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An in deep reflection of consciousness is emanated by EXOTENDO, through “Push Kara”, the second album of this ritualistic ambient organism. The concept album is connected with Bardo Thodol, The Tibetan Book Of The Dead…and the music is a reflection of an inner reality, expressed through 6 states between life-death-rebirth.3 states which man must experience in order to liberate from the cycle of existences.

This total and complete human experience is presented under the form of six successive intermediate states or bardos, which are life, dream, transe, death,existence, reality. The music developed from EXOTENDO’s reality is beyond any rational perspective, because this is pure enlightment music which will be used as channels for meditation. For example, track 3 it’s so impressive and full of ritual ambient atmospheres, drone elements and singing bowls, penetrating slowly the light in darkness and open to you new channels of perfection. An in deep voyage is experienced through the 4 track, with its cavernous atmospheres floating through minimal atmospheres and suggestive elements which increases in percussive, strong sounds, creating a perfect composition here, and after some minutes, returning to such minimal enlightment atmospheres. Through the whole 6 compositions you shall find more than just music but an exhaustive search for self liberation of this existential plane, a revelation of an absolute reality which you must explore by your own to understand the presets developed by “ Push Kara”. The cd comes in a nice crystal box with clear tray 4 page booklet on deluxe heavy wright paper, so for more information just visit Athanor’s page!!

“Chaos Elements” Cd


Active since 2001, ARTEFACTUM, the magickal expresionism and artistical structure created by Merissa d’erlette, started to explore the diverse sonic & cultural esoteric traditions. With “Chaos Elements” ARTEFACTUM releases its first full length concept album. This time an alchemical process mutating again and again, basing itself into in deep ambient structures and dark drone elements which are collapsing themselves to create a very interesting musical piece with enough elements worth to explore.

The album includes 6 compositions all of them built under specific esoteric concepts, which converges into enigmatic musical exploration of sounds and diverse elements through the whole release.

ARTEFACTUM is such a vibrating dynamic force which is going in all directions, and “Chaos Elements”, offer you more than just an ambient release but to entering the in deep inner alchemical transformation of senses, spirits, mind and flesh.

All in one, one in all.. Tracks such as “Terra”,”Ignis”with such dense and penetrating atmospheres emerging through sutile soundscapes built into dark, eerie, passages. Or “Aqua” or “Aurora over Labyrinth of the World”, adapting perfectly through enigmatic dark atmospheres surrounding the whole spectrum of the tracks. Or the last track “From Sulphur To Mercury: Hermetic Triumph” and such sutile subliminal sounds converging all the time, generating one of the best pieces here. Also the expressive voices of Mrs. D’ Erlette can be hear through some moments of the track. Cd cover shows us a diverse facet of alchemical symbols collapsing themselves, paying homage to chaos, and its latent elements in universe. One more time Stephane, the mastermind behind Athanor recs surprise us with a great release worth to check out now!!!


“Evokation Ov Hadit” mp3 2008

(Delta Wave Underground)

“I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.” (Liber Al II.6)

As you perhaps knows GOTHICK is a British experimental gothick rock band founded in 1999 by Sean Woodward, and with “Evokation Ov Hadit” he finished the 2nd part of Nu-Had-RA,a trilogy based upon Aleister Crowley’s Book Of The Law (Liber Al Vel Legis).and surpresively this second part is really developed under interesting musical concepts. Opening this release is “Ride Thee Kundalini”,a slow melancholic composition with specific vocal tunes and guitar melodies through the whole track, with no sticking mid tempo drumming parts and elements which are complementing perfectly to create an hypnotic thalamic piece of art. The bass work is just excellent. Through “Conversation Ov Thee Unseen Sun”, things goes similar, but this time synth atmospheres surrounds the structure of bass lines and mid tempo percussive sounds. “Exorcist Ov Al” is a different track, just more based into electric guitar riffs and a smell of gothick heavy metal touch, enriched by the spontaneous voices coming from the deeps of Hadit.(Oh ,be thou hadit ,my center sacred heart and tongue) the fifth track “Waiting For Thee Aeons To Fall” is a similar track to the last one, due the electric guitar parts, but this time with more melodic chords and vocals performed in a bit more methodic way. Closing this release is “Snake Ov Delight” to complement the inner search of Hadit hidden in the deepest of your, really a very interesting option if you are looking for something different from this experimental rock act from uk!!

“I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy. If I lift up my head, I and my Nuit are one. If I droop down mine head, and shoot forth venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I and the earth are one” (Liber AL II 26)

Thursday, 5 March 2009



“illa exuro In Silentium” Cd 2008

(Palace Of Worms)

With its 5th album, arron 6 co seems to have explored a diverse quantity of mental states and

personal paradigms to release a captivating album full of intense moment, melodic encounters under the expressive guitar tunes and the always obsessive drumming sounds with “illaExuro In silentium”.SECOND SKIN, has walked an unexplored path which ended with an album under strong identity and character from start to finish. Tracks as “The West” with such sticking vibrating melodies, surrounded by a perfect work of bass and vocals, are really interesting. The keyboards going through the whole track giving such melancholic touch to the whole structure in general.

“Kick and Scream” is one of such compositions, which since the beginning captures you due the way as in deep vocals are performed, together the always interesting guitar riffs and melodies adapting perfectly to the percussive elements handled here. If you are looking for more, then just walk the paths of “The Narcissist”,” The London Bridges” and “Blood And Glass (The Impact)”, clear examples of how each determinate melody and guitar patterns could be molded into different ways, to create a concrete result. a very sticking catchy composition full of emotive elements and expressive dark atmospheres, always built into such sad & melancholic tunes.

“A Methunderstanding”,”Black Picket Feue”,”Unwritten” are other compositions which floats in the seas of eternal beauty, in seas of blood consumed through dark romanticism and wither hopes. The harmonies and rhythmic guitar elements seems to be the dominating element through the whole album, but handled under different patterns.

Closing the album are “Prince Harming” & “Birthday Girl” tracks with such utile but well executed beautiful atmospheres which surely you will feel in the proper way when looking at your window in a rainy foggy day and the remembrances of nostalgic moments crossing your mind, again and again.

A very interesting album with so many elements worth to explore by this excellent dark gothic act.


”Fragments-The Undefined Heard Through god Ear”Cdr 2003

(Ovo art)

This is another facet in the existential mirror of Marek Xavier

Marchoff,who is the soul behinds an excellent project known as DIFFERENT STATE, this time reflecting the potential as creative individual I the fields of experimental music. Through “Fragments”, different sounds and elements to create a massive conjunction of expressive abstractart, which must be explored carefully in order to understand the main concept behind this album. “Fragments” includes 6 untitled compositions built into diverse patterns, creating a musical vortex mutating in all directions.

Each one of the 6 compositions has a palpable experimental vision in the way as it’s presented. For example the 2nd track has such cosmic atmospheres which reminds me to Swedish Atomine Elektrine, but with a definite own identity. This track is just excellent, with such atmospheres collapsing themselves into a black hole of musical expressionism. An amazing track for us. The 3rd track has some sea sounds mixed with some ambient atmospheres and child voices creating an experimental electronic voyage to the nucleus in which resides the main source of Mr. Marchoff.

The 4th track is a dark twisted visionary exploration of different sounds and elements which together converges in a very experimental piece full of interesting moments from start to finish. The fifth composition includes dense harmonies generating a dismal atmosphere through the whole structure of the track. So, this release got so much our attention due the eclectic nature of the music in general and how this is developed by Marchoff.a very interesting release worth to check out now. So, for more information just visits Mr. Marchoff page & his anther project DIFFERENT STATE.


“Dychotomia” Cdr 2008


“The whole harmony of the World is made up of contradictory elements” …and under such concept both artists generates a perfect dissolution of different soundscapes and elements which express in a sense the nature of both artists. Vladislav Buben is a musician, artist who has released a lot material under his different musical projects and this time he has included 4 compositions, all of them focusing into dark industrial electro beats with a powerful sound which increases more and more with the pass of the tracks. Such repetitive beats and massive electro soundscapes, are developed in a very proper way, due each rhythmic pattern is handled in a whole structured basic line, to create a very interesting musical piece.As for ABSTRACTIVE NOISE, this is a young Greek project focusing into ambient experimental music, with some enigmatic quiet atmospheres surrounding the whole spectrum of the tracks, at least when we hear the first 3 tracks “Ilusion” I,II and III,with dense moments, which seems to float through your mind, all the time. the 3 tracks are well handled and with a personal touch, gives ABTRACTIVE NOISE a highest point when hearing the in deep atmospheres of such tracks. The 4th track is “Oblivion”, another ambient track with dismal atmospheres and obscure patterns, dressed by percussive sounds and elements surrounding the whole track. A very excellent composition worth to explore when listening this split cd.

This one comes in a profi printed cdr in hard foil envelope, is placed in cardboard printed package a5 size after folding, with additional graphic on photo paper inside. foiled limited to 110 hand numbered copies.