Sunday, 23 November 2008


La Vide D’ Elodie” Cdr 2008
Humwawa & Lindeah Delah,is a Belgian duo, an alchemical physical and spiritual marriage which through their interest in art,music,architecture,choose to express themselves through this project called THE FEEBLE CHURCH and with this debut album, they have released in part, elements of their creative and potential expressionism. They released 14 compositions with such emotiona, classical, and folk atmospheres which surprise us a lot, because this is their first release. For example tracks such as “Burdeous Beauty”, a piano composition with some melancholic atmospheres, percussive elements surrounding the whole tracks. “Sombre” and “Eastern Mockery” infiltrating some orientalish atmospheres and very exciting percussive sounds which reminds me to Swedish Arcana, but with its own musical personality. “Purification Ritual” is another track with such highlight moments, this has been created through different percussive sounds.also, bird sounds and different instruments must be experienced here increase the natural development of THE FEEBLE CHURCH. And so, through the whole 14 tracks you will be exploring the beauty of medieval folk through this instrumental operetta. 14 hymns to self-respect, values and ideas based in their own visions, developing in this existential plane. Without a doubt an excellent release by this Belgian duo,which want to hear more soon.

“X: Final Solution” Cd 2008
(Creative fields
The path has br
oken and RUNES ORDER emerges with 10th and final album. Mr.Dondo and co, seems to explore another horizons and decided to finish RUNES ORDER with “X: Final Solution”, which at our ears has in essence the same musical structures as on the previous album “The Hopeless Day”. through 15 compositions floating into electro dark industrial with impressive, majestuous and monumental sounds,”X: Final Solution” emerges as a shinning star in the horizon in which RUNES ORDER has been situated through many years.

The first two compositions “…Could Be The Last Year” & “Radiations Of Peace” are a blend of suggestive cinematic keyboards, electro beats and arrangements which suits perfectly the whole structure of the album. Sinister vocal expressions and some analogue sounds creating such amazing atmospheres. “Ambient #1(Snuff Room 66),”Ambient #2(Hiroshima)”,”Ambient # 3(Hell) are compositions with such closed connections revealing twisted and bizarre soundscapes able to transport to the whole uterus of RUNES ORDER. Each one of such 3 parts having such cosmic, and electro rhythmic elements which enrich the whole structure of the track. And more when vocal elements are added too. “Final Solution I & II” are other two compositions with such sticking industrialish nature and beats surrounding the whole essence of the track, but second part having some spoken vocals done by Marco Grosso (Ouroboros).also, the rhythmic electro sounds are brilliant. Also, is worth to note some more artists were included here with some tracks. Cecco, Daniele Bovo, Serena Massone, Aleph Zero. Another excellent track here is “This Is Serenity” with incredible atmospheres and electro rhythmic patterns worth to experience here. “The Last Breath” is the last emanation…the final solution for a living organism which kept hidden under the shadows of its own visions, waiting to float again, in the cosmic sea in which RUNES ORDER resides.

NG (Ita)
“Benedicion” Cd 2007

(Creative Fields)
3Vor, who also plays in Camereta Mediolanense & Runes Order, started in 1992 a project called NORTHGATE, together Ylo and II Blue.a personal plateu to explore the diverse visions through the determinism of musical explorations always, with the support of different musicians, depending the album and musical ideas he wants to develop. This time NG comes with “Benedicion”an album with a vast amalgam of diverse sounds and atmospheres which enraptures your soul, due the sensibility and way as are developed all of them. This album includes 10 compositions. Tracks such as “Ice W” with such surprising piano parts and spoken chants from an in deep beauty or “Pearlman” a narcotic voyage through dense sounds and emotive atmospheres. “Across The Indian Ocean, Mothers Walk On Daughters” with enigmatic nature, but always such percussive elements surrounding the whole structure of the track. One of these aspects I think relevant to mention is how melancholic, sad and emotive “Bendicion” is. each track is a clear representation of a definite mood or special feeling from a musical perpective,variating at moments, but also the whole 10 tracks broke your heart, touch your soul due sublimity in how this album is built. Just hear “What A Brilliant Mind, With The Woodworm Of Indecision” and you will surely experience an in deep sensation of solitude, sorrow and pain…”To leave out places,fishfarms,wines and crafts…the image of a birch,lostin biofeedback big bounch of stones, damnations and degrees footmarks of an unknown beast, who scares the both of us.” For more info just contact directly this great Italian Record Label.

V/A Cd 2008

(Creative Fields)
Remembrances of a lost past, of a fallen angel whose artistic expressionism through Coil marks him as an icon inside the scene, and now in memory to him, to Jhonn Balance, Creative Fields Recs,released this tribute album. 13 artist (mostly Italian) presenting their personal interpretations of the wor(L)ds of Jhonn Balance. Opening the album are the angel’s sperm, BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS with an unreleased version of the track “List Of Wishes”, which is in my opinion one of the best.slow, depressive, and with perfect work of vocals through the whole track. Coming next is SNUFF 066, the Italian project from RUNES ORDER’s act, with a track from “Horse Rotorvator” an elektro track with interesting elements due its own palpable energy. The experimental Italian act CORPOPARASSITA comes with “Heatworms”, an hymn to desolation, an ethereal in deep exploration through such enigmatic, melancholic passages, a perfect track for suicide I think. MMARIAE NASCENTI, comes with “Where Are You?”, from “Music To Play In The Dark Vol 2 “album, with an ineffable presence and dark nature which only Mr. Nascenti can develops here. This track is an essential plateau to know the hidden nature of Jhonn Balance. POSTMORDER(N)XS comes “Amethyst Deceivers” keeping his the spirit alive with a track well handled and structured with some arrangements worth to explore, specially the percussive sounds. ENDTRANSMISSION “A Cold Cell” continues the melancholic march to the bizarre representation of psychic character, with interesting elements and perfect work of vocals. DBMG/RAF “A.Y.O.R.” with such industrial sounds mutating all the time into a sole concrete force, giving birth to Jhonn Balance spirit. CROPCIRCLE arrives with “Blood From The Air” another track from “Horse Rotorvator”, just perfect, brilliant and emotional. CECCO’s vocal comes from another dismal paradise, due the way as is adapted to the music. SELAXON LUTBERG “Broccoli”, DEVIATED SISTER TV “Cathedral In Flames”,WERTHAM “Boy In suitcase” and IN BROKEN SHIELDS “The Sea Priestess”, are another artists included here. Really a very excellent release by this great Italian record label Creative Fields.