Sunday, 29 June 2008

(Reviews 13) SCAPEGOAT,Z'EV

Promo Cdr 2008
(Sutekh Productions)
It’s very interesting to hear dark tribal ritualistic ambient acts as SCAPEGOAT. So, this American based trio, have developed an unique sound, with arrangements which reminds me to Zero Kama, in the way as percussive elements are handled here. Resonant waves through industrial elements are processed to continue with a very in depth development of this release. At moments SCAPEGOAT seems to transport you to dense regions of your mind, due dark atmospheres surrounding the whole tracks. The most important point here is how the sound is mutating all the time, and through each layer of such creations shall find dynamic structures converging again and again to create a piece of ritualistic ambient sounds. Another aspect worth to mention here is how at moments the repetitive sonic elements generates dark, trance inducing drones,wich together some programmed effects, voices and loops gives you an exact idea of what SCAPEGOAT pretends when experiment with sounds. A very promising trio, which have important points to check out in future, because the potential is here. This promo contains 8 tracks, and some titles are “Cosmos Inside The Cranium”, “Under Red Skies(The Pyramids Of Marz Part II)”,”Dark Room” ,”The Lights Of Deep Space (Short Trip).So, for more information just contact Sutekh Productions.

SCAPEGOAT (Usa) “Visitation Of The Kundalini” Cdr 2007
(Radical Matters)
With this alb
um SCAPEGOAT takes a ritualistic dark ambient approach. Dense tribal soundscapes, inhuman vocal sampling obscured in the whole structure of some tracks. Opening this release is “Ashes Of Bones”, a very interesting dark piece of tribal archaic sounds, and a ritualistic atmosphere remembering Zero Kama, Lashtal.then comes “Baphomet” with its reverberating atmospheres, whispers and repetitive sounds, penetrating to your brain. The third track is “Becoming On Of Them (Edit)”, an astonishing ambient track with effects sounding like water drops falling down, very seductive and dark. With “Curse Upon Humanity” its just ore like a trip to unknown dimensions through disturbing moments of harsh noise. “Lorelei” has such reverberating tonal sounds and harsh atmosphere. With “Nacrotic Flesh” and “Nekropile” things goes more oriented into dense cosmic tribal percussions and ambient sounds, creating a specific altered state of mind. The same goes for “Transmissions From Beyond The Seraphin” and its cosmic dark ambient soundscapes floating through the whole track. Another track is “Skulls Waiting”, giving us moment of industrial passages and ambient effects from time to time. And closing is “Vengeance” ,complementing this trip. “Visitation Of Kundalini” is just a perfect ritual exposition of sounds through ancestral esoteric techniques to rise the black serpent hidden in each one of us. To generate through sounds, the rising of energy necessary to self transformation Z’EV (Usa)
“Outwaard” Cd 2007

(Korn Plastics)
The musical career and development as one of the most impressive and creative artist seems to be infinite. This time he arrives with “Outwaard”, which is a cooperation release between Frans De Waard with who (ZÈV) year ago released “Forwaard” album. All the whole musical sounds were made at a peeting zoo in Kleve Germany, and give us just a brief idea of how creative is Z’EV when exploring with sounds and acoustics. This release includes 3 tracks. The first one here is a minimal ambient exposition of sounds and atmospheres creating soundscapes of calm, but in deep nature in the way as this track is arranged. The second one is still with such minimal ambient sound, But with some distorted voices, effects, which gives you an idea of why this was recorded at a zoo. And overall atmosphere that will offer you an exact idea of the concept behind this album. Finally it’s the third one, which is a deep voyage through ambient sounds and manipulated electroacoustic elements generated in a proper way to explore each second in the track. At moments the tracks reveal us a dark environment, full of vibrant elements and an enigmatic nature.
HATI (Pol) Vs Z’EV (Usa)
"#1"Cd 2006
(Ars Benevola Mater)
Another collaborations release, this time the turn is for the Polish act HATI.and offers us 8 psychic defragmentations through 50 minutes. This release is one of the best ones coming that year, in my opinion. Due the dynamism and the development, manipulation of different sounds and instruments giving a mystical, magickal touch and at the same time a hostile, dark atmosphere. Instrument such as woden pipes, wooden trumpet(Liganka),animal horns, Tibetan croatals,thailanese/Chinese gongs, metal discs,aluminium bars, among others …are elements which properly mixed crates this alchemic mutation, which both HATI and Z’EV,developed here, to express a reality hidden behind each gong song, each aluminium bar beat, each horn sound. Another important point to note s the ancestral sensations carved through the whole 8 unique experience which must be experienced by yourself if you are into ritualistic dynamic music. This cd comes in a beautiful colour cover, including two pictures of the artists experimenting with sounds. A very especial release. So, for more information just contact Ars Benevola Mater. Just keep an eye open for more Z’EV releases, because the dynamic reality of this master of percussion, acoustics is mutating all the time.

Z’EV (Usa)
“Metaphonics” Cd 2005
(Eter Pro
Metaphonics is the word used by Z’EV to describe the kind of sounds which has as principal factor to alter the consciousness or invoke trance state. And from such parameters Z’EV, released “Metaphonics”.a long 35 minutes track, exploring different sonic elements to alter your mind and to penetrate the most in deep regions of your being. This experimental release functions perfectly when in total darkness, using some sort of scarf etc,to cover your eyes. If you can get a room completely light proofed that is the best, because then you can listen with your open eyes. Deep ambient soundscapes floating through dense drones and manipulated sonic currents, creating an utter calm. This release is perfect to meditation, rituals,or just to open your mind to most hidden layers of your consciousness. It’s a perfect album to make any space more alive and conductive. Red cover with a black mandala. Powerful sacred music experimentation from Z’EV.