magickal feeling which surely will surprises you in one or another way. “Vox Interior” an inner whisper in a true alchemical transformation through sounds and vocals, and well generated musical patterns. Closing this album is “Russian” the mysticism continues its triumphant march.Mr Grosso is a very creative soul when creating music. Just hear this album and find the lux arcana within yourself.

“Halrum” CD 2005

(SNSE Recs)
This time this Swedish act arrives with a more mature and strong compositions in comparison with their last one “Hackelsekista” emerging through 13 compositions evoking pure desolation, despair, and death. The whole album is built into junk metal sounds which mutates into a dark ambient passages, elaborating a very original context due great structure generated here. Experimental music taking form through audible abstract sounds floating into moments of kaos to the dense hypnotic dark ambient elements, creating a perfect mixture to keep your senses in a receptive form. This production is an invitation to ride the desolated paradises in each one of us, to find something more than just an apparent reality in the human existence.

PIG EXAM (New Zealand)
“Contort Thine Cell” CD 2006

(SNSE Recs)
The deconstruction has begun…the twisted disturbing bizarre sounds from Mr. Clements seem to have no end. This time with his first pro-pressed CD, veiled in dysarmony, chaotic experimentation of sounds in the noise field, bringing elements of self-torture and perverted brain collapse moments which alterates the normal brain functional process. A harsh painful noise machine generated by drones, occilators and distortion fragments through 39 minutes in9 pieces of disharmonic paraphernalia. The important point here is how sounds are gathering to create a complete kaos in the whole sense of the word. Those into harsh-torturous noise, just contact SNSE, and get this album and be ready to experiment a deep painful horror entering the realms of PIG EXAM.

“Civilization” CD 2005

(SNSE Recs)
An abstract reality is hidden behind “civilization” a rhythmic structure composed by electro noise drones in a symmetric and perfect platform full of sounds going according each other to create a marvelous atmosphere of elements which surely impress you when starting to hear each one of the 5 tracks included here. The highlights from this album are how music is turning when minutes are passing. For example in the 2nd track “enlightment” a definite sound is generated and then more drones and electronic devices are added in a spasmodic and dense way, ending in a strong structure full of dynamism and variations which are transformed in a psychedelic voyage to an unknown civilization which you must find when earing IOVAE. Also the inclusion of unconventional rhythm devices such as machine guns & fire crackers gives to “civilization” a more deep reason to be reached by your hands and to be explored by your mind.

“these Graves” CD 2005

(SNSE Recs)
What a great release, comes to me from PAT & SNSE records…the perfect soundtrack to suicide. Tracks of dark subliminal sounds capes able to create a deteriorated vision of reality through raw, cutting edge sounds and ultra-drone machine samples. This one man project has unleashed with this album, a perfect masterpiece. You will be entering in a catatonic state when hearing the first track, and increase your addictive trip with the whole tracks. These 4 tracks are handled in a mature perspective when we talk about how through analogue sounds & distortions you can establish a well definite and structured composition and still sounding 100% strong. This must be a must for all noise freaks looking for great stuff.

“Good Old Days Melody” CD-R 2002

(Death Paradise)
A climax of abandonment and desolation touch me that night, going around my room with twisted thoughts…then, I saw the desk, and I found Plastic VIOLENCE “Good Old…” I play the Cd and I am here writing this for all of you out there. an Italian due in the shapes of Fabrizio Paulillo and Francesca Materazzi. Which developed this album in 2000, but it was released in 2002. The concept is very interesting and powerful. Two long very well processed songs being the first one a 50 minutes, divided into 5 parts, having each one of them a concrete but dynamic movement due to effusive and experimental elements expressed here. Drone characters which float from time to time inducing the entrance of a dark atmosphere, samples and sounds, processed in an almost perfect way. Percussive elements appeared on the 2nd part of this track to increase the experimental voyage to its maximum climax. The 2nd one “Goat Eyes “with almost 12 minutes, it’s an excellent percussive based one with some dense guitar,bass,distorted sounds generating a rhythmic composition mixed with some vocals with effects floating behind the whole structure of the track. This release is limited to 100 copies. Electronic drone ambient with experimental elements from start to finish, highly recommended to all these looking for something different.

CD-R 2002

(Death Paradise)
Kaos descends to earth…a perfect machine of destruction, violence, and hate misery. 6 compositions full of powerful musicalisationship.built with cutting edge, guitar parts which are going so fast and chaotic since the first one “Simulacro “ to the last one “I Ve Got A Body”, processed percussion increase a lot the apocalyptic sound . This is just like nuclear bomb devouring everything bit monotonous for mostly of yours, but I think this has a powerful and aggressive black energy palpable in each one of the six tracks included here. This is the solo project of Francesca Materazzi, co founder of PLASTIC VIOLENCE. You can compare its music to the ones of Old Norwegian black metal psychotic creatures MYSTICUM, but this is still more raw and chaotic. Beware!! The end of human race has begun with this release limited to 100 copies.

"Immaterial” CD 2002

(Death Paradise)
Ladies and gentlemen PV arrives with an organic mutation crawling slowly to put you in a squizophrenic state, the euphoria and state of vacuity is present in the whole 4 tracks included here in this album. The first track “Ideal” is a spectrum rising from glitch sounds which turns very addictive with the pass of minutes when suddenly drones start to surrounds the whole structure ,generating a dark hypnotic piece of ambient, drone sounds. The mutation continues with “Immaterial” a minimalistic expression of electronic sounds with its respective exquisite glitches, ready to be devoured by yourself. then comes…”E.R.T.” a piece mould with tons of glitches and noise patterns processed in a very subversive way, sounding perfectly monotonous, but having the necessary power to put you in a characteristic state, when the catatonic state seems to submerged you in an irrational paradigm. You can feel more tension with the last track “Product” a result of the defragmentation of noises, glitches, drones and electronic devises which give birth to another race, a race generated through immaterial sounds,swimining in abstract forms and subliminal transformations.

“Immaterial 2” CD 2004

(Death Paradise)
If “Immaterial” was an organic mutation…this is a virus infecting minds, and invading the concepts of reality. In a pure sense of audile atmosphere ,the album still possess a high connection with its first part due to glitches sounds which are the principal elements in the whole concept album at “Immaterial” series. both volumes (1&2) has an encrypted drones sounds capes and loops processed in a paranoic way, having as result the expansion of virus in each frequencies of sounds, penetrating slowly your brains to the point of a mental death paralysis of all your functions and the transmutation of another reality, another personality with a “wider” contemplating effect of a sensational “idol-atry” of what P.V. pretends with this obsessive album concept. Immaterialize your mind…and your soul must burn consumed by pseudo use of your own insistence. No.more.words. h.e.r.e.!

“Brightness” CD 2003

(Death Paradise)
Again, the macabre exploration of sounds,drones,electronic rhythms by PLASTIC VIOLENCE, has caused a high interest in us, with an album based on noise drone characters, starting with “Insurrectional” rhythmic noise patterns and a strange TV samples talking about violence and anarchy. “Barry Home” with a great atmosphere and hypnotic repetitive sounds. “Illegal Alien” a cosmic voyage to a dimension of noise atmospheres with some vocals added to the whole electronic structure.”Bonded Labour” minimalistic sounds floating through the bass lines. “Argentina”, electro rhythmic atmospheres full of emotive moments and a perfect processed sound. “Thai Girls” glitches appear to induce you to rigid ecstasies of confusion, and minimalistic electronic sounds. “Italian Policy” great beats, effects, an electro trip to the enigmatic world of PLASTIC VIOLENCE “...More slowly, until to disappear” having synths as principal basis, which are explored by noises and electronic devices in a very creative way as only P.V. can do. A very interesting album, and more knowing, how is the creative structure of P.V. when generating this kind of high caliber of music. Ask Death Paradise recs fro more info.

“The Dog Series” Vol 1-12 CD-R 2006

(Death Paradise)
When we talk about originality, we must mention Death Paradise recs and PLASTIC VIOLENCE, with a high interesting, twisted concept, based in the adaptation of homage to dogs in (2006) dog’s year in Chinese calendar. And well, the result was great, 12 mini cdr 3” limited to 50 copies each, but also recompiled on one cd room including 30 mp3 tracks. Yes, the whole dog’s series in one cd. Music varies a lot. Being structured with very melodic passages including instruments as drums, synths, piano, accordion but still incorporing the glitch noisy fragments which gives P.V. a perfect identity in all its career. A very dynamic album focusing in the experimental, electro new wave facet with enough elements to keeps your attention. Perhaps you didn’t like some tracks here but objectively each track has the necessary essence and feeling .covers show us dogs from different races,colours,and sizes which represents perfectly each one of the tracks included here…the 11th do’s series is a special 18th anniversary tribute of the sub-pop singles club birth. P.V. cover two historical tracks “Love Buzz” from Shocking Blue and “Party of Special Things to Do” from Captain Beefheart. Just enjoy this unique piece of originality & Creativity entering the dog’s realm in all its animalistic expression.

XAOS (Can)
“Apokalupsis” CD 2007

From Canada, generating a very impressive and dynamic Project, Mr Baphomet E.M. Tripp sent us his self produced album “Apokalupsis” built with enough rhythmic patterns but having a post-industrial touch excellent to experiment, when looking for musical expressionism developed in dynamism and creativity. “Apokalupsis” consist of 8 elements which each one of them, are masterpieces of a paradigmatic reality in eights rays current perspective. “Eschaton”: a moving electro rhythmic composition with a high dose of samples, vocals complementing perfectly with rhythmic sounds expressed here. “Happy New Year” a post apocalyptic machine floating in dense, desolated sounds evoking the end of an age, and the entering to a realm dressed in darkness. Digital dissonance and distortions are the main elements here. “Empire” opens with piano melodies and guitar tunes, which together the well executed drum machines, creates a perfect dance –rock composition. “Chemognosis2 is one of these songs having a perfect feeling, transmiting that vortex of energy able to put you in a trance state, through dynamism which one more time is the highlights from his album. One of my fave songs is “hymn Null (v 2 449), with a rhythmic enigmatic sound and digital vocals, synths creating repetitive patterns with a dark atmosphere and emotive sounds capes. “ Gebarmutterkut” a strong track with a perfect use of vocals, guitars, drums and still with the electronic dance rock elements which keeps your attention all the time. “Sick” starts with a dark synthesizer elements and drums which suddenly turns so post-industrial sounding machine with a raw atmosphere and vocals. Excellent composition, full of power & energy. Also some noise elements are added to enrich the whole structure in the track. And the last track “Everything Ends” is a calm, melancholic opus, based on guitar parts and vocals evoking desolation, despair…a very promisssing act coming from the cold Canadian corridors to devour your soul through self induced composition. ASTER APOKALUPSIS.

"The All To Logical Descent Into Madness" CD 2007

(Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
An effusive generator of dark disturbing music has become a reality through this collaborative release between IT-CLINGS and PNEUMATIC DETACH. With a total of 14 tracks through 50 minutes, The All Too Logical Descent Into Madness utilizes well-executed rhythmic electronic compositions, displaying an artistic expression of a high caliber. Each track has a characteristic identity floating in the well-processed sounds, effects, and vocals, the psychotic vociferation generating a machine of murder, schizophrenia and depravity. Each lyric is an exploration of the hidden, dark nature of the human mind and will surely have an effect on your senses. The drumming processed beats seem to cut into your brain, complementing this psychic surgery in which bipolarity and neurotic realities collapse again; again bringing you to another reality far away from the standards; a reality based on your own bizarre, perverted vision through sounds!

"V/A" CD 2004

(Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
What can you expect from Bugs Crawling Out Of People's first release? A revelation of psychic character, through 14 compositions, generating a perfect model of dynamism, traumatic violence, and obsession.PROSPERO's "Through The Walls" starts out with a dark atmosphere created by painful noisy elements. After some minutes, the track is enriched by electro-beats, which fit perfectly in it?s entirety. DEAD MAN'S HILL comes next, with "Heretics Look Downstairs", an apocalyptic machine full of despair and desolation, with high peaks penetrating the extreme dark structure. CASUAL COINCIDENCE's "Merboso" has strange verbal visuals manifested throughout dark ambient passages mixed with ethereal loops, having a high connection with the general musical context. NORU's "Icon VI" is harsh with moments of abrasive splendor in the rhythmic electro generations. PNEUMATIC DETACH delivers "Ryhim Ninept", a high quality track unleashing electronic patterns and rhythmic elements to keep your senses receptive. LEGION ULTRA unleashes a demo version of "Mute", revealing a raw demonstration of primitive electronic sound. SEDARKA offers "Mucus On Ice", a noisy drone composition full of brain-disturbing elements. BETON BARRAGE's "Devoured By Flies" is a dark masquerade of futuristic approaches, fusing perfectly from start to finish. COLD FLESH COLONY's "Hymn Of Praise" is a great track, reminding me of Brighter Death Now. There is a lineal darkness here that gives the whole track a dark, destructive feeling. SCAP.EDX's contribution "All Those Fucking Eyes" is a furious electronic track with repetitive sounds, creating a massive mix of dance floor components. ISZOLOSCOPE's "A Deep Cthulhu Terror" is one of the best tracks on this release, effusive with power and energy; surely cthulhu himself would rise from the sea and start to dance. ASPHALT LEASH's "Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong" orients electro-drone tones, creating a perfect balance between sounds and rhythms. Closing this great compilation is one of my favorites, NITROUS FLESH with "The Return Of The Dark Angels I And II". Respectively dense, with dark dis-harmonic atmospheres, the effects give a personal touch in the field of ambient industrial acts.The first release from this great Canadian Record Label is definitely substantial. For more information on what Bugs Crawling Out Of People has to offer, be sure to check out:

"Lakes of Sacrifice" CD 2006

(Bugs Crawling Out Of People)
Lakes of Sacrifice is one of the best releases that I have gotten my hands on this year. The concept behind the album and music in general make this a cult masterpiece. The whole album has that special touch, altering the senses by the majesty of musicianship, and the atmospheres generated by militaristic percussions give you a sense of an apocalyptic world full of despair and desolation. Vous-Deux and Gard-Enz, with their dense instrumentation and somber elements, end this album on a high note. There is some similarity to In Slaughter Natives, but Dead Man's Hill creates its own unique touch, mark and identity, which are things I consider very important. There is a remix of the second track titled "Legion Of Coldness" developed by Fractured, which has a more electronic focus. Dead Man's Hill, who hail from Belgium, have received high praise world wide with this release, and in my opinion it deserves to be in your collection. The pure apocalyptic music with a dark militaristic touch will surely impact you. To visit Bugs Crawling Out Of People, where you can also find more information on Dead Man's Hill, see the link in our contacts section.

NID (Ger)
“Plate Tectonics” CD 2007

(Auf Abwegen)
A concrete exploration in the fields of experimental ambient sounds is what you can experience when playing this Cd. NID’s music is full of diversity going in all directions which is expressed through 3 long compositions with dark atmospheres veiled with some drone patterns. The concept itself is very interesting due the hypnotic dismal ambient passages having similar elements which remind me to lustmord, but still with an unique sound and perspective in the whole sense of the word. Each element generated by NID, is a walk deeply inside your mind, opening new gates to unknown dimensions which emerge in narrative pieces of spoken words in a dense and in deep concept. “Plate Tectonics” is one of these releases which keep your mind in a trance state due tonality and subliminal sounds through (50:44) minutes. The music on this Cd was recorded live in 2004 and is limited to 500 copies.

“Treatise” CD 2000

(Auf Abwegen)
“Treatise” is a very well processed and elaborated album in which BEEQUEEN experiment with drone elements and sounds, creating a conjunction of different concepts which you will find obsessive due the abrasive atmospheres as for example on “ Paste And Roundwound” with mystical percussive elements and sounds, giving a magickal environment to the whole structure or “Pink Hummm” with a dynamic atmosphere and hypnotic-drone sounds floating in the whole track for a perfect mixture between generated sounds and manipulate minimal drones. The repetitive elements on “How Do You Tabletalk” seems to grab your mind with fragments of a twisted trip to a futuristic reality yet to be discovered. Each one of the total of 6 tracks have the character and expressionism to keep your soul flagellated due intense experimentation of sounds with a very original musical patterns. One more time BEEQUEEN surprises us a lot with a great release, also, this release will be recorded live some time ago!!!

“Un Mondo In Me” CD 2007

A profound trip to a melancholic dimension dressed in grey shadow faceless representing the inner pain and subjective forms dwelling in our inner worlds…and NERONOIA is the perfect representation of this trip. This album is a dreamt becoming a reality built in a brotherhood between CANAAN & COLLOQUIO. The whole musical structure has a strong sound similar to CANAAN due guitar chords and sadness through the well executed atmosphere surrounding each tune, each harmony played with heart. And the Gianni’s magnificent vocals create a perfect mixture for the great development of “Un Mondo In Me”. The whole 10 tracks contains the necessary spirit, which transports you to an introspective vision of despair and vacuity. An important element is the spoken vocals in Italian tongue, argumenting more my personal taste for these Italian artists, releasing another great album as on their other acts (CANAAN & COLLOQUIO) NERONOIA is the palette of a blind painter, who intentionally paints all colored with the very same shades of grey. Cd comes in a beautiful jewel box.

“Si Muove E Ride” CD 2007

With its 3rd album the Italian act COLLOQUIO present us 10 tracks with a definite identity and musicalisationship focused on dreamy beautiful melodies full of sadness and melancholy. COLLOQUIO’s music invites you to stand alone in a dark cold room and to carve yourself, to develop persuasive, depressive feelings through desolate sounds capes created by important elements as piano, synths and the perfect vocals of Gianni, as always in Italian language which gives to this album a romantic sweet environment. COLLOQUIO’s is without a doubt an established act with high peaks in the whole musical structure which is so addictive, seductive, abrasive from start to finish. The cover is an artitistical photography showing a man’s hand with a fly on. Moody, gloomy atmospheres with a very interesting concept. Its music is like a twisting hurricane leaving you to another plane of existence, a plane where you shall find darkness and despair of a world hidden but only colored by COLLOQUIO’s music.

“Cuando El Tiempo Sopla” CD 2007

This Catalan Project arrives again with a well structured album as on previous works, containing pop-post industrial elements and Mediterranean atmospheres through the whole 14 tracks included here. The music seems to floats between each track because of the way as its built each chord, each percussive beat, each definite composition, giving arguments of how music sounds when is played from heart. These melancholic ballads are inspired by time, and each one of them contains emotive elements as the slow dense vocalizations, exciting violin parts and sticking percussive sounds generating an album which will cause some effect in your perception of “time” when reaching the dynamism of O PARADI’s universes. Demian’s work work is really amazing, and each time I find more reasons to be a lover of the whole structure behind O PARADIS. You can find a big booklet full of abstract, definite images which connects you perfectly with “Cuando El Tiempo Sopla” concept. Also the inclusion of musicians as Mr Weber and Tairy (AIT & PUNCH) among others is enough reasons to get this great album.
COMANDO SUZIE (Spa) / O PARADIS ( Spa) “Split Ep” 2007(Punch)A sublime connection evoked by folk Spanish acts, each one of them adapting similar realities but under different perspectives. COMANDO SUZIE with “El Pequeño Tambolilero” with mid tempo drumming parts with some melancholic atmosphere and a well handled use of vocals. Expressing in each tune, chord a high neo-folk pop sound. With O PARADIS “Pergamino” we have a dark psychedelic piano with a high works on vocals which gives to this track the necessary touch to put you in a depressive, moody state. Both Catalan acts have some similarities if we hear the melancholic Mediterranean pop-post industrial elements with a folk influence. but each one of them having its own identity when creating music.

“Periodical III” CD-R 2007

(The Ceiling)
The periodical are a series of split Mini-Cdrs between the Canadian acts THE INFANT CYCLE and other artists, and this time both acts have released one track each including interesting arguments when searching for experimental drone sounds. THE INFANT CYCLE “Unreleased Work Tapes 11/25/26 develops drone sounds fragmented by feedback generator and oscillators which mould in a perfect way when hearing the whole structure of the track based on these repetitive short wave sounds. ANTMANUV “Beyond The Gardens” starts more into ambient atmospheres created by bird sounds, bells and urban minimal loops. Both Canadian artists express their personal visions through experimental sounds creating a very interesting release worth to ask. For more info:

DVD 2006

Calls, whispers from the other side are recompiled in this very interesting film based on (E.V.P) Electronic Voice Phenomenom, which are voices from unknown origins and recorded through radio or electronic devices. This concept gave enough bases and ideas to Yuri elik & gosha solnzev to develop a very artistic visual/audile release with a lot subliminal shapes dressed with colours, and at moments showing some abstract faces and paranormal forms. Also the inclusion of visual effects creating an in deep paradigmatical reality through another dimension evoked by suggestive imagery and sounds with an excellent magickal result. The important point with Voices From The Dead is the way as each abstract image fits perfectly with the visual side exploring the subconscious levels which reacts through the different vortex of colors and at moments you can observe human faces shapes with a high dose of surrealism. The visual side was developed by Yuri Elik (A well known Russian artist) and audile side by Gosha Solnzev with the cooperation of Yuri Elik.both of them doing an excellent work due the well handle of visuals. Really this dvdr has important elements through 23:56 minutes. Also as bonus track you shall find “City Spirit” with 12:40 minutes in which Yuri Elik developed his photographic facet in the visual work. Mechanic and metallic devices pictured from different angles, expressing the diverse dead symmetries of abandoned cities and spirits inhabiting these desolated places. Is interesting to see the point, because ech picture give us and exact idea of the whole concept. Also you shall hear some great suggestive music on it. A voice from The Dead is an entrance to other planes of existence which could be feel through sounds and visual compositions here!!!

“Monuments Of A Rubicund Age” CD 2007

Mr. Andersson, present us another facet in his long carrear as musician. This time with CATACLYST’s album, which was released back in 1992 by his own label Tantric Harmonies, and now re-released by Zhelezobeton? This album floats into a dynamism only possible for a creative mind as the one of Mr Andersson, but this time with the collaboration of Johanna Rosenquist (Institute), the music has a palpable melancholic beauty atmosphere enriched by some elements of rhythmic industrial character which complements the development of each track as “Rubicund Age” with a ritualistic Atmosphere and dismal choruses. Or “The Sands Are still At Karnak I & II” with a high dark ambient environment patterns, with melancholic passages of total desolation and abandonment. some smells of industrial traces can be hear from time to time in some of the other tracks included here, and all of them having the perfect balance to keep your attention from the start to finish. The cd comes in a very beautiful presentation folder!!

“Playout” CD-R 2007

The enigmatic experimental artist Jim Dejong arrives with a release of high improved movements of sounds and perspectives created by minimal drone reverberations accomplished by ambient noise elements which in one or another way creates a perfect structure, full of industrial drone patterns increasing its power through the whole minutes. The 2nd track “skinning The Platter” is really a very in deep composition floating through ambient passages and minimal drone elements transforming in rhythmic pulsations molding the whole structure of the track into a concrete machine of noises but arranged in definite forms which seems to collapse to each moment, and suddenly turns so dense ambient platform with a dark atmosphere.

“Gma” CD-R 2007

This is the first full release I have the pleasure to review from this Russian project, and believe me; they have done a very nice job with this album. The art is minimal but having a complex concept behind it. a psychedelic colorful spiral becoming a gate to its own center, it’s just like an entrance to another dimension which could be explored when hearing the experimental dark ambient noise hallucinations and sounds through the whole 10 tracks developed here. the most interesting element from this release is the ritualistic atmosphere and the dark environment mixed in an allegoric way, complementing perfectly each other and giving you enough bases, to enter in a state of anxiety,coz EARTHAD’s music is so abrasive and suddenly you are submerged in a dense, ethereal trip to unknown dimensions. Another aspect to consider here is that each track has an own identity and specific sound going according each other. It´s just a connection between 10 dimensions which one by one is revealed to you through sounds and expressions with a high context in the whole sense of the word.

UKR.TELE.KOM (Ukraine) -
“Compositions & Improvisations” CD 2007

When a creative mind explores its most in deep sensations and develops it into a versatile release as this. Surely oneself have a kind of total satisfaction due unlimited production dealing with 14 compositions which has a principal highlight the dynamic change which is developed by a lot contributors and collaborators which helps to create a expansive structure full of sounds from diverse sources such as : Percussions,Keyboards,Acoustic guitars,Bass,Samplers,electronic Synthetizers,Electric Guitars, Double Bass, voices…generating just more than mere improvisations.coz the music itself its very well built and processed in a very attractive way connecting yourself with a multicultural experimentation of musicians from countries such as : Ireland,Sweden,Germany,Ukraine…This project was formed in 2002 by Andrei Sechkovskiv which creates mostly of the music for this creative project. The whole concept is dealing with Tele-communications kind of intercourse between human & machines, for a perfect exploration of sounds and creative experimentations. This release is limited to 50 copies only. Remember UKR.TELE.KOM is just more than a release. Is an indeed voyage to an unlimited realm where creativity is a platform for this Tele-komunication between the human kind & the machines world.
“Sosulka” Single 2007

Mr Nessi & Arterija had joined forces for this collaborative release which reach high peaks in the melancholic expressionism developed through each one of the tracks. The track Sosulka (Icicle) in English has 3 versions, each one of them having a different touch in which are expressed the essence behind this track. The first one is a classic version of Sosulka track, full of nostalgic remembrances with a high dose of depressive moods. In the 2nd version this time the electronic devices seems to enrich more the whole structure of the track. The third one: a romantic version with almost the same feeling as the first one. The 4th track is “ Noise Without Monologue” a long 12:28 minutes track with a powerful structure built by mechanic sounds and acoustic guitars melodies which fits perfectly with the concept of this track. Closing its “Vesna” (the Spring), another psy folk composition with a great work in acoustic guitars and vocals.

“Free Flowing Scenery” CD 2006

The colour series are an amazing collection of 10 albums which deals with electro acoustic/DSP/experimental music developed by 10 creative artists. With NOLE PLASTIQUE you shall find some of these Russian experimental artists creating glitchy sounds, dancing together to form an abstract explosion of different emotive expressionism.Sometimes the whole sounds are arranged in a very twisted way, but always having a definite pattern of incontrollable expressions.Each track possess a captivating intelligence to transform each definite sound, in a machine of altered consciousness due the way as each elements are handled here, through 7 compositions, in a very experimental perspective.

“Bricks + Bullets CD-R 2006

Yes, another serie from the colour’s series ones. this time with the project of Zeromoon’s man Jefrey Surak. And VIOLET is an overture of dynamism, industrial patterns arranged in a perfect structure, having as principal point the microsound soundscapes and at moments a harsh, twisted noise elements which in one or another way, invites you to enter to another dimension veiled in violet prismatic elements. This release includes live recordings made in Warzaw,Kaunas in July 2005 and some studio tracks, coming in a beautiful violet colored case limited to 50 copies only. This American project has a lot of releases ,all of them having these drone-noise soundscapes,which keeps your sences openwide for a while. For more info just visit

“Sulo” CD-R 2000

This Ukrainian duo had explored the musical fields and has found in experimental folk ambient expression through the years. with “sulo” ELEKTROHERD continues with the colour series,through a beautiful harmonic experimentation of sounds created by acoustic guitars, accompanied by electro sounds and some glitches from time to time. The whole project “sulo” is well concreted due to the parameters expressed here. Melancholic acoustic guitars parts which definitely gives to this release a very attractive elements when hearing. there is also a beautiful short piano track, and some robotic vocals experimenting more and more with the passing of tracks. CD comes in a black case and as all the colour series. Limited to 50 copies.

DEV (Ita)
“Damonische” CD 2006

(Soto Mondo Edizione)
An amazing project arrived to my hands. Ambitious in all its context, dark in al its satanic nature, experimental in all its dynamism. DEV developed by Devis G. known in the Italian industrial movement by its involvement in acts such as LUNUS & TEATRO SATANICO. The music suits perfectly in its structure, increasing its dynamism through experimental touches, effects, sounds and vocals. Through each one of the 7 compositions developed here, you shall here different patterns with a high musical context. Opening is “Verbo E’ Vero” vaporous drone elements twisted through a dense atmosphere and psychotic vocals in Italian language. Then comes “Ru” a suggestive trip into drones mutating all time and giving to the track a strong structure. “Arbor Mortis” a post industrial ornament of chaos and dissolution through a dense atmosphere, drones and glitches. “Damonische list…” another dense composition full of bizarre drone elements and a dark atmosphere veiled through effects and sounds. “Lucifero” a more industrial noise track with some great vociferations in Italian language. The predominant aspect here are glitches, around the total structure. “demoniaco E Cio Che” an apocalyptic expression with a massive quantity of industrial elements, which comes brilliantly,coz the whole track transmits the whole essence behinds DEV. Closing is “Liminale” in its pure nature you can feel a void in your mind due to subliminal sonic experimentations developed, which sometimes reminds me to the Swedish act ARCHON SATANI. This release includes a mpg video showing us suggestive images of desperate human existence trying to escape of its own desires and repress consciousness.

“SM002” CD 2006

(Soto Mondo Edizione)
When a creative mind,trasspass is own limits, and develop an artistic structure as NECROPHONIE,one must think how amazing it’s the human mind, when is explored deeply. His time Mr Devis G known by its projects DEV,TEATRO SATANICO & LUNUS has joined forces with Mr Cobelli (Atrax Morgue) for the creation of this teroristic piece of noise-drone transmutation known as NECROPHONIE. Which is developed as a neurological structure based on disturbing sounds generating high frequencies in brain functions able to enter you to a catatonic states via suggestion. The musical pulsations seems to float in your mind when the pass of minutes, due well elaborated beat parts and drones which are mixed perfectly through each one of the 11 compositions. the album has an impressive effect when hearing it with headphones. Also this release includes mpej video “m11.,which was developed by suggestive abstract linear forms and colours evoking a psychedelic structure, causing a visual effect which is mixed perfectly in the whole concept behinds this noise-industrial project.

“His Mighty Hurricane Machine” DigiCD 2007

Sometimes dedicated artists bring new elements to their musical exploration, which ended in an indeed structure full of a high dynamism. Coz well, BOB CRANE is one of those acts who floats in the dynamism and well performed music, giving some organic sounds, and traditional instruments as bass,drums,piano the necessary touch to experiment in the doomy pop industrial field with great arguments in the way as are played each one of the tracks. Mostly of the tracks are marked by a mid tempo drum patterns but arranged in a methodical form, which is transformed in dense pieces with a melancholic touch. Tracks such as “Black Cord”,”swansfire”,”The New Old Pitch”,” Covered Earth” are among others pieces of a high quality in which you shall find enough elements to explore your senses. due to high compromise of music itself developed through synchronized harmonies and excellent work of drums. CD comes in a black digi-pack including 12 compositions. A very good release by Inam Recs.

“The Wire Risk” CD 2007

(Inam )
Another project from Ryan Huber, the mastermind behinds BOB CRANE and VOPAT. This time arriving with a discordant project based on drone elements with noise characters From time to time. “Shunt” is a track full of harmonic drumming parts with some sticking parts. “Perforated” is a bizarre alien abduction due to intense drone sounds. “Jim Red” an instrumental piece through bass, drums with a rhythmic touch “Syndic” a perfect trip to dense realms of consciousness due excellent dark atmosphere. “Spaces Between Them” rhythmic elements joined with some drone elements for a perfect futuristic movie soundtrack. “The Wire Risk” is another perfect track, very emotive and with charisma in the way as this is performed. “Putnam” is more a dense track built with some atmosphere and scratches which seems to talk. “well Timed Wreck” generates beats, sounds and intermittent melodies which is a characteristic point in the whole album. “Twills” with beats and sounds. This album comes hand stamped/numbered packing. and for more info just write to: