Tuesday, 4 November 2008

KRELL (Article & Reviews)

KRELL is the researcher musicologist for the lost musics. He start studing a metallic leage asteroid that Nasa discoveres in 1956 beyond the kuiper belt, not far from the Oort cloud. Their composition had aided the accumulation of a large quantity of electromagnetism. Analysing this energy there had found informations and traces of music of an ancient civilization. This sound (that excedes the human audible frequencies) was normalized to our audible scale by Krell (A la Recherche du Krell Perdu, cd released in 2003). In his second work, Krell analysed the traces of ancient Egyptian electronic instruments from some raffiguration in Dendera and then he re-built some of these to try to re-compose the ancient electronic music of Egyptian (Electronic Music of Dendera, cd released in 2005). Krell lives in Italy in a nice underground home, hes obsessed by hystory and continuity.

In her third work, Krell collected real sounds of the oceans abyss (such whales cries, daulphins, and other species of animals) and composed songs with the voice of Lorena B, for an undersea voyage (Voci, armonie e suoni dagli abissi, 2007). So he completed the Trilogy of Times. The Future (1st cd, french title means: In search of the Lost Krell, mutuated from the Marcel Proust romance); the Past (2nd cd, dedicated to the ancient egyptian); the Present (3rd cd, italian title means: "Voices, harmonies and sounds from the abysses).

The 3rd cd of the Trilogy is contemporary the 1st of the new Quadrilogy of the Elements (The water).
Next issue will be de
dicated to the air (with a german title), then the cd dedicated to the fire (russian title) and to the earth (spanish title).
At the moment
Krell is the organizer of a collective project: the Sonora Commedia, a triple cd when 33 italian bands make the soundtrack of 3 cantos of Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia (for a total of 100 songs). The cd will be issue in january 2009.
Krell was born in Livorno (Leghorn) in 1970, Tuscany, lives in Milano (Milan). He's History Graduated, and teach History, Italian Literature, Arts and Philosophy in a private secondary school.
He's also a science-fiction writer. As Lukha Kremo Baroncinij he has pubblished 3 romances (in italian): "Il Grande Tritacarne" (The Great Mincer), "Storie di Scintilla" (Stories of Scintilla) and "Gli occhi dell'anti-Di
o" (The Eyes of Anti-God).

“Suoni,Armonie E Voci Dagli Abissi” Cdr 2007
(Kippple Officina
Kremo Baroncinij w
as adducted by artificial hybrid intelligences and through altering DNA; they give Barth to an organism called KRELL, in which every transformation is a musical anagrama, reflecting enigmatic facets. Through “Suoni,Armonie E Voci Dagli Abissi” KRELL is submerged into the deep void, generating explorations of acuatic nature, evoking diverse structures, connected with the abysses of the oceans. this is the third work, and a very interesting to hear such 12 tracks, all of them with eclectic sounds,glitches,noises,voices converging themselves into atmospheres with such involving elements which seems to penetrate you to the black void hidden in the oceans. For example “Dubacqueo”, the 6th track, is a dense trip to such regions, through eerie atmospheres and sutile female chorus… or “Disco In Sealand” built through rhythmic electro beats, glitches and such sticking atmospheres. “In search Of Air” is a track with such underwater sounds, and effects surrounding the whole structure of the composition. Each one of the 12 tracks developed here, contains such elements which surely will get your attention due dynamism and originality handled here. This album includes the voices of Lorena Burgio in some of the tracks, which gives an interesting touch to the whole release. Really, KRELL surprise us with such creative pieces, always breaking limits and penetrating atmospheres, submerging you to the most in deep abyss of your minds (oceans).

LIVIDO (Ita) “Milano Non E Romantica “Cdr 2008
(Kiplle Officina Libraria)
This is the hybr
id Project of KRELL, this time with the support and collaboration of Omerk.this Italian duo sent us their 2nd album, which causes an Amazing impact in us due how music is going through each one of the 14 tracks developed here. Divided into two parts, the first one includes 7 compositions which the first one is a one minute of silence, tracks 2,3,4 are main built into spoken Italian language vocals, talking about the relevant aspects of Milano city. The 5th track “santafe” begins with some noisy elements and suddenly the emergence of folklore Italian music through the whole track. The next one is manipulated vocal samples with such electro background elements. And the last one, from this first part is just urban chants in a rhythmic constant way.
Through the second part, other 7 tracks which the first one comes with drumming patterns and Italian spoken vocals. The second track “Ricetta (Crifatta)” is more rhythmic electronic one with interesting sounds and a very well done use of vo
cals. The next one “Ill Farmacista” is almost with the same structure of past tracks, built into spoken vocals and some minimalism sounds. Here you can hear also metropolitan aspects of life in Milan, adapted for a kind of tribute to this city. this release is an experimental cocktail offering you emotions like: crying,laughing,sexual exiting,lucidity,desires,happiness,sprightliness,indolence,contrariety,fear. For more information just contact Krell directly.

A La Recherche Du Krell Perdu” Cdr 2003
The codified
transmission continues, and this time emerging from Vega system, a planet extinguished 200.000 years ago, but structured through diverse electromagnetic sources which ends with this neuro-program frequencies which are decodified and examinated by KRELL through 14 audible, sonic experiments moving from minimal electronic, noise patterns and diverse sound sources which seems to reveal the hidden wisdom by such stellar cosmic race known as Krells. Different phases of information through sounds, all of them created with the sole purpose to give us a kind of unconscious message. KRELL, without a doubt surprise us with this album full of science fiction and sounds emerging all the time, and mutating into just more than sequence of sounds with a high dose of creativity and identity. Each one of the audible scales of sounds which you find here must be explored with high volume and a mind opened to receive each one of cipher messages hidden here.

KRELL ( Ita)
“Electronic Music Of Dendera” Cdr 2005
(Kiplle Officina Libraria)
Very strange st
one reliefs were found in the Hathor temple, part of the Dendera temple complex in Egypt. Researches explained them as images of cathode ray tubes or electric lamps showing built in serpentines. The name ancient Egyptians used to call such serpentine was “ Seref”, which literally means “to light”. Two boxes standing beside the tubes were explained as electric batteries feeding them with energy through what engineer Alfred D. Bielek identified as a cooper cable. Every tube is placed on a “djed” column, which acts as a high voltage isolator. Men and women absorbed in meditation sitting around the devices to create a receptive aura made some researches think about a different explanation. KRELL, musicologist and engineer, after long and meticulous studies, now describes the tubes as electronic musical instruments, not so far from the well, known Theremin. He carefully rebuilt the instruments depicted on the stone reliefs and plays them according to some musical inscriptions and hieroglyphics discovered in the same temple.
And from such concept KRELL developed an enigmatic album based into so amazing electronic elements creating sticking atmospheres, mixed with eerie sounds capes to create a really excellent album. Tracks such as “Amon-Ra”, with such eerie atmospheres and sutile beats molding the whole spectrum of the track. “Kleopatra Birthdeath” with mysterious spoken vocals and sounds to create an interesting piece here. Another track “Amenothep IV/Akhenaton”. Is an in deep voyage to ancient Egypt generated through such goshtly atmospheres surrounding the ritualistic passages created here. “Heavencontact = Pyramid” is a rhythmic track with interesting electronic elements and sounds worth to check. “Bast Realm” is a different track, based in calm atmospheres and repetitive vocals, which fits perfectly the whole structure of the track. These are just some of the tracks developed here.so,could be interesting for you to get it in order to explore the rest of the tracks, for a total of 13 tracks in almost 50 minutes of enigmatic/electro experimental art!!