Tuesday, 9 December 2008



“Meseonas” Digipack 2008


Through “Meseonas” Shelmerdine,the master mind and creative force behinds DARK AWAKE, has crossed an important path in its existence, and solidificated this act from a promising to a concrete established force with so many interesting elements, both musically and ideological. Erotism,fantasy,romanticism,occultism,runic criptograms,are the main elements you shall find through “Meseonas”,all of them dressed with such orchestral avant-gardish atmospheres through the whole 12 compositions developed here. “Alpha & Omega” is the opening track, a perfect track with majestic, in deep keyboards and percussive elements which gives you an idea of what you must experience through the other 11 tracks. “Requiem” is another track, with excellent atmospheres created through piano parts and complemented by female voices and orchestral soundscapes. Through “Angelicus Elegia” a tragic sensation of abandonment, generated by acoustic guitars and sticking atmospheres. “Tetractys” is a martial composition with excellent work of keyboards. Through “Battle Of Disease” and “Nigrum Serpentis” a medieval mysticism and dark romanticism structures are veiled through ritualistic sounds, showing us another facet in the dynamism and creativity in which DARK AWAKE rises. “Evangelium Of Times”, a pompous majestic expression of senses in a sublime way, revealing the mysterious and enigmatic nature of DARK AWAKE. In each composition you shall find just more than music, but a deep exploration of dark music, played with heart, sublime at moments, enigmatic at others, but with the necessary personality to keep your senses awake all the time. “The Music of DARK AWAKE Is Not Just A Piece Of Art…It’s a Ritual of Life as a Sacrifice of Will towards the Totality of Infinite Impossibility.”


“Core” Cdr 2008

(Plague Recordings)

MANIFESTO emerges from Uppsala Sweden as a solo project manifesting the different visions, thoughts and ideologies of M.Zetterberg.it was born after a series of experiments in the fields of music, which ended in 1999, when MANIFESTO finally saw the light. Through “Core” the last album, MANIFESTO reveals us an enigmatic, abstract reality focused on minimalistic soundscapes dressed with some industrial ambient elements.” Core” is veiled in 5 chapters with impressive atmospheres created by Trumpets developed by Alex Van Heerden, which were recorded in Tulbagh, South Africa in 2007 and complements perfectly with the sound manipulations, effects and dark atmospheres created by M.Zetterberg.the whole tracks are cavernous, mysterious and with such apocalyptic feeling when the industrial elements suddenly appears in the the whole spectrum of a determinate track. The highest point in “Core” is how each track transcends in its own nature, being at moments so dense and ethereal with ritualistic elements as on track 4,or just apocalyptic with ambient soundscapes as the rest of them. This cdr comes packed in a A5 cover with a free X ray card!!

XSOZ (Gre)

“Basic Topology” Cdr 2008

(Fich Art)

Formed in 2007 by John Raptis, one of the driving forces behinds Spectral Liquid records, unleash part of his creative potential through XSOZ. With his debut album we find a very dynamic album with diversity of sounds and interesting structures through the whole 12 compositions included here. “Basic Topology” is built with cold mechanical ambient soundscapes, dressed with effusive rhythmic industrial adaptations and post-industrial elements, creating a very interesting musical piece worth to explore. The opening track is “One Night Like This”, with such suppressive elements as percussive beats and atmospheres through the track. With “Beseech”, everything goes oriented more into dark elektro with rhythmic sounds. “El Mago Del Xsoz”, another dark elektro composition floating through industrial passages. Another track worth to mention here is “Please Wait”, with such sticking rhythmic patterns and interesting atmospheres from start to finish .through “West Exile” a militant atmosphere together amazing elektro sounds and vocals will caught you. “Operation 2” is an excellent composition surrounded by drumming patterns and a perfect work of vocals. “Topos” is a slow dense track full of hypnotic moments. All in all through “Basic Topology” XSOZ, has developed a very interesting release, which shows us just a part of the whole potential hidden here. We must wait for the next second album, which surely will impact you due the nature of how the music is created, at least in this excellent debut album.