Friday, 19 December 2008


“Sang Graal” Digi pack 2008
(Cold Meat Industry)
2008 seems to be a year with great surprises and amazing releases…coz, well Mr. Karmanik and co, arrives with one of the best releases this year. The german neo-folk act: GOLGATHA:, together the French martial industrial act DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED. This cooperative release has an important point to mention, is that both of them work together in the whole tracks developing an interesting musical piece with so many elements which surely will impact you due the high musical context. “Sang Graal” ‘s concept is enigmatic as the whole album, revealing us a paganistic concept of Sang graal.the eternal search of Graal which is inside man’s heart?, or the cup of Babalon in which resides the man’s sperm through sexual intercourse? More than that the Sang graal is a personal concept levels of knowledge. And this album is just a key to know the enigmatic mysteries behind it. The whole tracks has such amazing atmospheres generated by a high quantity of instruments, on the opening track “Fertility Rights”, a sutile beautiful prelude, in the search of Graal…ambient passages with an in deep atmosphere. Without a doubt one of the best tracks here “The Messiah” martial drumming elements mixed with pompous atmospheres and excellent work of vocals. The whole track is inspired in a poem by Leonard Cohen. “Magdalen”, a sensitive composition which crawls perfectly by the viola parts of Anna Maria K., giving such melancholic touch to the track. Also, the Sorakey voices, complements a proper way in the structure of the track. The search continues…and this time” A Seeker Divine” through drumming emotive passages full of a dominating, enigmatic atmospheres, viola soundscapes,vocals are the predominant elements here. “Perceval” with acoustic guitar tunes and choral voices adapting perfectly each together to create a beautiful ritualistic piece. “Crusade”, a neo-folk composition with such sticking moments from start to finish. An epic piece, well structured due the whole musical arrangements generated here.” What The Thunder Said” is a revelation of divine source, revealed through percussive elements and vocals, which together creates a strong musical adaptation, making of this track a very interesting mystical piece. Through “The Death Of Dagoberto II” an ambient composition dressed into drone patterns and soundscapes creating a dark conjuration of elements adapting perfectly to the whole concept in general. “Heretic Prayer” is another excellent track here, an obscure march to explore the hidden elements behinds “Sang Graal” through such ritualistic chants evoking lost medieval remembrances of a distant past…”The Caves Of Montsegur” again, long viola passages emerges floating through ambient atmospheres and amazing vocal chorus, and strong percussive sounds, creating a perfect cinematic composition. Other tracks are “The Cross Of Lorraine”,” Ruins In The Wasteland” and “Spheres”. More than just a release, this is an enigmatic trip to the most in deep desires of man, always searching for a mysterious spiritually device to fill their own mental voids. This Cd is packaged in a nice designed digipack with beautiful pictures by Birthe Klementowski.

REALISM (Ire) “Reality”Cdr 2005
(Insightful Productions)
Emanations, conjunctions of abstract forms and inner realities gave birth to Realism, an experimental/psychedelic act which has impressed us a lot, due the high quality of musical development and magickal explorations through each one of the tracks included in this release. “Reality is a dimension of possibilities floating in front of you ready to be explored in an in deep way. Each track has such impressive musicalisationship .it seems REALISM has worked so hard and with the whole spirit for such excellent tracks. This Cd doesn’t include titles, so in my opinion each title depends on the mood or mental state generated by music when hearing. For example track 4 is just excellent, a perfect expression of acoustic guitar parts and percussive sounds, dressed by dense harmonies and chorus surrounding the whole composition. Track 5, is an ambient track with water soundscapes. Track 6,is one of the best tracks here. With melancholic passages created through acoustic guitar parts and perfect work of vocals &guitars. Also the mid-tempo drum parts are well performed, giving to the track a strong structure but still such melancholic feeling from time to time. From track 7-16, are converged a definite short sound patterns representing an idea of what “reality” must be. From an angle you can, feel something calm and from another angle you can experience another mental state, to understand the concept behinds “Realism” you must explore the magickal currents and paradigms handled by this. So ,no so much information just to say REALISM is sonic,visually,tactually,chemically,emotionally,spiritual…a ritualistic expression transcending the whole senses in a reality in which you are the principal core to the void.
Te Cd comes in a handmade black envelope with some symbolic elements inside and other surprises. So for more information just visit the page.

KNOS (swe)”knos”cdr 2005
From Sweden, arrives this project handled by Fredrik Djorfeld, and what suppressive stuff here. The music deals into so intense power electronic & industrial patterns which at moments reminds me to another Swedish act such as BRIGHTER DEATH NOW. The music at moments turns so extremely aggressive due abrasive and psychotic nature of KNOS.but we must sure to find here a dynamic machine with so much variating moments from time to time. For example on track “Bakom Sprangda Dorrar”,percussive elements and voices seems to mould perfectly the structure of the track, developed with interesting soundscapes.or “Natanz” a noise industrial deconstructive track with interesting elements worth to explore. The track is dense and corrosive from start to finish. “Utplananden” we hear harsh noise industrial soudscapes, with such intense elements surrounding the whole composition. So, these were some of the tracks you will find here in a total of 8 tracks, all of them with such harsh, intense elements will keep your senses crawling into another sonic dimension, due the nature in how music is developed here. KNOS is a very promising power electronic act worth to check in future, so keep your eyes open for more of the work of Mr Djorfeldt in upcoming months…so, just feel the cold apocalypse through such rew, hybrid sonic structures.