Sunday, 22 June 2008


DAVID RUSSELL (Usa) “Self-portrait/Dexation” Cassette 2005
(A Sound design)
Each time, we explore more and more the experimental world’s of creative artist. this time the turn is for DAVID RUSSELL. And what we can hear in this release is floating in its own reality based in exploration of self through diverse sounds, voices, and percussions. On side a: you can hear “Self-portrait Part I,II,and III” and each one of them explores through few minutes a decodified structure of metal sounds,noises,all of them conjuncted to create an immersive detonation of psychotic nature. On side B: we have “Dexation” a solo track full of noises, sounds which at moments are a bit repetitive. The whole track includes some percussive elements and voices which enrich the track, in the whole sense. Psychotic harsh noise from a high caliber. The cassette comes with an abstract cover picture.

JERK (Usa) “A Frenetic Menace” C d 2007
(Tower Control)
To be concrete, it’s a bit difficult to categorize the musical development expressed here, but what is sure is that this is a frenetic menance.including a total of 10 tracks through 33 minutes. JERK & co have developed a dirty sound album with raw moments through processed guitar sounds, which are so corrosive and bizarre. Mostly of the tracks has such raw guitar sounds, but with the percussive elements added here, you can experience a pure atonal chaos. Some electronic passages from time to time and old post punk elements as on the tracks “Nox Sexual Dreams” & “Dollar” which gives to this album, a very interesting one. At least at some tracks, for example “Circless” which has some strange vocals and percussive element going from mid-tempo, to slow ones? “Skeletal Crest” a more noise one, but with calm drumming elements, sounds and vocals, which gives a dark atmosphere to the track. In my opinion the best one. It’s better to let you judge by yourself “A Frenetic Menance” by JERK, but just a normal stuff, but a very experimental Japanoise rock, having percussive elements as the predominant points here. Having the cooperation of Justin Coulter, Adrian Bertolone, and Michael Dobrinic.

(A Soundesign)
The nature of evolution and more through musical expression is a point worth to check when hearing, here we have one, with worth elements to check. Opening is RELENTLESS CORPSE “Putrefaction”, with a noise machine track build through modulations and metal sounds creating a nightmarish atmosphere. Then comes JERK with two tracks “Narc assault” and “Black” focusing both of them though noise passages with harsh moments and rhythmic patterns here and there. With SKIN GRAFT “Untitled” rhythmic noise through processed guitars and percussion. FREE TIME “Sitting Ducks” it’s like to be floating in dense sea of nothing, pure dense calm harmonies, which contrast which the rest of the tracks. HOWLAND/RUSSELL “One Thousand One”, BOWERS/RUSSELL “Untitled” we march into a perfect perfect mixture of noise through drone focused elements and percussive sounds complementing in a proper way. TUSCO TEEROR “Live At Parish Hall 8.18.07” marks a peak in sonic terror modulation and reverberating effects to create a chaos within. Expressed through this live performance. Closing is TERRORIST OTHER “Lane Mccotter” with a rock composition, through very well done bass parts, drums and vocals. So, no more words from my side, just check by yourself