Thursday, 16 April 2009


KYRON & MOLINA (Usa) “Melting Point” Cdr 2009
(Black Note Music)
Again Mr Mendizabal increases more and more our interest in the way as he develops his expressive musical art in the fields of experimental soundscapes,carring you to the deepest core of his world, and this time he joined forces with David Molina,composer,performer,deconstructionist and multimedia artist, who also has a personal electro acoustic act called TRANSIENT. This time both artists performed at Melting Point gallery in San Francisco California, so they improvised a live show film score for Susana Aragon’s film “Personal Luggage” and really this musical work is just perfect. At moments the music reminds me to legendary Coil or even the experimental Black Sun Productions. The album contains 13 compositions built into dynamic and well structured experimental soundscapes handled and mixed into a very seductive way. Each track has such catching atmospheres which float into diverse electronic devices and drone elements from time to time.
Through the album, the inclusion of instruments such as autoharp, cello, harmonica, and electric guitar are expanding and mixed to the point in which tracks seems to have organic life in its own essence. The compositions are personal artistical explorations with incredible atmospheres, at moment’s electro elements and beats are developed to create such complex structures. Such improvisations in the fields of experimental art. Note also, that for such performance at Melting Point gallery mirrors were placed in front of the two performers so that they could see the images as they were projected onto the screen behinds them and respond musically to what they saw. Such audio visual experiments, increases it’s potential with the pass of minutes, generating trance-induced melodies with such interesting atmospheres through the whole 13 compositions.
“Melting Point” is more than just a release, but a surrealistic experimental piece which is ready to be explored by yourself. So for more information just contact Black note music which includes also a lot of interesting titles in the fields of ritual, experimental electro ambient musical art.

ENSSLIN (Ita) “Holocaust In Heaven” cdr 2008
(Death Paradise)
After the psydelic black expressionism generated through the first self titled demo, Vega the Italian shape behinds this solo project focused all her efforts to release her first album after the final departure of PLASTIC VIOLENCE. With this album Vega is oriented more into harsh/rhythmic electronic sounds with strong industrial elements with influences from early Godflesh albums. ENSSLIN creates an holocaust in which all parts (8 compositions) exploits through dark reverberating electronic rhythmic machines mutating all the time. Aggressive drumming elements in “See You In Disneyland” or The dense Dismal Structures in “8 hours of 2” are clear examples of how dynamic music could be. “1991” is an agonic track full of such dense elements and voices emerging from within to create one of the best tracks here. Another track is “ritual Satanic Abuse” with blasting drumming elements and raw atmospheres all the time. “My Animal totem” is built into mid-tempo passages with interesting elements here and there. All in all Vega, has developed an interesting release, so the potential is there, so just wait what future will bring us through the always harsh and aggressive material created by ENSSLIN.

Friday, 3 April 2009


HALO MANASH (Fin) “Am Kha Astrie” Cd 2009

(Aural Hipnox)

Through this sixth release emanating from eerie polar dismal realms…”Am KhaAstrie” emerges as the 2nd part of a trilogy which began with “Language of red goats”… “Am Kha Astrie” is spring and birth and coming-into-being… The work as a whole represents an eternal spiral, a total transformative cycle of Life, Death and Re-birth. An in deep magickal heliotropic dark soundscapes floating through such ritualistic experimentations with a multiplicity of sounds which consists of seven interrelated tracks.

“Spring Solar Semen”,” spiral Spring Ever-Emanating” are both the primordial emanation of this holistic creation. Spiral animal horns and drone elements collapsing themselves to generate shamanic voyage to the deepest unconscious realms. In its own essence both tracks have palpable magickal elements which you must explore in a deeper way to understand the general concept behinds “Am Kha astrie”.

“The-treefaced Thunk Arises-A Pillar Through All Worlds”,” In The Deepest Womb Of Maa,The Sky Shouded Is Born” are both elemental emanations with such obscure unconscious awakenings, which suddenly transport yourself from such hidden labyrinths of your mind. Sutile percussive sounds, and metal sonic elements crawling from within, to reveal us two of the most enigmatic holistic pieces generated here.

Next tracks are “At ashen shrines Of The Seventh Sign Antlers Ascend” ,”All Herald Its Shape And Sorrow” complementing the voyage to the inner vortex where HALO MANASH manifest all these nectars in a tangible way. Dense black corridors are opened through humid caverns and strange symbols emanating through each trance state, dismal summonings and ethereal sounds crawling from nether realms to reveal us another facet of what “Am Kha Astrie” could evokes. Closing the release its “The Dream That It Dreams-Awakened”, archaic monoliths, and phallic totems emerging from chaos itself through such dense, hypnotic soundscapes dressed with such ethereal elements…

Archaic elemental drums, bones and spiraling animal horns merged with various metal,percussins,chimes,wind-instruments,voices and a multiple of other instruments to create a dep,earthly and yet celestially-bonus opus. “Am Kha Astrie” is a massive and sometimes ominous work, a primal experience of coming into being, with all the terror, ecstasy and divine awe that it implies. The album comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet in an edition of 1000 copies.

ZOÄT-AON (fin) “The Triplex Bestial” cd 2006

(Aural Hipnox)

Through “Triplex Bestial” ZOÄT-AON,converged strong connections with the hidden animalistic nature of men and personal visions of esoteric manifestations which Jaakko Vanhala,revealed through 9 compositions all of them containing different facets but a concrete idea. The exploration of wild animalistic soundscapes through drone, ambient elements converging in dynamism and strong structures all the time,” Gate Of All Directions”,” Bestial Waves”,” Green Spring Ferocity” are first tracks with such eerie dismal atmospheres surrounded by ritual elements such as singing bowls and nightly animal sound recordings. The inner reflections and visions of ZOÄT-AON through this release are going beyond and “Ma Ur Ma”,emerges as another magickal experimentation, this time including spoken words and dark atmospheres floating together to creates a trance inducing composition with such evocative traces of a distant ritualistic expression, due how music is created here. Some percussive elements are mixed to complements the whole structure of the song, one of the best tracks included here. The shamanistic voyage continues through “Skinning The Skies”,” The Immediate Body Drama”,” The Phantom Root”. with such enigmatic somber atmospheres collapsing themselves all the time, bringing passages with in depth ambient soundscapes surrounded by a lot dynamic elements which gives to each track a different identity from each other. “Siren Flakes” is a perfect exploration from the stellar dimension in which ZOÄT-AN inhabits, obscure sounds crawling from within creating dense drone structures. Finishing the album is “The copulation Of Mirrors” with its essence through abstract drone soundscapes dressed with a high variety of elements which gives to the track a very dark atmosphere all the time. So, a very excellent work by this Finnish solo project. ZOÄT-AON dedicates the whole album to the skeletone hummers, which inhabits in the labyrinths where resides ZOÄT AON. The album is packaged in oversized 7’card folder.

ARKTAU EOS (Fin) “Mirrorion” Cd 2006

(Aural Hipnox)

Emerging from stellar 6 magickal vortex, the atavistic force known as ARKTAU EOS, through the shapes of Anti Ittna H and Anti Litmanen.creating complex magickal structures which were gathered Ander the name “Mirrorion”, which is the music of stellar Light through down from the heaven’s zenith, an in deep exploration developed through 17 emanations which were perfectly structured and handled during several rituals sessions in abandoned nature places. With no electric instrumentation. Such recordings were handled time after with a very dismal & structured result. Pure hypnotic ritual drone magickal sounds floating through the black void explored by ARKTAU EOS. “Mirrorion” is the exhaustive exploration of spectral eons still to discover, the atavistic unconscious revelation of pre-eval state of mind reflecting just a part of the magickal defragmentation generated by ARKTAU EOS.

The whole tracks are built with specific ritualistic atmospheres all of them gathered to create dismal soundscapes through instruments of acoustic variety, steel plate sounds, singing bowls, and other no electronic devices.

Will be endless to talk about each one of the 17 tracks, due in deep musicalisationship handled through “Mirrorion”, and more when a magickal gate is opened and we can experience the splendor emanate by ARKTAU EOS, at some moments whispers, chorus and evocations are included to complement perfectly the atavistic reversion generated in”Mirrorion”, under such eerie spectral passages full of dynamism and cavernous reverberations. So, without a doubt “Mirrorion” transcends the senses and opening a magickal stellar vortex full of spectral structures ready to be discover when entering through the secret gate which only can be opened by ARKTAU EOS.