Thursday, 4 June 2009


"Like a Slow River" Digipack 2008

(Glacial M

Mick Harris,aka LULL, emerged with this frozen project in 1991,in a form to express his most in deep emotions which he cannot unleash through diverse metal projects he worked in past. Through LULL, he develops a maximum level of creativity, sensorial experimentations through the use of drone sounds and dark ambient atmospheres. This time LULL incarnates his spirit through vast, cold minimal ambient structures converged in “Like A Slow River”,defragmentations of 5 icy cold voyages to the netherworld polar landscapes reigned by desolation, and void where ice, and frozen airs submerged you to a paradise where LULL is the only vision you can feel. “Witheout” is a long 14:30 minutes composition through dense cold ambient structures complemented by drone elements. With the next track “The Sheet” we could explore more dense atmospheres with such strong drone sounds like giant icebergs collapsing themselves and generating such rumbling echoed soundscapes. With the title track, we could explore more calm, deeper atmospheres floating through minimal drone a structure which complements the whole background of the track. At moments the whole music became a hypnotic exploration of senses due how a sound slowly penetrates your mind through such vast, in deep atmospheres.” Treeless grounds” is a tribute to such desolated, deserted cold landscapes crystallized by icy, frozen atmospheres. Finally appears “Illusions Of Unbroken Surface” a collection of effusive frozen distant echoed through low frequency sound explorations with such personal touch which is only created through LULL’s visions spectral sounds with incredible arrangements is what you will find through “Like A Slow River”.


Solstice City” Digipack 2008

(Glacial Movements)

SKARE is proud to present us its debut album “Solstice City”, and what an amazing production of such Swedish trio. SKARE is an ambient experimental structure highly inspired by cold,ice,aurora borealis which are in part its own nature which explored in a deeper birth gave birth to “Solstice City”, an album focused in a voyage from the modern world, to such desolated cold regions, a meeting between man & nature through 3 in deep frozen ambient compositions with so many elements to keep your mind receptive all the time, opening the album is a short track called “Into The Other Shore” through 3:34 minutes being a prologue of what you must hear in the next tracks. “Through Wind and Broken Ice” is a trip to such vast cold landscapes transcending the human limits. Built through diverse natural ambient atmospheres and field recordings which together creates a very interesting musical piece full of diverse in deep moments which continues through “The Snow Angel Factory”, another long journey through 26:35 minutes of deeper frozen atmospheres, but this time with some effects, voices and other devises which were explored in as proper way to complement the final structure of the track. SKARE is fascinated by the circulation of water, snow,and ice and from such concept its music reminds as a gate to inner worlds which are unexplored by humans in any sense and this time SKARE opens it to you, to enter another reality full of desolation & frozen memories. Keep an eye open for more Glacial Movements releases, and in a near future we could explore more about the enigmatic frozen SKARE’s nature!!!

“Magna Charta Illusorum” Digipack 2009

(Rage In Eden)

Established since 2005, AD OMBRA in the head of George D. Stanciulesco arrives with the second album, and what we found here, is just brilliant, bombastic and amazing album released by this Romanian act. The whole album has such orchestral apocalyptic touch through 12 compositions, in which you can experience the different elements floating into classical, orchestral and cinematic expositions of sounds converging specially for this release. “Templum Stygialis” is the opening track.dense atmospheres collapsing themselves and surrounded by abysmal chorus and such percussive elements which floats through the whole track, creating a somber structure with dark pieces ready to devour your soul. The seals are broken and you must experience “Disquiet Opera” percussive marchs twisting yourself through atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes, surrounding by a very interesting work of vocals and narrative expressions. “M’illumino Di Sangue” is built through sticking classical piano passages dressed with some percussive elements and arrangements. “…A Coeur Posthume” soprano female voices opening the gates to the world created by AD OMBRA,sublime ,majestic melodies accompanied by percussive elements to create one of the most interesting pieces here. Then comes “Uranogeea” and “Mimes Of The Occult” which such symphonic elements and orchestral defragmentations with so profound dark nature, representing perfectly the AD OMBRA nature. Another great track to mention here is “Heritages De L’ Angoisse” with such dark atmospheres and latent cinematic structures crawling from within the orchestrations to complement perfectly with the whole track in general. “Ferlyse” is a beautiful piano song arranged perfectly through soprano voices and giving birth to the splendor dark romanticism only created by an artist as Mr. Stanciulesco. The whole album has so many interesting elements all the tracks has such sublime touch which surely will impact to the most. At moments reminds me to Swedish Arcana, but with its own personal touch and identity which put AD OMBRA as one of the best acts in the orchestral, ambient scene. The album comes in a 3 panel glossy digipack, and is ready to be taken by you!!!!