Sunday, 26 October 2008


“8 19” Cd 2005
(Cold spring Recs)
DEADWOOD is a one man project, created in 2003 by Daniel Jansson with the sole purpose to reflect his most inner instincts, visions and thoughts through a power electronic machine generating diverse noise and black ambience. And the result is revealed through “8 19” album, a chaotic structure with elements which seems to emerge from a psychotic mind due the elements we find in “Antabus” also, with some suggestive evocations,grimnish atmospheres and strong screaming vocals, which sometimes becomes into spoken litanies. With the 2nd track “Crushing On” a dismal paradise emerging into black ambient atmospheres and industrial patterns, eerie vocals and reverberating elements through the whole track, which is like to be entering to a dense space full of abstract forms. This is one of the best tracks included here. Coming next we have “8 19”, chaotic industrialish madness floating through the whole structure of the track, surrounded also, by harsh noisy vibrational tunes, and repetitive vociferations. Through “Bitch On The…” we must experience an in deep ambient track with such cold eerie atmospheres and the dense drone soundscapes through the whole stream of how the track is developed here. Also the sutile spoken vocal parts give us such enigmatic touch which you can presence when hearing the track carefully.
With “Wither Sinth” bells, a burning fire surrounded by dark vaporous atmospheres and chaotic screamings,are the predominant elements worth to explore. Finishing this release is an untitled track built into drone/industrial elements with suggestive, abducting dark atmospheres through the whole minutes. This release is developed through 60 minutes of pure transgressor art which reminds me to Mz412, but at moments more chaotic and abrasive. a perfect post apocalyptic masterpiece, full of such devastating and qliphotic energies from start to finish!!

“XXX” Digipack 2008
(Interregnum Recs)
Here is an act that I had been curious about for a while that I finally got here. And I must say this fill my expectative on how music is developed here. PRONOUNCED SEX is an act coming from Oslo, Norway and working as a duo, consisting of Zwizz and King Solve, since the beginning the act has focused its music into drone ambient elements with such dense and minimal patterns which we find so interesting. This album includes 7 compositions all of them built into such mentioned elements, which starts to evolve since the first track “The Last Thing You Hear Before You Drown In Semen” to the last one “No Such Symphony”. For example the third track called “Blizzard Beach” is an eerie dark composition with such dense atmospheres transporting you to the most in deep cold Norwegian mountains. With “Let’s Put The “E” In Sex” things goes oriented into an industrial soundscapes which gives the track a strong structure and surrounded by such massive drone patterns which generates such interesting atmospheres.
With “earthquake From Behind” is more an anal experimentation through in deep sounds and distorted vocal elements veiling the structure of the track. At moments music turns so aggressive and volatile, with such enigmatic moments through the whole piece. One of the best tracks to mention here. “Taog Eht Fo Remmns Lanrefni” is a drone experimental song with such interesting elements floating from start to finish and closing the album is “No such symphony” a more dark ambient track, but with such effects ,sounds which give such personal touch to the whole structure of the track. Really this album fill our expectatives, due to high quality developed by PRONOUNCED SEX so, and we must wait for next release of this interesting Norwegian project.
KEPLERS ODD (Swe) “Gro Jt655-40”
(Desolation House)
KEPLERS ODD/’s dronish industrial machine continues destroying everything to its steps, with such multilayered sonic hybrid elements which emerges to mutate everything in this existential plane. To those of you who haven’t know about KEPLERS ODD, let me tell you, this is the hybrid project of Daniel Jansson,the destructive force behinds DEADWOOD, and this name was in part taken from a Gothenburg street that has a high massive crime rate. And its reveal clearly the concept behinds this act. Through “gro Jt655-40” we must experience the deterioration of human species through 8 microorganisms installing in your brain for a perfect deconstruction of drone, noise nature. The music here is brilliant, in its own conception, with such abrasive and harsh pictured guitar elements; emerging behinds uncontrolled drone patterns and noise structures all the time. An important element to mention here is that this release was recorded live during a rehearsal improvisation, and having as result, a strong harsh album with resonant elements and such necro hellish distortion, mutating all the time and giving birth to new bizarre spectrums. Really, a very good job, in the structure of each one the 8 tracks released here. Music itself seems to incorporate to your brain, a multiprogramming organism which expands in all directions. A worth hybrid structure worth to experience due its psychic nature and harsh, aggressive elements.

DEAD FACTORY (Poland) "Das Grave Flustern" EP
(Kaos Ex Machina)
Dead Factory arrives with a very interesting ep, released by net label Chaos Ex machina...and what more interesting release, we must presence here. having such capturing ambient /industrial minimal atmospheres, this project created in 2001, has been developing all its potential which is now reflected through "Das Grave Flustern", an ep including 4 compositions which two of them are from the upcoming full album namely"ENTALPIA"sinister dark ambient experimentations, with some drone traces here and there,at moments music seems to float through dense elements with a high compenetration in how the music is created here. Eerie and cold track. And "Nokturn Listopadowy" This is more an industrial one, with traces of ambient elements surrounding the whole track.dence black corridors capturing the ethereal sounds which emerges to bring you a place with no espace.a suggestive track with interesting moments. the other two compositions are remixes” lover Silesia 2008" is a track remixed by Suture Navigator, and veiled with aggressive pulsations and destructive industrial soundscapes to create a bizarre paradise full of abstract forms. Repetitive drone vibrations crawling from such in deep realms.and Streams Of Dead Light ( Substeplnfabass)" is a rythmic electro ambient composition very interesting with such sticking parts floating from start to finish.
a very interesting potential expressed here by this Polish act!!