Sunday, 13 April 2008


“ Explorations” 85-95 Cd 2007
(Monochrome Vison)
When talking about BATCHAS is to start a deep voyage to the unconscious creative realm of Robert Masse,an exploration of all his potential as musician and more with this release which includes material from an old unreleased album, and re-mastered stuff recorded between 1985-1995 . through there 10 years of experimenting with sounds. You can heard an ethereal, dismal atmosphere full of reverberations and elements able to transport you to a deep sea of abstract form and primigenian entities. The first 3 tracks“Immersion”,”Descent”,”Submersible” are just as a meditative ceremonies to entering this deep sea…then comes,” approach” with a strong dense sounds cape and drone elements which keeps your attention all the time. “Turbulences” floats in a dark void full of an enigmatic atmosphere. The highlights from this release is without a doubt the obscure, dismal atmosphere which increase your attention with the pass of minutes. each track having the necessary mood to immerse you in the whole concept Mr Masse is developing here. Really a very good release to check out now!! Feel free to enter to a journey through BATCHA’s acoustic world!!!

“radio Slaves” Cd 2007
A conjunction of experimental ideas where put together back in 1986 in tape format by Al Magolis.he wanted to walk the experimental sounds which were handled perfectly through this recording. the use of loops works in a very proper way and gives to the album a definite dynamic experimentation when hearing the total 20 tracks. each one of them having some weird vocal structures which fits perfectly with the idea behind “Radio Slaves”, because vocals were taken from radio and were well processed, to generate a sonic deep experimentation, full of dynamism and creativity. The whole tracks were processed in an “archaic” way if we loo time in which was released, but still this have worth strong musical patterns worth to check. At moments you can hear scratches from vinyl sources and also some dense atmosphere as “The Great One” or “It’s Your Funeral” although each track are built under different sonic elements but having similar elements in the way as they are processed. For example “living In Harmony” with its twisted violin parts. also this release includes 4 bonus tracks. Just take it and check for yourself.

“V/A” Cd 2007
ome Vision)
months ago I got this compilation Cd and doesn’t got so much my attention, but when hearing the respective tracks, my mind begins to penetrate slowly into labyrinths of sonic fragmentations generated by twelve artists, each one of them creating different elements with a deep atmosphere developed from start to finish. Opening is KOLPAKORPF “lalte” an ambient track with a strong structure and identity. BARDOSENETICUBE with an untitled track expressed in a psychic automatic generator due expressionism handled by the act through the whole track. EXIT INGREY “999” this Russian duo developing a drone-capturing sounds capes through dense guitar layers and analogue futuristic devises. then comes CISFINITUM “Moscow 09.03.06.”with this definited ambient composition through a calm meditative atmosphere. INSTANT MOVIE COMBINATIONS “under armature” drones floating in an addictive form, which creates an hypnotic voyage. HUM “urban Despair” is not the exeption.this track is built in a perfect disturbed way. drone/dark ambient elements mixed together, as only the Russian act could generate. CD-R “concert for the street and shopping center” a strange title track, full of street voices and deep sounds with a lot electronic devices from time to time, founding an industrial machine full of drone and a psychotic pulsations, a good job done by Nikita Golyshev . INTERIOR DISPOSITION “montage” is a cosmic ritual trip to unknown human dimensions, an ambient exposition charged with a very dense structure. ALEXEY BORISOV comes with “center of doom” which is an experimental track with some drone patterns and a symmetric ambient atmosphere. KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK “no hamsters were harmed” with a drone noise fragmentation able to de-programming your brain through sonic codes and strong sounds. MOSCOW LAPTOP ORCHESTRA “cyberjam 24.06.06” with that ambient industrial sounds and effects. And the last one artist is NOISES OF RUSSIA “mission monotone russe en constellation du Pegasus” which closes with its characteristic drone ambient elements but always generating different elements here and there. a very great release here. To all those into ambient drone sounds this compilation will surely fill your expectatives due work developed here by each one of twelve Russian artists.

“Live At Godspeed” Cd 2007
(Black Note M
Again,and again Mr Mendizabal aka Kyron surprises us with his creative, dynamic expressionism. This time with a release recorded during a live ritual performance at Godspeed. 4 compositions with a high dose of magnetism due how music floats through dark ambient passages mixed with hypnotic electronic improvisations which are enriched by beats and dense drum parts. All this together creates a dark atmosphere from a high psychic exploration, and more when the female lamentations of Etanna Zak and Lydia Harari performs an enigmatic poetic trip to the archaic futuristic dimensions explored through each one of the 7 fragments included on this album. At moments voices and music has a prolonged ecstasies due long ritualistic environment generated here. An excellent release as the whole Black Note releases. Note that this release has that occult ritualistic touch, which not so much act could performs in the way as Kyron and co, just can performs. congratulations to Mr Mendizabal for another great ritual opus.

“Vanity Is A Sin” Cd 2007

Tairy & his mighty Punch Records offer us a very amazing release as mostly of his releases. THOMAS NOLA ET SON ORCHESTRE is one of these releases which keeps your mind for a long time, due excellent creativity and expressive melodies which can be hear here. Mr Nola has recruited so many talented musicians from all over the world as Deman,Dustmuffin,Gerard Paul Powers, Eric Dahlman,Raul Lopez just to name a few. To generate a Pandora box full of enigmatic surrealism. the music develops dark impressive electronic folk music with a psychedelic touch from time to time. The use of instruments such as: accordion,cello,maraca,trumpet,melodica,zither are perfect elements which enrich the whole album, giving a diversity of sounds and dynamism which are essential parts in this release. Another highlight here is the very seductive use of vocals which are mixed in a perfect way .this album contains a total of 14 compositions but,SURPISE!! This disc contains lyrics and 7 bonus mp3 tracks tracks in Cd room format. This is the first time I have the opportunity to hear Thoma’s music, and really is great to hear creative spirits still developing good taste music congratulations for this great psychedelic dark cabaret music folk piece!

“the Essential Tracks” 1999-2006 Cdr 2007
(Strely Peruna Prod)
This project c
alled MISERY explores deep defragmentations of sounds based in chaotic drone patterns dressed in a disturbed atmosphere at least on the long 16 minutes track 1. then, the 2nd track, is built with a more ethereal sound, and subliminal passages floating through a well performed vocals which fits perfectly in the whole context of the track. The third track is an industrial sounding track with some analogue beats here and there. the drones around the whole track gives an apocalyptic touch to it. The 4th track is just a short electro drone one with repetitive sounds from start to finish. track 5 emerges from industrial patterns and drone fragments complementing perfectly each other, generating a disturbed mind track. closing this release is track 6,with psychotic vocals repeating words, and giving a suggestive subliminal messages which with the pass of minutes are complementing with some glitches and drone elements. This release is chaotic and bizarre at mostly moments. if you are looking for industrial drone ambient, this one is for you.

AKPAN (Russ)
“Akpan” Cd 2007
(Strely P
eruna Prod)
This is my first encounter with Russian AKPAN and 7 pieces of a kind of tribal dark ambient, experimenting from time to time with sounds and percussions. Each one of the compositions has a dark ambient environment surrounded by some kind of percussions. And flutes. First track is built into pure dark ambient pulsations, and followed by the 2nd one which is more into that ancient tribal sound with some very interesting drums passages and flute sounds. the 3rd track is similar but this time adding some voices in the background and some bass elements. the fourth one is more a plane track without not so much variations. definitely the best track here is the last one which has a ritualistic invocation and a dark atmosphere which enrich the whole structure of the track. I got this Cd without any kind of information nor titles. but you must be sure, here you can find a kind of latent potential with the pass of time.

“ Losung” Cdr 2007
(Strely P
eruna Prod)
A very impressive, enigmatic release by ADRIVA,in the way as the dark atmosphere of the whole six tracks floats around the visual, esoteric concept. Really this is the first time I’ve heard about ADRIVA,and this album “Losung” contains eerie ambient sounds capes creating a deep voyage to labyrinths of unknown realms, only experimented through sonic structures developed here.An aspect which got my attention is the low frequency sounds used here and the way as its mixed with some female vociferations, complementing perfectly in the whole structure of the tracks.also,you can hear some percussive elements as on track “Genitrix” which are well handled, because it gives to the album a strong touch. Six dense low compositions with that sinister atmosphere which surely will captures you Due to that sonic elements which seems to penetrate your brain, slowly to the point of trance. A very good release I think. Perhaps also to the high esoteric structure behind each composition. another title tracks are “Illuminations”,”Ste M”,”Axan”,”Ston Phon Ethika” ,”Ultra Noim Fetish”. For more info just visit:

“Schwarze Sonne” Cd 2006
Peruna Prod)
With this release MAJDANEK WALTZ have solidified as a truly noteworthy project. The music goes near to perfection in the way as each one of the 9 tracks are developed here. The use of acoustic guitars and violin is always so interesting because it gives a ethereal sadness and melancholy to the whole album. The music is sublime, well built and with feeling from the very beginning. another highlight here is the excellent work of vocals in Russian language, evoking strange passages which complements perfectly with the music developed in each composition. The 5th track is a drone industrial induced track with a raw sound and strong structure, very dense and chaotic. Also the 8th track has that dense, strong energy, but this time through only two minutes. Well, the important factor here is how the music is focusing such emotive melodies which at moments transcends senses and suddenly has that ambient atmosphere. A very great ambient folk act coming from the always surprising Russian movement. Limited to 45o copies only.

“Synergetics” / Ep 2007
The Japanese artist Yui Onodera present us two composition dealing with a meditative, calm atmosphere. the first track “Synergetics” it’s harmonic sonic sounds capes built with eerie ambient passages. the 2nd track “Synergetics # 2” created through oceanic minimal drone parts and including some addictive and well executed piano parts which makes the whole structure of the track, just marvellous!!! “synergetics” is a meditative trip to pureness, of a creative mind as the one of Mr Onoreda.this would be an enjoyable listen for the nights when the walls feels a little too close. this Ep comes in a hand made cover and blue transparent vinyl.

“In Their Homes And In Their Heads” 7 Ep 2007

with this impressive release, this American act, has developed two tracks with a very creative touch due they were recorded on a garden in London…the first track “In His Home” starts with deep resonations and strong drone patterns which immerses you through this organic dimension full of sonic vortex, structured by noises through the whole 8:00 minutes, at moments music becomes so hypnotic.Then, comes the 2nd track “In Her Head” developed through dense drone fragments but still with that atmosphere which keep your senses opened wanting for more. The music itself is very interesting if you go so deep in the conceptual development of “in Their Homes” also, this Ep comes in a beautiful coloured cover and limited to 300.
“Kristal” 7 Ep 2007
This is a Ep release from this German project. including two tracks; opening with “Listen To The Music Playing In Your Head”, full of drone frquences,heavy on the context and the dense way as this track is handled. The atmosphere is dressed with that obscure touch which makes this track really special .The 2nd one is “heute War Ich Dei Den Weiben Elefantens” with a touch a bit different atmosphere through psychotic elements developed here. LICHT-UNG means “Glade” in German language. This Ep comes in an incredible, beautiful vinyl with black striae,covers with silk scream + printed texts and a visual, silver printed black way. A very special release worth to check.

“the Lake” 7 Ep 2007
Through this release SEETYCA reveal us one more time, the great matureness and mysterious atmosphere always developed in each one of its works. this time with two tracks “The Trees” which is through sensitive harmonies based on acoustic atmospheres of a high calibre, “The Lake” submerges you in a voyage to unknown realms beyond any reasonable reality. The music is a surrealistic ambient sounds capes transcending to the point of deep trance sounds. This Ep comes in black marbled dark green vinyl limited to 300 copies. just come to experience this archaic mysterious trip to the unknown natural region of SEETYCA.

“Recycled Magick Drones” 7 Ep 2007

Wow, this is some really excellent creative piece here. HATI bring us two compositions with high different elements. The first track “Recycled Magick Drones” is built into a very calm atmosphere full of ethnic instruments, flutes and an oriental sound ,due some metal instruments here. The 2nd track “ Recycled Magick drones”, the music is more drone oriented with a raw sound, but still having an atmosphere which keeps your senses ready for more. The title speaks for itself, because HATI has revealed a magickal work focusing metal,stone,wood sounds mixed with electronic devices to create a really very good depth concept in the fields of good drone musical art. So, be hurry remember this is limited to 300.

“The Leech” 7 Ep 2006
A Danish duo developing music from a high calibre…because through both tracks you shall find something more than just music. For example on “Ignorant” everything turns so dense and enigmatic, due the well use of drone elements floating through the whole track .at the 2nd one “Parasite” things seems to go oriented more into noise field but still with drone elements which enrich so much the structure of the track, giving to “leech” that touch necessary to enter the mood and enjoy a slow agony generated by this great act. This comes in a dark violet vinyl!!! A must for all collectors.

PETER WRIGHT (New Zealand)
“Air Guitar” 7 Ep 2006
PETER WRIGHT’s “Air Guitar” captures the improvisation essence of this artist. He varies the sonic instrumentation from track to track, giving us a clear example of pureness and talent. “Air Guitar”, the first track is more drone ambient oriented, with some calm improvisations and sutile guitar drone elements. “The Sunday Hangover” is more a beautiful melancholic composition carring a strong personality in the way as chords are floating in the whole track. Closing is “The Last Post For Michael J. Hex” guitar effects and drones put on together to create a meditative soundtrack compositions, which include some water sounds giving the track a different touch at the end. A very excellent work by Mr Wright, built into creative guitar sounds and drone passages to complete this excellent piece of experimental music art!!!

“Conduit # 2 7 Ep 2006
“Conduit # 2” is the opening track containing 7:00 minutes of dense experimental dark ambient sounds. The whole track is floating into sounds which spread themselves a dark nature and hypnotic vision, always letting you to enter and feel the splendour generated through dense sonic passages. Then comes the 2nd track “mm”, with its magnificent improvisations of sounds with that experimental touch which goes directly to your mind and opens new channels of perception. Its more than just music is an organic being floating through musical notes with an environmental atmosphere through the 7:16 minutes of this track. This release comes in a colour-vinyl with hand /self-made cover and obviously as the whole drone releases limited to 300.
“A.I.W.S” Digipack Cd 2006
(Transgredient Recs)
I must say I have not so much words referring this release when hearing it. Because, the music is incredible amazing and filled with an atmosphere really very deep if we look how music is twisting slowly in subconscious. Surely, this is the principal goal of TROUM’s music. To open a channel in mind with the purpose you can observe, feel the invisible in a tangible way. Each track has a dynamism in the way as its built…dense moments of nostalgic remembrances accompanied by acoustic elements and guitars and guitar parts which complements together creating a true masterpiece as only this German duoBaraka(H) & Glit(S)ch could performs. Also, you shall hear high variations in each composition as a process of musical development, coz all the album, was recorded between the years 2002-2005. As the whole troum’s albums, no computer, samplers or synths are used here. Also the cover, layout art is so extremely suggestive. An abstract fog in a brown yellowish visual pattern which represents perfectly which you must hear when the music slowly enters to your sensorial space. Sufi-songs & old vinyl crackles, acoustic & e-guitars, e-bow, e-bass, voice &
Whishpering, accordion, flute…do you need more? This release is a perfection inside own perfection through a reality only revealed by “A.I.W.S “ just more than an album…an insurmountable emotion, which you must explore if you are looking for something original and creative. This Cd comes in a beautiful digipack!!

“To A Child Dancing In The Wind” Cd 2006
(Transgredient Recs)
A cooperation release trespassing all frontiers beyond imaginable, sensitive world full of melancholic passages and a nostalgic feeling. Martin Bates is a British singer, bringing us his beautiful and powerful art through 4 poems highly inspired by the Irish poet W.B. Yeats; with tonalities which are transformed in monumental echoes of a shadowy, sorrowful expressionism. Also Mr Bates enrich each composition with the perfect inclusion of harmonica, melodica which together TROUM and its characteristic in depth dark atmosphere through instruments such as balalaika, djembe, guitars, accordions, and bass has created a concrete album mixing elements, and sounds in an hypnotic way. at moments instruments as balalaika & djembe gives that ancient touch of mysticism and magick to the whole tracks. A marvellous release to explore with all your senses due the so many variating parts and emotional elements surrounding the musical environments in which this release was created. This release comes in digipack with a very attractive layout & art which complements perfectly with the whole album’s concept in general.

“Ryna” Cd 2006
(Transgredient Recs)
Again, this German duo surprises us with a high quality release…this time though “Ryna” with a deep defragmentation of sounds focusing on eerie, cold dark ambient environment through 8 compositions. Having each one of them dense drone elements which gives to it a strong structure of chaotic dimensions due the way as tracks are built. Through “Ryna”you can hear how music floats slowly and suddenly the heaviness of drone machines starts to collapse each other creating a devastating cold atmosphere. Improvisations here and there generating mature compositions of unforgettable surrealism, and transcendental expressionism. “Ryna” is one of these releases which puts you in a meditative state. The best track is “Ghuto-M” which is an archaic tribal voyage with a perfect work of percussion and vocals. a shamanic trip in all its splendour.altough the whole tracks contains a lot interesting elements. This release was firstly released in an edition limited to 500 copies through Myotis Recs,but now in a better layout and beautiful digipack version.

“Shutun” CD
(Old Europa Café)
This is a 53 minutes long track Cd packed in a sirscreened round metal box. Sonically TROUM has done as always a magnificent job here. This time mixing 25 different tracks into a long mutation track this contains so much dynamism. Its so impressive,enetrating low drone ambience with some dark pulsations wrapping itself through organic movements giving a sensation of intensity at moments, and suddenly falling in a cold void of nothing, which submerges you in a deep sea of calm meditative sounds having a melancholic, dense atmosphere. This album is a step far from so many releases, having “pureness” that can only come from deep within to the grievous foundation, eerie drifts sweep across; reververating instrumentation buried through and through and is easy among the best dark ambient release I have heard lately. Really I strongly recommend this release.

“Nut System” Cd 2007
This is the first time I’ve heard about Canadian LES LIBRIUMS DU DESIR” and what reached my hands is one of these releases having a deep conceptual expressionism as lyrical such as musical. Music is more into classical orchestrations with a very creative side incorporating different instruments and electronic devices such as: Electric piano, violoncele, percussion, which are important elements in the construction of each one of the six compositions included in this album. The whole music has a palpable surrealistic feeling focused on diverse sounds and the poetic expressionism of Marcel Renaud, which through such French language vociferations submerges you in a reality still to discover. Such vocals are perfect, from floating verses to spoken reverberating ones. the highlights here are the well use of violoncello and piano expressing a melancholic, enigmatic atmosphere to the album. Absolutely a must for all dark and deadly lovers of orchestral ambient music, because this is an impressive achievement and a strong release through and through.

“V/A” 12 Vinyl 2008
(Enfant Terrible)
After the great and high acclaimed “Trumpett sounds”…Enfant Terrible arrives with this release which is interesting starting by the fact it includes artists which released some material at legendary Dutch 80’s label Trumpett.the ancient archives were open and some selected exquisite caviar was put on the table, ready you taste a delicious banquet of sounds which surely will fill your expectatives due different dynamic old school minimal electronic,elektro,experimental,new wave artists such as: THE ACTOR,DR PHO,DOXA SINISTRA,ANDRE DE KONING,A.VAN GARDEENDE SCHNEAFLIET,which are true exponents on this genre of elektro music back 80’ more time through this release as on the whole Enfant Terrible’s releases you shall find some attractive elements focused on old school elektro music, which you must find more than attractive. The whole tracks were recorded between 1981-1983 and now released in vinyl format limited to 500 copies only so, this is a must for all collectors of good taste old elektro experimental music!!!

“Nebulous” CD 2007
Through time I’ve been a follower of Mr Anderson’s career as artist, in the fields of music …NECROPHOROUS, RAISON D’ETRE has given to me an exact idea of what’s behind a creative dynamic mind could,with ATOMINE ELEKTRINE’s album “Nebulous” he reveal us another facet. This time generated through cosmic symphonies, floating from time to time creating a perfect balanced album full of ambient passages highly connected with outer space energy due the way as each track has been built. The music itself seems to be a labyrinth to another dimension full of ethereal sounds, and rhythmic patterns generating a dynamic vortex, giving you a sensation of floating in the void. At moments reminds me to LUSTMORD or TANGERINE DREAM but having an in deep structure of what Peter wants to express here. An unique experience of this brilliant Swedish artist. One more time with his characteristic seal into ambient, hypnotic sounds. “nebulous” includes 7 tracks ,some titles are “Transforming Space”,” The Eye Of Nebula”,” in-Between Spaces”,” Deep Sky Twilight”, among others. This album comes in a snowy white gatefold digisleeve and tracing paper packing, and limited to 800 copies. To meet “Nebolus” is to enter a black hole of your own universe, adapting to, the sounds and visions of a transcendental space of cosmic forces! A great release here!!
“The Tower” CDR 2007
(Black Note Music)
I can definitely say that I had been waiting to hear VIA SINISTRAE for sometime until now. And with “The Tower” I have the opportunity to penetrate and to explore the vacuity and sutility from each musical patterns developed here. its explendour is risen from a raw shamanism invocations with a symmetry almost perfect. The electronic elements and drums beats are mixed in a structure which transforms your senses and creates a kind of spiritual metamorphosis, worth to experiment. Drone elements with a conjunction of electronic devices and dynamic effects generating a futuristic shamanic structure, with a very high quality and personality. At moments music turns incredible possessed by an ancient musical atmosphere and a smell to oriental flavour commonly associated to thelemic tradition. the whispers, vocals and vociferations in general gives more arguments to solidified the good acceptance “the Tower” album has. a potential developed by Mr Mendizabal aka KYRON,and one more time marking a high point in comparison mostly static stuff nowadays. Cover shows a psychedelic shamanic vision floating in an abstract concept. A surreal realm to be found when entering “The Tower” of your own perceptions. A reality hidden deeply in your mind.

"Dark Goddess” CDR 2007
(Black Note Note)
Always bringing impressive elements when creating a musical structure this shamanic and musical visionary J C Mendizabal aka KYRON has developed with “Dark Goddess” a suggestive dark symphony of elements, a cosmic dance of sounds and parallel movements generated through well structured electronic devices,effects.a strongly production with a perfect mixture of electronic and organic instruments, there is also liberal use of female vocal bits, synthesized string passages and some beautifully-executed noises which creates that such feeling able to keep your senses open from the first to the last track. with this release KYRON,present us the best element in its existence, the creativity! Which is very difficult to find it nowadays.
“Psyche Nomine” CD 2006
(The Eastern Front)
This is my first experience with this Polish duo. and an experience which reached high peaks such musically such as magickal structure developed here. 53 minutes of pure dark ambient with an esoteric atmosphere…”Ritual Of All Embracing Madness” opening this opus, with a floating dark sounds capes surrounded by hypnotic magickal touch, whispers and the whole composition in general is amazing. After comes “Strange Way To Paradise (Ritual II)” sonic mantras enchanting subconsiousness and embracing sutile neo-classical piano parts, which seems to transport you to an inner paradise dressed in shadow gray forms. “Dead for This World” the magick continues through dense melodies and abstract tunes, spoken words revealing a deep connection which each sounds, each sample, generating a perfect soundtrack to explore each corner of our consciousness. There is too much elements in this release to go on deep details but I’m sure that with the pass of time “BISCLAVERET” will mark a strong position due high quality music here. I find musical traces in the vein of Coph Nia & Endura although having an own identity. So, let’s continue with “Voices From Another State Of Mind, Heart and body” a colossal emptiness through melancholic piano parts & whispers creating an introspective construction of forms with a purity that can only comes from deep within body, heart, mind…”Akeldama XIV” this is a magickal/muisckal opera explored at maximum levels of understanding, with a dark ritualistic development through the whole compositions. Dense synth soundscapes, twisted vociferations and a high context in the spoken vocal parts which was written by A.Crowley.any more words to add? Yes…”Insane in God” closing this chapter and really wanting for a new release soon. This last one track keeps the same essence, spirit of the whole tracks. Its a perfect release in my opinion and highly recommended to all those of us thirsty of good art, developed through sonic mantras. This Cd comes in a three panel printing with a very suggestive art design. Just check it for yourself. “…A toxic journey to depth of yourself…ecstatic moans of love…delightful whisper of worship”.
“Way Of Crosses” CD 2007
(The Eastern Front)
With “way Of Crosses” the enigmatic shape of BLEIBURG has going a step far beyond the standards of German Neo-folk/ Industrial, with a clear representation of what Mr. Rukavina wants to express in the whole structural concept of this album. Through 14 tracks you can experiment a high quality of dynamic elements that enrich this production. From industrial militaristic as “Richtfunk Gen Osten”, electro folk tunes in “Good-Bye gulag” a rhythmic dance sounds elements through “Der Meldereiter” & “Gebirge, Convivium”. Also neo-Dark Classical hymns in the shape of “Krizni Put”,”drami de” and “Z.A.P.”,also the first track “Advocatus Dei” featuring LARNAKH in a martial militaristic hymn, opening this album. Are points to consider this release as one of the best releases in BLEIBURG’s carrear, but still is more to come with this dedicated German artist.

“Sentinelle Del Mattino” CD 2007
(The Eastern Front)
When the creativity, musical skills and devotion to art are developed in a proper way, is obvious to think in a release as “Sentinelle Del Mattino”. And having more than 20 years as solo music player and hard collaborations in acts as : THELEMA,ALIO DIE,VIDNA OBMANA Mr. Bardini has processed different musical patterns to create a very interesting musical development including his deep interest in Indian and Eurasian cultures and traditions reflected in the different kind of instruments as. Ocarina, Kena, Sorna. And of course flute, which is the main source for mostly compositions. Also the inclusion of Saxophone, guitar, drums, adapts to the musical concept expressed here, worth points to capture an emotional, beautiful piece of creativity in the whole sense of the word. It’s difficult to find nowadays releases as this, due high experimental sounds. Spoken German poetry and folk samples are complementing each other, in order to over stimulate your senses in one or another way. The Eastern Front has released a couple of good taste music full of splendid ecstasiastic enlightment.
”The Burning World” CD 2007
(The Eastern Front)
Again the Israelian Record label THE EASTERN FRONT, surprices me with a very interesting release. This time the Slovakakian PHRAGMENTS, with this 2nd album including 7 compositions with a definite structure and musicalisationship floating into dark ambient/martial industrial. The album opens with two excellent tracks “Non Servian” & “ Fireseed” both of them wrapped themselves with a dark atmosphere through the whole structure of the track, both having a neoclassical touch in the way as the melodies are put together and enriched by the great work of marching-drumming elements. Then comes “Antichristos” a dark opus with an incredible atmosphere and bombastic drumming parts. With the pass of minutes, some in deep piano melodies appears and music turns more melancholic and with the performances of distortion vocalizations, this track becomes one of the best from this release. “Ceremony of Light” is one of these tracks which contain a high addictive feeling when hearing the bombastic militant drum beats, generating a perfect neoclassical atmosphere. “Songs Of The Burning World” & “La Marche Des Machines” develops harsh industrial elements dressed with a dark ambient structure, creating a different sonic dimension, when hearing the rest of the tracks. And closing is “Remember” a very well built song with dense passages and at the end the inclusion of the great work of martial drumming parts. PHRAGMENTS is a perfect icon of Slovakian musical art with a very interesting essence in each one of the 7 tracks. Sometimes music has a similar sound to the ones of Swedish SOPHIA, but with its own characteristic identity. This Cd comes in a three A5 panel.

“Journey To the Center of Noise” CD-R 2007
(Deserted Factory)
When I got this album, really I think it will be just another release, but what I found was a creative expression of noises and sounds which were taken from different parts of the world.(Italy,Usa,Japan,Germany,London,Paris,Finland)the great point here, is how music is generated, recorded and processed. This is a project from a street trumpeter traveling worldwide and recording his performances via, mini-dics, video camera, or movile phone. and later all material is processed and we have as result a very dynamic album full of noises, drones working in a very appropriated way, and being complemented by instruments as guitarsbells,bass,musical box. 13 noise compositions having a concrete concept from the place they were recorded. An exploration of different, sounds from many sources having the importance of being a collaborative piece of art, with guest artist as: Kenji Siratori, Spectre, claudedi, Mario fob, Paola…each one of them injecting a portion of their unlimited creativity for a perfect release. It’s just a journey to the center of noise, which must be explored by yourself via lot of channels of noises, drones... Last track is a recording by N.A.S.A. space proves somewhere in other space. A high creative album is the keystone here.
HERO WOUTERS (Hol) “Muziek Voor Leven En Dood”
LP 2007
(Enfant Terrible)
Again, a classic release by Enfant Terrible this time with the expressionism of Mr Wouters,who is an active Dutch artist exploring electronic music from so long time ago and this time, he arrives with an 12”Lp which includes just a part of his facet as artist in the years 1982,1984,and 1986. all this material was included as soundtrack for the Dutch film (Een Zaak Leven En Dood),the music is brillant,is a deep exploration of sounds which are transformed in a reality which must be explored when entering his realm to learn to see through his own eyes. A minimal electronic piece with some new wave, experimental passages. The whole tracks were in a part released back in time in cassette by himself through his label Herophone. At moments full of melodies with some perfect vocals performances as in track 4 “Ismene” but having through the whole 10 tracks a definite pattern ,the exploration of senses through electronic devices. Really this release reaches its goal. this 12” Lp comes in a clear transparent vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

(V/A) “Hex # I” V/A LP 2007
(Enfant Terrible)
An excellent compilation Lp which includes several artists which performed during the Hex night at OCCII in Amsterdam .on side a you shall find artists as: SIXTEENS with “Chapel Of The Chimes” with a great post-punk that reminds me to THE CURE. VANISHING “Love Sick” an electro minimal track with a high dose of creativity. SWAN DANGER “Don’t Be Sweet” a SKOT BROWN re-mix with a perfect adaptation with minimal electro sounds and excellent work of vocals. LAURENCE WASSER “Lydon On Tv” with a post-punk influence and sticking drumming parts, and some electronic parts enriching a lot the total musical expression of this track. The raw sound is a beautiful piece of electronic elements with a 80’s feeling present in each harmonic rhythm and perfect vocalization. AGENT SIDE GRINDER “In Line With Me” new wave track with ambient parts,complememnted by spoken vocals and a really dense melancholic feeling behind each tune executed by this act. So, you will find other great artists such as :PUNK SOUL LOVING BILL,HVAL MUS,KANIA TIEFFER,CHEVEN,SARALUNDEN,FUSTRATION for a total of 12 acts which played live at stage at HEX, which ten of them are exclusive recorded for this Lp.from Apocalyptic Disco to Post Punk,from Electro to Neo Deutsche Welle and from Minimal Electronics To Cabaret. In an edition limited to 500 copies only.

“New World Rising” CD-R 2007
(No Angels )
A new world is rising, a world reflected in the visions of darkness, through the melancholy and sadness…Bart Piette known by his apocalyptic act DEAD MAN’s HILL is here showing us another facet. A neo-classical experimentation, having as principal highlights the way as the music is created. Funebre piano parts adorning each melody with a deep atmosphere based in sadness and melancholy, dark poetry unleashing an opus to desolation,death.synths arranged perfectly to compenetrate with each tune. The whole 8 tracks has a monumental touch of neoclassical atmosphere describing sounds capes which possess charisma due to emotional, bombastic structure behind each one of them. “Lakes Of Fire” a sublime opus, full of piano parts and a great work of vocals, emanating itself a self declaration of sorrow. “Heart Of The Lion” is another track arranged by piano sounds but this time arranged by synths,to increase the melancholy. “Cold November Day” is just incredible amazing, perhaps my fave. With some chorus vocals which reminds me ARCANA,but still more deep in structure. “Turn To Stone” is closing this album in the way it must be. you can feel the frustration of life, and abandonment through each rhythmic patterns and atmosphere generated by both vocals,synths and piano. Also you can hear some drum parts in “How Great We Are” creating a bombastic atmosphere full of a creative expressionism of high level, in the whole sense of the work. This album comes in a A5 package with a beautiful artwork. Professional Cdr limited to 120 handnumered copies. Ask for your copy now before is so late. Just feel the abandonment of your soul floating in darkness.

“The Veratrine Evangelicum” CD-R 2007
(No Angels / Beast Of Prey)
This album is a collaboration release between Polish NO ANGELS Prod & BEAST OF PREY, having as final result a deep exploration of sounds in the dark ambient ritual fields, IN SCISSOR’s music is more than brillant.the whole six chapters contains a dark atmosphere from start to finish which is enriched by piano parts and neoclassical sounds built performance. the melodies are veiled in a dense gloomy perspective which introspect yourself into a spiritual labyrinth which inhabits each dark human nature, to explore the deep abyss from a religious concept, always covered with an obscure cloud dressed in puritanical perversion .the music is completely well done, with elements enriching the whole structure of each track. For example, chapter III: with a solid ,dense atmosphere arranged by elements as sutile drone patterns and fluid sounds. Or chapter V: through a perfect description of dismal sounds embracing an spatial, ghostly atmosphere. And layer upon layer you shall find more elements which suits perfectly each other. with IN SCISSORS you will find also a very interesting visual side in cover art work. showing us stigmata of humans shapes adorned with proper colours and effects which gives to the eyes, an infinity of thoughts about the music and visual side. This is a professional Cdr which comes in a beautiful 3-folds with extra card with graphics inside. As always this is a limited release to 150 copies.

BUBEN (Byelorussia)
“Furor Poetics” CD-R 2007
(No Angels)
The symmetry, and perfection through this album expressed by Vladislav Buben generates in your mind a concrete vision of musical development could be handled to dynamism to repetitive sounds, but handled from time to time with an experimental touch which gives to this album a especial touch. opening is “Benevole Lector” a dark ambient track focusing in floating sounds with some repetitive elements. Then comes “Fato,Major prudentia”,a more dynamic composition, but still having a dark atmosphere from start to finish. Its more dark electronic ambient, having moments of rhythmic electro, which gives to the track a different touch in comparison with other tracks. then comes”BeneVodis”, “Apertis Tibiis” returning to the ambient field but also with some spatial effects and beats which enrich the whole spectrum of the track. “Hamum Vorate” with its strong samples and programming always dressed with some dark ambient and drone patterns. A very excellent track, focusing also a high electro rhythmic elements. “In Optima Forma”,”Nec Plus Ultra”,” In Ore” are the last tracks, each one of them having a suggestive touch in its structure which floats through dense effects and drone elements. The cover reveal us a facet of male human beauty, this time with a dimensional beautiful face. The whole artwork and cover designed by Radunir,as a way of collaborative expression into the musical art of Mr BUBEN.

Advance Tracks 2007
I’m more that afortunate, having the pleasure to hear BOLESKINE this Swedish project has sent to me some tracks with they are put together. The music consists of Joachim Brink and Daniel Dahlgren and the principal element to speak here is their music is played from heart. 4 compositions which began with “Maldodor Vohim” a mid tempo track with a high coordinated musicalisation and arrangements which fits perfectly in the whole concept they want to express with this track. “Boleskine” the epic trip to the activities of master Therion, during his life in Boleskine house, drums which completing with vocals. “Night Of Pan” an illuminating path transcending senses, perfect in all ways. A high inspirational track full of emotion and dedication. Closing comes “The Tide” the best track here, although all of them are great. A sublime composition built with piano parts and a well performance of vocals which floats perfectly with the depressive, sad atmosphere generated there…also, some percussive beats can be heard. Which gives to this Cd a great final for what will comes in future. BOLESKINE is a dark star shinning on horizon. A very promissory act, expressing in a deep way. PURE THELEMIC ART with a mystical magickal, just wait they will come again…


by Coyote 433

Altering consciousness, or achieving Gnosis (az sometimes called in Chaos Magick circles), iz a subject one could dedicate an entire book to. It functions az a lapse in thee conscious/rational/discursive/ discriminatory mind that allows thee subconscious mind to fully function or az a break in, or overwhelming ov, thee parts ov thee mind involved in rational function. It iz considered, at least by most chaos magicians, a necessity for effective magick. There are az many ways ov achieving thee altered state as there are people to achieve it. This state has been called meditation, Dhyana, self-hypnosis, thee magical trance, and other names. Thee term "altered state" refers to changing thee cycles per second on which our brain waves operate. It is a natural state that we all enter into quite regularly when we focus on anything. We slip into trance when driving, exercising, reading, or doing any other activity in which we limit our attention; the only difference is that, in Magick, we seek to consciously control this process.First, thee altered state can be broken down into three categories: Inhibitory, excitatory, and chemically induced. In inhibitory form, thee altered state iz achieved by progressively silencing thee mind until only a single object ov concentration remains. In thee excitatory mode, thee mind iz raised to a very high pitch while concentration on thee objective iz maintained. (Peter Carroll, Liber Null, pg. 31). A Chemically-induced altered state iz attained by thee use ov various drugs. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Thee Inhibitory methods are considered more time consuming generally, and typically involve relaxing and "slowing down", so to speak. Thee Excitatory methods, on thee other hand, usually take less time, but require a great deal ov physical excertion, and become harder to achieve for many people, over time, because a tolerance may be built up. Thee Chemical methods are typically thee easiest, but carry with them thee possibility for lack of control and inability to use it for anything once you're there, not to mention legality issues and health risks.Some examples ov Inhibitory altered states are sleep deprivation, fasting, sensory deprivation, and intense concentration. Examples ov excitatory altered states are such things az sex, rage, panic, pain, dancing, and chanting. Chemically-induced altered states can be broken down into the categories of stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens (most of which have either stimulant or depressant qualities as well.)So, why all the different methods ov attaining altered states ov consciousness? Well, everyone's different, for one thing. What works easily for one person may prove incredibly hard for another. What takes one person 45 minutes, someone else may do in 10. Experimentation is thee best way to find out what works best for each individual. I'll give examples ov several possible methods ov achieving altered states.Another reason, in my opinion, for getting acquainted with several methods iz that different methods are better suited to different things. I believe that some ov thee more "extreme" methods produce much more "extreme" states ov trance, and that thee level ov trance directly effects thee magick you're doing. Az an example, it would take a greater altered state to summon a goetic spirit to visible manifestation than it would to charge a sigil to get your best friend to buy you a Coke. Silly example, I know, but my point is that sometimes 30 minutes of concentration will get the job done, and sometimes it may take 3 or 4 days ov sleep deprivation.Now, let's investigate some modes ov attaining an altered state. We'll start with inhibitory. Here are some basic ideas to get you started.Counting backward.Reciting a mantra.Progressive muscular relaxation.Deep, rhythmic breathing.Visualizing a blank screen in your mind (attempting to think ov nothing)Sitting still and focusing on thee rhythm ov your heart beats.Try any ov these, or a combination ov a few ov them. There are a number ov other ways, some ov which we will investigate in a moment, but these are a few simple ways to get into a light altered state. When you have entered this light altered state you may notice some ov thee following:A tingling feelingA feeling ov warmth or coolnessA feeling ov lightnessA feeling ov floatingThese, and other sensations, are indicators ov a light trance state. In a heavier state one may also experience some ov thee following:Auditory and/or visual hallucinationsTunnel VisionDistortion ov time.Here iz a simple exercise I use. It iz a very basic form ov Raja Yoga-style meditation. It uses progressive muscular relaxation, deep regular breathing, and concentration on counting backward. This exercise will, with practice, teach you to silence thee body, emotions, and mind.Situate your body in a comfortable position wherever you are. Make sure that no part of your body iz physically restricted. Try to clear your mind ov all thoughts for a moment, and take a few deep breaths. If possible, close your eyes and focus on your physical body. Beginning with your feet, feel your toes and relax them. Feel your feet and relax them. Move on to your ankles and relax them. Continue feeling and relaxing each part of your body: your calves, knees, thighs, pelvis, inner organs, lower back, stomach, upper back, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, neck, head, face, ears, eyes, forehead, until you are totally relaxed. If you feel a part of your body tensing again, go back to it, feel it, and relax it. With practice this can be done very quickly. Mentally say to yourself that you are going to count down from 23 to 1, and that, when you reach 1, you will be in an altered state ov total relaxation and focus. Begin counting, saying to yourself between each number that your are in a deeper state ov altered consciousness, more relaxed and more focused. When you reach 1, you will be in Thee Altered State. You may simply enjoy this state, perhaps as a daily meditation, or perform whatever Magick you wish from this point. When you are ready to return to normal consciousness simply count from 1 to 5, telling yourself that you will awaken refreshed and relaxed.From these techniques, one may wish to pursue more advanced methods such as sleep deprivation, fasting, and sensory deprivation. These methods can take a fair amount ov time, though, and they're not thee easiest thing in thee world to do, obviously. Sleep deprivation and fasting can take nearly a week to produce "good" results, but thee state iz well worth it, if that level ov trance iz what you need.Excitatory forms ov altered consciousness, like I've said, are typically much faster initally, but often there is the matter of a tolerance being built up, which makes these methods take longer with repeated use, not to mention that some of them can be dangerous. That's not to say that these methods aren't advisable, just my thoughts...Sex is a common method ov excitatory altered state. This includes masturbation az well az sex with one or more partners. For most people, simple sex, with a simple orgasm, is not enough to produce a very long state ov altered consciousness. Alot ov people may come back with "I've rubbed one out to charge a sigil many times, successfully." Yeah, me too. That wasn't an extended altered state though, just a few seconds at thee point ov orgasm, which is generally sufficient to charge a sigil. In my opinion, when you need to remain in a trance state for a fair amount of time, it takes more.Sex Magick techniques are far beyond the scope ov an article ov this size, and there are several books on thee subject. One would do well to investigate such things az Tantra, Karezza, Crowley's Eroto-Comatose Lucidity, and other things of that nature. A bit ov introspection about one's personal taboo's might be a good idea az well, az experiencing these taboo's are often just what thee proverbial doctor ordered to produce an intense altered state.Az another example, let's consider pain. Piercing, cutting, branding, self-flagellation, the list could go on and on. All of these things are valuable for reaching an altered state. If you've ever been pierced, think about thee exact moment when thee needle went through, and you were "out of it" for a few seconds. That few seconds could be used to charge a sigil. Az with what I said about sex earlier, though, sometimes you need more than a few seconds. Modern Primitive suspension practices might be something to investigate here.I do not personally use any Chemically-induced forms ov altered consciousness anymore and choose not to comment on them or give anything in thee way ov a "how-to". Anyone who has ever experienced such things az LSD or Peyote, or any number ov other substances, can understand thee positive and negative effects ov using them in magick. I will direct thee reader to investigate thee work ov Dr. Timothy Leary for helpful ideas. Az a side note, there are also many legal chemicals worth exploring if one should find chemically-induced altered states to their liking. Caffeine, alcohol, Salvia Divinorum and many other herbs have interesting effects.


Among those who see possible radical evolutions in the near human future, there are those who view the coming changes as a big win for human engineering and there are those who see it as a gnosis, as the achievement of a sort of religious divinity. "I mainly utilize chaos magick."

Like Daniel Pinchbeck in our last issue, Jonathan Bethel's views fall within the latter category.

Jonathan Bethel is the Director of the Omega Point Institute, a futurist think tank, consciousness research group, center for spiritual studies, and singularity watch group that studies the relationship between human consciousness and the accelerating trends within science, technology and culture. In a word, Jonathan is a singularitarian. His shamanic name is Seshua. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he is recovering from an automobile accident that broke his nose, right ankle, his right shoulder, and all of the ribs on his right side, collapsed his lung, and put him into a coma for just over a month.

NEOFILES: We have had some lively discussions with advocates of transhumanism, revolving around technology, humanist philosophy, politics …yet you are only the second person that we've spoken to who seems to advocate these expansions of human attributes as a spiritual or religious path. Do you think your vision is isolated, or are there more people out there thinking along these lines? And explain a little bit about how you see the techno-scientific alteration of humanity as a spiritual process.

JONATHAN BETHEL: Searching the World Wide Web, I have not yet encountered other individuals with a similar perspective. Although, I figure they must exist, on a planet with 6.5 billion people. As we approach this ultra-novel event, it will begin to take on spiritual and religious qualities for people. A lot of the talk about the Age of Aquarius and a "new age" of spirituality has to do with the realization of the divine man within. I believe you will begin to see groups gather around the concept of this awakening.

A lot of our religious material, especially prophecy, has to do with the awakening of super-humanity at a specific time in the future. If a technological singularity is really going to occur, then it has always existed on the temporal landscape; it has always been accessible to any shaman who is able to alter his or her consciousness and view the time continuum. This is exactly what John of the Island of Ptamos saw prior to scribing the Book of Revelations. We can look on it as a new heaven and a new earth, or as the idea of a New Jerusalem. I think all the talk about the second coming is about the realization of the transhumanist man.

Also, Aleister Crowley's concept of the Age of Horus depicts this current environment, as in "The unveiling of the company of heaven" and "Every man and women is a star." This has yet to occur, but if the singularity happens, our own divine natures will be revealed. In "Keys of Enoch," J.J. Hurtak describes the release of material man into a whole new reality, a fundamentally spiritual event. Also, Nietzsche foresaw the realization of the Übermensch, or super-human. It is obvious to me that we have been glimpsing this attractor for some time. Of course, I can't imagine what great minds will achieve with nanotechnology, faster-than-light technology, robotics, or super chemistry.
Will history end when the Mayan calendar ends, in the year 2012?

Science is also skirting the edges of the twilight zone; a unified field theory appears to be within our grasps. There is even a doctor experimenting with a time machine capable of sending particles back in time. And then there is our genetic understanding, such as the human genome project and cloning.

As we approach the singularity, I foresee a shared reality transmitted through a virtual reality type of technology, with all participants, likely through a wireless linkup, experiencing the inside of a Matrix, where everyone can participate in ongoing ritual and worship.

NF: You're site has some materials on the 2012 idea. This meme has been spread by Terence McKenna and by Jose Arguelles that humanity will go through a radical transformation, a sort of singularity, in that year. The notion is based on the Mayan calendar, McKenna came to believe this as the result of a long psilocybin mushroom experience. With all due respect to psychedelic visioning, why should we believe or even consider this? What is the epistemological evidence for believing this?

JB: It is strange that when Terence McKenna arrived at his date, he was unaware of the Mayan connection. Like McKenna, I believe that psychedelics allow us to see multi-dimensionally. So the fact that he distilled his Timewave from a shamanic psychedelic experience doesn't detract from it at all. Society finds all this suspect because it has rejected shamanism. Personally, I've had two visions involving the singularity — popularly called the rapture — utilizing deep shamanic trances. These types of experiences will never make it into textbooks and they are obtained by unorthodox means. That should not negate them.

Aside from that and the acceleration of science and technology, there is no evidence to support this end date, and I don't think we should expect too much. The date makes me think of a cosmic alarm clock; just because it's ringing doesn't mean you're going to get out of bed right away. As Terence was known for saying; all this requires "a hard swallow."

NF: You show some attraction to Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance? What would you cite as the evidence for this theory?

JB: There are several points of evidence that suggest Sheldrake's theory. One point is the formation of schools of fish and flocks of birds. It is amazing to watch the formation and movement of these entities. The overall movement of each seems to indicate they are tied to one field. There appears to be some form of order behind all the random behavior. Sometimes during a heightened state of mind, one can almost merge with these morphic fields and get into mental sync with the flock. It is obvious to me that the world is structured around hive minds. I believe everything in our universe, even apparent randomness, follows some sort of higher order. Synchronicity exemplifies this order.

There is also the strange awareness of homing pigeons; they have that uncanny ability to find their way home from just about anywhere. It is equally odd that a dog can travel vast distances to find its way home. In addition, it is also known that pets get restless and anxious when their owner's are very close to home. In my opinion, this is evidence to suggest that some animals perceive hyper-dimensionally.

On a human level, the silence that falls over a crowded room seems to be an instance of morphic resonance. It is as if some form of group intelligence hushed the whole room simultaneously. It is very telling that we say, "Will you get off of my wavelength" when
Someone says what we are thinking. I think we have an innate understanding of all this; unfortunately, we seems to have lost our true connections to it somewhere in our past.

One of the main criticisms of the morphic theory is that there is no medium upon which information can resonate. This is a reductionist criticism that ignores the quantum inseparability principle - information can travel vast distances instantaneously.

NF: Could you describe a bit more your shamanic experiences in seeing a coming singularity? What was the methodology and tell us more about what you saw?

JB: I smile mischievously! I must say, I really don't want the public getting the wrong idea about me, especially about shamanic power plants. So, I'm a bit hesitant. I'm sure you will handle the description in an intelligent and gentle manner.
These two experiences of the omega point/singularity were the exception, not the rule.
"I think all the talk about the second coming is about the realization of the ranshumanist man."
Most people knew me as Seshua, the shaman. Shamanism was always a very important part of my worldview. I would describe myself magickally as a Thelemic-Shaman-Kabbalist. I mainly utilize chaos magick. For 18 years, I have been into any method that brings on a deep trance state. For me, these included: meditation, pranayama,
sleep deprivation, sex magick, hypnosis, concentration, brain-wave synchronization - otherwise known as light-sound goggles, etc. … In my opinion, the most powerful catalyst that brings on paranormal effects is the various shamanic power plants. They create the elixir par excellence!

These two incidents go back a bit in time. The first happened in June 1996. I was still dating Neysa Wentworth. We decided to go camping and enter into the archaic mode of mind. Timothy Leary had died about a week before. I took my shamanic drum and my Tibetan bowl to the campsite. After we set it all up, I gathered some of the shamanic power plants in that area and prepared them. I began drumming and chanting, as ego death progressed, I talked to Neysa about Timothy Leary, immortality, and Osiris. As I told her, I could feel and sense information fields coming together and coalescing. I heard the familiar crumpling sound in my head. Then I heard some sort of blast, an auditory hallucination that sounded like a concussion. All of a sudden, I was inserted into a pure field of gnosis. I then uttered, "We don't really die!" I could actually hear Timothy Leary chuckling in my head.

This gnosis was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I had the unmistakable sense that mankind was evolving toward an elevated plane, and I was getting a preview of that development. It was as if I was part of a future rapture. This is before I ever researched the omega point or the technological singularity, although I was aware of Terence McKenna's notion of infinite novelty in 2012. I kept telling my revelations to Neysa. I would tell her that we needed to wake up from the primordial sleep that has grabbed all of humanity.
I told her most humans were walking around totally asleep. I realized and understood how death was conquered utilizing genetics, super-chemistry, nanotechnology, cloning, and the uploading of human consciousness to computers. It was as if the universe was communicating directly to my soul. Its main points were that humans could overcome death and they would arrive at divinity. I had the sense that we were to be connected to everyone we ever cared for, like a cosmic instant messenger… I contemplated how mathematics was to reveal it all, especially the dawning of a unified field theory…
I understood how we were just holographic projections into a 3rd dimensional manifold. I even spouted off some formulas in my mania.
The best way to describe it is to call it an understanding. This seemed to be something I knew in a very close way, a gnosis.

I couldn't maintain the trance; it was too much for me to process, and I lost lucidity. I came to about an hour and a half later. I was left realizing that I had witnessed something truly magnanimous. I firmly felt as if I had witnessed a future moment of transcendence and graduation for myself and the whole of humanity. It was as if we were lifted to a new order of being. I began studying and researching fervently. In my research, I came across Vernor Vinge and his concept of the singularity. Mathematical probabilities now described what I witnessed. This deep trance allowed me to be aware of the future evolution of mankind. I believe Tielhard was right when he says that evolution is destined to arrive at an omega point. I concluded that this singularity or omega point is ingrained into the genetic archives of humanity. It is a dwell point and strange attractor that has existed on the temporal landscape the whole time.
Any shaman can voyage through this genetic archive/morphic field/temporal landscape. They can travel either forward or backward thru time. The journey does not always happen in a controlled fashion; many times the shaman gets taken on a random ride into the unknown and sees a variety of evolutionary content.

I have been present when an atavism from the past wells up and takes over a group's perceptions. It is like a template is overlaid over reality, and the perceptions are all filtered through that paradigm. I remember when a whole group of individuals I was a part of saw suckers and aquatic features in everyone present. I also remember the time that we all saw the various forms of vegetation exhibiting their own communication dishes, a cone-like extension that seemed to be a part of the vegetation. If the genetic archives can show you things from our evolutionary past and other possible outcomes to evolution, why couldn't it also bring you information about our

I had several more shamanic voyages into the fractal frontiers, yet I never achieved the same gnosis as I did in June of 1996. Then, on Halloween 1998, my then girlfriend and I gathered at her sister's house. We prepared the shamanic plants to everyone's liking. It worked very well, and things got very strange. Then it happened! Again, I heard a sound go off in my head, like a concussion. I was launched into divine gnosis. I understood that we would achieve divine status. I had the repeat impression that we were undoubtedly going to conquer death. I felt very divine and all the anxiety about my life drained from my body. I told everyone sitting around us about my revelations. They just thought I had lost my marbles. I said, "No, really! We will overcome death in the next century. Nothing can stop it.... We are all baby gods waiting for our divine nature. That is the reason for our existence." I then explained a bit about the 8 circuits of consciousness, and how I was receiving information from the 7th and 8th circuits. I was having trans-time and quantum/atomic experiences, a realization of the Adam Kadmon, the archetypal man. The gnosis lasted several hours and it faded away. It was a much more enjoyable experience than my previous trip to the singularity.
"I believe that psychedelics allow us to see multi-dimensionally."

These two experiences were so profound that they have changed my perceptions forever. Since that time, I have become an avid futurist and transhumanist.

NF: In our interview with Max More, he said: "I have seen attempts, past and present, to infuse religious elements into transhumanism.
If that means introducing claims that are, in principal, impossible to refute by logic and experience, then I continue to maintain that they conflict with the foundations of transhumanism. Any worldview that results from that mixture is a memetic monster."

JB: I both agree and disagree with Max More. I believe most religions contain some reflection of the coming of transhumanism in their utopian aspects. The dogma and control of today's world religions mixed with transhumanism could be a mimetic monster.
Transhumanism will have a strange impact on our perceptions and awareness; consequently, I can imagine post-singularity technologies married to a current religious ideology becoming a very destructive viral meme. If we are stuck with the guilt-based control built into many of today's religions, a merging could breed a meme of control,
hysteria and tyranny. However, one cannot plummet the imperium of the imagination without bringing back some token of magick and divine thinking. Through the form of the transhumanist human, we will be capable of manifesting materially whatever we are
Experiencing mentally. So it's very difficult for me to separate a superhuman from a godlike human. From a human perspective, they both appear to involve the impossible.


Psychotronic Voodoo
By: Tim Rifat

The UPGP money ritual can be used to invoke Odun, the African Sabbath-saint John's Eve, to bring the five major Loas associated with the pyramid into the Matrix to feed on the Illuminati, the fabric of the Matrix and its insectile Universe B Masters. The Loas hate the Illuminati, its masters and servants, so they need not be coerced; they do require gifts of energy to show proper respect. This energy is supplied by the Matrix revolution money ritual. To use this method you need the five voodoo Loa Psycrystals, these are: Odudua Goddess of Love and Death; Ayizan High Priestess of Voodoo; Aidowedo Rainbow Goddess and her serpent Damballah; Baron Samedi, Legba, guardian of the crossroads between life and death; Erzuli Bon Rouge, Goddess of War and Death. In classical voodoo, Odudua and Erzuli Bon Rouge are synonymous but in Psychotronic voodoo, since they are connected with two quantum vacuum Intelligences, Odudua and Erzuli are distinct Intelligences - Loas. The Erzuli PC is hung beneath the RV PC point upwards. The Odudua PC is placed point towards the Love PC at the north position; Baron Samedi PC point toward the Luck PC; Aidwedo PC at the health PC; Aziyan PC at the antiaging PC; placed at N, S, E and W respectively.

We now invoke a Psychotronic Voodoo Odun, open a stargate to the Loas realm to enable them to enter the physical and biophysical Matrix to enable us to be totally free of the Matrix and become Lucid Wakers. A state of being where the Psi-Master is awake to dreaming his reality, so the world becomes a dream he can change at will or wake up from to another reality at will. Odun also enables the Psi-master to use the aid of the Loas to alter the Matrix, corrupt it for the Illuminati and their insectile masters to the benefit of the Psi-Master. Voodoo Loas were unable to psychically affect whites but thanks to the USA and its slave trade the cross-fertilization of Negro and white has allowed the Loas to step over into the white man's world. Before Africa forcibly mixed black and white morphogenic fields, African shamanism had no effect on whites, now thanks to Afro-Americans who embody both bloods, the Loas have a bridge to Western men - now the fun begins!Using Loas against white enemies such as Illuminati is perfect as they have no immunity to Loas' attack, steeped as they are in Kabbalism. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life holds no power over Loas as they lie outside the Matrix of Kabballah. Like new viruses struck down the American Indians, Mayans, Aztecs, etc from Europe, Loas wreak havoc on Illuminati business competitors.To begin repeat the Burning the Matrix protocols, this time placing the Voodoo psycrystals as documented above. the Pyramid powers up the Voodoo Intelligences accessed through the biophysical wormhole in the Voodoo psycrystal to Universe B's realm of the Loas. Burning the Illuminati Matrix frees the Voodoo Loas to act against the Kabbalistic rules of the Matrix, Illuminati and the its insectile masters (see the books of Kenneth Grant).
Once the Loas are released into the Matrix by the modified Burning the Matrix protocols, the Loas can be used by the Psi-adept to help him/her in the following ways:a) The Baron Samedi Intelligence placed by the Luck PC at the south of the UPGP can be asked to curse, give bad luck, disaster, damnation, zombie-ise etc your enemies, the Illuminati, Matrix, insectiles, Council of Nine. Or conversely Baron Samedi can be asked to bless, give good luck, success, spiritual enlightenment, lucid waking or dreaming etc, to you, friends, family, your business, the environment around you.b) Odudun Intelligence placed by the Love PC at the north of the UPGP can be asked to draw love, life force energy from your enemies, Illuminati etc to make them impotent. Or conversely to pump love energy into your life, friends, family business etc, to enable love affairs, success, spiritual healing.c) Aidowedo Intelligence place by the Health PC at the East can be asked to draw health, strength life force from your enemies, Illuminati etc to make them sicken or die, destroy compeitor's business etc. Or to heal you, your loved ones, your personal environment, spiritual self or business.d) Aziyan Loa placed by the anti-aging PC at the west can be asked to prematurely age, stunt, decay, degenerate your enemies to make them old, senile before their time, and ruined. Or Aziyan will keep you and your loved ones fresh, vibrant and young.e) Erzuli Loa Intelligence placed by the RV PC at the apex of the UPGP can be asked to draw energy from the War on Terrorism, other wars etc to power your psychic and spiritual powers so you and your fellow adepts grow more lucid and puissant as the general population descend into insanity, despair, and death.Use of all five Loas enables the Psi-master to unlock the secret of the pyramid and make his world a waking dream where anything is possible - even surviving a nuclear holocaust. Or entering your dreams to wake up in Universe B an imaginary being made real or a real being made imaginary such as after 2013. Psychotronic Voodoo is the best way to avoid the Illuminati Kabbalistic hell of the Matrix as Voodoo loas are immune to Kabbalism as it is just a perversion of Ancient Egyptian Magic. The Illuminati Kabbalism is so effective because they subverted the power of the Intelligences named the Goetia, into forces of destruction that were coerced to obey the Rulers of the Matrix.


NUBTI(Homosexual) - FORMULAE
By Edgar Kerval
This magickal formula is developed through the act of sodomy XI being one individual the Egyptian god SETH and the other the god HORUS. Such union has a primordial objective the transmission of masculine energy, coz SETH is the penetrating phallus which transmit its energy from Malkuth (eye ,anus) into yesod, the place in which is the HORUS eye (still sleeping eye). The insemination strengthen the individual energies who is sodomized (in the same way as HORUS got the phallu’s SETH and destroy his genitals) this insemination has as principal objective the rise from practioners into tiphareth, the place in which is the serpent from atu XIII as the sun which must be transformed and reinforced in its sexual energy. The sodomized individual must relegate his own generative forces, to be transformed from other, to be wake up by the partner’s phallus.
The ascension and the energy transmission is vertical, because the inseminator phallus is the symbol of numeration 26 (IHVH),the vertical energy ascending and descending by the middle pillar, the number of middle pillar is 26.
So, when the ascension begins in malkuth (anus) follows in yesod (coz, the penetred partner got the partner’s influx to posteriorily to increase his own forces) and emerge regenerated and conquered with all his force).

The individual which got the semen assumes the sethian form of his partner. He ascends by middle pillar by virtue of the eye of SETH which is ayin, that wake up its own eye and makes it shine in
tiphareth, so the energies has been renovated.
The” passive” individual has gotten the SETH form and his partner the “active” individual has been devoid of his own force (HORUS destroying the SETH genitals and assuming his own force) which was gotten from his partner when ascending the kundalini in the awakening of his renovated masculine energies.
The point is to assume a “passive” container form, but not procreative. This is the increase, transmition and procreation of a same force, and not the complement of different forces.
The transformation and renovation from masculine energy through the middle pillar and kundalini as strengthening and renovation of the same energy.