Thursday, 5 June 2008

HYBRYDS Reviews & Article

”Dreambient” Dvd 2008
a Belgian ritualistic act which with the pass of time, has became one of the most interesting, expressive form of art. The fact of transcend musical limits and now through visual mutations into ritualistic experimentations and digital, the work at “Dreambient” is a reflection, a voyage to most primitive form of paganistic worship. God’s rising from sub-consious, creating an impressive visual musical piece. Part I: Ophelia/Ulunda: visualizing dense water exploration showing a beauty female shape submerged in her own sensations and desperation. After some minutes, the mesmerized water parts are transformed into a erotic dance where Ophelia meets with her own sensations. Musically it complements perfectly with the visual side. A deep ambient piece with spoken vocals. Part II: Night: Nox, the night of matriarchal enchantments continues its triumphant path. This time Hecate, dancing through foogy, fire effects. Very interesting tribal drumming sounds, opening with beauty female oral expressions.emotive, sublime, seductive music. Part III: Satyr: Abrasive nature images and a very well constructed atmosphere through the whole passage. Because the camera lens focus relevant aspects according each visual expression. And with a great vast exploration of sounds mutating all the time. Part IV: Babel: a lustful representation of a paganistic past dwelling into different vortex of perspectives with incredible music examination and cymbals, sounds arranged through the whole composition. Part V: Snow:sigils,rocks,symbols,movements,dances,elemental forces,whispers,totems,a very interesting piece built into colours and elements mentioned before, which are handled creating a strong visual piece and with a musical perspective,very,very interesting going in the right direction together the slow dancing female bodies. Part VI: Woman: birth,death,eros,thanatos,in my opinion the best part in the Dvd ,due suggestive,transgressive art revealed here. Babalon erupting its vaginal visions through blood, agony, pain, and pleasure. A very impressive work by Sandy Viktor Nys,aka Magthea,who through his artistic visions enchant us under enigmatic erotic archetypes full of dynamic conceptual expressionism, only revealed by a brilliant mind as the one of Mr. Nys.the whole music was done by Sandy Viktor Nys,and Sven Germeroth,and vocals by Madeline Arndt. At the Dvd’s end you shall find a lot of pictures relating the whole video, and also this Dvd comes, with two small papers including an expressive visual art too. These are not video clips, this is erotic video wallpaper born out of an unconscious stream of religion and erotic archetypes.

“Live Ritual & cyber Punk & Tv Interviews” (Before 2000)DVD
An old ma
terial collected specially for this release. The first part is a Nurnberg Annual report ,23-11-1993 “The Ritual should Be Kept Alive Part I”. a very suggestive piece of ambient soundscapes floating in a very ritualistic ,indeed way. Vocal mixing with deep and tribal sounds. On stage you can observe Ah-Cama Sotz, Djen Ajakan S and Vidna extremely hypnotic and abrasive performance through 24 minutes. The second part is “Stubnitzboat,Stockholm,Sweden in 1998,showing us excerpts from tracks as “inside My Mind”,”Fly”,”NoiseTrance” and “Launch Virus” filmed at Cyberpunk Virtual Impact project: Nursery Injection festival. Rhythmic, violentreverberations, hypnotic sound, beats, effects, creating a mental catharsis inducing illumination. The third part is a Tv documentary “DE Melkbrigade”from Belgium TV in 1996(Excerpts),”De Nachtrijder” Holland satellite Tv in 1995,”Antraciet” Virtual Tv Show From film students in 1997 (Excerpts) all of them including interviews and live excerpts, and some fetishistic imagery and more. The 4th part interview and conversations by Stubnitz crew in 1998. Here Magthea & Yasnaia talk about fascistic influences in the scene, new musical influences, cyberpunk, rituals and more. To finish a long slideshow with the most representative images of HYBRYDS during its long extensive existence.
As complement was include to me ,a extra Dvd,with the whole artistical expressionism of Mr Nys,including a Tv Interview with Viktor Nys,talking about the early influences in his work, the way to focus modern & ancient fetishism in the actual society and images from his museum’s expositions. An excerpt from “Dreambient” Dvd, but this time including some different effects and suggestive totems, dances.”La Premiere” a video animation relating “Dreambient” video and an artistic slideshow with mostly of the visual art included during the taking of images for this great release.

HYBRYDS (Bel) “Atavistic Fetisj” Cd 1994
The atavisti
c fetisj is a ritualistic way of expression transcending all aspects of primitive ethnical exploration. Generating an unique style of music evoking such ancient visual imagery from the most deep of our subconscious environment. Through 5 compositions “spiritus Insertus Atomis”,”Fear Is from Devine Origine”,”Atavistic Fetisj” and “Totem Of revelation” you shall experience industrial elements which are going transforming in different sounds, very ritualistic and at the same time very strong in the way as the structure of music is built, to penetrate the “atavistic fetisj” is to explore the most inner regions of your mind still to discover. An esoteric programation through sounds and suggestive visual forms. The Cd comes in a very amazing 5 fold package with 4 cards revealing different images from ancient to modern fetishistic emanations for a perfect complement with the whole album. One more time Sandy Vktor Nys aka Magthea, surprises us with all its creative experimental reality!!

Since the mid 80 -ties working in the ritual - mythical -industrial and magical music scene. This band is known for its mind expanding sound. Primitive ethnical and contemporary industrial influences are blended to create an unique style that has influenced many who were looking for spiritual dimensions. In the beginning of the 80 -ties, Magthea, the male side of the HYBRYDS was involved in THE KLINIK, in the mid 80 - ties he worked on his own personnel music style. Based on ancient influences and modern technology, the first tape demo: ”Mythical music from the 21 St. century “ (1986 - 3RIOART) did not get any reaction in the music scene. “Octahedron “ (3RIOART) a limited 7 inch followed but again no one was interested. At the start of the 90 -ties Yasnaïa joined the HYBRYDS concept adding her clear vocals and acoustic instruments.Working together with Djen Ajakan S and Vidna Obmana resulted in the first of many CD releases: ”The ritual should be kept alive part 1 “(3RIOART-1991). An ethnic styled trance piece.Suddenly the music scene discovered the original, eclectic and powerful HYBRYDS sound. Many CD releases followed, each release covering an aspect of the path Magthea and Yasnaïa were walking.“The ritual should be kept alive part 2 ”, contained collaborations with other musicians and remixes of the first demo tape. In “Music for rituals "(ARTWARE) the pure magical sound of HYBRYDS became reality, a struggle between female and male energies gave birth to one of the most original releases in the magical music scene. “ Soundtrack for the Aquaria of the Antwerp Zoo” mysterious deep ambient music created with Ah Cama Sotz for the 150 Th. anniversary of the Zoo (1993). ” The ritual of the rave”(DAFT) was their answer on the commercial rave scene, the soundtrack of the rave of their tribe and “The atavistic Fetisj ” (3RIOART) an industrial mini CD were the next steps in their evolution. Each release different from style,yet it is HYBRYDS. “Dreamscapes from a dark side”(DAFT), their most dark and deep ambient masterpiece,was the reflection of 5 years studio work. A CD so strong and intense,covering the descending to the black caves of your mind, a trip in your personnel subconsciousness where all your fears are born. Although many think “ Cortex Stimulation ”(DAFT) and Mistrust Authority (vinyl on SOMETHING WEIRD) is a break with their musical past, Hybryds themselves label this project as cyberpunk, all the elements which makes HYBRYDS so unique, are still there. Industrial rhythms and hypnotic electronic sound that crawls into the brain and brings the listener in alternated states, this time not with ethnical techniques but with LO-TEK technology. “ Tectonic Overload ”(ANTZEN) (1997) a limited art release goes on and over the edge of industrial music, dead-techno influenced rhythmtracks and hypnotic industrial noise brings HYBRYDS closer to the dance floor of the madman. Each release being accompanied by spare live performances, these cyberpunk releases gave birth to their new live project: MISTRUST AUTHORITY- PROMOTE DECENTRALIZATION, dedicated to all LO-TEKS (and William Gibson), in their fight against political and religious suppression. A project dealing with the media, virtual reality and the future of the human race.This time they took the meaning of industrial a step forward. This project balances on the edge of tolerance. Extreme, structured sound,frequencies that goes straight to the brain. Back uped with a lo- tek cybervideo and blended with the mystical and emotional vocals from Yasnaïa, the noise evokes trance. Trance evokes spiritual dimensions. “Virtual Impact” (DAFT 2000) the provisional latest HYBRYDS release contains an excellent selection of this powerful live sound and a live recorded videoclip (made by the Stubnitz crew).As contrast in the HYBRYDS apocalyptic live gigs, Yasnaïa brought her solo project live as a dark, ethnical and more ambient show. A video based on her dreamscapes and slide projecting creates the athmosphere for floating and soft danceable rhythms and her esoteric vocals brings you in a sensual dream state of mind.All these reflections you can find in the first CD ROM release of HYBRYDS; (vuz) An immense collection of artwork, video, digital poetry and information of 16 years of HYBRYDS existance, available for Macintosh OS9 and Windows 98- NT .When Yasnaia left the HYBRYDS project in 2000, Magthea went on with studioprojects, solo live and with new a new femalevocalist in the studio, video, digital photoart and audio-visual livegigs. To break with the past, these releases are sublabeled : NA-DHA. This resulted in 2006 -2008 with new livegigs, a video and musicproject : Dreambient.