Sunday, 30 November 2008


“Dungeon” Ep 2007

(Kaos Ex Machina)
Rafal, is a creative musician, lyric writer and isolated soul who search through his musical project to reveal us a part of his creative side, but also to focus his visions, thoughts through each release. This time he sent us “Dungeon” Ep, and this got so much our interest due dynamism and effusive musicalisation handled here. The opening track is “The Smell Of Humanity” with so catching percussive sounds, giving such industrial touch to the whole track. Next is “Amorphous Entities” ,an amalgam of ambient atmospheres which are focused to penetrate slowly listeners mind. “Intrusion Of Thoughts” again, the percussive elements are the predominant sounds here, but this time with some ethereal atmospheres surrounding the composition. “Awaiting The Arrival” is the 4th one, and is really a very in deep composition, based on drone-ambient exposition with some suggestive percussive elements. The best track here, in my opinion. With “Suspended In The Vaccum” a militant scenario has been created through percussive elements. And a perfect work of synths. Closing its “ Towards The Light”, this time drone sounds returns again with such dark ambient atmospheres and vociferations adapted, in a proper way to the whole structure of the track. With “Dungeon” Ep a brilliant collection of sounds and elements which surely will impact you by the way as each one of them has been put together here. “Dungeon”speaks of man’s isolation. It delves into darkness, hopeless, and the impossibility of escape from pain (both emotional and physical).

“Ground Zero” Digipack 2008
This is the debut album from this Polish solo project. And what amazing debut, “ Ground Zero” is a landscape developing from an unknown cataclysm, presenting ruins and debris of stell,dust flying in the air, rust slivers, tumbling down construction, where steel structures, bend and fold like a pack of cards…under such description HOARFROST, seems to have a culminating point in its personal development when creating music. Through 6 pieces of ambient /industrial expressionism, HOARFOST emanates all its most powerful sonic convergences, creating an album full of intense moments, and dark structures collapsing all time together to create a monumental release. “Requiem” is the prelude to the rest of the tracks. A perfect soundtrack to desolation due how music is developed here. Dense harmonies and a spirit of abandonment is revealed here. “Without A Breath” a cryptic, atmosphere is created through diverse soundscapes and a cutting edge atmosphere, without a doubt a dark impressive musical piece. Through “Dead Machines”, the voyage continues, but this time under more dense-drone structures and arrangements. “Ground Zero” is an album with so in deep structures converging all the time, so one of such aspects considered as highlight on this album. “From Here To Ruins”, is a constant flux of metal sounds, effects, analogue elements which creates an apocalyptic piece of desolation and despair. “Scene Of Fire” and “Red Alert” are the last tracks, both of them with impressive sonic artifacts developed in a proper way, due its massive structure and atmospheres handled here. Also, this release comes with a bonus video from the track “From Here To Ruins” in which through the visual side HOARFROST reveal us his visions using ruins, desolation and concrete structures which determinates the whole concept behinds “Ground Zero”. For more info contact Rafal or buy it directly through Zoharum.

“Raspad” digipack 2008
(Tesco Organization)
“Raspad” is a Russian word to describe disintegration-zerfall, and under such concept POST-SCRIPTVM arrives with a very interesting purpose, an old school industrial machine, converging into different musical paradigms. at moments so chaotic such as on the track “Exacerbation” in which sounds crawls from another musical abyss to collapse in this existential plane. Or just so dense tracks as “Delension” with monumental dense layers covered with a sense of desolation and abandonment. At some tracks suddenly you will experience the use of percussive elements which increases more the dense soundscapes, and atmospheres surrounding the album. Some noise-defragmentations and electronic frequencies, metal thuds, are elements which you can hear in tracks such as “Ruins Of Men” just to name one of them.

Reverberating chaos crawling from within, drone patterns and some vocal are enough elements to consider “Raspad” as one of the best releases coming from USA, this year. In essence the music has so many interesting elements worth to explore, more and more when entering the realm of POST-SCRIVTUM.the album was mastered by Jerome Nougaillou (Propercol) doing a perfect job here, due the final production of “Raspad”. All in all an excellent release I recommend if you are looking for something original, hard and dynamic.