Tuesday, 25 November 2008


“Serenity Of The Endless Graves” Cd 1998

(Dark Vinyl/Memento Mori)

This is an old release which was sent to us by Ixithra, and the truth is that this is a very in deep dark ambient exploration. This first release is created through somber atmospheres and dismal passages adopting diverse forms and soundscapes with the pass of the tracks. 7 in total ,for album which is characterized by special atmospheres surrounding each synthesizer passages, and going deep to the graveyards into regions which inhabits the vast elemental spiritual forces waiting to enter this plane. “Serenity Of The Endless Graves” is pure desolated hymns which bring you sorrow and abandonment. Important aspects are the well use of bells, whispers, and voices coming from the other side of Eden. An interesting dark ambient piece with such abducting elements which keep your sences opened due the mysterious, enigmatic, and palpable sensations developed here.

“Epitaph Of Shattered Dream” Cd 199

(Dark Vinyl/Memento Mori)
Just a year after the first album, Ixithra worked so much to bring us an album such as “Epitaph Of Shattered Dream”, here the music is more structured, I mean each composition has a final purpose to penetrate your senses, in a sutile but lethal way. Ritualistic dark ambient approach windswept soundscapes, inhuman vocals/sampling obscured in the throne of horrors. Some tracks such as for example the 3rd one, contains orchestral atmospheres, very well executed and processed, giving to the album a touch of matureness and character. At some moments this reminds me a bit to Raison D’ Etre due the chorus and atmospheres, but still having identity handled by the well utilization of synths here. Dense vociferations, are elements which surely you will find so interesting when exploring th3 9 compositions in this opus of dark expressionism.

“Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients. Cd 2003
(Dark Vynil/Memento Mori)
The third album comes with almost the same concept as the last one, but this time adapting more diverse atmospheres and elements which gives a more dense and dismal atmosphere to the whole 12 compositions generated here. Dark deep ambient drones and subliminal echoes,voices.piano passages marks “Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients” as an album with so many interesting elements which are put together creating a true masterpiece. The natural essence of PROFANE GRACE in last album was the ambient atmospheres which are also present here, but this time Ixithra, includes a perfect work on vocals in some of the tracks as incantations, floating through dense passages and ethereal scenarios perfect to explore again, due the mysterious and subliminal realms evoked by PROFANE GRACE.

“Misery Persevered” Cd 2004


This is the other project from Ixithra, the main force behinds Profane Grace, and “Misery Persevered” is a deconstructive spectrum focusing into drone elements with so suggestive ambient structures. The highlights here is how addictive the music is,penetrating and subliminal at the point that at moments the senses turns a sole congregation of hallucinating sensations capable to transport you to the most in deep regions of subconscious. The whole 7 tracks are dense with reverberations and harsh structures collapsing all the time and giving birth to new addictive forms which increase its tension with the pass of minutes. Ixithra has gathered enough elements in RAVEN’s BANE which surely will impact you since the first listening because the whole album is strong in its own nature,corrosive,lethal ambient drone machines is what you must experience when entering the dark chamber realm created by RAVEN’s BANE.

“Sorrow Breeds” Cd 2007

(Baphomet/Red Stream)
A more recent album revealing the whole potential hidden here. In the whole musical concept this album is well structured having such drone ambient elements as the main sources in which the music is based. “Sorrow Breeds” is intense and suggestive. at moments music captures a dismal essence combined with such post-apocalyptic passages which seems to destroy everything to its steeps. Layers upon layers you will find which is hidden through “Sorrow Breeds”, an unlimited reality with spectral sounds always mutating into all directions. Reverberating sounds, repetitive elements and sonic experimentations are put together, to create an explosive release from a dark perspective. at moments to repetitive, you must say, but the inner core of “Sorrow Breeds” emerges a multifacetic expressionism, which only must be developed by Ixithra. Such abrasive textures are wrapped into a high quantity of drone elements which are necessary to explore in a totality to understand the in deep concept behinds this album. an interesting album to those of us into drone
-ambient experimentations with such darkish psycorporeous edge.