Saturday, 26 April 2008



NEW-"The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm" Cd-NEW

Pierre and Maximo the deconstructionist,sorcerers from BLACK SUN Productions will be back soon with a new album to be released by rudolf and italian OLD EUROPA CAFE!!this impressive duo has impact me since the very beginning due great live performances and experimental transformations with a high dose of creativity and dynamism. so yesterday I got some information about his new album so pre orders are taken now!! so check website for more and just fall in ecstasy drinking the panthom's sperm
Dear all,
Black Sun Productions' new album will be released on September 23 by Old Evropa Cafe as a limited edition of 500 copies.
The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm (OECD 112) features new and unreleased tracks by Massimo & Pierce, PSBEUYS, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Baraclough, Devotchka's Conundrum.
01. The Milky Intro
02. Baptistina
03. The Milky Smell of Phantom Sperm
04. Black Lollipop
05. Porno Theologic Complex
06. The Milk of the Stars
07. Requiem for Disposed Waders
08. Passing Water
09. Love Song for a Skinhead Boy
10. A Hole of One's Own
11. Baby Got a Mohawk (Decapitation Mix)
A Subscriber's Edition, consisting of the standard CD plus a bonus CDR of non-album, alternative material (only available to subscribers of this edition) as well as an exclusive postcard depicting the CD cover artwork by Ian Johnstone signed by Massimo & Pierce, is being produced by and it is now available for pre-order.
The subscription fee is 39 Euro and the item will ship upon the standard CD release date.
Massimo & Pierce are personally assembling an Art Edition of 23 pieces only, consisting of an handcrafted cardboard box housing the same items as the Subscribers Edition plus additional printed matters. Each box is numbered, signed and spunked by the artists. The price of this item is 69 Euro and it is now available for pre-order (first-come, first served policy) and it will ship upon the standard CD release date.
Prices include Shipping & Handling (Registered First Class Mail). for more info just check the anarcoks page!!


“spazmatic (K) Spell” Cd 2008
(Zoharum Records)

For some strange reason, I was thinking to see someday an A.O.Spare tribute Cd, and really my deep desire became a materialized reality when these two Polish acts DIFFERENT STATE & SIGILL, developed part of their talent and skills with this excellent release. A tribute to the British sorcerer and artist developed through 8 audial sigils, transforming themselves in something more than just music, but living thoughts expressed by both acts. An important point here is that both acts have their connections with forms of magick and occultism, and they know what they want to express here. First arrives DIFFERENT STATE with 4 tracks “I hate the eyes”,”ear”,”nose”,”formal experimentation” the music developed here is a sublime representation of melodies and atmospheres mutating all the time. The use of clarinet, sax, trumpet, tube amp, analogues, gives each track a very experimental sound. The third track “nose” is a guitar melodic composition with some synths and comes out brilliantly due feeling expressed in each chord, through the track you can some dismal atmosphere surrounding the whole time. First two tracks remind me so much to early psychic tv although with a definite own sound and characteristic sound. The last track “formal experimentation” has some electronic experimental elements sounding similar to coil. Definitely Mr Marchoff and co has done a very great job here. On the other hand we have SIGILL, a magickal duo developing their audio sorcery through 4 compositions of a great conceptual form. Just like living totems incarnating in your mind after hearing each one of them. “sunever” is a dismal drone composition with reverberating elements and vocals floating densely through the whole track. “Io Pan I” is more a deep ambient exploration one with a perfect use of samples and linear sonic spaces which complements perfectly with the strange modular vociferations coming through the whole track. It’s just a transplutonic emanation, having a deep exploration in a magickal & musical sense. “Ashtoreth”, another drone ambient composition with a very strong atmosphere and magickal structure, regarding the different experimentation of elements here and there.and closing is “moonlore” slow defragmentations of sounds, which in a dense way are going deeply to your mind. A very great ritualistic dark ambient release here, with lots of elements worth to check. This Cd comes with an excellent artwork based on Spare’s pictures and comes in a beautiful deluxe 3 panel digipack.

“Amalgame” CD 2008
To start let’s say, this is not a new album for the amazing thelemic duo BISCLAVERET. So, after their last acclaimed album, their have return with a surprising collaboration release, including some of the most representative Polish independent acts, developing BISCLAVERET tracks as a way to explore more and more the high magickal concept and musical expressionism. First track “insane in god” by Moan,perfect.mystical and dark, with piano passages and a well structured work of desperate vocals showing all suffering and agony. Also a twisted atmosphere surrounded the whole track from time to time. “ritual of all-embracing madness” by SLEEPING PICTURES, this classic composition containing almost the same structure of original version but having some drumming, vocals and sounds which gives the track a very great touch when experimenting with it. A great track, developed with a hidden feeling due the way as the track sounds. The ENDRAUM’s version of “insane god” a very attractive electro version of this track, with a perfect rework of sounds and sticking beats and melodic piano parts giving that sound which keeps in your mind all the time. “duch moj” by GHOST OF BRESLAU is more than just a track, is an amazing trip to the very core of BISCLAVERET,a ritualistic transformation of sounds, dressed with a incredible mystical atmosphere. all the time moving and dwelling into new forms, one of the best tracks here. “all things lost” is a BISCLAVERET own track in cooperation with LOVERDOZER, showing us a different facet. More oriented into electro sounds but still having the enigmatic, dark elements developed by BISCLAVERET since the beginning, a very experimental track. “I’m insane in…”is the GOD’s BOW apparition. With weaving electronic passages and a perfect atmosphere generated by keyboards and chorus, a very good composition has been done by GOD’s BOW. Then, comes two versions of “ritual of all-ambracing madness”, by HOARFROST and HOROLOGIUM.the the HOARFROST version is a experimentation of ambient passages and vocals twisting themselves all the time, and having a really darker atmosphere. The HOROLOGIUM’s version includes some drumming parts and vocals, developed in a proper way to what she wants to express with this tracks. Surprising the way of drum parts adding slowly to the structure of the track. Closing is “duch moj”…GHOST OF BRESLAU’s death mix developing a characteristic composition with some electro passages and sounds which fits together perfectly in the concept of the album. “Amalgame” is an exploration of industrial, ambient, neofolk polish artists under the sign of one of the best acts coming nowadays namely BISCLAVERET. Also this Cd includes a bonus video of the track “insane in god” which reflects in one concrete way the visions, thoughts of this act, and reveals us just a part of the great potential and visionary perspective, now in the visual side. This Cd comes in a 3 panel digipak.THREE WAYS, NINE PATHS LEADING TO THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS!

“An Aerial View” Cd 2008
(Glacial Movements)
Is more than a pleasure to announce the awaiting the Wurm Series. Which is the name of the world’s most recent glaciations which ended around 1000 years and have occurred in the Pleistocene epoch and through such concept OOPHOI emerges from icy cold icebergs developed through the artistic mind of Gian Luigi Gasparetti? The music is pure ambient drone sounds floating slowly through elements as isolation, perpetual void…a calm atmosphere surrounded by a surrealistic dimension inhabiting spectral moments due how music is developed here. A long 65:07 track with minimalistic drone ambient sounds which are the principal elements to be heard here. Each minute from OOPHOI’s “aerial view” is a vision floating through icy glaciers and showing you a facet hidden through ethereal, peaceful, unexplored lands. A very original concept handled by Mr.Gasparetti, which we just hope you have the opportunity to listen by yourself. This album comes in a very attractive and beautiful, blue icy digipack! We’re anxious to have the opportunity to hear what future will bring us with Wurm series. OOPHOI is a long trip to uncontaminated and remoted cold land!!

”Sonic Mándalas” Cdr 2008
(BlackNote Music)
Each time that I get a package from Mr. Mendizabal /BlackNote Musik releases, immediately I got surprised due high creativity of each release. And this time “mendizabal’s project KYRON “sonic mandalas” isn’t the exception, you perhaps knows, mandalas are geometric symbolism which represents the universe in some ancient spiritual traditions. Through such concept KYRON developed a kind of sonic explorations of mandalas.instruments thoughts developed with the sole purpose to help us with meditatin, creativity and consciousness movement. This album include 16 sonic mandalas,each one of them having electronic elements and sounds which goes according a definite and unique space in universe through different beats and dynamic spaces of the universe, represented by sounds.Mr mendizabal,enrich our senses through each one of his magickal expressionism. An hour of meditative sonic experimentation. The important point here is how through electronic parts and beats you could develop a very in deep album and more with the ambient, mystical sounds always present in this great album. a perfect mixture to those into ritualistic ambient electro sounds.