Thursday, 28 May 2009


“Der Honi
gflugel” Cd 2009
(The East
ern Front)

Igor & Tania The masterminds from The Eastern Front, sent us time ago the slipt cd from MIEL NOIR…and now arrives the debut album, and really surprise us a lot due the improvement of music here and the creative touch revealed through each one of the 5 compositions created here. To those who don’t know anything about MIEL NOIR,let me introduce that MIEL NOIR is the solo projection of Dimo Dimov,a Bulgarian artist who is involved in acts such as Svarrogh,Sturmpercht,Allerseelen,Saggitarium.his creativity and talented handling diverse instruments is latent in ach one of the project he is involved. “Der Honinflugel” is an album with such diverse musical concepts. For example first track “Honigflugel” is built into melancholic, and sad piano passages with a classical expressionism latent in each one of the tunes created here, besides that you can hear some atmospheres crawling from within the piano parts. Through “ Honigglut” things are more melancholic due the way as piano elements are growing through minutes, but this time the male /female spoken words appears to increase the interest when suddenly the piano passages are going more melancholic and depressed, and still some industrial touch are included as background for the track. “Honigather” is an effusive expression of industrial ambient character dressed with such suggestive elements and voices which complements perfectly. After some moments, piano appears again to give such characteristic melancholic touch to the whole track. Note that the whole album has samples from Russian movies inspired by classical Russian novel “Crime And Punishment” written by Fyodor Dostocusky and Goncharov’s novels. “Honignebel”, is almost dressed with the same atmosphere as the last track, but this time with some different elements here and there. And closing the album is “Honigmund” still with such sensitive melancholic touch, floating into few industrial sounds. a very interesting debut album by MIEL NOIRE worth to check out now!! AS ALMOST THE WHOLE The Eastern Front releases, the album comes in a 3 panel’s folded cardboard packing Cd format.

Known due great projects such as Chaos As Shelter, Agnivolok…Vadim Gusis, the spectre behinds THUNDERWHEEL, started a series of musical transformations and psychic experimentations which ended with “Credo”, an interesting fountain with highest spiritual connections focused into Zen Philosophy. the illumination through spectral surrealism,explorated through 6 compositions, which offer us a collection of diverse sounds and mutative atmospheres with a very eclectic nature. “Seeing Through The Wheel” is a rhythmic melodic entrance full of analog synthesizer and harmonies dressed by some whispers, creating a psychedelic track. The use of percussive elements enriches the whole atmosphere of this. Coming next is “ Into The Pure Land”, melancholic tunes and a sutile harmonies converging into a concrete expressive structure with dense passages and surreal evocative soundscapes. “Credo”, percussive elements rising through psychedelic tunes creating a twisted sonic experimentation with interesting moments due how each sound has been arranged here. Through “Emptiness” things seems to change a bit, when we hear how the track opens with more dense harmonies and sutile melancholic sounds, which has a smell to Japanese music in the way as the track is composed, but still with such psychedelic touch which characterize the whole album. Other tracks included here are “Harmless Song”,” Nothing Archived”,” Grief” and “Midstream” all of them with such suggestive elements which transport your mind to a surreal world moving in diverse directions. Through each composition you will discover different facets of your own realities through definited sound patterns with a high dose of creativity. The appearance of Igor Krutologov (Agnivolok) and Slave Smelousky (Grundik and Slava) as invited musicians, gives more dynamism to the whole album in general. “Credo” is a release with so many interesting elements worth to explore in all senses.

“European Music And Ballads from Renaissance And baroque Era” Cd 2009

(Folk Division)

To talk about Damiano Mercury is to talk about, talent, creativity and sensitive expressionism is all its forms. His albums released through Rose Rovine Et Amanti,are clear examples of the creative expressionism generated through dedicated work and patience. so Damiano comes here with a very different propose. This is an album concept based in classical music, baroque music and ballad from the epoch of renaissance, from England, Italy and Spain. The result is amazing a collection of 26 compositions of beautiful musical pieces built into acoustic guitars only. Colorful arrangements with intense moments of beauty and calm soundscapes. The first 5 tracks are expressive tunes from England’s musicians such as John Nowland, Rober Johnson, Anon Cutting and Philip Rosseter. Amazing moments with such evocative moments is what you must find here. The next 8 tracks correspond to Italian’s era and the works of artists such as:

Vincenzo Galieri, Cesare Negri Deffo IL Trombone, Vicenzo Capicola among others. Such melodies are sweeter in its essence but representing in part past of the Italian culture. The final part is from the Spain’s artists as: Luis De Narvaez, Alonso De mudarrea, Gaspare Sanz among others. Really a classical compilation with so many interesting compositions through solo classical guitar, with the touch and arrangements only created by the shape of Damiano mercury, showing us one more time the versatile expressionism and dedication. Special 3 panel folded cardboard packing and limited to 500 copies. Note that this is the first release of Folk Division, the sub label from The Eastern Front.

Monday, 25 May 2009


"Clergy Of Oneiros" Cd 2007
(Anima Arctica)

Dreams shall flesh, obsessions, mental paradigms, imsomnia, magick all of them explored into personal subjective concepts give birth to SOMNIVORE, an ambient /industrial organism which emerged with its first full length album, containing diverse elements and deconstructive soundscapes creating surreal atmospheres. The enigmatic shape of Kaarna and sole generator of this project, present us a six track release with such suggestive atmospheres floating in oneiric realms of mind. “Somnivore” is the opening track, and offer us a plateu of dark ambient structures dressed with drone elements and ghastly surreal soundscapes through almost 11:00 minutes. Bells, voices and some effects are risen from the whole picture of the track, to give more eclectic elements to it. Through “Debate with the Green Fairy”, seems are going in the same ambient direction, but this time adapting the eerie atmospheres and dense, calm soundscapes to the track. “Lumi Ei Enaa Sula Iholleni” dressed with enigmatic industrial astmospheres, which gives to the track a very paranormal psychic sound. This one becomes as one of the best explorations created here. Deep sounds crawling from and mutating all the time. “Those Graves Under The Bay Of Bothnia”, again the surreal dreaming atmospheres are gathered opening the oneiric dreams. Hypnotic soundscapes creating a very interesting piece here. Nest one is “Allerleirauh” a monumental composition focused on distant shadowy echoes, as mantras evoking spectral eons still to come. A long 10:30 minutes exploration with amazing percussive elements as marches from dungeons of darkness. In my opinion the best track created here. Also, you can hear ambient industrial elements at the middle of the track. a ritualistic atmosphere is present at the whole track, which complements perfectly with the main structure in general. The closing track is “Ie Aie Yo”, another great composition with such sticking percussive elements surrounding the whole track and voices complementing it. The uses of corrosive industrial patterns are included as a way to give such track a more harsh sound. Through this album, SOMNIVORE show us the latent potential and creativity when exploring the dreaming gates…and one more time dreams shall flesh, this time through sonic mantras.

“S/T” Cd 2007

(Anima Arctica)

Though this second release Anima Arctica, offer us an album which in essence is perfect, beautiful and well structured. The music is full of emotive moments carving in paganistic, folk expressions which are expressed through the 10 compositions included in this release. A brilliant release which through the well handled expressionism of the finnish duo consisting of Antti Paavilainenn (Acoustic Guitars) and Mikko Poyhonen (Bass, Vocal Lyrics, guitars),generates nostalgic and melancholic moments due how the acoustic guitar parts trespass the limits of time and opens you remembrances of a distant past, full of sad memories. Each one of the compositions included in this album contains beautiful male voices expressing themselves through native Finnish tongues, which according to the whole guitar melodies, fits perfectly due the harmonies and expressive oral tunes when everything is put together. TUHAT KUOLEMAA SEKUNNISSA translated to English means “A Thousand Deaths Per Second”, which in essence speaks for itself when you goes deeply the main structure of the tracks. it seems as you dies hearing such melancholic chants dressed with the always sticking acoustic guitar melodies ,and in some cases instruments as accordion and harmonica. A neo folk project which surely will give us some interesting news in future. More details are found on Anima Artica’s page. So just enter to enter to explore the sadness, and melancholic passages through each one of the 10 tracks developed by TUHAT KUOLEMAA SEKUNNISSA.

“S/T” 2008

(Anima Arctica)

Two enigmatic hordes gathered specially for this release.Perhaps a bit unknown for all of you, but with the necessary arguments to be considered as worth to listening to. So both acts rise from Finland, and not so much information was found in order to complement this review. So, but here we go…this release includes 11 structures which floats into abstract industrial ambient with eclectic elements and a psychotic noise fragments at some passages among the tracks. For example track 2 is floating into repetitive electro beats and some voices crawling as background for the track. Or just third track with psychotic elements as spectral voices and industrial soundscapes appearing and disappearing all the time. Also the way as voices appears in the middle of the track and the industrial atmosphere gives to the track a futuristic touch. Spectral atmospheres are generated though the 4th track, through dense drone elements with eerie structures from start to finish. The track 7 ,is built into suggestive psychotic noise fragments arranged through spoken voices,reververating soundscapes and diverse corrosive elements which seems as radio transmissions from outer space. The 8th track is a subliminal ambient exposition of sounds with spectral nature which includes the spoken voice taken from British magician Aleister Crowley, to give a more subterranean, limbonic eerie atmosphere to the whole track. So through the whole album you shall experience the different shells created again and again by CLOAMA and BLUTLEUCHTE,under the abstract elements which emerges through ambient compositions well structured and with a personal identity.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


EMIT (Usa)
“Abortions” Cd 2008

(Autumn Winds)

Impregnating the earth’s aura with malignant and somber atmospheres. EMIT arrives with its second full length album. Abortive creations spawned by mysterious Unknown Ikon, who express himself through this solo project of black ambience,. “Abortions” contains 16 compositions which reveals in part the different possibilities in EMIT’s existence. 8 tracks where taken from an unreleased album called “Conscience” and other tracks where taken from different releases as cassettes and split cds. The important fact to mention here is how the whole tracks contains such obscure passages which seems to evolve from time to time. Melancholic pieces dwelling into sinister soundscapes through the whole tracks. “Behind These Eyes” is a track with a marked black metal aura, full of agonic guitar chords and dense percussive elements. “Return” built into organ passages mixed with strong work of screaming vocals and laments coming through the whole picture of the track. “Awaiting Ultimate Consummation” is more into thin keyboard sounds dressed with percussive parts. “Waking Dreams” is structured through dense drone atmospheres and distortional voices coming from within and background guitar sounds adapting the principal structure of the track.

EMIT’s has created an album with so many interesting elements ,because the dynamism and the way as the tracks are finally processed are very intelligent in its own essence,coz all of them enraptures the listeners to enter the penetrating dense realms in which Unknown Ikon inhabits. “Division” is an organic drone noise organism mutating through distortions and percussive beats and the deconstructive works of guitars, joined by voices crawling from utter darkness. “Exhaling Life, Channeling Death” is dense dommy black ambience piece with to vaporous eerie atmospheres, and a palpable black metal feeling. “Conveyance Church Essence” is built through bells sounds only, but through different patterns which ended in a very expressive dark piece full of enigmatic mysticisms. “Entering The Mysterious Unknown” reminds me to early ABRUPTUM, due the atmospheres created by voices and percussive elements, really a very bizarre piece here. All in all we will spend hours talking about each one of the tracks included the only that remain, are “Abortions” is a very interesting release worth to check out!! So for more information just writes to Erik & Autumn Wind Productions for a proper copy now!!!

“A Hallowed Ground Within” Cdr 2009
(Self Released)

Coming from Hessen Germany emerges this Experimental/Ambient Industrial act with a self produced release. Inspired in elements as Death, Pain, depression, Desolation… NAM-KHAR develops a in deep magickal exploration handling complex defragmentations and vibrational tunes with an ancestral touch which opens to listeners new gates of perception due how the evocative sounds emerges from time to time. In this debut NAM-KHAR generates 3 compositions through more than 40 minutes. Opening this release is “A Hallowed Ground I” a track with dark emotive passages, eerie soundscapes floating through different instruments and drone patterns. At the background of the track you can experience some sutile melodies which complements perfectly with the whole track here. Through the next track “A Hallowed Ground II” things goes a bit different, the same atmospheres are included here but this time covered by distortions created by electric guitars and at moments you can hear some bells and dark soundscapes floating through the track. The essence is the same but with diverse elements which enrich the nature of the track. The final composition included here is “From Within” starting to mutates through repetitive sounds which seems to stimulate some parts of brain, suddenly are dressed into drone somber structures and some percussive oriental instruments. At the middle of the track some organic alien soundscapes are converged to give another direction to the track, but still with such ancient touch which characterize the whole album in general. In the whole album you shall find such interesting elements which surely will get your attention. For more information feel free to check the NAM-KHAR pages!!!


“That And Nothing Else” Cdr 2009

(Black Note Music)

PROJECTIVE MODULE is the mutated bastard organism generated by JC Mendizabal Aka Kyron. And this is the first release aborted through his own record label Black Note Music. We had the opportunity to review almost all their releases, to observe carefully each one of his creations and exploring the diverse concrete artistically expressionism of this talented Latin American artist. Coz well with PROJECTIVE MODULE, things are going in the same direction, I mean the latent creativity an dynamism revealed through each one of the 15 untitled compositions created here.The experimental machine codifying so many elements as electro rhythmic patterns adapting themselves to so many different vortexes of sounds, and with such futuristic touch which is revealed through the whole album. At moments reminds me to COIL in the appreciative form as PROJECTIVE MODULE changes the essence of almost the whole track, and in the way as some tracks are arranged. But at moments the tracks mutates into a psychedelic pop with interesting percussive elements and melodies which transports you to another dimension. So calm, but with the necessary elements to keep your senses opened all the time. An experimental voyage full of emotive atmospheres.Formulated via a process of juxtaposing the relationships between the stars of those constellations visible from their position in the universe with the relationships of selected tones and their frequency, they created a series of melodic journeys. This tribute to the night sky and infinite imagination they called “That And Nothing Else”. Under such patterns I invite to penetrate the unlimited dimension full of possibilities generated by Kyron though PROJECTIVE MODULE.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009


SEEKER (leb)
“Invocation Of The Sleeper” Cd 2007

Osman Arabi,the Lebanese artist known as Xardas,who also is the creator of diverse acts such as 20.Sv,Stalaggh,Veiven among others. Through SEEKER, he entered to self illuminative portals highly connected with the 7 vortex of energy (Chakras). “Invocation Of The Sleeper” the first ritual in this series of releases was focused directly to produce changes according will in manipura chakra. A long 25 minutes ritualistic composition, which induced trance due to sonic mantras and elements used to affect your mind and channeling of energies of such determinate chakra. The ritual began with a series of bells and gong sounds going slowly and arising to the point of generate oppressive atmospheres when suddenly the eerie, spectral soundscapes appears to complement the hypnotic transcendental trip, created here. An aspect which I point as the highlights here is the way as the whole track is transporting your mind slowly to the appropriate state in which your mind trespass the limits of reasonism and converges in a personal reality which only would be explored by yourself. “Invocation Of The Sleeper” contains a dose of magickal transmissions which mutates with the pass of minutes. Percussive elements and oppressive distant dark atmospheres hanging from an unlimited sonic structure is what “Invocation Of The Sleeper” is all about. Dense elements crawling around the whole picture of the track are enough reasons to worship this magickal evocative master piece. Geometrical symbolism and magickal linear sigils representing the visual side of “Invocation Of The Sleeper” can be found in cover. for more information just visit Autumn Winds ‘ page or just Osman Arabi ones.

“Bathe In Fiery Answer” Digipack

(Autumn Winds)

This psychedelic experimental act comes with this interesting gathering of diverse recordings, exploring different facets of creativity, coz “Bathe In Fiery Answer” represents in part the different tongues of mother Gaia, the nature’s exploration in all its directions. Opening with the expressive composition “Wave Rolls (Laine Veereb)”, a deconstructive piece built into different expressive vociferations, which seems as ancient pagan chants. The track was originally composed and taken from the Estonian epic “kalelipoeg”.this track is brilliant in all its own nature, due how different vocal tunes are mixed to create a very seductive piece. The exploration continues through “Cambry (Hart Of The Child)”,an epic march through ritual dance with percussive elements and such other instruments which gives the whole track a very sticking atmosphere. With “Full Spectrum Dominance”, the dark ambient soundscape emerges through very interesting bass elements, and other soundsources, complementing perfectly with the whole structure of the track. “Gnawer From Beneath”, the experimental voyage keeps on moving in all directions, this time with a track full of sounds, loops and other elements which together emerges into a sole dynamic movement with concrete patterns and dark atmospheres. “Lungs”,”Breath”and “Tomorrow Never Knows” were firstly recorded on cassette format time ago, and now arranged specially for this release. Spoken voices and atmospheres in “Lung” show us its most dark facet due how voices comes from within. “Breath”, is strong in nature, ambient experimental soundscapes mutating all the time, and with interesting work of grotesque voices and more yet to discover by yourself. “Tomorrow Never Knows” is a poetic rhythmic composition dwelling through voices as principal element ,but bells and atmospheres appears to complements the definite structure of the song. “Peat Fire Flame”, close the release with expressive exposition of percussive sounds, chorus and wind instruments, creating a very epic voyage. Closing the album is “She” a beautiful song with melodies adapting perfectly each other. A MINORITY OF ONE is one of such acts which you will love to death, due to creativity and dynamism exposed in each one of tracks included here. The album is limited to 1.000 copies, and comes in a 4 panel digipack.

“Hieros Gamos” Digipack 2009

(Autumn Winds)

Set-heru, surprise us again, with a very in deep album. After the last album “Quintessence” BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY emerges with one of the most subterranean magickal explorations, this time sailing the magickal incarnations through nectars, kalas,and elixirs. The communion of gods and men becoming a procreative magickal transformation via ophidian currents. This sacrament emerging through 4 ritual evocations, with impressive experimental obscure soundscapes, each one of them representing figurative magickal expressionism which only is developed by individuals highly connected with dense forms of Magick. The evocative sacramental exploration begins through “Iblis Hiwwa Kassia” the kalas from ancient gods, penetrating the human consciousness via oneiric seeds. A long 30 minutes track, built through diverse musical explorations. Singing bowls, cymbals, eerie atmospheres covered by obscure mantras and ritual percussive sounds floating around the picture of the track. The copulative evocation continues engendrating through “All Hail The Procession Maks” through male/female magickal evocations and such spectral atmospheres emerging to concentrate a hypnotic ritual vortex full of diverse soundscapes and repetitive drone elements. A perceptive association with ancient phallic cults and stellar races marriage among humans and through qliphotic decopulative encounters. Masks covered with sperm and candles burning through blue flames evoking “Hu Tubalo” sonic sigils built through invocative orations converging through sutile, hybrid and eerie soundscapes.”hieros Gamos” is an album which surely will got your attention due the dynamism and strong structures dressed with such magickal explorations. In my opinion a more matured, structured and well built album. The final seed is implanted through “Thy Secret Shall Stain The Heart of the Ekstasis (Aleim Edam)” a melodic ancient track with such mystical atmospheres which transports you back to ancient times, of early Babylon, Egypt and subterranenean lemuria. The album includes a big 16 pages booklet, including diverse magickal visual reflections from artist such as Stafford Stone, Senath Mason, Markus Wolf, Gabriela Surgier, Kathleen Averill, Dennis Macambridge, and Joep Hommerson. The from cover show us a sigil developed specially for “Hieros Gamos"


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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


“Ex Machina Libertas” CD 2009
(Fractured Spaces)
Per Åhlund the deconstructive force behinds DISKREPANT arrives with his first album under Fractured Spaces recs, and really this album contains a notorious exploration of diverse sources which reveal us a part of what this Swedish artist can create. Dense tunnels through abstract realities and dystopian visions of the future of mankind with a nightmare amalgamation of flesh and machine. An experimental dark ambient trip to the most in deep regions of cosmic consiousness, veiled with diverse sound sources and environmental field recordings, to create more than just a release. “Ex Machina Libertas” means 'Technology will set you free’, and crawls as a living organism ready to mutate and to emerge as the new paradigm is human nature, where the people are half-natural/half- robot, a world where nature is slowly being squeezed by metal and glass.
The opening track here is “Post Homo Habilis” a exploration of diverse drone ambient elements through dense dark structures collapsing themselves to create a exposition of soundscapes able to create a definite picture of what your mind wants to focus when hearing it carefully. “Uncanny Valley” a strong drone composition with such eerie spectral elements through the whole one, giving such sensations of abandonment and desolation. A very interesting track here. “Flesh And Synthetics” is a dismal paradise of minimal ambient structures which suddenly mutates into abstract forms; drone patterns are collapsing themselves to create a piece of experimental nature. “Partenogenesis” and “Ex Machina Libertas” are the last tracks, which are perfect representations of a new universe where machines and spiritual devices are incarnated together to create a deconstructive but living structure in the void of human minds.
The album comes in a jewel case with 6-page fold-out booklet with silver foil stamping in an edition of 1000 copies.
“Molested Into Form” cd 2009
(Fractured Spaces)
Coming from Tel Aviv Israel arrived the black plague, the catastrophic harsh noise project of artist Michael Zolotov,which through this new opus, present us a very more structured work focusing as always in pestilence,famine,war,rape,violence . “Molested Into Form” floats into harsh noise/power electronics with bloody passages generated by the use of electronic devises going through the dynamism which only Mr Zolotov knows how to create. 10 compositions are included in this album of pure nihilistic misanthropic art. Tracks such as “Dry Sperm Of The Wooden Caskets” or even “Drowning In Pus” with such bizarre exploration of psychotic nature always harsh and strong in nature. The diverse noise elements and industrial passages seem to deteriorate your existence due the way as both tracks are built here. The destructive plague mutates again and again into new forms which is clear appreciated in tracks as “Project Suicide Part 1 (One Bullet, One Gun)” and “Project Suicide Part 2 (One Life, Now Gone)” with harsh power electronic elements and artifacts which are tentative choices for suicide, facets revealed with the only purpose to worship death. Without a doubt KADAVER has reached a high peak with this release due the strong nature and effusive soundscapes generated here. Also is important to mention here that this album includes a tribute to Jorg Butttgereit’s classic underground film “Necromantik”. Welcome to the nightmare world of our nature, welcome to the death’s kingdom of KADAVER where everything is possible when you experience the black plague generated through “Molested Into form”.

“Psilocybe Necrophilia” Cd 2009
(Some Place Else)
The enigmatic trip continues and this time through “Psylocibe Necrophilia”, focusing into psychedelic drone ambient experimentations, the title album makes reference to a psychoactive mushroom that grows on decomposing flesh. A surreal voyage to most in deep reflections of NIKO SKORPIO’s subconscious levels penetrating to such planes of evocative dreams and subliminal echoes, reflected in each one of the six chapters generated in this release.
The first psychoactive trip is “The Day That Night Careless” dark ambient piece with such experimental explorations and elements dressing the whole picture of the track. then comes “Unended” a long 15 minutes composition with minimalistic elements and eerie soundscapes transporting you to the most inner realities where all dreams shall become flesh, and spectral voyage to the center of nothing,coz there inhabits the resurgence of atavistic emanations where NIKO SKORPIO’s comes from. through “Untitled (or meeting Niels Bohr’s ghost in the rotting wood)” impregnating your aura with such suggestive drone ambient passages and diverse sounds which stimulates in a sense the most in deep regions of your mind, to the point of collapsing themselves into an unimaginable reality. “Uncut” is a short track, a surreal transmission of living entities entering this plane via psychoactive mushrooms. Spectral voices and strong sound sources evoked into a specific structure. The next track is “Numberless reflections” with such amazing ambient soundscapes crawling slowly into drone spaces to create subliminal, enigmatic portals for incoming of entities. A vast scenario of ambient structures converging themselves to create one of the best compositions here. Closing the album we must mention “The Backward Trail”, another spectral, eerie trip with the mark which NIKO SKORPIO includes in each release. The basis of this release was NIKO’s old cassette tape collection from 1980’s. a psychedelic trip which you must experience in order to understand the enigmatic, surreal concept created by NIKO SKORPIO through this interesting album!!! “CLOSE YOUR EYES AND ENTER PURE REALITY”