Monday, 15 September 2008


“3 Synapses” Cd 2008
( Samarkande)
Again SAMARKANDE surprise us with such a perfect conjunction of sounds, and dynamic electronic improvisations, always going expanded into all directions, and spontaneity generating experimental currents which seems to emerge from the most in depth levels of subconscious of both musicians Eric Filion and Sylvain Lamirande,which are the creative spirits behinds SAMARKANDE.
Filion’s and Lamirande has been developing its skills as musicians from a long time ago. The first one with his high perceptions on synthesizers and classical piano defragmentations. Whilst Lamirande through his enigmatic saxophone,both of them formed SAMARKANDE in 1999 and since then have released 4 albums, all of them with high peaks due the creativity they handles.
With “3 Synapses” they have walked a more artistic and evolutive path, with a perfect balance and equilibrium through live synthesizers or acoustic improvisations, which are processed and connected with concrete sound sources to create a release with such interesting touch from start to finish.
Each one of the three compositions generated through “3 Synapses” seems to exploit in a estasiastic euphoria when you experience the different fusion of instruments such as: saxophone, Chinese balls, clarinet, autoharp, tenorinette,vox effects…and lot of different electronic devices, to increase the suggestive elements generated through this release. Also the drone passages wrapped through mellotronic sounds and such captivating sequence of elements mutating all the time, creating an excellent release. So, we just hope in future to have the opportunity to explore again the dynamism of SAMARKANDE and introduce us in its universe, where converges the most eclectic realities still to discover.
“School Of Sorcery” Cd 2008
(Cybernet Music)
With this album titled “School Of Sorcery” SUBLIMATUS evokes pure beautiful rhythmic sounds and exalts in perspective the essence of its own desires, and sublime aspects of music. And more knowing each musical expressionism has the occult/esoteric/magickal concepts, revealing in part the sensations generated through such high quality music.
SUBLIMATUS comes from Hamilton Ontario, Canada, under the shapes of Zena Hagerty and Andras Hoynic. And such combination creates a perfect harmony which is developed in each one of the 11 tracks developed in “School Of Sorcery” with so fascinating moments in the whole tracks. Just to name a few you can experience “Going Down”,”Abrahadabra”,”Precious Little Angel”, “My Return” containing such downtempo rhythmic patterns and trip-hop elements which got so much our attention.
The music here is well structured and handles interesting synthesizer’s parts and indescribable vocalization of Zena, which gives the music such beauty and erotic sensuality from this living representation of goddess Babalon.
Music is exquisite and played with heart with a dedication which reflects perfectly in which how the music seems to touch your heart.melancholic, sweet and with such enigmatic beauty veiled through the whole 11 compositions. So, SUBLIMATUS is one of such acts which surely you will love, due its essence and beauty nature.
“Open Wound” Cdr 2008
(The Eastern Front)
The legendary German-Croatian act BLIBURG returns with an album which unleash all its aggressive dynamism at stage, here Stefan Rukavina and W.S. Schroeder develops through 13 tracks from live In Kassel 23/06/2007 and what more impressive release including a collection of the best compositions and more developed as live performances.
Here, BLEIBURG surprise us more time with the dynamism expressionism and strong structures through the whole tracks. And more captivating it’s the opening track “Good –Bye Gulag” it’s programmed beats. The live experience continues through free and its emotive,envolving vocals and atmospheres penetrating the atmosphere penetrating the, we can imagine how the show was. full of rhythmic patterns and the necessary energy to energy to hypnotize audience through such diverse sounds from dark electronics, to old industrial, to aggressive dance. Is great to have the opportunity to experience an act as BLEIBURG in live, due the way as all the tracks are evolving from the first one to the last.”Izobrazba”, “Velebitski Vokovi” wrapped us to the floor with such sticking electro-rhythms, vocals and sounds, excellent dance compositions.
BLEIBURG’s capability to encaptures the audience through the whole release is palpable just look also tracks as “Godbroke” and transgressive musicalisationship through dense sounds, percussive elements and harsh vocals. Moving the audience through different states is what BLEIBURG’s focus when developing its music live. Also, you shall find classic tracks as “Na Rad!”,”Good Evening Zagreb” and ”Nezdabra Tvorba”,so do you need more? Can you experience BLIBURG from another perspective? Then, just check this great album released by the israelian label The Eastern Front.Cd comes on six panel oversized gatefold sleeve limited to 300 copies.

MIEL NOIR(Bul)/B-MACHINA ( Austria )
“Weiss” Cdr 2008
(The Eastern Front)
Igor & Tania, the minds behind The Eastern Front offer us a very interesting release through this split cd. Why? Because they have selected two acts with enough arguments to reveal us through the musical identity created by both acts. So,MIEL NOIR spreads its apocalyptic drone industrialish compositions into 6 chapters from “Miel I to VI”converging all the time into a sole concrete force,varyng from slow dense dis-harmonic structures full of corrosive guitar tunes and mid tempo, percussive sounds unleashing a sensation of vacuity. You can smell the stench honey around the melodies and arrangements here.
Also we just mention the distortioned vocal samples; at moments guitars has such Old Norwegian black metal sounds, but increasing generated by such a creative shape of Dimo Dimov, known by his industrial folk band Svarrogh.
With B-MACHINA, everything turns a bit more dense and dark. This Austrian act arrives with 3 compositions carving into noise industrial ambient experimentations which you can explore through “The Colours Of My Innocence” reverberating industrial defragmentations can be heard through the second track “Fahne Empor” comes 14 tracks of total silence,coz this Cd contains 22 compositions. The silence is a reflection of void in which inhabits B-Machina and after such minutes of silence comes the last track “Wald Aus Stein & Frost” with melancholic tunes created by classic guitars, and ambient, industrial atmospheres surrounding everything. The principal point of this release is how each act develops its own sounds creating a concrete identity in each one of the tracks presented here. This release comes in a six panel oversized gatefold sleeve. For more info just contact The Eastern Front.