Wednesday, 19 November 2008


“Midnight Matinee” Digipack 2008
(Self- Produced)
This excellent ro
ck-pop act from Usa comes with its 7th album, and this is just brilliant as the last, this time with the inclusion of Mollie Israel on Vocals, who replaces to last vocalist Danielle K. who left the band for personal reasons. “Midnight Matinee” contains in its own essence the sonic musical nature developed by THE LOST PATROL on the album “Launch And Landing”. With its seductive expressionism in mostly of the tracks, but specially on “Blue Lullabies”,”Colours turn grey”,floating into dense sad melodies and sutile,beautiful guitar arrangements, makes this album just perfect. Also it contains rhythmic elements and a gothic rockish essence in tracks as “Serenade” or the melancholic ballad called “Distance”.so, with a total of 10 compositions, all of them musically and lyrically well structured. with such incredible bass parts and guitar atmospheres creating such cinematic, dream pop with the necessary emotive and moody harmonies to put you in a melancholic state where converges the different feelings, and thoughts which floats according each composition.

In a word, I would say this album is perfect. And we are more than pleasure to review “Midnight Matinee”. This album comes in a six panel colorful digipack.we just hope to have the opportunity to review the 8th album somewhere in time, by this excellent American trio.

“Griddle: City Made Of Teeth” Cdr 2008
(Black Note Music)
To those of you who have never hear about KYRON. This is the project of J.C. Mendizabal, native from Salvador, but living in Usa, from time ago, after some albums, he returns with this amazing release but this time KYRON, chose to express itself remixing material from the progressive rock band GRIDDLE. Through “City Made Of Flesh” KYRON took a single song and from such piece he developed 17 distinct tracks, all of them having such sticking electronics tunes, and beats which seems to transport us to another reality. The music here is well constructed, having such constant electro acoustic elements mixed, with such haunting ambient atmosphreres, creating a diverse piece of experimental music as only KYRON could develops. The whole tracks are amazing due the way as the whole sounds are put together. An urban matrix opening to you, to explore the mysteries of “City Made Of Teeth”, a sonic dimension waiting for your through the always dynamic and expansive nature of KYRON!!

“Onoskelis” Cd 2008
Ioannes Aurelius Serpen
tor, an artist, musician & writer sent us his 2nd album, which got our attention due the highlight moments through the whole compositions developed here. “Onoskelis” is a neo-classical, ambient album with an interesting concept dealing with a female Satyr. To be introduced as the green fairy. An album of darkland dense music drowned in the whirpools of Absinthe. And musically got much our interest when hearing the opening track “Nomine Nostri” a piano track with such captivating melodic parts, revealing us what comes later with the rest of 9 compositions developed in this second album.

A track as “Hallucinations” with synthesizer’s sounds and great piano executions pressing the eerie atmospheres and soundscapes complementing perfectly the whole structure of the track.
“Beyond Good & Evil “is another composition, but this time more into industrialish sounds with such interesting at
mospheres and piano parts which characterize I.A. SERPENTOR.
“Asphodel” is one of the best tracks here, with such catching atmo
spheres, female spoken voices and piano sounds, perfect for a movie soundtrack. “The Green Fairy” includes so interesting drumming beats, very sticking and surrounds the whole atmosphere here. Each track here is developed through such cinematic & sountrackish moments, with these incredible expositions of mysterious elements having through synths & piano predominant patterns here. Without a doubt an excellent 2nd album by the always creative mind of Ioannes Aurelius Serpentor.

"The Art Of Drowning"Ep 2007
(DeadKnife )
Nikola Mantenda is the expressive force behinds TRIPNO(I)SIS, coming with a dynamic album, surrounded by different elements and sonic experimentations, varying from industrial/ambient /experimental. This act comes from Pancevo-servia, and shows us all its capacity when creating music. At moments the music sounds so catchy, calm, with so sticking moments due its seductive nature or more rhythmic structures as on “Euthanasia” in some tracks you can hear some guitar parts which give to them a stronger atmosphere in its own sound. But without a doubt the best composition here are these ones with such interesting mid-tempo drumming parts and ambient/industrial sounds crawling from the most in deep nature of TRIPNO(I)SIS.
The use of voices and acoustic instruments are worth to mention, due to the proper atmosphere.
Perhaps you could note, Mr Matenda needs to improve some elements here and there in next releases, but the fact is that this act has a potential which surely will be explored more with the pass of time. This release contains interesting moments which I recommend to, for more information just vis
it TRIPNO(I)SIS page in order to get a more exact idea of what were talking about.

“As Magi” Cdr 2008
an experimental psychedelic force coming from Madison, Wisconsin Usa. And with “As Magi”, the transcendence of its musical development seems to increase more and more through the six compositions released here. A point which characterize this album is without a doubt the vocals, which has such twisted but surprising vocals, going from melodic to dark vocal expressions molding perfectly with the harmonic sounds. Having influences such as Current 93, Coil, KINIT HER is a trio which has a characterized sound, with such interesting elements from start to finish. At moments music includes such ambient passages which seems to bring you dense dark corridors, submerging into sutile abstract sounds, a clear example is “Shrouding Mystic” track. The interesting guitar sounds are also elements worth to experience here, due the way as they are building slowly a definite atmosphere so creating such captivating soundscapes with an incredible, sticking atmospheres. “Atavistic Demiurges”,” Blood Swords”,” Telekinetic Calendar”,” Sealed In Jade”,” The Pillars Seed” are the rest of the compositions included here. a good point to mention, is that “As Magi” contains such elements which surely will captivate you due the way as they all built. An emotive trip to such dark realms only discovered when you entered through KINIT HER.