Saturday, 14 June 2008


CULT OF YOUTH (Usa) “7 Ep” 2008
At our hands arrived the first release of Axiomata Prod. And what a very impressive debut. Cult Of Youth, develops here, just an important pat of all their potential in the fields of folk, post industrial music through 3 compositions, having each one of them, the necessary charisma to manifest in yourself a kind of nostalgic feelings due great musicalisationship played with heart. Side A: includes a track called: Train To Kill” with a very aggressive vocals, and almost a perfect acoustic guitar development and an atmosphere really well handled. while side B:include two tracks “Nature” which is in my opinion the best track, built through beautiful rhythmic acoustic guitar parts,bass,tambourine and solo vocal parts, generating a very seductive piece of neo-folk expressionism.”Eye To Eye” handles the same vocal parts having moments of poetic splendor and accompanied by the great work of vocals. At moments Cult Of Youth reminds me to Death In June, but still having its own musical identity. This Ep is limited to 325 copies in pure white vinyl. And red cover.

“First Century Awakening” Cd 2006
(Nuit Et Brouillard)
LD50, is a Belgian trio, which have released a tape and a cdr in past. And now arriving with an especial album, opening with “First Century Awakening”, an emotional atmospheric piece with some dark percussive sounds and vocals. “Dose V.S.291” is a surreal dark whirlpool of tunes and samples through dense vaporous atmospheres. “Pureness” is more a dark electro track which reminds me to old experimental ambient acts from 80’s,cosmic and rhythmic with percussive sounds and beats.with “Solitude” LD 50 returns to the most in deep void through samples and repetitive sounds through the whole track. Then comes “Dose IV.V.586” and Dose IV.V.264” dense hallucinating defragmentation of sounds, with a very in deep spatial atmosphere. The 2nd one contains repetitive vocal moments. Then arrives “Anti-Dose IX.5.518” and “Dose XII.29.294” with hypnotic ambient sounds through dismal projections embracing you all the time, due the perfectionist sphere developed by this Belgian trio. This cd comes in an original A5 size silk screened fold out cover. And a brilliant abstract cover, painted by Leyla Ersen. A very recommended release, for fans of First Law,Inade or even Nocturnal Emissions.

“Tormentor/ I Need You” / Ep 2003
(Nuit Et Brouillard)
With its first vinyl release, this French act known as PROPERGOL, and from our perspective, a very interesting release, opening is “Tormentor”, a suggestive machine of repetitive sounds, generating aggressive pulsations all the time. And veiled with a mysterious structure, due how the noise elements are incorporated to effects and sounds in, the chaotic paradigm continues with the 2nd track “I Need You” which is like a proclamation of obsessive nature. And psychotic vocals. Both tracks have those deeper complex, harsh elements. PROPERGOL has developed here a very interesting release due intensity and aggressively of both tracks. This Ep comes in deluxe packing on a glossy fold out cover + Postcard. Misanthropic-self destructive mental journey.

“Tonfragmentte II” Cd 2004
(Zone De Confusion)
With its first release, Zone De Confusion which is a sub-division of French Nuit Et Brouillard.bring us a very interesting piece of psychic terror music generated by this German duo. The album consists of 11 tracks, all of them with worth patterns in the fields of musical experimentation, due to high integrity of sounds and elements, floating in dynamism. the music constantly breaths an immense power electronic sound, but always with intense old school industrial elements and ambient passages from time to aspect to mark here is that they had self-made instruments. Opening is “Fog” a very stiking track, full of a dark electro atmosphere which reminds me to the Belgian duo HYBRYDS.then comes,”…Gegen Die Eigenen Untergebenen” and “Logic Control” more industrial ones, with drone elements and the always powerful electro sounds enriching the whole structure of both tracks. With “useless Informations” and “Nightwar” we find a more power electronic track with a very good development of vocals and sticking beats and sounds..The first one. The other tack is more an ambient track with some industrial elements and effects at the core of the track. “Fight”,”Perversion”,”Metropolis”,”Last Farewell”,”…Empfangen Sue Auf Kurzwelle”,and “An Appeal” are the rest of the tracks and including the same dynamism and originality which this German duo have developed here. The most important point of this release is the way as each composition has such Organic Movement as a living bacteria, devouring itself and creating new and more abrasive elements through the whole album. The release comes in digipack with selected varnished parts. 11 tracks for a total of 63:19.a release worth to check due the different elements found here.

“Niigata” Cd 2007
(Zone De Confusion)
A chaotic exploration of different sounds creating a piece of bizarre industrial passages which reminds me a bit to Brighter Death Now,in the magnificent use of reverberations and atmospheres. This legendary French group has included 9 tracks for this release which were recorded on tape in 1985. Important points here is how the music is going penetrating your brain slowly to a point of collapse all your senses. The use of metal sounds in mostly of the tracks, some strong blasting beats and echoed screamings, generates a sensation of intensity and rawness. Each track has been built with the old industrial elements which give that touch of hashness, always dwelling into agonic moments due hard electronic sounds surrounding the structure of each composition. If you can explore deeply the MINAMATA’s world, you shall find more than just chaotic compositions, but a progressive detonation of sounds mutating all the time, searching to penetrate your mind.