Tuesday, 23 September 2008


“Invocation Ov Nuit” Cd 2008
(Amduscias Recs)
“Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Since I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, do ye also thus. Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt.” Liber AL I: 22Sean Woodward is the spiritual alchemist behind the project called GOTHICK, which offer us a piece of musical awakening, of enlightenment with “Invocation Ov Nuit”. Through the infinite space, Nuit dances, she’s the star burning in your heart… its a distinctly Thelemic album developed with thin musical pieces and attractive elements mixed with deep beautiful chants through 5 compositions. All the compositions have sticking melodies, and sounds floating in atmospheres with very interesting bass and vocal parts. At moments it reminds me of David Tibet and Current 93. When hearing the first two tracks. “Made In Darkness” and “Alchemical Heirlooms’ Ov Aiwas”, with both vocal and bass lines and such gothic, blues influences, they generate sensations of melancholy and sublimity all the time. So, the next track is “Aleister’s Amazing Bookcase”, a more dark ambient composition built through acoustic guitar, synthezisers and a kind of western atmospheres which surrounds the whole structure of this track. Also the inclusion of some vociferations and some percussive, electric guitars with the pass of minutes makes of this track one of my favorites here. With “Templer Road” we experience a more rhythmic based track ,with an old school blues sound and the always interesting vocals which is similar to the American thelemic band Illumine Naught, but with its own identity and musical character. Finally is “Bardo becoming Reality” a melancholic opus with so depressive elements of music, and with some elements as bells and percussive sounds which fit perfectly with the musical structure in general. This album is an amazing voyage to the starry sky, where nuit is reflected through the dance of the stars…this release is the first one of a three album concept (NU-HAD-RA) dealing with the Book Of Law. So,GOTHICK soon will release its new album called “Evocation Ov Hadit”.so just keep your eyes open for such especial release at www. gothick. co. uk“I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.”Liber AL II: 6
“Cold Void” CDr 2008
(Invisible Eye Prods)
PERMAFROST is the vision, reflection of Marco Grosso, the Italian occultist/musician who works in the esoteric ambient act Ouroboros.and this time he arrives with his debut release which includes three compositions focusing themselves into dense drone musical patterns which floats through the well use of vibrational distortions and resonance elements. With such dark atmospheres crawling from the frozen structures developed here. Opening with “Permafrost Movement” through dense vaporous voyages with cold atmospheres and glacial drone ambient sounds capturing the essence of this project which was born in spring 2008. “Cold Vision I” is built into reverberating transformations created through oscillators and echoed noises which works in a proper way, due the captivating atmosphere through the whole track in its own essence. This track is just like a trip to the most desolated places where only cold darkness emerges to penetrate your sences. With the third track “Slow Blind” everything turns so more dark and dense.such deeply atmospheres with the resonance of bells and subliminal sounds reflecting the dark desolated nature behinds PERMAFROST.also, this album includes a bonus track called “Sadness And Solitude” which is only in the tape limited edition. Such track includes such frozen atmospheres and ambient passages running through the drones generated. This release has such great moments of isolationism transforming yourself to cold frozen horizon where the darkness and enigmatic environments are gathered to give birth to PERMAFROST, an act transcending the nature itself through sonic elements. The cover shows us some cold, desert landscapes.

“Three Seals Of Masshu” Ep 2008
(Web Ep Release)
From Malta emerges the enigmatic ritualistic dark ambient project known as SKY OF JUGGOTH.and in perspective we must say we have a dark star shinning at horizon. the mastermind behinds SKY OF JUGGOTH is J(K) who also is working in another project such as MJ.5,who back in time year 2000 under several explorations of chthonian currents decided to reveal part of his knowledge through diverse drone sounds, percussive elements and ethereal, eerie atmospheres which were put together under the name “Three Seals Of Masshu”. Musically the whole track through 18 minutes is like an in deep voyage through ancient Sumerian where the old gods were worshipped with blood rituals.
One important aspect to mention here is the way as the whole structure of the composition is handled, having impressive arrangements and elements which encaptures the essence of what J.(K) wants to focus through “Three Seals Of Masshu” .
This Ep is a transcendental 18 minutes epic of ritual dark ambient with a cloud of ethereal gloom, ever shifting and introducing new elements, to music. This really is a fine piece of work that explores some unique territory for the dark ambient realm it resides in. at moments reminds me to Equimanthorn due enigmatic structure evoking distant Sumerian elder gods.

“Transmissions From The Cthonian Deep” Cd 2008
(Web Cd Release)
SKY OF YUGGOTH reveals us its second work which was erupted under so almost different patterns compared with last work. This album is more drone/industrial ambient with no so much ethnic structures as for example, the percussive elements generated on “Three Seals Of Masshu”. You can feel the abysmal abstract portals congregating through 4 compositions, each one of them combining different elements and rigid structures dissolution into visionary spectral sounds which reveals in part a hidden knowledge only perceived by sensitive spirits. At moments music sounds so similar to Lustmord, but with its own musical identity and developed with structures of high quality. Again the main inspirations are the Lovecraftian writings. And from such reality SKY OF YUGGOTH creates a very interesting album, full of Cthonian darkness floating through each one of 4 convergences created here. “Abysmal Laments Of The Forgotten”,” transmissions Of The Forgotten”,” Forth The Deep Dweller”,”De Profundis -Plane Of Dreams”,are the tracks included here, and you must be sure to find interesting elements as industrial passages, drone ,metal sounds, strange vociferations, all of them working as unity to create this piece of ritualistic music. We admire this project because the latent potential hidden behinds such chthonian explorations. For more info just visit The yuggothian’s dimension.