Friday, 23 May 2008


“Andask” Cd 2007
A mystic, p
sychedelic, ritualistic expression of sounds visualizing a structured concept focused in occultism as a primal force for the great development SHAVA SADHANA “Andask” has as album… Vingthorr, the master mind behind this project SHAVA SADHAN (Sanskrit term meaning “meditation on a dead body”), has traveled to Calcutta, india, so many times and from such travels, he become a devoted to Kali-Ma kult, which is reflected in SHAVA SADHANA, becoming a gate for such deity in this existential plane… the music is built with deeper dark atmospheres and this ritualistic touch which keeps your attention all the time. Containing a total of 8 tracks, each one of them having a strong structure and personality when you can hear the way as are built, varying from dark to electro ambient with a very in deep ritualistic atmosphere which are the principal element here. “Calling Aleister” is a composition with rhythmic patterns dressed in a very dark atmosphere. Another track is “invoke” which got my attention by the way of mixing elements from electronic beats, dark ambient sounds and vocals from time to time, to create a perfect combination of sounds. Also there is a remix version of this track with some very good different elements here and there. Creating a composition full of rhythmic elements worth to check. An important with this release is the way as vingthorr includes Icelandic, Nordic, Germanic elements and runic symbolism together to create sonic mantras as “Hel” and “Thorr” increasing our interest, due to dynamism and creative present in the whole tracks… the track “Aleister Calling” is one of the best due to atmosphere and the inclusion of A.crowley voices which are mixed with electro beats and rhythmic structures. With this release SHAVA SADHANA has compiled songs which were composed in the last few years. Note, this is the first release from German Licht Von Thule, so just wait for more high quality releases.

“Tales Of Transgression And Sacrifice” DVD Digipack 2008
When we ta
lk about dynamism, creativity and musical splendor in all its forms we must have to talk about GOLGATHA. This German trio arrives with their 4th album. an amazing production including 13 tracks highly inspired by the writings of French philosopher Georges Bataille on transgression & sacrifice. An album with highlights in the whole context .after a short ambient prologue titled “Scares” comes “Man Of Fire(Black Sun)” which is a track based on Dead Can Dance’s fragment song ” Black Sun” ,but having an own identity and structure. “Sacred” is an opening wound to the very core of GOLGOTHA, developing in deep piano parts and flutes.
With “Garden Of Love” the beauty essence of this album emanates its light through acoustic guitars, tambourine, creating a pagan folk hymn of beauty, lust and pain. “Rite Of Spring” a ritualistic fragmentation of different elements as tribal drums, Asian gong and whispers coming from underworld, its like a primigenian dance with a very dark atmosphere, drifting our souls away. The ethereal trip continues with “Tunguska” a world of nothingness developed through oriental sounds and female vocals fragmentations giving such ritualistic sound. With “Hage=all”, GOLGATHA keep its transition between ambient but including some few industrial elements. “Lost Horizon” is an acoustic guitar track with wishpers, and arrangements. “Initiation” a dense ritual based track with a perfect work of percussion and vocals. due the way in which is developed both elements. “Passage” is a complement for the last track, but this time without the aggressive percussive sounds but still having such characteristic sound to have your mind focused for more. “Birth Rite”, is like a womb of sounds, giving life to dismal atmospheres through piano passages, voices recreating with dense calm moments. So, “Flesh Of The Orchid” is a folk-rhythmic song with spoken vocals from time to time. and closing is the epilogue called “Sacrisphere”. Really, this album filled my spectative in all senses due to high quality music, ideology and structure of the whole album. Also, we need to mention Mr. Karmanik (CMI), has done a very excellent work, because this album comes in a very beautiful DVD digipack with a long booklet including pictures and lyrics.
An experimental, ritualistic album developed in a very, very in depth way .just hope to hear more from GOLGATHA in time. “Longing for the throne of the gods in an act of divine self-sacrifice All is one…”

ROME (Ger)
“Masse Mensch Material” Digipack 2008
Wow, after th
e successful two past albums “near” and “Confessions D’ Un Voleur D’ Ames”, Jerome Reuter,arrives with a very moody and depressive album.including its characteristic style of post industrial folk, with the neo-classical elements which floats through the whole productions. Really this album impressed me so much due the way as it bring to your mind nostalgic moments, melancholic passages letting you to enter in a moody sensitive suicidal realm.
In general the whole album is amazing and we will spend hours talking about each one of the compositions included here. Acoustic guitars twisting slowly into a definite pattern of drums and accompanied by the perfect vocals of Mr Reuter are the methods ROME has developed to keep our senses rising to the top of our consciousness and suddenly falling down to the ground of our possibilities. “Masse Mensch Material” is an album which put you to think, to remember such stoned moments crawling slowly in front of you. A masterpiece of pain, depression and melancholy. Tracks as “Der Enscheinnungen Flucht” , “Die Nelke”,”Wir Gotter Der Stand” , and “Neue Erinnerung” are just a few examples of such sweet, bitter dark harmonies surrounding the whole album. An aspect we can note here a very influence of Mr Reuter by the work of DEATH IN JUNE, through some guitar passages, but the most important is that ROME has an own identity and a characteristic structure which has marked a high peak in the successful career of ROME, being one of the most acclaimed post industrial suicide –folk pop coming nowadays. This release comes in a 4 panel embossed digipack with 16 booklet pages including lyrics. So let yourself be buried in the shade of this masterpiece, in the beauty of desperation! Come out under the stars! ROME is the light

“Launch And Landing” Cd 2007
A New York based act with so many, many aspects worth to mention…the music must be labeled as unpredictable by the fact how the music changes from time to time but always keepings its own structure & sound. “Sirens” and “Only Love” are the first two tracks. The first one is more rhythmic and with interesting acoustic guitar parts. The other track is more a mid tempo drumming one with some synths giving to the track a depressive, melancholic atmosphere. Through “Awol”,”Take Me away” and “The Whim And The Will” things not vary o much. The dynamism are dreaming romanticism marks its appearance through harmonious rhythmic parts full of nostalgic moments. The vocalist has done a great work through the whole tracks due she knows how to mold the voice in a perfect communion with music in general. other tracks included are “Orbit”, “The Night And You”,”Godspeed”,”Speak To Me “just to name a few of the total of 12 tracks.
At moments the music reminds me to COCTEAU TWINS, in the music structure, but this impact me due seductive vocals, acoustic guitars, and the electronic and live drums which are oriented in the same way all the time, which is really interesting. “Launch And Landing” is just more than other album,coz this has much potential, being an exquisitely fantastic and moody album, a delicious romantic smell veiled in harmonic,seductive,sweet atmospheres. For more information just visit the LOST PATROL page.