Friday, 5 December 2008


“Neocortex Plug-In” Cd 2007


Edgar Franco aka (Oidicius) a decontrustionist,musician,multimedia artist and visionary developed a World based on his own paradigms and realities, a dimension in which flesh & silicon, biotechnology, nanorobots emerge to interact through soundscapes,creating a post human tantra,where multi mental orgasms collapses all the time, and from such unions, germinates this project which floats into ambient industrial elements. Through “Neocortex Plug In” POSTHUMAN TANTRA, the trashumanism and DNA manipulations seems to give you a secret entrance to a dimension full of musical vortex, developed through 12 compositions. Tracks as: “The Omega Neocortex” and instrumental guitar one with interesting elements here and there. With “Visions from the Abyssal Neurogenetic Circuit” a synth track with some effects floating through the whole structure bases in the possibility of trance reached through contemplational virtual reality. “Glorification Of Our Nanotechpain” is a dense track with ethereal passages and vociferations which gives a strong character to the whole composition. The concept deals with the menace caused by nanorobots. Note the presence of Kenji Siratori with spoken Japanese words, and the inclusion of some more artists in this track.

With “Biotech Antenna to Receive Morphic Resonances from the Mu Continent” is another radioactive exploration of sounds mutating into different elements. The trip continues with “The Biocybershamans’ Cosmic vortex Cult” an obscure piece with insectile soundscapes and perfect percussive elements and voices coming from another place of existence. So…the whole compositions are dreaming spaces, where all the converged realities creates ritualistic pieces of techno shamanistic nature, with industrial, electro ambient elements which express just a part of the whole creative expressionism of Mr. Franco. Besides this, the last track “Game-O-Tech 2.0” is a multimedia track with suggestive drawing images and obscure industrial soundscapes driving into a visual reality highly connected with the POSTHUMAN TANTRA universe full of spectral mutations and DNA manipulations. Cd comes with a 12 pages booklet full of the visual creations of Mr. Franco’s must for all of you floating into the creative vortex in which POSTHUMAN TANTRA reach a highest peak due hard work and dedication.


“Gothik Kama Sutra” Cd 2008


More than just a release, this is a exploration of senses, a vacuity of unimaginable nature, in which converges deep tantric practices and ritualistic transformations under Sonic mantras. With this release both POST HUMAN TANTRA (E.Franco) & ALPHA III (Amyr Cantusio Jr) developed an album with so many interesting and creative expressionism through 11 compositions generated here. ALPHA III ,comes with tracks 1, 4, 7 in which the psycorporeous nature of his nature is developed through different sound devices as synths and sequencers, creating such cosmic frequencies which open to you new doors of perception. Sutile harmonies emerging through cosmic currents with calm atmospheres inspired by the old 70’s ambient acts. By the other side Mr. Franco comes with tracks 3,6 & 9 with the dynamism and originality from all his releases. this time oriented into space progressive ambient with a high quality in its structure, and sonic experimentations, and some guitar sounds from time to time. Also, some industrial passages and voices can be heard on track 6 “The Gaia Umbilical Cell’s Infinite Regeneration”. The rest of the tracks 2,5,10 & 11, are developed between both artist expressing impressive elements for a perfect addictive conjunction. For example track “The Infinite Ethereal Memes Of The Universe” is really excellent, with such oriental atmospheres and interesting percussive elements which seem to transport you to the ancient kults of Kali-Ma, in India. One of the best tracks, in my opinion POSTHUMAN TANTRA is the best act coming from South America, the visionary spirit of Mr Franco and the dynamism in each one of his releases bring us important elements in how musical expressionism is developed when working with dedication. An excellent release worth to check, if you are looking for something creative, well structured and dynamic.


“Pissing Nanorobots” Cdr 2004

This is the first released from Mr. Franco, and what amazing debut. The music is an experimental noise industrial machine which generates different mutations (14 Compositions) and each one of them with the necessary technological awakening which transport you to another dimension in which nanorobots resides. A futuristic exploration of sounds and drone patterns. mechanical deconstructions generating a vortex of technologic memes implanting in your brain, as a way of reprogramation of your mind in which each sequence or structured sound has a definite pattern to follow, in which also converges the visionary and suggestive expressionism always handled by POSTHUMAN TANTRA. To penetrate in “Pissing Nanorobots” is to experience an intense and visionary universe in which dense noise soundscapes and beats seems to mutate into new forms, creating an abysmal futuristic dimension. DNA experiments, technoshamanism, anal embryons, genetic deconstructions…are elements which you experience when entering in the trance produced by POSTHUMAN TANTRA’s sonic mantras. So, wait for a full informative interview with Edgar Franco & POSTHUMAN TANTRA next months!!!