Tuesday, 2 December 2008

(Reviews 29) N.STRAHL.N

“Anschwellender Bocksgesang” Digipack 2008

(Apocalyptic Radio)
N.STRAHL.N is an ambient noise experimentation, developed by Mario Loehr,who through a diverse defragmentation of sounds and field recordings creating an universe in which each movement has a definite musical pattern. With “Auschwellender Bocksgesang”,this universe is explored under 10 concepts(Compositions) each one of them converging into a mental katharsis,due the way as all them are developed ,for example at moments you can experience,reververating guitar sounds converging themselves into another structures such as steel sounds, for example. Or noise soundscapes floating through ambient scenarios with minimalistic effects and arrangements dressed into cold forms. Also, industrial elements rising from the deep within and suggestive inhuman vocals. A very interesting release with so many elements worth to experience. You will find some tracks so dense and catching, some other tracks twisted and repetitive, but always with the personal touch of Mr. Loehr.I find close influences of experimental acts such as Hati and ZE’V respectively. This Cd comes in a black digipack limited to just 100 copies only.

“A Thernarkose” Cdr “3 2007
(Self Released)
Again Mr. Loehr, surprise us with this release. this time he arrives with an experimental album which is structured through the perfect use of different sounds which seems to emerges from void, giving birth to another reality a complex reality which only can be understood, penetrating to the in deep transmissions generated by N.STRAHL.N through 22 minutes in which you can experience a high variety of frequencies, radio transmissions, noises and spoken German voices, which are handled in a proper way to create a complex but perfect album. The use of manipulated field recordings and shortwaves are the principal elements which you can hear through “Athernarkose”. Distorted sounds and blocks of noises adapting perfectly to the whole context of the album in general. The potential behinds M.Loehr & N.STRAHL.N
seems to be endless, due the magnetism and character each one of his releases has.

“Aufrech Im Truben Schlamm Der Zeit” Cdr 2008

An impressive voyage
to the core of nothingness…and the voyage starts with B-MACHINE an ambient project with suggestive sinister elements and soundscapes which penetrates your senses due the abducting atmospheres generated here. A long 12:25 minutes track, in which besides the in deep atmosphere you shall find some noises which are perfectly mixed, creating a very intense piece of music. Through N.STRAHL.N,things goes oriented more into noise rhythmic patterns, dressed with manipulated field recordings and synthesizers which gives you some in deep idea of what N.STRAHL.N is developing through each release, this time working perfectly in the use of sounds and manipulated spaces which contains so dense drone atmospheres and sounds, as always from a psychotic perspective. Such pieces are handled from experimental manipulations and unlimited creativity which M.Loher has developed in a very in deep way, due the penetrating sensations when hearing the music revealed here. This cd comes in a special package with 3 photo-information ones inside. Just contact or visit N.STRAHL.N site in order to know more about this interesting German act.